Wayfairheadboard, footboard, side rails

Initial order: easy to order, fair pricing, website easy to navigate. Unfortunately the only positives I have to say.

Delivery attempt #1: headboard was cracked all the way down the center, gouged tufting, dirty. Called and let them know to send replacement. So far so good. Annoying, but understandable. "Oh this never happens. So sorry." Things happen. They came and picked up the damaged goods.

Delivery attempt #2: over 2 weeks pass and I get an email saying "keep the damaged bed on us—we will send you another replacement. Well great, but that was supposed to be almost 3 weeks ago. Come to find out, the second bed was so damaged that the delivery truck driver refused to sign for it on his truck. Apparently Wayfair sent a meaningless email about keep the damaged goods when it didn't even make it to my house. They offered me a small discount for my troubles which I accepted. Still—I'd rather have a full priced bed on time. I call back and they give me the same "this never happens" speech. They order a replacement.

Delivery attempt #3: Replacement takes another 3 weeks to arrive. Delivery shows up with 2 boxes marked 1/3 and 2/3. I ask the delivery driver if there's another box. They show me the slip that says only 2 were given to them. I open the very damaged boxes to find hallelujah a nice clean damage free headboard and footboard BUT no side rails or hardware. Again, it's clear to me I'm missing a box. I ask the customer service agent where the side rails are. "Oh they are in the box with the headboard" me: "no, there's nothing left but flattened boxes and clearly it says I'm missing 3/3 box" csm: "are you sure? Check again! It should be there. I'm sure" me: "lady I've already wasted enough time trying to get this bed, why would I call if they weren't here?" "Ma'am they are there. In the headboard box" this insult to my intelligence goes on for another 10 minutes before she says she will have to call me back after lunch I'm an hour. 3 hours pass. She calls me back. "The manufacturer corrected me. I told you wrong information. You are supposed to have another box". I informed her that I'm not continuing this charade with Wayfair anymore and I'd talk to my husband to see what he wanted done. She confirmed my wishes. Husband said he just wants to cut ties and get a refund and go buy a bed from a local place at this point. The next day before I can call back, I get an email saying that my replacement parts were ordered and I'd get shipping info all. The customer service agent calls me and asks what my husband decided. Moot point as she took it into her own hands and ordered the parts anyway.

Now I'm waiting 2 weeks for the sideboards to arrive. I get an email saying Package Arrive: 10/1/2019. Great. Maybe I can sleep in a bed instead of a mattress on the floor that day. Take the day off to be ready to inspect the delivery upon arrival since it's been a nightmare. Waiting waiting waiting. Call wayfair—"Oh yeah. That email is misleading. That means it arrives at the local delivery station. You'll be called in 2 business days to schedule delivery depending on the truck routes". I want to reiterate that it wasn't my mistake, the email is clear as day when it states arrival day

I'm done with this company. I'd rather pay double than to do business with them again. Or another option would be to go to a second hand or consignment store because that's the condition you'll receive your wayfair products.

Oct 01, 2019

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