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Walmart - Women's Plus Clothingsomething is very wrong here!

For years my friends and I have been loyal Walmart customers. In the last two years we have been very disappointed in the quality of clothing and the crowded condition of the Women's Plus Department.

We have been trying to find someone to complain to for a long time and didn't know where to turn. I even thought about getting a petition with the names of women that are very disgusted with that department. Not only does Walmart carry dowdy clothing,no coordinates,no nice dresses, no blazers,dressy jackets, absolutely no pantsuits. The fantastic JMS bootcut leggings that we all loved to buy have been replaced with hideous pocket leggings that show pocket seams below blouses or tees! Women like fashionable clothes in bright colors, good style, as well as quality at a fair price. Whoever does the merchandising for Walmart must have failed the class and lied on their application when they got hired or is being done by men who do not know anything about women's clothing!

My friend and I used to shop at Walmart at least four to five times a week at Walmart. We used to tell the cashiers that we owned Walmart because we spent all our money there! We would even shop at midnight, one and two in the morning!! In the last two years we have been going maybe once a month and sometimes not even that often. We are so disappointed in what is available that we don't frequent the store. On top of the bad merchandise, the Women's Department is always so crowded with merchandise that you cannot comfortably walk between the aisles with or without a basket and especially if there are a lot of women shopping. The clothes are in disarray,scattered every where and sometimes there are carts full of clothes that have not been hung up.

Women shop for clothes because they feel good when they have something new to wear. They go into a store with the anticipation of finding a good buy. When you shop in the Women's Plus you enter a disappointing, depressing, claustrophobic department. This department needs a total makeover by making it spacious, with good lighting, mirrors,a couple of chairs for those that cannot stand too long to wait or for husbands that shop with their wives. Walmart needs to make us happy to be in this department and make it a joy for us to shop.

Another area that absolutely need a lot of help, is the women's shoes. In spring when sandals, pastel and white shoes should be available, you can only find dark browns, navy, tan, etc. As soon as summer is about over, you will find pastels and whites and sandals!! Something is very wrong here.


  • Ca
    Call the Waaaambulance! Sep 09, 2018

    OK, Ladies... I'm not going to be mean, but it's Walmart-Fall-Apart, we are talking about here. They make Billions of dollars a year, Selling awful crappy clothes that don't fit well.

    There are a TON of stores, out there, where you can still get a deal, AND find clothing that is figure flattering. Lane Bryant will have 70% off Sales. Target. The Avenue, Ross Dress for Less, Catherines, and Torrid has a lot of sales too...

    When it comes down to it, you want pieces that are beautiful... Pieces that you can incorporate into a wardrobe, and keep for a while! EVERYONE can do better than Walmart's Clothing. You deserve it.

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  • Na
    NanetteKAPI Sep 09, 2018
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    Verified customer

    I actually like Just My Size jeans and I am in need of replacing the ones I bought at Walmart over 8 years ago and for a family reunion trip last month 9/2018. I was SCHOCKED that Walmart is NOT carrying this brand in their stores & the New brand seems to be only a 2X - maybe 3X and cheap material. I am between a 3X and a 4X so I buy the 4X the majority of times. So apparently I am going to add to my weight loss goals to be a 3X so I can go back & shop at Target when I need something quick & not too overpriced. Bye Walmart.

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  • Na
    Nancy Novak Aug 25, 2016

    I agree with all the comments about Walmart's Plus Size department! Ugh!! I used to buy 5X ladies tops (size 28-30 or 30-32) but no longer. Guess they just don't carry them any more. And the department is a disaster. I just stopped there today and all the size tags on the hangers faced inward instead of outward so you can see the size! Walmart you need help!!!

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  • Gi
    Giovanna Gigi Jones Oct 28, 2015
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    I agree that's why I buy my clothes online they have a much bigger selection.

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  • Ms
    MSPLove Apr 04, 2014

    I am a size 22 and wal mart decided that not only do I deserve the most hideou
    s of jeans but that I'm a size 30! I know I'm a size 22 I am 22 everywhere else, I shop at wal mart and try a 28 because it is all that looked like it would fit me and it would button! It was too small, what the hell wal mart?!?!? Now I get depressed stepping in to wal mart because I am too fat for their clothes apparently

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  • Gh
    gheif Nov 03, 2010

    I do wear a size 8 and the clothing in that dept. is also trashy and cheap looking. I quit shopping for anything at Wal-mart. I don't discriminate people on size are not alone on the complaint but the negative person on here that likes to make themself feel better by telling other people ugly things, you need to go get some help with your thoughts. I believe you have a mental problem and your poor social skills probably don't help, it's obvious you do not know how to communicate with people
    and you don't get to me at all. I've seen many people while working in corrections act just like you.

