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Good Morning Wayfair,

I'm so completely upset regarding a sofa I purchased on your website (order#[protected]) on 6-14-23. It was shipped Fed Express-Ground. I received 7 of the 8 boxes on 6-23-23 (missing box 1, received box 2-8 on 6-23-23). I tracked the missing Box #1 (FedEx tracking #[protected]) was shipped 6-18-23 with an estimated delivery of 6-22-23. I wanted a few days for the tracking information to get updated and it's never been. I went onto Wayfair's site and followed the instructions to reach out to the carrier first, then if after a few days if there's no resolution to reach out to Wayfair. I did exactly that. On 6-22-23, I went online and opened a ticket on Federal Express's website that the package was not delivered and was stuck in North Hampton, OH since 6-22-23. I received an auto generated e-mail stating someone would call within 24 hours. I heard nothing, I then called on 6-26-23 and they stated they saw the open ticket I generated and that I would get a call sometime that day with some type of answer whether it was lost or still under investigation. So, I heard nothing from Federal Express, from the open ticket or from my phone call. On 6-26-23 end of day around 6pm I called Wayfair's customer service and explained to the representative all the above, she was very nice, empathetic and truly concerned. She apologized for the situation and very nicely stated that she would resend out the missing piece of the furniture. She was extremely patient and went thru all boxes received, what was in them and determined what the missing piece was. I walked through my garage to confirm and all was correct. This representative went to ship out the missing piece and placed me on hold to speak with her Manager. The representative came back on the phone and stated that I had to wait until 6-28-23 because Federal Express had a 6 day hold from 6-22-23. So she said to call back on 6-28 and she would re-order the missing piece. Again, I'm giving the benefit to see if things would work out. Now today is 6-29-23, I reached out to Wayfairs Customer Service department and got on the phone with a representative that was the complete opposite of the person I spoke with over the phone on 6-26-23, I explained all of the above, she asked me to verify my address and e-mail, after that she didn't say a word, I could hear her typing so I assumed she was looking into the matter, then without saying a word places me on hold for 7 to 8 minutes, I held on the phone on hold until she came back on the phone. She came back on the phone and stated that she was going to order the replacement piece and that I needed to tell her what piece was missing. I explained to her I was not at home and that when I spoke with the representative on 6-26-23, she knew exactly what piece was missing and that didn't she have that in the notes from my last call. She said no and that I would have to call back and notify Wayfair Customer Service of the piece that was missing. So at this point can you imagine the nightmare of ordering this sofa on 6-14, getting all pieces delivered except one, having a garage filled with 7 boxes that I'm not able to walk through because the boxes are blocking the way to get in/out of the gargage. My living space has no seating (it's empty). I explained that if the past representative knew what the missing piece was how does she not know. She didn't answer and just said you'll have to call back when you get home, I then asked if she ordered the replacement piece how long would it take for me to receive, she said a week or two. At that point I was extremely frustrated and just said that I needed to return the merchandise. She said ok, told me that the return shipping labels would be e-mailed. I then asked her would Federal Express be picking them up, she replied I'm not sure because when the ticket is generated it will be determined if a pick-up would be approved or not. I told her it was a sectional sofa, that has 7 boxes and I would not be able to bring these boxes to have them shipped. She said that's what's going to happen. I asked to speak with a Manager, she placed me on hold for 19 minutes, came back on the phone and said "My manager said that my explanation of the return is what's going to happen and there's nothing else that can be done. As I sit here typing this e-mail to I just feel defeated. I was excited to get this sofa, I loved the reviews and the look, but this whole experience has literally drained every piece of energy, I feel like she didn't care and had no desire to resolve my issue. I'm now at your mercy...if you could resolve this matter, get the missing piece out to me in a relatively decent timeframe I would want that. Otherwise, I would like this refunded and picked up. I'm hopeful for a resolution and looking foward to hearing back from someone. Sincererly, Denise Lucas

Clayton, US
Jul 03, 2023 11:32 am EDT

The worst company I have ever purchased an item from. They do not stand behind there products or follow thru with there comment to you