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I am writing to express my deep frustration and disappointment with my recent experience concerning an order I placed with Wayfair back in March. I believe it is essential to address the issues I've encountered and to seek a more equitable solution.

To summarize my concerns:

* Order Delays and Damage: My order was plagued with repeated issues. It was lost and damaged on four separate occasions, causing substantial delays in its delivery.

* Ineffective Customer Service: When I contacted Wayfair's customer service, they were unable to establish contact with the company responsible for the item's delivery, leaving me in a state of uncertainty.

* Incorrect Product Description: After waiting for eight long months, I finally received my order in October. However, upon assembling the closet, I realized that the dimensions did not match the description provided on your website.

* Assembly Costs: I had to invest an additional $400 to assemble the closet, only to discover the size discrepancy.

* Unsatisfactory Compensation: Wayfair has offered to reimburse me a mere 20% of the item's cost, which is $194. This offer does not adequately address the extent of the inconvenience and financial strain I have endured.

* Return Difficulties: The alternative solution presented, returning the item, is impractical for me, as I lack the means to disassemble the closet, and I am unwilling to spend more money rectifying a mistake made by Wayfair in the product description.

* I strongly believe that this situation warrants a fair and just resolution. I kindly request that Wayfair reconsider the compensation offered and provide a more reasonable percentage that reflects the extent of the inconvenience, delays, and costs I have incurred due to this order. I urge you to acknowledge the significant inconvenience I have faced and work towards a more satisfactory solution.

Desired outcome: $500

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