Webroot Antivirusbad support, bad product

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Webroot Antivirus with Antispyware virus program is a 45 dollar rip off.
After numerous tries to download thier update, because the version I paid for won't protect me on malware, I am fed up. It takes two hours to supposedly download the new update with the same results NOTHING.

When you call their support line, they have a recorded message that tells you that you can PAY for support or stay on the line 45 minutes to get what they call "free" support.

So its a con game. You throw away $45 on Webroot Antivius, it doesn't work, and then they want you to throw away MORE money to talk to a tech for a program you just purchased!!!

This program was purchased from Best Buy and I'm going to complain to them that they should not be selling such a product. I bought Webroot Antivirus after having a terrible time with Norton and their nonsupport. Best Buy told me they were aware of the problems Norton has caused many computer users and recommended Webroot. Makes me wonder if the two are linked.

So, don't waste your money onWebroot. Their program sucks and so does their "support".


  •   Nov 09, 2009

    I'm with Webroot support. Sorry to hear about this experience. I'd like to get one of my tech reps in touch with you; can you please either give me your email address or send it to [protected] so we can get someone in touch to help you out? Thanks.

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      Nov 13, 2009

    just had exactly the same problem. got three viruses while using webroot. and i couldn't get to the quarantine button, since the computer locks up before it finishes the virus scan.
    and the support is a joke. after waiting 48 hours to be contacted, they send me generic garbage which is totally irrelevant to my problem - and have the nerve to say my case is closed.
    the software is useless - didn'block the viruses, and then couldn't get rid of them. now i have to go to best buy - the geek squad - to have them clean my hard drive --- and install a new antivirus software - AND I GUARANTEE IT WON'T BE WEBROOT !!! what happened to their guarantees ????
    btw, i have two other computers that accessed the same website that was sending out viruses. my other two computers had norton 360 on it - and the viruses never got in.

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  • D
      Dec 22, 2009

    I also have webroot and had the same problems but mine are way worse. I purchesed webroot because it was expressed to me that it is the best antivirus software. LIE. It had disabled four out of four shields all on its own leaving my brand new labtop vulnurable to viruses. When I called Webroot the tech admitted that it was their fault that the shields had disabled themselves but I needed to take my computer to a professional tech to have it fixed at my own expense. Sorry Webroot have you ever had a product liability case brought against you? because if you didn't, I promise that I will be the first. They breached their warrenty which was expressed and implied. If I pay out of pocket, I will be refunded and do everything in my power to warn other consumers of this fake antivirus software. Not worth even installing because if you do, at any given time it can disable itself and your computer will be open to anything without warning, hmmmmm, its a piece of junk and ruined my 1, 000 dollar brand new computer.

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      Jan 06, 2011

    I bought a new 2011 webroot complete security, mercy what a mess, the lady at wall mart had a terrible time even ringing it up. trying to install it, it had no code in the code box, called tec. support, was on hold for 65 minutes, i ask the tec. if they were short on help, he said no and it was a scratch off code, not so, nothing scratched off of my paper. Now I have to send proof of purchase and then I will get my code and instructions. Also, my new disc reads that this is an older version than the one i have, the tec. said they just say that, but the newer verision will automatically install when i get my code. What a mess. I shall see if that works. I am surprised webroot with all the techonology they have and the money they have, dont have better services than what they do, but the tec. seemed like a nice person once he ever got on the line.

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  • S
      Mar 06, 2011

    I Paid almost 300.00 dollars for service. I have had to date three viruses. I had for one full day and could not get rid of. I called on a Sat. and they were closed. So I called the want to buy system and got a nice gal. She knew the name of the virus .. and said it was 2 wks old and they had so many calls. She set me up for an appt. on e Wed. 8:30 5 day from call and said I had to prepay onw hunsews thiry nine dollare and 99 cents to get fixed. The next morning I had a e-mail from them to call a number Monday of download and fix my self. I am 70 yrs old. I cannot do this. I will call Monday and tell them again. Also I lost their Icon and twice a week was cleaning out the viruses, so was doing my job. Sunday my Icon was back and computer working fine.. What did I pay the money for?? Are they putting the virus in and then charging people to get out.. Grandma of 8. S.

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  • R
      Mar 27, 2011

    I thought I had a virus and the lady told me she knew it was and it has been around for a few weeks. It made me wonder why they did not adjust the program to stop it? So I purchsed this service and they got into my computer and found out it was not a virus but some kind of update by Java whatever that is! So they refunded me some of the service but it was just $34 dollars and I paid $130!!!
    Makes me wonder if this lady knew what she was talking about or just tryingto make a sale. I'm going back to Kaspersky - Webroot has been a pain in my rear for a long time, the firewall keeps asking me if this is okay or that is okay. I purchase a firewall so I don't have to know what is okay or not. Good-bye Webroot!

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  • L
      Apr 13, 2011

    I would not recommend webroot to anyone. It stinks. Now I can not uninstall it and good luck finding any online help. Hate this product. I have had nothing but problems with my computer since I bought it. Can not uninstall it through my control panel. When I try to scan all I get is a blank white page so now I can not use it at all. DO NOT buy this product.

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  • T
      Apr 06, 2016

    It has destroyed my computer. It would not uninstall. The service is still running. When I tried to uninstall it my system started hanging and now it freezes on bootup. I have not idea how to get rid of the service that is running through the command prompt but if anyone can help me please let me know. The would not refund me or help me. I think we should file a class action suit.

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