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2:56 pm EST
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Wayfair Customer service refunds

I made my first purchase from Wayfair a few weeks ago. It was a sink that my handyman approved to install for me but he made a mistake and it was too short from left to right.

So luckily we never tried to install it, I measured it after taking it out of the box and determined it wouldn't fit.

I thought it would be easy to return for a full refund under those circumstances.

But no-oooo!

*Before* I bought it I called Wayfair and asked a csr how much it might cost IF I have to return it.

He said "Maybe $5-15". I said okay and ordered it.

After I tried to return it I had to call them again because the Return page was telling me I'd have to pay $29 to return it!

When I called the man said "Well he shouldn't have said that."

I said, but he DID and so I hope you can cut my return fee back to the $5-15 he told me I'd pay.

He hemmed and hawed then said "No, all we can do is offer you 10% off on your next order."

I accepted that reluctantly because I didn't want to escalate my complaint to a supervisor - although I now wish I would have done that.

Anyway so I got the refund MINUS the $29. BUT I also got a note saying "but we were unable to credit your account for $22 of your refund. Please call Customer Service."

So I called Customer Service and the woman on the phone couldn't understand it, had no solution. She suggested I "just wait 3-5 days" for the rest of it.

So my complaint is that:

1) Wayfair does not offer free returns like most other major companies do for online orders;

2) they require me to pay about 15% for the return even though I never even installed the sink

3) their CSR lied or gave me false info re the return only going to cost me $5-15 dollars

4) I have to CALL Wayfair and put yet another thing on my TO DO list of people to follow up with, just to get the other $22 of my refund! Wth?

I will never buy from Wayfair again nor do I recommend anyone do so.

Desired outcome: Just send me my extra $22 and don't make me have to CALL you to get it!Hire CSR's who know what is going on. Some customer service...

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2:11 pm EDT

Wayfair Wayfair Sofa (86.6"'"' Leathaire Round Arm Sofa)

Order no - #[protected]

Address - 29 Pendrill Way Ajax, Ontario L1Z0K9

Email - [protected]

Today I had to write this email because I am very unhappy with Wayfair services recently, I never had any issues with this company but I am tired of being fool by your employees.

I ordered grey 86.6"'"' Leathaire Round Arm Sofa on Aug 31st 2022.

In the beginning it was showing the delivery somewhere in September mid, then it got changed 2 times in September again, then it turned October 6, then 16, then 29, now it got extended again to Nov 5th then 15th and now 19th.

It’s been two months and I haven’t received any single call from your team to keep me posted about my sofa, and I look like a fool waiting and being dependent on that order because I didn’t even buy anything because of that and I am still living without a sofa in my apartment!

And nobody even called me to let me know the status of my order, if they don’t have it in stock or any problem, don’t they think, I should get a call from Wayfair team, telling me the real problem or if they want me to cancel it. They aren’t even honest about it and wasting my time.

when I called the customer service they have been all [censored]ing with me, initially I didn’t care much because I trusted wayfair, but they kept on lying, on my 3rd time calling, I talked to Mellisa (Supervisor) and she told me that someone from supply department will reach out to you and I kept on waiting and then again I called which was my 4th or 5th time, that guy was helpful however he started telling me indirectly that why did you order that Sofa maam, there were no reviews on that, he started blaming me, like it’s my problem.

So now seems like everything is fishy on wayfair, or is it my job to figure it out that if wayfair has the product in stock or not!

Why Wayfair putting the product out their online if they have no inventory or have issues. Why wayfair give that option to their customer to add fishy product into cart.


Since I have waited so long, I want something best out of it, I am very upset and disappointed with wayfair customer service. They are the king of lies, not being transparent with customer and making customer wait, not interested in Cancelling my order, I want wayfair to replace my order with whatever color is available in the same model or design that I ordered. As I can see there is only beige color showing available, if wayfair doesn’t carry the grey color please replace my order with beige color in the same price. Hence I didn’t make any mistake here!

I noticed the day I ordered the grey one, after that they took down that product online and started showing only beige color available.

I need something better out of this, as I was very excited for that sofa and I didn’t even buy anything because of that.

