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I ordered a Weber perform grill from barbecure grills and more the beginning of February 2007. The next week I get an email telling me that there were out of stock and sorry but we expect to ship your oder on or before 2/20/07. I call on the 20th and they tell me that they now expect it to ship a week later. On 2/27 I get another email same form letter now saying sorry but now we expect it to ship on March 5th. I call on March 5th to see if it shipped and was told that the truck just got in an hour ago and they were going to check with the warehouse and get back to me. I then get an email telling me it is in and it was going to ship if not that day the next and that I should get a tracking number no later than Monday March 10th. On Friday March 7th I get an email say sorry but now it is not going to ship until March 21st. I call up customer service and the guy Josh tells me that Weber is having quality issues and that they are having trouble getting the grills. I have emailed Wber and asked them if it was true I have not got a response yet. CSN stores seem eager to take your money and there people are polite they just do not seem to be able to tell when you will get you order. I have written an email and requested that it be sent to the president Niraj Shah and asked him if this was in line with their business model. Hopefully he will get the email but I have my thoughts.


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Nov 13, 2019 10:10 am EST

Wayfair DOES NOT have just what you need! They are liars!

Jun 15, 2016 3:28 am EDT

I ordered a turkey fryer in April and it was listed "In Stock" . I received an email later saying it would be an additional two weeks. I agreed to delay and did not cancel my order. I then got another email with another delay and I decided to cancel my order in mid June. Three months later I don't have the product or my $70 refund. Terrible customer service!

Jun 01, 2011 10:44 pm EDT

I am currently involved in a similar story with CSN. Their Customer Service Rep, Bryan M. repeatedly tells me conflicting "facts".
I used a credit card for my purchase. I will file a fraud complaint with the credit card bank, the BBB, and the Florida Attorney General office of Consumer Fraud. In addition, I'm planning to ask one of these hungry Law Firms to consider suing for punitive damages.

Liars and Cheats must be held accountable.

btw, Aadvantage Relocation, the transfer company that currently hold the shipment, refuses to deliver within the time frame possible for me, refuses to allow me to pick up the shipment, refuses to hold the shipment, saying it will be sent back. Aadvantage is part and parcel of the CSN scam.

May 13, 2011 11:14 pm EDT
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Tell us what companies would have given us a worse experience!

May 05, 2011 7:12 pm EDT
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I agree that the CSN "employee" is way outnumbered here. I myself purchased a Hazelwood computer desk that smelled like dried hay soaked in turpentine. The smell was so bad that it was making the entire family sick. CSN offered no refund for this, so we had no choice but to throw it out and lose our money. Maybe I should have sent it to that idiot CSN employee!

Feb 09, 2011 2:08 am EST

CSN Stores LLC is has terrible service. We ordered a bed on sale for our daughter. We chose a clearance item along with bedding. They promptly shipped the bedding but not the bed. After one month it never showed despite several service people assuring us it was about to be shipped. After another week they canceled our order and kindly informed us we would get a refund. Maybe this company makes it's money by charging customers cards as they did us then playing with your money for a month or more. I dont know but they certainly did it to us. Nothing like loaning your money to companies for a month interest free!

Nov 30, 2010 8:47 pm EST

They have the slowest shipping in the industry for large items. I ordered a sectional that was supposed to be 2-3 week delivery. All looked well and the tracking updated to show it was shipping on its earliest date, two week slater no couches, I went to the tracking information and it was updated "pending". I called around and no one knew what was going on. This is what happens when a company drop ships, and uses multiple shipping carriers, they have no idea of ownership or where anything is. Two months in my sectional is still not here, and the best they can say is it is en route.

What to expect - two month delivery time frame. Each transport of large items may sit in several warehouses along the way for days or weeks. If you dont mind waiting 2 months for a couch go ahead and order, they have great prices, but if you need something quick and trackable by on Amazon, they crush these guys.

Oct 19, 2010 3:38 am EDT

I purchased a sofa and ottoman from Altogether I spent about 2k. And I only received the ottoman so far and it was not the same ottoman displayed on their website or was it near the quality it had claimed to be. It was of cheap fabric and light weight. I went to their website to cancel my other order but their website makes it impossible to select, cancel and submit your order of cancellation. So I forwarded several suggestions, e mails, and complaints to the company. And called and left them a message that I cancelled my shipment and will be returning the ottoman. I wish I would have read these horror stories before hand. It would have save me a lot of grief, money, and hassle. I agree Csnsofas advertising and practices are very deceptive. And I would not recommend anybody to do business with them. I will never do business with them again.
I will be proactive and file a complaint with Wal mart (this is where I founded their website) and the better business Beau. I am Ms Edwards. You can call me [protected]) and I will answer any questions you may have.