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  • Di
    DianaSigston Dec 22, 2009

    Irish! I could not get over your analogy of this complaint. After looking through more or less 30 of your 140+ comments I noticed you side with the company the person complains about. I will bet 98% of the time you side with the company that is complained about. You are negative, insufferable and discourteous to say the least. You filed a complaint saying you were accused of stealing a VCR accidentally!? You want people to believe you!? You have an ID of IRISH. I know there are black irish, never the less, I never seen an African American that is IRISH. Is this a game to you, or do you have a problem??

    Most of your comments have thumbs down. I also have noticed Trevor also follows your comments.

    I was compelled to comment on IRISH. I would not doubt if there is a complaint on IRISH

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  • Cr
    CR1981 Dec 18, 2009

    The Just My Size women's plus clothing at Wal-Mart is complete garbage. I have purchased 3 pairs of the JMS slacks to wear for work in the past month. The first two pairs of slacks I took back both in the same day. I had the pants on for about 10 minutes at work; the pants were very big on me and I noticed the seams didn't match up and PRESTO! My pants did the splits right down the crotch area. The next pair of Just My Size slacks had holes all and up down the legs. So two weeks later, around last week, I purchased a pair of Just My Size trouser slacks for work. I thought, $18, these will be great. And they were for a work or so, until I washed them. I washed them the exact way they said to on the wash label. Well the material of the slacks disintegrated. The slacks shrunk to about 7 inches shorter than they originally were and the color faded from black to a light gray. And I didn't use any bleach on them. The clothes are poor quality even for those prices. I went to Cato and paid a little more for a much better pair of khakis for work.

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  • He
    Heideblume Sep 23, 2009

    I heard that many stores, especially stores with fashionable clothing, are facing out or decreasing the size of their Plus-size departments, which I think is deplorable since every woman has a right to look good. And to that negative person, believe me it is probably just as difficult to lose weight as to stop smoking. I myself do not have to shop in Plus-size stores and I am not a smoker; I am a little overweight but still can find nice clothes in the Missy departments.
    I was just looking for clothing for an extremely overweight woman who can't go out anymore for health reasons and also does not have any money to buy herself something. A charity organization asked me to help out, and so I came upon this site.
    I found it helpful that now I don't have to make Walmart my first choice, will try Target instead although I do not know up to which size their plus sizes run.
    Yes, we all should try to lose some weight, but talk is cheap, and I myself prefer to be a little overweight to looking anorexic as long as my doctor is not concerned.
    For those of you who are looking for very fashionable plus-size clothes,
    Ulla Popken,
    a European company, has very good-looking clothing in their catalogs and also has an online-shop. Their sizes are generous. I have been in their stores in Europe. But I wanted to find something for this poor woman right away and not wait for a catalog order to come.
    I do not have any association with the Ulla Popken company - just for the record.

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  • Bo
    boobear Sep 14, 2009

    I have been looking for a website to voice my opinion about the sorry looking JUST MY SIZE clothing. I would be embarassed to wear these cheap, sloppy looking clothes. I understand that Wal.Mart isn't known for extemely high quality clothes, but they could do a lot better for the price. What happened to the day of having Bobby Brooks, George, etc. anything, but these ugly things in the Women's dept. Since America is getting bigger and most of America shops Wal.Mart it looks like they are not doing their marketing homework very well or they would be filling up the plus size dept. with attractive plus size fashions.

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  • Li
    lilvixen69 Sep 02, 2009

    I wear larger clothes myself but I also know that Wal-Mart is not a fashion store. If you want great styles, go to somewhere like Sears or a fashion store. You'll have better luck there.

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  • lily74 Aug 25, 2009

    I was just curious what the person posting all the negative comments about woman needing to go to weight watchers and lose weight is even doing here. I am sure someone such as your self with a perfect body and perfect life has better things to do then spew out a bunch of mean and critical words toward people you do not even know. Are you really going to criticize someone for wanting to look there best regardless of there size. Don't get me wrong i believe in trying to live a healthy lifestyle but that does not mean i will ever be a size 8. And just to clear up any mis understanding i would not want to be a size 8. So does that mean i should not be the best me i can be. I think not. Now the real question i have for you is what is it about your self that you hate so much you feel the need to come to a post and try and belittle every woman here just to bring some sort of satisfaction to your somehow shallow world. I laugh at your ignorance and applaud the ladies here who care enough about them selves to want to look and carry them selves with dignity and great self esteem. Something walmart clearly does not care anything about.