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11:38 pm EDT

Wayfair Delivery and price

I placed and order under my husbands account for Dan Hagman @ Dan.[protected] Order number placed on 9-21-22 with an ETA of 3-4 weeks #[protected] paid in full on 9/28.

This order is running late and now it is showing on sale. I do not understand why I have been refused a price adjustment. The adjustment is quite substantial and for a retired senior I could really use the savings. I have a written complaint into the BBB. I have it on my Face book where I am getting some pretty alarming information about your company. I have asked my friends to share it on their FB. Not surprised that I am finding out that a lot of customers are refusing to do any further business with you.

I called before I placed the order and was informed that I would receive my order within 4 weeks maybe one week longer, here we are 5 weeks and no chairs. However, I got a Wayfail e-mail showing me that the chairs I ordered are now on sale.

Your customer service refused to make a price adjustment of any kind. If this order comes with any damage to the boxes I will refuse the order since I have found some other chairs that will work for me.

I expect someone to call me and try to make this purchase right. I will blast Wayfair in any way I can until I receive some compensation. Taking advantage of seniors is not looked upon kindly and I am sick and tired of people taking advantage of seniors.

I have a screen shot of what the chairs would of cost me today. I have not received my order. I keep getting pop ups that this chair is now on sale. Ugh...really do something right.

also I should not have been billed for these chairs until they shipped. I paid for these in full on 9/28.

Respectfully, Kathy Hagman

Desired outcome: Some sort of price adj. since I have not received the order. I could cancel and dispute it with my CC company. I have back up I have showing current price.

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6:39 pm EDT

Wayfair Beaudoin utility peel and stick stair tread

Not only did this product take a month to be delivered, likely because this scam seller is buying junk from overseas then reselling it on Wayfair, they sent a cheap knock-off and a different color. The product they send doesn't match the quality in the description or the photos. The reviews have a bunch of similar complaints.

Desired outcome: Force seller to sell accurate items or remove them

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Update by GeorgeJungle
Oct 09, 2022 6:41 pm EDT

Different manufacturer. The tread on the side is not sown and there are only two thin glue strips on the bottom.

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5:43 pm EDT

Wayfair Customer service

All my most recent orders arrived with defects. They are damaged and parts will not fit well to give you a quality product.

Customer service is extremely poor, on chat you get some feedback, but the instructions never work. When I tried both chat and call to get the issues resolved, they said their management will call/ email me. After a few days waiting and after writing to email provided my issues never get resolved. They ask me to return the products for a full refund, but never give me return labels. They charged me for the same table twice (L-shaped table kame in two parts, and they charged me for each box, the table is clearly a one unit, and two parts will never stay alone). When I called customer service, they accepted that it is the fault on their end and said that I should receive the refund, but after waiting for a few days and when I called, they keep saying the same thing and I did not get my refund.

Overall, extremely poor-quality products. Experience in several orders over the last few weeks, but unfortunately you don't see the quality until you open the boxes and try assembly. If I knew, I should have stopped after the 1st order

Desired outcome: Pls refund and provide true details for your customers rather than providing false instructions

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1:02 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Wayfair Item Ordered and Paid For: Said it was delivered but it has never been received.

The Li Xiao Gai, in China, is selling this product pretending to be Wayfair.

Yes, I should have realized this may be a scam. However, all through the order process everything posted as Wayfair. I only knew it was a company from China after PayPal paid the invoice. PayPal has closed my dispute siding with the company that says it was shipped and delivered. I have filed a complaint with the USPS, PayPal, and now with you. They scammed me and no one will do anything about it. I have learned a valuable lesson. But I also believe Wayfair needs to be aware this is happening.

Item not received

The item hasn’t reached me or I refused delivery

Case status:Closed

The case was closed in the seller’s favor as the seller provided a valid proof of delivery.

