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J Sep 05, 2019

This company is a joke, I recieved software with my computer purchase at best buy, it was left in box by mistake noticed it and tried to install a year later, mind you it has never been activated and the package clearly states term starts at activation. When I attempted to put in activation key provided with the package it would not allow me to complete, I contacted the joke of a customer service and they sent an email stating I would need a new activation key. I had to send three emails to get a clear answer which resulted in them tellng me I would have to repurchase an activation key even thought they didn nto honor the orignal activation key that is suppose to be for three devices. this is faud and I want everyone to know this company is not reputable stay awayf from them at all cost. there shoucl be a class action suit cominig soon for false advertisement, and not fulfilling their stated terms on their packageing.

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