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To whom it may concern,

I have been a loyal customer to Wayfair for many years now. I own several properties and almost exclusively shop at Wayfair for my property needs. Why? Because of the excellent customer service and quick remediation of my order issues. While, I do like the items I have purchased at Wayfair, this is not the reason why I continue to shop with Wayfair.

Many orders had issues such as damaged or faulty items, items with missing parts, or incomplete orders. If anything, this is a reason NOT to continue shopping with you. This is a problem and has cost me time money and effort to remedy, especially when I am held up on a construction project because of it and I am paying these contractors for their time. Due to these hold ups, they could not move forward with the project because of such issues to the failure of your company to send out undamaged items, complete orders, etc. in the first place. You have plenty of competitors that also offer amazing products and great deals, e.g., Amazon, Overstock, etc. However, only because of the immediacy, friendliness, and attentiveness of your excellent customer service team to remedy the order issues, I have continued to remain a loyal customer. This is the ONLY reason!

Now, I have been assigned to some kind of “executive team” to handle my order issues, being punished for having too many order issues. My order issues have been the problem of Wayfair not getting it right the first time around. Now that I no longer have the immediacy and excellent customer resolutions team at my disposal, I am reconsidering my loyalty. I find this highly insulting, offensive, and discriminatory. And on what basis? These issues were not because of me, but because of the failure on Wayfair’s part to fulfill their duties with excellence from the beginning.

I have customer service agents trying to help me but saying they cannot touch or doing anything for me. And then trying to convince me that this “executive team” is here for me to provide me with excellent service. Excuse me? Nothing frustrates me more than: 1. being fed lies and 2. being apologized to. I am not one of your stupid customers that you can feed this kind of garbage to. I am a smart and solution orientated business women and doctor. At this point, I don’t have easy and quick solutions available to me at your company, because now I am this “executive team” list. What a misnomer! A better, less misleading name would be “repeat offender” list.

Just to reiterate, my order issues were from failure on your side, not mine. As a matter of fact, I have too many damaged or incomplete, useless, items from Wayfair cluttering up my garage. I now, must find a way to haul them away and dispose of them. That is more time wasted unnecessarily on my side, because of your errors.

If you value me as a customer, I am giving you the opportunity to reconsider your decision and to remove me from this “offender’s list” that I have been put on for no real justification. This kind of discrimination is unjust and may create legal problems for you in the future.

Are you sending every single customer through the executive resolutions team?

If yes, that is one thing. If not, I think we certainly have a case of discrimination.

I would like proof that you are in fact applying this across the board to ALL your customers.

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