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Webroot Software — debited my bank account without my permission

This company debited my account with out my permission. I called the phone number on my bank statement and...

The complaint has been investigated and
resolved to the customer's satisfaction
Webrootdefective product

I've purchased a renewal of webroot on line version 6.1.128 and have had nothing but problems with it - must reinstall it daily - web sit for webroot has not been helpful - apparently they are aware that the product is defective in that they offer an online quick fix (but only in thewindows safe operating mode) even this has not been helpful - tried to contact them by phone (free site 1.5 hr waite) or paid site available (Which I did not use - why should I pay them for discussing their defective product) product is now corrupted and must re-install in order to uninstall. very unprofessional company - will attempt to get a refunt - not likely.

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    Webroot Spyware Anti Virus — cancel me then charge double

    HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND "BAIT AND SWITCH" SALES TACTICS On a 2008 trip out west, a Virus engulfed my...

    The complaint has been investigated and
    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
    Webroot Spywarecant remove

    I used the Webroot software for a year. It seemed to work ok, but it was very very slow. I goy very tired of the pop up reminders that came sometimes multiple times a day. Finally, I got plenty of pop up reminders that it was time to renew and that I was on auto renew. I opted out of the auto renew, that worked ok. But I still got very frequent pop up reminders.
    Finall, I got a pop up noyice that my subscription had expired. I then went to remove it from my computer only to find I cannot. I am now on permahold with customer support (just got a notice that I'm 29th in line). They keep reminding me, " for a fee I can get immediate expert service, just press one".
    I would reccomend a different spyware program. These guys are pretty agravating.

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      The complaint has been investigated and
      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
      Webroot Software — can't get refund and don't have service

      I ordered online and my computer went down so I asked to put it on hold till I got another then when I called...

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      The complaint has been investigated and
      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
      Webroot Spysweeperpoor technical support

      I've been a paying customer of Webroot's Antispyware for many years. It was recently extended into a full Antivirus with antispyware. I've always been happy with the product and moderately happy with support. However, the level of technical support has now sunk to drastically low levels. After they added a new online backup function to the software, I decided to try it, but execution failed with an obscure error message. I opened a support request but it was immediately and aut0matically closed and I received an automated e-mail with stacks of links to help articles having no relation to my problem, telling me to reopen the problem if it was still not solved. They are obviously trying to reduce the number of support requests to handle. I was told to upload an auto-generated report, which I did. Two days later, I was asked to call their support number for further assistance. It gave me a choice between an estimated waiting of 25 minutes and paying €29, 95 for quick support, so I hung up. I asked when would be the best time to call: Morning. I called 8 AM Webroot time and the estimated waiting was 30 minutes. It's a freecall number if calling from the US but not if I call from France, as I do. I asked again for support online. I was told how to remove Webroot completely and reinstall it. So I did. Then the backup failed with a different, obscure error message. Next answer: "As this is a French O/S [XP] the U.S. support cannot assist you. Please contact our European support department." My Webroot is in English. I didn't ask for XP support. So why don't I call the French support number? Because it's a premium rate number costing $0.17 a minute. Their UK support number is a local rate number, but it's not local rate if I call from France. So French customers have the privilege of being ripped off by Webroot for calling support, whereas it's free for US customers and UK customers pay a fraction of the French price. Why are they trying to racket French customers in particular? Isn't our money as good as money from the US or what? The argument that it won't work because it's a French XP is total nonsense. System interfaces are never language sensitive; only user interfaces. I'm a mainframe systems programmer and I simply don't buy that sort of argument. If the software really wasn't meant to work on any other language version than English, it would detect the conflict very early on during installation and abort. It didn't, so pretending there is a language incompatibility is BS. They simply don't want to provide free support ("free" meaning, as part of what I've paid for the software) but are deliberately providing such miserable free support that they intend to have customers paying again to get what they've already paid for working. I purchased the software over the phone to the US and I've paid exactly the same price as a US customer. So why would I want to renew my licence next time if I can't get support? Such crappy "support" is what makes me wonder if there isn't a better product on the market.

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        The complaint has been investigated and
        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
        Webroot Antivirus With Antispywareautmatically charged credit card without permission

        An annual renewal fee was charged to my credit card without my permission. Upon discovering this charge I called Webroot and was referred to an email address (a real person could not be reached). I sent an email requesting a refund and a couple of days later I received a response saying that they do not issue refunds.
        The antivirus software that this company offers is ineffectual and my computer nearly crashed. Of course I understand I have the choice to switch to another company which I did. But also I should have the right to get a refund for an unrequested charge.

        I have now called my credit card company and a dispute has been entered.

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          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Webroot Spysweeperauto-renewal without permission

          I just got an email that Webroot had automatically renewed my subscription, without my permission I had already taken their Spysweeper program off my computer and was ignoring their requests for renewal. I couldn't wait to get rid of their program. It has made me miserable for a year. I recently uninstalled Webroot before it expired and installed Grisoft's free AVG Anti-Virus from CNET.COM, and am having no problems with AVG.

          I see that others are having the same problem with them. I will go to my credit card company and ask for a refund, because I cannot get through to Webroot. Nor do I believe that they will call me back. I left an angry message saying I'd go to the Better Business Bureau and all the way to the Federal Government If they didn't give my money back. I will call the FBI Cyber Crime Division ( http://www.ic3.gov/default.aspx ) if they don't refund my money immediately. I guess I'll have to change my credit card too.

