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I purchased a wal-mart money card, followed the instructions to activate it... All is good. Put my taxes to be direct deposited on to the card... All is good.. I get my state taxes dd with no problem but I still havnt recieved my new card. 7 days before my federal is due to be dd. I call to see what's going on with my permanent card. I followed the prompts to have a replacement card sent, under the belief my temporary card still worked so there shouldn't be any issues. Well the day before my federal was due to be dd I checked my account and to my horror it was blocked. After several attempts I finally get a human at the customer service number for money card. This person proceeds to tell me that my card was blocked do to requesting another permanent card and once I recieve it and activate it the block will come off and to not worry my federal taxes will be on there. So I get my card 2 days later...1 day after my taxes were to be dd. Once activated...0 balance. I call once again only to find out my federal dd was rejected. Why? They didn't know. They couldn't tell me but the lady was willing to take a guess and says that my taxes are in sandy s. Lafontaine and my card is under sandy lafontaine so it might have been rejected because of my middle initial. So I ask them to add my initial on to my account... Haha.. No I was told. No we can no do that for you. Asked how come I was told.. No promised that my federal would be on there yet it go rejected. No answer could be given. So I contact the irs and they could not tell me why green dot bank rejected my dd. And I stayed on the phone for an hour and the only answer I got was is that there would be a 10 week waiting period for my refund. I was also left to assume I would be getting a paper check within a 10 week period. Well 2 weeks later I check where's my refund and it says my federal is due to be sent back to be dd on my wal-mart money card. I immediately call wal-mart money card to let them know my taxes were due to be dd again and I wanted to make sure there would be no issues. As it was I had already missed going on vacation with my family because I had no funds. So now on the phone with walmart money card being to the only way to garuntee my dd to go thru is to make sure my info matched. The only way to do that is to re apply for another card add my initial and send info to the irs... Mind you my dd date is less than a week away. So now its most likely going to be rejected again. No why is it my state taxes were dd with no problem and without my middle initial being on my card but yet my federal can't? And I never agreed to allowing a block being put on my card because I never received the first original permanent one. So now I have the dilemma of either do nothing and cross my fingers it gets dd this time or just call the irs and cancel the dd and request a paper check instead. Either way i'm looking into having another delay in receiving my taxes. This whole thing has been beyond frustrating and devastating. I missed out on going on our family vacation. To receive no help and being lied to by the wal-mart money card customer service people has just left me in a bad way. I trusted this process and trusted the wal-mart name. Now the money card, green dot bank and wal-mart can kiss my ass. I will never reccommend using it and I will make sure I will let everyone I know how I was treated & what loss I suffered because of them. Their system is flawed, and the cs people will lie to you. Once I finally get my taxes I am cutting up my card and I will never get another one.

Mar 13, 2019

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