CB Furniture Stores Wayfair Purchases made, paid off account, sent to collections 6 months later

Wayfair review: Purchases made, paid off account, sent to collections 6 months later

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Purchased 3k stuff, used Wayfair credit card, paid it to zero. 6 months later, an email from Cedar Financials- they’ve sent me to collections. Me: Perfect credit.

I call Wayfair (No, you don’t owe us anything). Called Citi, they tell me Wayfair refunded one of my items, something about an fraud investigation, no fraud found , it was discharged as bad debt.

I’ve spoken to 14 reps, sent screenshots of statements, been hung up on, disconnected from chats,had three tickets generated. No follow up.

Finally, last week a helpful Wayfair agent reads me internal notes on my dispute, calls Cedar (with me on the line), tells them that Wayfair had made a mistake. Cedar tells the rep that Wayfair financials has to confirm this, and a request is made.

Wayfair still hasn’t contacted Cedar (who I called as Wayfair didn’t follow up with me as promised). Cedar confirms no communication from Wayfair.

I sent an email to the Wayfair CFO and CEO, no reply yet.

It’s a nightmare. Does anyone know a way to reach Wayfair Financials directly?


Order number [protected]

Desired outcome: Wayfair financials to confirm with Cedar Financial that I be discharged from collections, update all credit agencies, apologize. Be a better company.