Info provided by the seller

October 5, 2022 at 3:01:32 AM CDT

Tracking info provided by Li Xiao Gai


Shipped by United States Postal Service (USPS)

Case details

Case ID:


Disputed amount:

$89.00 USD

Seller info:

Li Xiao Gai[protected]

Shipping address:


WISTER, OK [protected]

Date reported:

October 1, 2022

Invoice ID:


Tracking info:


Shipped by United States Postal Service (USPS)

Track shipment

Additional Info

Your note:

I just want to know where my loveseat is.

Item details

Item name:


Item number:





Item not received

Transaction reported


Li Xiao Gai

Sep 15, Payment

Transaction ID: 0LM867907E405922M

-$89.00 USD

Desired outcome: I would appreciate a response via email or phone.

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12:28 pm EDT

Wayfair Financing/poor customer service

On 10/5/2022 I placed a nearly $1000 order with Wayfair. I paid extra to have it delivered tomorrow 10/6/2022 because it was a new bed that was needed. I financed the total with Katapult which is considered "Wayfair financing" but fails to mention that paying express shipping is just Wayfair taking your money knowing that it will not even be possible. A financing account was opened with Katapult and money was taken out of my account but the order wasn't actually placed with Wayfair. So Wayfair basically had me enter a financing agreement that would have taken my money automatically without sending me anything in return.

As if that wasn't bad enough, I started with Katapult customer service who told me to contact wayfair. Then the Wayfair customer service told me to contact Katapult. I literally just wanted my bed to be actually ordered but instead got no help. Nothing was resolved with the first rep other than telling me there was nothing they could do so I had to call Katapult.

The SECOND rep told me to wait 48 hours and see if my order number shows up and to call back if it didn't... even though I paid for it to have it here tomorrow and did so for a reason. I asked for a supervisor and was denied because "they're going to tell you the same thing". Then when I asked what the reason was my order didn't go through in the first place was I was then told i'd be transferred to an order specialist for assistance with "placing a new order". I did not want to be transferred but before I could even respond was transferred anyways.

The order specialist who was rep THREE, tried looking up my order again but got nowhere. No help, nothing. I asked for a supervisor but was told that they couldn't help me anyways so there was no point. Then I was given a number to call customer service and press option 3... Well option 3 requires an order number which I DO NOT HAVE. I finally got through to a real person who then told me there was nothing they could do but my order wouldn't be here tomorrow. I again asked for a supervisor but was told, they just do the same thing I do and can't help you. I asked REPEATEDLY to be transferred to a supervisor but was denied every time and then when I asked to file a complaint I was hung up on.

Rep FOUR was the same concept. "Supervisors can't help you. I need an order number" which I DO NOT HAVE. Finally she put me through to a supervisor who was pleasant. I should note that this rep, Jordan, was very pleasant and at this point I'll admit that I was extremely frustrated. Literally in tears because of frustration. I do appreciate her getting me to a supervisor when the rest were all rude and dismissive of me.

FIFTH rep was the supervisor who was pleasant unlike most, but still just talking in circles not really acknowledging my issues. She suggested placing the order again to which i said absolutely not I NEVER want to order with you again. She then said she would connect us to a three way call with Katapult and i thought we were finally going to get things resolved. Then while I was on hold I got hung up on. I waited a few minutes to see if they would call me back but then had to call the customer service number and start over again for the 6th time.

I got a very friendly rep this time except she had no way of looking up who I was or who i was talking to prior to her because guess what I DON'T HAVE AN ORDER NUMBER OR AN ORDER IN THEIR SYSTEM. Finally I was able to get the entire thing cancelled and close out the financing agreement since it was essentially paying for nothing. I never heard back from the supervisor who was supposed to help me.

Fast forward to 10/6/2022 and I got charged YET AGAIN by acima for this order even though IT DID NOT WORK. I am now on hold AGAIN with acima and waiting for Wayfair to answer and confirm that they in fact did not complete my order.

So now I have had over $100 in charges come out of my account for items I cant even get. I still have been given 0 information about WHY I couldn't get my items ordered in the first place. I've got nearly 3 hours tied up in phone calls and messages. I still have no bed ordered even though I need one because now I need to wait 5-7 business days to get my money back and have to wait for 2 lease programs to get taken off my credit report, and I have not been compensated or had any real solutions given to me by wayfair. This is unacceptable and unethical. I am a single mother to one adopted child who receives zero help financially, and Wayfair just completely scammed me, wasted my time, treated me like complete garbage, and continues to waste my time. I am on day 2 of not even getting a lunch break on my 20 hour days because I've been forced to deal with this crap instead, and I am extremely unhappy, disturbed, deceived, and angry with this poor excuse for a company.

