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Walmartstupid cashiers

WalMart NW Expressway, and Council in Oklahoma City.
Made a purchase of $30.31. Handed the debit card and 1 dollar to cashier. told cashier to take the 31 cents out of the dollar and use the 30 dollars on the debit card for purchases. the idiot took the dollar, then told me he and she would take $29.31 off the 30 dollar debit card and leave 59 cents on the debit card. WHAT THE HELL TO YOU DO WITH A 59 CENTS DEBIT CARD???? I asked them and they just looked at me like they were stupid. So I had to go find a manger and work it out so that I could clear the 59 cents off the debit card... What kind of idiots does WalMart have a cashiers when they can't understand a 30 dollar debit card and needing to take 31 cents from a dollar bill?????
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  • Mr
    mrspenguin Apr 22, 2011
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    Verified customer

    To answeringyourquestions...if someone only has 30 dollars on their debit card and the total came to 30.31, then obviously they need to pay the difference another way. It is an easy transaction, if the cashier knows what they are doing. You can type in .31 cash first and then the total is 30 dollars and they swipe their card for the rest of it. Or, type in 30 and hit debit and it will prompt that they still owe 31 cents. It's not difficult at all. As for the comment that if you have a debit card you won't need to make change, you need to understand the difference between debit and credit. You can't take more money from a debit card than what you have in the account.

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  • 12
    12Nancy Apr 15, 2011

    This cashier could have had a bad day, did you ever think of that? Maybe she had a death in the family or is going through a divorce. Not everyone can function at 100% every minute of everyday. Plus, how competent do you want someone to be when the company they work for treats them badly. Disgruntled employees make more mistakes. WHY DON'T YOU GET A LIFE, THIS COMPLAINT IS USELESS!

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  • Ka
    kandice517 Mar 16, 2011

    Ok, I'm confused. What did they do, run your debit card twice?? And what did they do with the dollar? I'm a cashier at Walmart and would have ran the card for $30, with a balance of .31, which I would have used the dollar to give you .69 change. Its not hard! And yes, calling someone an idiot is not right and immature.

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  • Lm
    lmc_0391 Feb 11, 2011

    Who do you think you are?! I've been a cashier on and off for four years while I've been in college/high school and I make mistakes. We all make mistakes, even you! If the cashier is anything like me, he/she could sense your attitude and felt intimidated, and therefore was more likely to make a mistake. The manager fixed it, you got your money back, so stop complaining. People like you who think you're superior because you've never had to stand behind a counter make me sick.

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  • An
    answeringyourquestions Oct 13, 2010


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  • Fa
    fallenrocks Jun 09, 2010
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    We had an encounter with an employee in the Chickasha WalMart that cost us time & money, so I registered a complaint on the WalMart website. I was called by the manager of the Chickasha WalMart, who was completely unhelpful. She only made excuses for the employee, who is still doing the same poor job to this day. If you think there is a valid complaint I recommend making it to the national headquarters. You may not be satisfied, but at least you tried.

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  • Wa
    Walmartxx May 29, 2010

    Was a customer manager supervisor for years at Walmart - four different locations - they are all the same. I have no respect for the way they treat their employees and they really do get over on their customers. It was a job is all I can say. Did all I could to please the customers and STILL keep my jobs until I could find something better. It is always "Cover Your A "

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  • Sc
    Scott Feb 27, 2010

    really-FED-UP are you high or something?

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  • Pf
    pfadia Feb 07, 2010


    I hate to burst your bubble, but...

    $1.00 - $0.31 = $0.69

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  • Mr
    MrBluelight Jan 26, 2010

    Really fed up, your comment is ridiculous. I can tell you, as a cashier, that about 40% of the customers that come through my line do NOT know which way to swipe their card, and as many as 60% do not know when. Almost half of my customers don't know to follow the prompts on the screen. If I just stood there and said nothing to them, many would stand there all day. To simply say, "other way" when they swipe their card the wrong way, or "you can go ahead and swipe" if they appear to be waiting does nothing more than assist the process, quicken the closure of the transaction, and allow other customers waiting in line to be served in a timely manner.

    I can tell you, as someone who has experienced plenty of customers like yourself, who have no regard for those around them, that when you act in such a way, you do nothing more than disrespect a hard-working, underpaid citizen and make a scene and a hindrance to the shopping experience of other customers. The world does NOT revolve around you.

    Secondly, you attack cashiers for following what management tells them to say. Are you suggesting that people with families to support, bills to pay, and other responsibilities to meet should risk their employment by NOT following instructions? If I didn't ask the questions I am required to ask, I would not have a job at the end of my shift.

    In the end, I know a comment on a public forum will not change you. Your immaturity is something that has to resolve itself, and chances are, it will do so through karma. You keep acting like you do, and one of these days, someone is going to "go absolutely ballistic on you and you will have deserved it!"