Feb 28, 2010 11:26 am EST

Wow, I was about to order a $6k item from CSN but thought I would do a little searching one the web first to see what kind of outfit they are. Needless to say, I'll be purchasing from someone else. Thanks everyone for saving me from an expensive and frustrating ordeal.

Nov 30, 2009 9:31 am EST

These experience are shared. I am in process of returning a defective, mis-labeled, mis-described and unsafe item. I ordered via, which has a partnership with CSN Stores. CSN Stores contains about three hundred subsidiaries... just the size of this establishment promises large scale errors. The return policy and procedure is greivous even if your claim is legitimate. The customer service reps are friendly and mostly uneffective. This is evidenced by them providing email addresses that are non-functional and "over-the-phone" promises that remain hollow and further uneffective. For your own sanity and productivity, please do not order from this company or their subsidiaries until you are absolutely certain you will not have to undergo any other dealings from them.

Oct 13, 2009 6:52 am EDT

Beware of CSN Stores standard returns policy. Go read it. They can send you a non-working item sold with "free shipping" and if it is defective you have to pay both what it cost them to ship it to you AND to ship it back.

In other words the CSN customer pays for CSN's mistakes. They send out broken stuff and you pay to return it.

There are many places to buy what CSN sells. Save yourself a headache and buy from someone who takes responsibility for what they sell.

Sep 14, 2009 5:42 pm EDT

I will never order from CSN or or any other affiliatd company. they are dishonest and unprofessional. My chair sat in a UPS facility for 2 weeks, one state away and CSN's excuse was that I provided them with the WRONG numbr. When I asked what number they had, they repeated MY correct phone number..
I told them I didn't want the chair and to take it back. The shipping was FREE all over the site and on my invoice. I received an email saying that I would be charged "Round trip shipping for the item".. round trip shipping? shipping wasn't CHARGED. I filed a BBB complaint and suggest that anyom else who has a bad experience to do the same. They are listed as CSN Stores, LLC with the BBB.

and for the idiot employee of CSN stores above who felt so compelled to post on here... JUST because you claim that CSN is a "dropshipper" does NOT relinquish CSN of reponsibility. CSN Stores is the name that will be dragged through the dirt because it's YOUR company that can't even ship out or keep inventory of the items you sell. What a cop out but I am not surprised at all after my experience and all of the other complaints. CSN Stores and everydayrecliner are BAD merchants

Jul 24, 2009 10:04 am EDT

I bought a sofa and loveseat from CSN Sofa over a month ago. Before I go on I have to say that my living room wall a painted in deep burgundy as I am going for the new age look. So I ordered what looked to be a cream colored set with a champagne pattern. Well when the set came it was not the Classic European look I saw on the website but Traditional India. The set was way darker than it looked on the website. It looked like someone swallowed a box of red/green/brown/gold crayons then threw it up to make this pattern. It should be illegal in this country to sell something so hideous. And on top of that the right arm of the loveseat was wobbling because the wood was broken on the arm so it is not safe to sit on. And did I mention that the fabric looked worn as if it was sitting in someones garage and they simply wrapped it up and shipped it out when they got my order. I was so pissed at how ugly it looked that I almost lost my dinner and hardly got any sleep that night because I just wanted that piece of crap out of my house. So the next day I called CSN and told them the above and the gal I spoke to said that they would schedule a pickup and credit me my money minus the cost of shipping, however they did not do refunds so it would be store credit and they would split the cost of shipping if I order something in replacement of the set. So I said fine and ordered a pub set and entertainment stand for my TV with the credit I was to receive once the Sofa and Loveseat was received. So, guess what? They charged me credit card for the new stuff I ordered instead of using the credit for the love seat and sofa which is still sitting wrapped up in my living room. AAAH! They said that someone was supposed to pick up the sofa and loveseat between the 9th and 24th of July and here it is the 24th and not even a phonecall. I'm going to call them again today and give an update. This is the last time I order from this company!

Aug 12, 2008 10:03 am EDT

There is no such thing as "free shipping". Carefully read their policies, print and date them WHEN YOU PURCHASE.
If the website says, "FREE SHIPPING", and your invoice doesn't line item it, then dispute the credit card charge with your credit card company. The credit card company will honor the "free shipping" and not charge you for it if the item is returned.

Jul 22, 2008 8:16 am EDT

well, here we are July 22, 2008. Now they won't even call me back. The peice of crap they sent me is still sitting all damaged in the middle of my living room right where they dropped. it. I spoke with John Mc who was nice but kept making empty promises and lies. THAN I asked to speak to someonein authority, I get Todd, who said he call me back, well its been 7 days no calls. I have emailed them twice and no response. I guess we will need to get a lawyer. DOes anyoen know if I can sue them for the price of the attorney also? ALmost 1800 dollars of junk right in the middle of my home. I wouldn't buy from Racks and Stands or CSN stores ever and will tell everyone I can ON every complaint sight I can find18

Jul 14, 2008 3:48 pm EDT

The gentleman who said CSN is not responsible must work for them. I ordered an entertianment center on 6-1-08 got it 7-12-08 Trashed. Dents, doors hanging off horrible. It was $1700, and now I am told I have to wait 4 weeks for my money and have this piece of junk (its huge) setting in my living room for three. No way, I am calling someone

Jun 05, 2008 5:28 pm EDT

I've had one problem after another with CSN Leather. I should of got the hint when I couldn't get a sample of the leather but I went ahead and ordered sight unseen. I had one problem after another after that!