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Update by crk274
Oct 06, 2022 12:29 pm EDT

10 hour days*

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11:56 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Wayfair Ressie Radiator cover

Good afternoon ! On the 21st September I have placed an order -#[protected] which was meant to arrive on the 23 Rd of September.

Not even till this day I haven’t received anything.

The delivery company who was in charge of the parcel never showed up . Took 3 days off from work just to receive delivery.

No one came. We have also consierge I have checked with them no delivery was attempted as they were saying on their website. Please can u look into it !

Thank you !

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12:52 pm EDT

Wayfair dishonesty, they change orders, don't honor sales made

We just bought a new home and needed everything. Attempting to fill the need I ordered multiple items, bedroom sets, living room sets, ect. I received confirmation e-mails for my orders all was well, so I thought! They started changing the orders, instead of queen box spring they sent a twin, who has to pay for the return me! All of a sudden, they change a 6-piece queen bedroom set to a 6-drawer dresser. When I call, they say we don't know what happened, but they will no longer provide me with queen set, too bad! They don't want to give me my money back they want to give store credit?!? it's a scam! I want my $6000 dollars back in full! Very upset and can't believe they can get away with these kinds of business tactics. I am now finding out they have been able to get away with doing these kinds of business to a lot of people, I'm not the only one. They need to be shut down and taken down. Times are hard right now for many people and companies like this are being permitted to rip people off. I have received nothing from them and want all of my money back!

Desired outcome: I want a FULL refund!! Not part of all of it!

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T Drizzy
, US
Sep 27, 2022 1:07 pm EDT

okay boomer

9:58 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Wayfair Slavo bar cabinet sku c001004894


I am very upset about how this whole order was handled and I am requesting a full refund. I had to wait three months to assemble the bar because I kept receiving a broken Panel B. The Panel B arrived broken 4 times. I had to pay twice for someone to come and assemble it and I paid over $200 for the assembly. Frankly the quality is so bad that I am afraid it will break very quickly. I cannot even dismantle it to send it back because it will break.

I NEED A FULL REFUND. I am really not happy with this purchase. I paid $620 for it which is way too much money for what I received and now I found out it is at 50% discount.

Please process a full refund immediately including the additional $200 dollars I paid separately

Thank you

Desired outcome: Please process a full refund immediately including the additional $200 dollars I paid separately

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11:42 pm EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Wayfair Customer service

They refuse to correctly change my telephone number on my credit card acct. I have tried twice, THIS TIME. I went through this same process 4 months ago and they still have the phone number wrong. They input the number wrong both times. I call to verify the acct so I can pay my bill. Even with my social security number and the address that I’ve had to call them about twice they won’t verify my identity without the phone number that they input incorrectly. I have asked twice (THIS TIME AROUND) for them to send me a verification letter so I can verify the acct but they won’t tell me what address they are sending the verification letter to. I no longer live at the original address. However, I can charge up to the limit without a problem. I need to verify the acct so I can pay it off and close it. They are awful.

Desired outcome: Get access to my billing acct so I can pay it off and close the acct.

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Update by SLM12345
Sep 12, 2022 11:48 pm EDT

The customer service is incompetent. They cannot even verify my acct with a social security number. They insist on a telephone number that I called about twice and that they input wrong both times. Now I’m waiting on a verification letter that I’ve asked for twice; however, they refuse to tell which address they are sending it to. I have also called to change my info and they keep getting it WRONG! I want to pay my bill and close my acct but they won’t let me access my credit acct to do this. They will however let me charge as much as I want.

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4:50 pm EDT

Wayfair Order not received, no refund!


