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Complaints & Reviews

spysweeper anti-virus with anti-malware

Early termination of Spyweeper Anti-virus with Anti-Malware updates subscription and attempts to trick user into paying a renewal fee. Watch out for this practice from Webroot Software Inc. ( I have been with Webroot for 5+ years, but maybe Robert Nardelli joined up with them recently and plans to hose customers like he did at Home Depot and Chrysler) Webroot deactivated my account with 8 +months left on my subscription with no explanation. Even when I inquired by email as to what happened their response was that it was expired and I could renew for another year by paying $19.95 again. This unexplained early termination happened before and not that long ago, but I renewed that time because I thought a year had gone by (wrong! I still had 2 + months left on that subscription). Webroot is short changing its customers by arbitrarily terminating support subscriptions early then seeking renewal fees. I use to be a long time customer and supportor, but no more. There are equal or better products out there that are free or of equal cost (but with less system overhead). Only thing that comes to mind is that the company must be on shaky financial ground to resort to this behavior.

  • custserv Mar 08, 2010

    Hi Nick - I'm sorry to hear about this and I can assure you the early termination was not done intentionally. Please email me with the keycode for the product and I can get this taken care of for you. [email protected]

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having to much trouble with it

having to much trouble with it i just want my money back. #E000022561367. i'm not happy with this please...

unauthorized renewal

I did not authorize renewal, am not signed up for renewal and received charge of $39.95. Now I have the burden of time and hassle for opting out of something I never signed up for and requesting refund. I will not use this again, will pay more for a company that I can trust.

  • Mi
    Mirko K Mikan Dec 23, 2010

    I have uninstalled your software some 10 months ago and I never authorized this auto renewal It seems your phone and easy refund is not so easy. I want my refund as quickly as you took it my e-mail
    [email protected] I have already notified my c-card and put in a complaint with them. I would appriciate a reply, and a number where I can talk to someone, as the numbers I call never seem to be answered.
    Thank you,
    Mirko K Mikan

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  • Mi
    Mirko K Mikan Dec 23, 2010

    Same as above!

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cannot uninstall

Trying to install new protection software and cannot due to Webroot Internet Security that cannot be...

cancelled 12/09 and need refund for 1/10 charges of $40.35. tried for hours on line without success.

Sent a letter of cancelation on 12/09/09 of the Webroot spy sweeper. I no longer wanted the service.
I just recieved my statement from Bank of America with an automatic charge from Webroot of $40.35.
It had been uninstalled and cancelled.
Please credit my account with that unauthorized charge.
Thank You
Patricia V. Kick

  • custserv Jan 29, 2010

    Hi Patricia, I'm sorry to hear about this. I've passed your contact information onto our sales department and they should be taking care of a refund for you shortly. Thanks.

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  • It
    Itistime Jul 08, 2011

    I want you to stop auto renew and refund me my $43.65 that was charged to my visa!
    this software was always freezing up my computer so I stop using it!
    so please refund my $!

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  • Ch
    Chico41 Aug 04, 2011

    That's because it's spyware and it was never going to do anything good for your computer. I'm sorry to say, but you got scammed.

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renewal op out

on nov 09, webroot software took out $64.82 from my checking acct. that i did not authorized. after thanksgiving holidays, i got a virse on my laptop. took it in and the tech stated that my software was terminated on the 24th of nov 09. i contacted my bank security service federal credit union, to see how i can get my money back. you reference dispute number D-113264. i no longer need or want your software.

  • custserv Jan 22, 2010

    sidneysilva, I’m with Webroot Customer Support and am sorry to hear about this. I’d like to help you get this resolved. I'm having someone from our support team get in contact with you via email today. Please let me know if you do not receive an email within the next couple of hours. Thanks.

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poor service

I ordered their 24/7 antivirus removal. When I called for service they told me that I had to make an...

false cashing in of $127.45

On June 16, 2008, I bought the webroot spyware with antivirus to protect my home computer for $39.99. When...

webroot renewed the software w/o our approval and charged our credit care two (2) times for $59.95 or a total of $119.90

In November 2009, we cancelled our Webroot. On Dec.2, 2009, we received our credit card statement and Webroot had charged two (2) renewals to our account for $59.95 each or a total of $119.90
We were NOT notified that Webroot was going to renew.

We were not able to reach anyone by phone [protected]) CO. Their recording suggested we go on the internet which we did. There was no form to submit our withdrawal. Our credit card company will be notified and we will NOT pay the $119.90 that Webroot charged to our account. The BBB will also be notified.

  • custserv Dec 16, 2009

    I’m with Webroot Customer Support and am sorry to hear about this. I’d like to help you get this resolved; please email me your keycode for your Webroot software so I can take care of this immediately for you. [email protected]

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  • Th
    thumbo Dec 27, 2009

    The same thing happened to me! A withdrawal was taken out of our checking account without being notified. I have not used Webroot for several months and refuse to ever use it again because of the poor product. Has anyone found a way to be reimbursed?

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deactivated keycode

My fault: loaded Antivirus on (3) personal computers in my home. After running this way for over a year, Webroot decides to revoke my subscription/keycode so I can no longer receive virus definitio updates. Spoke to Paul in customer support (after waiting 38 minutes on hold), and I asked to be re-activated on (1) computer, and he transfered me to Sales, who reissued a new keycode with remaining 270 day license.