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  • Re
    really-FED-UP Jan 10, 2010

    What about the absolute ### cashiers who are perpetually telling customers WHEN and HOW to swipe their debit card! The next time a cashier tells me when OR how TO SWIPE my debit card I am going to slug her/him! The STUPID IDIOTIC STORE MANAGERS who tell cashiers what to say are equally as guilty and should be beaten up in a dark corner in the alley! We all know HOW and WHEN to swipe our debit card and for those who don't know they will figure it out! Speaking to a customer when they are busy navigating the debit card machine buttons only serves to distract and confuse the customer and WASTE MIRE TIME! IT is NOT helpful to interrupt a customer who is trying to deal with the varying instructions on equally varying debit card machines! So CASHIERS AND STORE MANAGERS I suggest you shut the hell up and STOP telling customers WHEN and HOW to swipe their debit card or one day some customer is going to go absolutely ballistic on you and you will have deserved it!

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  • Bn
    bnealm Aug 30, 2009

    I can understand your frustration Brenda. I agree with others that calling someone stupid is not going to help with a positive outcome to problem or peoples self esteam, but there are times like that it does seem to fit, like dealing with wal-mart employees or some readers of this site. :)

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  • El
    Elaina69 Jun 21, 2009

    Ms. Slaughter,
    I do agree that calling anyone stupid is very immature and unneccessary as well as very rude . Would like to be called stupid by someone because of common miscommunication ? I somehow doubt it.
    Now to alleviate your problem, it would have been quite simple all it would have taken upon your behalf was something called better communication. instead of telling the cashier take $30.00 off my debit card and then afterwards I'll paid the remainder from the dollar and handing the $1.00 to her, you could have said Can you please type in the 30.00 before I swipe my debit card? then I will pay the .31 ?" with that statement from you then the cashier could have typed in the 30.00 on her keyboard and you could have swiped the debit card on the reader she could have then push debit on her keyboard and then you could have just paid the .31 from the dollar as you so much desire to do and none of your above experience would have happen.See how easy? Also for future referance...Cashiers are not mind readers but they see how many items you may have in your cart. Most of these transactions like the one you've describe turns out to be like the this because of miscommunication between the customer and the cashiers. If you was in her place would you have known how to handle this transaction from your statement and actions ? Just think about it. put yourself in her place for a second?And Remember" Communication is the KEY TO Any Sucessful Transaction. "

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  • To
    Tornado May 19, 2009

    Well this person must be the one "stupid", only because they don't know how to ADD or SUBTRACT...1.00-0.31=0.69!!! I wonder where they learned their math!

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  • Br
    Brenda Slaughter May 17, 2009

    You know what each and every one of you that replied is STUPID.
    I never knew that there were so many stupid people living in this world.
    You guys are so stupid and your replies are stupid. I bet to be a member of this site your IQ must be low.
    Some of you don't understand my letter. Well read the letter you stupid people.
    I thought when I shared my story I would get positive feedback.
    What kind of idiots are you all.
    Some of you replied more than once which makes you more stupid.
    What kind of idiots are you that you cannot understand my point of view of this letter.

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  • Th
    Thanatos May 17, 2009

    Billydude14, I have been awake 41 hours so far ( have worked 24 of those hours) and took 3 Tylenol PM about 40 minutes ago and I totally understand her complaint and what she wanted in that yeah, you're stupid also...lmao

    Come on, people, face it...the vast majority of people running cash registers out there can't make change for crap without that little LED on the register telling them what to do! I would bet you $100 right now that I can go straight to ANY Wal-Mart in this area and get a cashier to give me that look that the dog does when he's trying to figure out WTF you are doing!!!

    It's not so much someone being "stupid" as it is people relying WAY too much on technology to tell them what to do - even when disregarding any intelligence that they may have...try checking out cnn. com for past stories of people blindly following their GPS units down SNOWMOBILE trails!!

    I'm sure, from the tone of her complain, that this woman was more than likely rude as hell to the cashier in trying to explain what it was she wanted though - and like "binder" I would have given her a buck just to get rid of her.

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  • binder May 17, 2009

    Thanks Jason, I know that all too well..I am a chick though, haha :)

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  • binder May 17, 2009

    Jesus lady, relax - If I were that cashier I would've gave you a dollar just to get you out of my line. I'm sure the customers behind you were thrilled with the scene you were causing over 31/59 cents.

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  • Ri
    Richard May 16, 2009

    She is not stupid, she probably made a mistake. How would you like it if someone called you stupid if you made a mistake.

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  • Sc
    Scott May 16, 2009

    Calling someone stupid. This is how a child would react when they are frustrated or angry. I don't know how debit cards work, however I do have a suggestion of what you can do on a 59 cent debit card. You can buy a chocolate bar if that is how they work. Save 59 cents on a small costed item. However lose the attitude, I am 12. My step cousin is 10 and we are way past the calling "stupid" stage when we are angry or frustrated. Infact in my Cub scout pack the only ones that calls people stupid or other names are the seven and eight year old group. This is not a mature way for a supposed adult to act.

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  • Bi
    Billydude15 May 16, 2009

    I agree that putting 59 cents on a debit card is pointless but you have an attitude problem. Ever think that this person could be learning disabled or something? They have a right to work as well. However I don't get this complaint at all. I bet you will call me stupid as well. I take it you wanted the change for the dollar you gave and the rest on debit.

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