I remember clearly changing the address on my 2nd order with this company. I ordered a year ago from my mother's house (which I sold). I ordered curtains a month ago, and didn't look into the delay within their time limit, and they won't help me. The person who received the package should have returned it, but apparently, didn't. That amazes me.

The company won't refund my money. It was tracked as, "Delivered."


Desired outcome: Refund.

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12:22 pm EDT

Wayfair Poor communication / appalling customer service / inferior products

Ordered numerous items from Wayfair totaling over $3000 on August 22, 2022

Products were inferior quality and not as described on website.

I immediately contacted Wayfair.

I was redirected to a member of the "Executive Resolution Team".

It took numerous days for member of "Executive Resolution Team" to respond.

Requested form of communication, a phone call, was disregarded.

"Executive Resolution Team" member initiated returns and refunds without communicating with me first.

I have contacted Wayfair numerous times regarding these issues as well as my dissatisfaction with the "Executive Resolution Team" members handling of the issues but have yet to receive a response.

Another issue with the same order is lack of communication with regards to delivery. I was not contacted about delivery of an item by either Wayfair or the delivery company. I called Wayfair prior to this delivery as I knew I would not be available. I was assured I would be contacted and at that point I would be able to reschedule for a later date. The only communication I received about the delivery was from the guard at the entry gate to my neighborhood. I was told by the delivery company the driver could wait 10 min at the house. I found a neighbor to accept delivery within 4 minutes but the driver had already left.

The member of the "Executive Resolution Team", without contacting me, initiated a return and charged me $139.00 for return shipping.

I have called, sent an email and spoken to representatives at Wayfair but have been told the only people who can deal with issues such as these are employees on the level of the "Executive Resolution Team". I have yet to receive any communication from anyone in the "Executive Resolution Team" department.

Desired outcome: I would like to return defective and improperly described products at no charge. I would like to have the $139.00 refunded.

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3:50 pm EDT

Wayfair WMF-8201ZNL-BN - Hybrid Metal Deck Kitchen Sink Faucet 28mm Spout with Pull down Spray Brushed Nickel


On august 24, 2022 when faucet is turned on you get spraying and water stream at the same time.

The spray/stream buttons do not work

I purchased the WMF-8201ZNL-BN - Hybrid Metal Deck Kitchen Sink Faucet 28mm Spout with Pull down Spray Brushed Nickel through Walmart .com

it arrived August 31, 2021 so it's not one year old yet.

Can you help

Thank you


Desired outcome: I would like the repair parts for the sprayer

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1:41 pm EDT

Wayfair Almost 2 years of Non delivery of items

I ordered 7 more chairs to match the 4 I already bought from wayfair back in November of 2020. It’s been 2 years that I’ve been waiting for delivery. I’ve now got two advocates assisting me. I bought the chairs to match the four at one kitchen table and the other 6 I want to match and use for my 10 ft table my husband bought for my birthday after we moved into a new home. I have not been able to host for holidays, events or use my table because the chairs still have not arrived. I’m told over and over that they’re waiting for the supplier to ship. I’ve been told since the very beginning that the chairs are on back order though the chairs continue to be sold online and also after being told by one of my advocates that their are close to 1000 in stock sitting in New York. If they were out of stock then why does wayfair continue to sell them under two different names? Two years I’ve been inconvenienced and patiently waiting for my delivery. Apparently, a new order has been placed and I was told I’d get my chairs in the next couple of weeks only to get another back ordered notification knowing full well they are in stock. How do I know this to be true? The second advocate sent me the info of how many were in stock. I’m not sure what is going on but I need the chairs. I’ve purchased quite a bit of furniture from wayfair over the years with no problem. This is the most important purchase I’ve ever made from you guys and never received my order. I keep getting the run around. It does not make wayfair look good or their suppliers look good. As a matter of fact, it looks very shady. I could not host my 20th wedding anniversary celebration in my home. Nor my parents 50th celebration. I could not host my daughters high school graduation celebration last year. Nor hold an event for my friend running for Congress as I had promised him, because I had no place to seat everyone. When will my chairs arrive?

Desired outcome: Please deliver my chairs. I’ve been told I’d receive them at no cost because the amount of time I’ve waited. I just need these chairs because I already have four of the same ones.