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  • Ir
    Irb Jun 18, 2009

    Jason Tillo you are an idiot, to make a negative sexual comment about someone you do not know shows your lack of intelligence. I agree with many of the comments about Walmart 's Plus Sizes. I wear a size 14-16 which for me at my age and height is not over weight. A size 8 would make be look aneorix. The clothes in smaller sizes are not age appropriate for me. I am not 15-30. Walmart used to carry clothes that were not so trendy, which appealed to a larger age group. I have noticed over the years when stores change the quality of there products in certain departments alot of time they do this to get rid of that department. Appears that is what Walmart is doing. I now shop at Target or other stores that carry what I want to purchase. Obviously Walmart doesn't care if they lose business.

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  • Ja
    Jaihht Jun 17, 2009

    Get your fat ###'s to jenny craig, weight watchers, and go on the south beach diet if you want to be taken seriously. Obesity starts in the home, and what are you teaching your children. Put down the twinkies and ho-ho's, buy a treadmill and some weights and exercise some discipline and get into shape. I think walmart has a great idea, make all the fat ### clothes f-ugly so maybe they will want to slim down to that size 8. You will be doing the world a favor.. hell I know walmart is. I am very happy to see that they don't endorse obesity, and especially whiny irritating women that lack the dominance to say something to the actual employees of walmart. When I saw this complaint I couldn't help but laugh my ### off at how pathetic you sounded, and how even more pathetic are the women that agreed with you. Here is a little word of advice; You and YOU only are in control of your life, if you want something done (i.e. lose weight, or voicing your opinion to the RIGHT person) YOU HAVE TO DO IT YOURSELF!!! No one wants to help a whiner, and no one is gonna do it for you, so get your fat ### off your computer chair and take some f*cking initiative, and get one making a better life for you, and god help them, your children.

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  • Ms
    Ms. Laundry Lady May 15, 2018

    @Jaihht Whoever you are you got alot of nerve insulting people you dont know. Just remember Karma bites!

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  • Wi
    Willow24 Nov 04, 2018

    @Jaihht How dare you tell people to go to Jenny Craig or elsewhere I'm of normal size but I think it's wrong very wrong not to mention rude to judge others like you did I shop the plus size because it is easier for me to put on a larger size shirt since I'm a hemiplegic I believe your mother never taught you if you can't say nothing nice keep your mouth or in this case your fingers quiet these women have ad much right to complain and to dress nice like everyone else

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  • Ma
    Mary Jun 17, 2009

    A person used to be able to go to wal-mart and find skirts, blouses, or dresses. You sure can't find them now, if you do it is so skimpy. I am not a teenager and I would like to see clothes that I could buy for church.

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  • Te
    TERESA REYNOLDS Nov 18, 2008
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    Verified customer


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  • Am
    Amy D Sep 12, 2007
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    Totally agree from me too. I'm 29, I'm plus-size (3 kids in 6 years will do that) and I even wrote Walmart Corporate a letter asking for better options, and I got some stupid stock reply about how I should check the website and blah blah blah.

    According to my online banking records, I spent almost $10k there last year on groceries, pharmacy stuff and clothes.

    I now shop at Super Target. They treat their employees better, have much better selection and WAAAAAAAAAAAAY better food.

    Screw walmart.

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  • Ca
    Catherine Johnson Jul 26, 2007
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    I totally agree. Last year i was running around getting ready for my daughter's wedding and suddenly realized how many extra outfits i would need just for the week before when she and i had a million last minute things to do together. I wanted to look nice for her and had not brought enough changes of clothing with me and had no real time to shop for myself. I went to the 24 hour walmart because it was the only time i could go and i cried because i couldn't believe what my choices were. I did indeed buy some clothes. I looked ridiculous in all of them. I know I'm not a size 8, but i don't deserve to look like a clown either. Who tries these on and decides they look good on anyone? I've already put them in a garage sale and no one would buy them. No surprise to me. I also don't shop there anymore. I work graveyard and that is when i shop if i can, because i am usually awake then. Try to get groceries and you'll find yourself boxed in by skids. And if i am shopping in the other part of the store, i am apparently "in the way" of everyone working and they keep emptying my cart. If walmart doesn't want people in the store at night, then close the store and stock like kmart and target and everyone else. I thought walmart was open so we could shop anytime we wanted to.

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