Their fault: Most software companies allow multiple computer distribution for "personal use" licenses. Webroot should not have revoked my keycode without sending an email wrning of the multiple license occurance. Waiting 38 minutes for support is too long.

credit card renewal/spywear did not work/ computer crash

Webroot did not work. My computer is completely gone. Had to buy a new one. And now I recieve a message that you will be deducting money from my bank accout for renewal. For a computer that I can't even pull any information off. I try to contact a person. Which does not happen. Phone tells me to go to computer. Then I have to write my complaint. I do not want my credit card use again. I tried to cancel this when my computer died. The computer is requesting a 16 digit number. Great! All I get off my computer is a black screen. Please email a response. [protected]@yahoo.com. DO NOT Charge my banking account with a renewal. Leanna Smith

automatic renew without my knowledge

I bought Webroot AntiVirus and AntiSpyware one year ago (8/19/09) should be good for 3 computers, then my old...

credit card theft

My Webroot subscription ends a week from today.

I received an email from them saying "I will automatically renew my subscription unless I fill out a form to the contrary".
I filled out their "do not renew" form. Sent it to them.
Got an email back.. saying they would not renew.

A day later.. received another email from Webroot, thanking me for my "renewal" and they had already deducted $39.95 from my credit card.. which they keep on file.. for cheating.

  • Al
    already taken Nov 10, 2009

    They cut my subscription off 1 1/2 months before it was supposed to be. I am paid up until the end of December. They are saying I downloaded too many times. I only download their stupid updates. What a rip off. I used to recommend them but not anymore. They are now one of the scammers in my book

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  • custserv Nov 24, 2009

    I'm with Webroot Support, we’re sorry to hear about this. If your issue has not already been taken care of I would like to get you in touch with with one of the team leads for resolution.

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  • Ch
    christy white Mar 19, 2010

    I did not even get email about renewal. we have not used their services for 3 yrs/... did u have any luck with them???

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  • No
    NOT HAPPY WITH YOU Jan 03, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I thought i canselled my webbroot well over a year ago. then i was chargerd for another year...my chargecard compant didnt refund my overdraft and you got a extra charger ..i thought it was my fault and i got the wrong place to quit you 'all now im being charged again...what's us this is frustrating and now i have to got threw this all again...please stop it and give me my money back I want it for both time now ..im not ever going to use or recomend you all.WHY !!! WHY!!! do i have to paY AGAIN!!!..FIX IT !!! SSFC-ONLN-AADI-EGHP-NGXZ

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unauthorized auto renewal

I received an email on 11/4 stating that my credit card wopuld be charged for $39.95 for auto renewal of...

charged my acct. wrongly

My checking account was debited on Oct.16, 2009 in the amount of $33.02. My statement did not say by who or for what, there was only a phone #. I called several times and could not get a real person to speak with. I do not give out my account #, so I'm wondering where these people got it. I never purchased anything from them, so it is not possible I signed up for an auto payment. I am not even registered on their site. In searching for this website I noticed there were several complaints similar to mine.<br />
I need the $ returned to my account immediately. Thank you for your time.<br /><br />
Patricia Krejca

bad support, bad product

Webroot Antivirus with Antispyware virus program is a 45 dollar rip off. After numerous tries to download...

horrible service / no support

I have used Webroots for years, and also advised many of my friends to purchase it. The product has worked OK. It does let some viruses through. When I loaded Avira on my system and scanned it found several viruses that Webroot Spysweeper didn't even know existed.

But my real complaint is there service. After problems with the backup option of their software (which has never worked by the way) I called the support line. Waited on hold for 30 minutes, only to be passed to 2nd level support after waiting another 20 minutes. Long story short, they couldn't fix the problem and said they'd have an answer in a couple of days and email me. Since then I've received no email, and worse my account has been disable and I've lost my subscription. Multiple emails to support have yielded nothing but closed cases. I submit a ticket and they just close it.


  • custserv Oct 14, 2009

    Hi Russ -- I'm with Webroot support. Sorry to hear about this experience. I'd like to get one of my tech reps in touch with you; can you please either give me your email address or send it to [email protected] so we can get someone in touch to help you out? Thanks.

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  • No
    noneimportance Dec 10, 2009

    "When I loaded Avira on my system and scanned it found several viruses that Webroot Spysweeper didn't even know existed."
    That is because you are using SpySweeper, not Webroot Antivirus with AntiSpyware. Your SpySweeper does not have the definitions that Webroot Antivirus does. It checks for Spyware and Adware, not virus', so of course SpySweeper is not finding virus' on your system, you do not have the proper software for such things.

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debited my bank account without my permission

This company debited my account with out my permission. I called the phone number on my bank statement and...

defective product

I've purchased a renewal of webroot on line version 6.1.128 and have had nothing but problems with it - must reinstall it daily - web sit for webroot has not been helpful - apparently they are aware that the product is defective in that they offer an online quick fix (but only in thewindows safe operating mode) even this has not been helpful - tried to contact them by phone (free site 1.5 hr waite) or paid site available (Which I did not use - why should I pay them for discussing their defective product) product is now corrupted and must re-install in order to uninstall. very unprofessional company - will attempt to get a refunt - not likely.

cancel me then charge double

HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE AND "BAIT AND SWITCH" SALES TACTICS On a 2008 trip out west, a Virus engulfed my...

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