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Toronto, CA
Sep 07, 2022 7:22 pm EDT
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Today as of Sep. 2022 I've had a bad experience shopping on Wayfair site. All carpets I was interested in were suddenly 'out of stock'. Other carpets I wasn't interested in were available. They must have monitored my trend of searching for blue/turquoise carpets for several days. Knowing that those of my interest were not available I found another blue I didn't look at before and that was like '1 available'. So I bought it being in panic that it will not be available in the next second. But buying under such a pressure left me with a bitter taste due to the hassle. To add to all of that, immediately after I made a purchase all those ' out of stock ' were available and the one I bought didn't show 'out of stock'.

What does it tell you?

To me, it says that the Wayfair manipulates availability of the product if someone is searching for too long. Next, they create an impression of shortages on product of one's interest so the purchase would be made quickly. These are dirty tricks and site like that is not honorable and respectful to the buyers. I swallowed the bait - my fault. I should have back off right away. I am learning and backing off right now.

That was my last purchase on Wayfair. There are many stores where I live and will have better shopping experience visiting them in person.

I just wanted people to know about griddy tricks of insatiable seller such as Wayfair. Good day.

9:42 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Wayfair Cabinet knob

I am extremely disappointed with the "customer service" I just received. I have spent thousands of dollars at Wayfair, and when my item was missing, their "manager" would not make it right and would not escalate my complaint. This is not the way I expect Wayfair to respond to a missing item. I am made to feel like a liar and that your vendors don't ever make mistakes. Extremely disappointed!

Desired outcome: Replace my missing item!!

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11:39 am EDT

Wayfair 2022 Patio wicker stained chair with rain cover

This was ordered in April of this year and after numerous attempts, have had no response. I preferred this for a graduation party and was disappointed it didn’t make it. I’ve had no follow up on this order whatsoever since it was placed.

Please see copies of order and follow up in photos below. I’d love to have the chair but if not possible, please refund my monies. If you need more information, please contact: Leigh Moore

[protected] 304 Bay Park Drive Brandon MS 39047. Order # 1140 on April 17th 2022 Thank you

Margaret Leigh Moore

Desired outcome: Would like a chair or a refund

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10:25 am EDT
Verified customer This complaint was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Wayfair Wrong order

I ordered a day bed with trundle, two mattresses and two sets linens. I was putting the bed together, and it wasn’t until the end that I realized the bottom part was 2 drawers instead of a trundle bed. This was in May. I called customer service and they suggested sending a replacement part. It was suppose to arrive within a week. It didn’t arrive and I was emailed it would arrive end of July. I called and asked for discount. I received 20% refund for the bed only. July passed and I received an email it should arrive by the end of September. This is inexcusable. I emailed a supervisor I had been in contact with on August 5th and August 10th with no response. I called customer service and no supervisor was available but whomever I was talking to said I should receive an email reply within 2 days. Still nothing. In my email on August 10th, I asked for a complete refund so I can purchase a bed that is actually a trundle like I ordered. I am a widow and have 2 grand daughters that each need a bed. I feel like I am getting the run around and thinking they are hoping I will forget. I still have a second mattress in plastic that I cannot use. This lack of response and customer service is appalling.

Sincerely, Carolyn

Desired outcome: Complete refund for the bed, 2 mattresses and 2 sets of linen. Or at the very least the bed I ordered.