          I originally bought the Webroot software in person at Circuit City. They had a sale when I bought my computer. I did upgrade the program online from a special offer for existing customers, which is how they got my credit card number, I suppose.

          I always read the terms and conditions, and didn't see anything about auto-renewal. I can't believe they can do this. This is looking like a class-action suite.

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            • El
              Elizabeth OBrien Sep 03, 2009

              Cance above complaint. Manage to finally get ahold of a rep!!!

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            • El
              Elizabeth OBrien Sep 03, 2009

              I have been trying to cancel my auto-renewal but cannot reach a customer service rep on the phone and cannot get the right code to cancel on line. I no longer have the lap computer that had the webroot on it. Can you help??
              Elizabeth OBrien
              e-mail: [email protected]

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            • Th
              Thomas S Jul 23, 2009

              I've never had that problem with Webroot but tech support is a miserable, incompetent rip-off now.

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            • custserv May 28, 2009

              M Collins, I’m with Webroot Customer Support and am sorry to hear about this. I’d like to help you get this resolved; please either let me know how I can reach you directly, or call [protected] and press 1 to be connected with one of our reps immediately.

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            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Webrootpoor customer service & no refund

            I puchsed a subscription to Webroot protection software last year and they place me on auto renew without notification. Ionly found out when they charged my credit card for the renewal. There were no option to speak to customer service. Only mean to ask for refund was by mail. I have notice that there have been numerous complaints lodges for lack of respond and action for refund. If yo already have Norton, webroot maycause problems periodcally (conflicts). Further, when Webroot is running, large portion of the RAM is use, causing the computer to run slower until the san is completed.
            Webroot is playing hardball traying to get money with auto renew. Their lack of respond and poor customer service in this area leads me to suspect their intention to prove service. Rather, the company is more interested in making money (anyway it can) no matter the what's the cost. Their underhanded way of auto renew for the program is and example (no notice, no waring: just charge it). I am curious how that can b don without my knowledge (that is another problem that I am taking up with my credit card company).

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              • Ca
                calamospiza Jul 28, 2014
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                Don't waste your money on web root. They recently screwed my
                sister out four hundred bucks for two computers. This company is obviously a
                scam. This Bob guy is a fake or a plant for web root.

                It took Microsoft several years before they begin the
                develop their own anti-virus programs. It’s not a scam I have been happy with
                it for some time now. What’s what’s the best about it is it’s free to go to the
                Microsoft website. Computers are, like automobiles there’s a lot of crooked
                mechanics out there therein is to screw you over. My background in computers it
                was 20 years experience. Over the years I’ve owned several made some mistakes
                that have learned how to fix an errant computer. I have rebuilt & built new
                computers. The only thing I can say is my method for cleaning up the computer
                is to backup all your data off drive on an external drive and format the
                computer which is reset it to factory new. Once my data is backed up a reformat
                my computer and presto like new. At this point I own five different computers
                and I maintain them with no problems if you want to get rid of these
                bloodsuckers who probably have to change your credit card number.

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              • P5
                P51mstng Dec 30, 2009

                Webroot has proven to be nothing but an unscrupulous company intent on ripping off the consumer. It is a shame that a company like Best Buy recommends them (or did at the time I purchased my computer from them). I lost all my data and most programs when Webroot failed to detect a Virus that Norton Antivirus was then able to locate and quarantine. There is no response to customer support inquiries (subsequently refund requests) by telephone or on-line support as their "specialists" are always "busy with another customer". I have spent in excess of an hour at a time on several occasions waiting for customer support to answer the phone, likewise with on-line support. Stick with NORTON.

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              • Th
                theBhagwan Nov 17, 2009

                Yep...similar problems...I wanted just the anti-spyware software...but no...they bundled/combined the antivirus software with it...even when you use the download link for the anti spyware, you still get the bundle...like it or not...and when I complained and asked for a refund...silence..not even an email reply. And for all you guys out there who are getting their credit cards debited with the cost of auto renewal when you didn't want to auto renew...well take it from me (being an ex-bank manager) they are acting illegally. A word of advice on getting your money back (and beating them at their own game)..simply contact your credit card administration and tell them that you know nothing about that debit entry from webroot...that you have never heard of the company and that you demand your money back. Stick with that story and you will get a refund from your credit card company to the debit of webroot's account.

                Webroot was good oncenow they've turned to puss. Their "window washer" will not work on windows 7 64 bit even though they claim it will...and once again they will not answer emails or refund money...!!

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              • Sm
                smyrl Sep 30, 2009

                I had the same problem or rather have the same problem.

                I emailed them at refund etc but did not get an answer within the promised 48 hrs.

                Have just phoned them again and after finding all the menus lead to a recorded anser refering me to an email address, I decided to press "1" - technical support, talked to a person by the name of Vivienne, who, upon taking my bank card number said she would refund me (after talking to her supervisor). I said, "How do I know you are going to refund me, and this is just to put me off?" - she said, "Because I said it would refund your money"...

                If you want to email me [email protected] I will let you know what happens.

                If nothing happens, I will surely report this Webroot company to the Better Business Bureau, and also have my bank investigate it.

                I have also made copies of all the complaints against Webroot which are posted on this site.

                Best wishes - B

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              Webroot — fraud and cheating

              I renewed my subscription to Webroot Virus protection. They placed me on automatic renewal, of my...

              Webroot Spy Sweeper — won't honor thier 30 day guarantee

              Thier Spy Sweeper antivirus software box states they product has a 30 day guarantee. I loaded it into a...

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