Got an e-mail saying order shipped two weeks after I placed the order. COOL! Then a few hours later got another e-mail saying "sorry our mistake - didnt' ship". I was understanding until the the charge hit my credit card. When I contacted Customer Service to reverse the charge I was told "sorry, we don't usually reverse charges". The charge was reversed when it came to reverse the charge or cancel the order.

Then the day it was actually supposed to ship came, "oh sorry, on back order". Could of notified me beforehand!

Then one day my order actually shipped but it was lost in space for two weeks. Nice tracking system!

Sofa and loveseat finally arrived. It's so beautiful but I have a big 6" rip in the leather on the couch. Once again, I notified Customer Service. "Oh sorry, send us a digital picture of the damage" so I did. Now they won't talk to me anymore.

I love my new beautiful, expensive, damaged furniture! Too bad CSN lost my future business and hopefully the future business of all who read this posting.

May 07, 2008 6:50 am EDT

I too am having trouble with an order through CSN. This is my first time ordering through them. I ordered a vanity bench on March 12, 2008. Told shipment would arrive around April 25. On April 18 got an email saying it was delayed and would be shipped on May 5. I called on May 5th to see if it went out but they were not helpful and said they could only tell me it was 'supposed' to go out. Got another email May 6 saying NOW it would go out May 21 so I called today and spoke to customer service and the phone went dead after I had gone through all of the explanation...did they hang up on me? Went to another phone and called again just in case it was my cordless. Politely went through the whole explanation again. This time the customer service person told me it was unusual for something to take over 2 months to ship then told me my phone was 'cutting out on her' and she couldn't talk any more and she hung up...are they trained to avoid complaints? Nothing is wrong with my phone. I'm in no hurry for the bench and can wait for delivery but I want them to tell me a REAL date to expect delivery. Once this transaction is complete I will NEVER do business with this company again.

May 04, 2008 12:28 pm EDT

It sounds like you all had unsatisfatory experiences; however, I would like to point out that none of these experiences seem to be related to CSN Stores.

CSN dropships from various warehouses - they cannot control fill dates etc, but must rely on the information provided by these warehouses. In addition to this, shipping damage/lost items, do happen unfortunately (again, outside the control of CSN, rather, a problem with FedEx, UPS, White Glove services, etc.).

CSN is an extremely honest company - your experiences are the risk you take by ordering online - CSN does everything possible to correct these problems which is the risk they take by being in the online business. They will always work with the customer to resolve any issue. If you take that online risk, however, you need to be patient while the customer service team works to resolve the problem.

The customer service at CSN is beyond what you will see at any other online establishment. In fact, it is better than most physical retail stores.

I hope you folks will continue to shop with CSN. You experiences are unfortunate, but I guarantee these experiences would have been much worse with any other company.

Apr 21, 2008 4:06 pm EDT

My experience matches your own. I paid for an ebay auction right after completing the "BUY IT NOW" option and received a shipment notification within a few days. The tracking number was invalid per the UPS website. I waited several days, thinking maybe it just hadn't been updated. Finally called only to be told the "manufacturer" sent shipment notifications in error. My order was back-ordered for 4 weeks. OK - no problem. Called after 4 weeks and having received no additional information. This time, I was told the order was lost in shipment. They would have to check with the warehouse on Monday. I waited and received no new information. After calling four times and finally being told that it was again on back-order, I cancelled the order. I was happy to learn the refund was in progress and actually very quick. However, I left "neutral" feedback on ebay. They responded by leaving neutral feedback for me (after having paid very quickly) and offered to mutually withdraw the feedback.

Apr 16, 2008 9:47 pm EDT

I bought a sofa & a loveseat from csn in buttercream on marc/28/2008. on mar 31 2008 I got an email saying that they had ran out off the loveseat in buutercream but they had the set in khaki. I contacted them and told them I did not want the khaki set instead but would take the 2 chairs instead of the loveseat.

I received the 2 chairs but when I opened the set for the sofa it was kakhi and and after I started the assembly and almost completed I realized that they had sent the loveseat base and the top peice was the cushion was for the sofa.

I contacted them and they sent ups to pick up the miss matched parts. On april 16, 2008 I received the delivery only one package was missing. The arms of the sofa..

I am fed up with csn I do not know I'm gonna get the other parts. help me


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