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9:46 pm EDT

Wayfair Wrong Item Keeps Getting Delivered and Customer Service Is No Help

On 8/1/2022, I ordered 2 Essex 6 Drawer Double Dressers in Winter Gray. They were delivered on 8/3/2022, but they were White. Wayfair was contacted right away about the wrong item delivered with photos uploaded and a return shipping label was emailed with a pickup date of 8/9/2022. On 8/6/2022, we were advised that 2 more dressers were being shipped. The following day, 8/7 we received 2 more white dressers. We then had 4 white dressers in large boxes sitting in my living room taking up space. We notified Wayfair immediately of the wrong items being delivered again and photos were uploaded again. Another shipping label was created for the second set of dressers to be picked up on 8/10. The first set of dressers was picked up by FedEx on 8/8/22 and the second set of dressers was picked up on 8/10/22. On 8/11/2022, FedEx delivered 1 White dresser and advised they only had one dresser this time. I told FedEx to take the item with him as a "return to sender". We contacted Wayfair again and spoke to Katherine. I advised Katherine that we received the wrong item for a third time, however, I sent it back with FedEx so no need to create a shipping label for pickup. Katherine advised that she would get another dresser sent out. No one can figure out what is the issue and why we keep receiving the wrong item. On 8/12/2022, I called and spoke to Ryan at Wayfair due to the Hold on the item being shipped. Ryan released the Hold and on 8/13/2022 another white dresser was delivered. I contacted Anjelica who passed me onto her supervisor, Lynn at Wayfair. Lynn "damaged" out the dresser that was delivered and cancelled my order from 8/1/2022 with $233.95 (x2) going back to my card. Lynn stated after cancelling the order to order the dressers again with a new order number as there is no explanation on why we keep receiving the wrong item. I ordered 1 Essex 6 Drawer Dresser in Winter Gray with a delivery date of 8/16. Today, 8/16, FedEx delivered yet again another White dresser to me. By this time, the same FedEx delivery driver is the one dropping off and picking up large heavy boxes of the wrong furniture. My husband met the FedEx driver out front before he managed to get the large heavy box off of his truck. The driver and my husband confirmed that it was indeed another White dresser. Photos of the item were taken and we informed the FedEx driver to "return to sender" again and the item never made it off the truck. We called Wayfair right away and spoke to the rudest and non-helpful person I have ever spoken to, Cay. You can understand our frustration and inconvenience by this time after dealing with this for 2 weeks with no solution and still no furniture. When we told Cay that the item was "return to sender" and the FedEx driver took it with him, she told us that we need to contact FedEx and before she could finish her sentence we told her that we are not contacting anyone when Wayfair continues to deliver the wrong item. We asked Cay to speak to her supervisor and she told us she does not have a supervisor above her. We asked for a corporate phone number and we were told she cannot provide us with that phone number. We asked Cay what state she was located out of and she said she is not at liberty to tell us that. Every supervisor we have spoken to (Bobbie out of GA, Lynn out of FL) have told us what state they are in and have at least tried to settle our issue, but not Cay. Cay is a poor example of a supervisor with no customer service skills whatsoever. It has been 2 weeks and we still have no furniture in our bedroom. We donated our furniture to a homeless shelter when we purchased the dressers on 8/1. Our clothes have been on our floor in piles. We have taken time off of work to ensure someone was home for delivery. We have spent hours on the phone with Wayfair trying to resolve this issue with no solution. We have stored large heavy boxes of furniture in our living room taking up space to be picked up by FedEx. We have received 7 White dressers which were all wrong. We have been told by supervisors that someone will call us back, but no one has ever contacted us back. We were also told that a case manager has been assigned to us and will look into it. The warehouse managers have not looked into this as it may be a mix up in one of the warehouses. We have cancelled both orders for this dresser as it is clear that a Winter Gray dresser is not going to be delivered. We request that both orders be refunded immediately. We also would like Wayfair to compensate us for all of this frustration and hassle it has caused us by offering another dresser of our choice for the price of the one that we originally ordered.

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Wayfair A leach solid wood vanity stool.

I ordered #[protected]. I have received the desk but not the vanity stool. I have been given three delivery dates but have not received the vanity stool. I called customer service two days ago, customer service could not explain why the item has not been shipped to me. She said said someone would call me, I am still waiting for the call. I want the vanity stool, why can’t it be shipped to me?! My shipping and mailing address is correct, I am very very upset. I have been a customer for many years , never had such a problem. I want the stool and I want it now . Carol crader. 5901 mariposa ave Citrus Heights ca. 95610

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Overall, Wayfair is a top-rated online retailer that offers a vast selection of high-quality home goods at affordable prices. With a user-friendly website, excellent customer service, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, it's no wonder that Wayfair has become a go-to destination for shoppers looking to update their homes.
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