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eletronic staff

This has happened almost everytime I go to Walmart when i go to the electronics section everytime i go there...

animal cruelty

I was walking through Walmart yesterday and I was looking at dog treats and I heard this screaming noise like a little animal and I looked under the shelf and there was a mouse stuck on a glue trap trying to get off and it was screaming! This was extremely disturbing especially since I love animals so much. I almost got physically sick! I can't believe that they would use those things instead of a normal quick trap to kill mice. What if it was a curious little kid looking under the shelf...anyone could've heard this. I didn't know what to do and I thought about it all day...couldn't get the image out of my head! I don't know if I will ever go to Walmart again! I would've taken a picture but that seemed morbid and I couldn't look at it again...made me want to cry.

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    pobarjenkins Oct 04, 2010

    I definitely don't like the glue traps. The mouse suffers and it's still alive so it can still technically harm others. Unfortunately for a store like walmart, I don't know if it would be able to have mouse traps around (as that could harm shoppers). Maybe some sort of spray or repellent?

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  • Po
    pobarjenkins Oct 04, 2010

    Or they could use one of those nice large mouse traps that are like a little house for the mice (completely covered and all).

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    pobarjenkins Oct 04, 2010

    I'm not too familiar with rodent control, I just wanted to suggest alteratives.

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  • Po
    pobarjenkins Oct 04, 2010

    Correction: "alternatives"

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    answeringyourquestions Oct 13, 2010


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  • Nl
    NlCK Nov 06, 2010

    wow, there are way bigger things to worry about in life than the humane treatment of mice. and that is definitely not walmart's top priority.

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  • Dc
    dc_09 Jan 02, 2011

    Why didn't you inform an employee so they could have disposed of the mouse? I completely disagree with you. The mouse's quality of life should be less of a concern then other things. A snap trap is dangerous to humans compared to a sticky trap. Lets go with your example, what if a child was to reach under there and find a snap trap that hadn't been set off by a mouse?

    Mice are pests and need to be disposed of. They are harmful in a controlled environment as stated before in other comments. I think in the situation provided the sticky trap was the best one to use. Poisons and the various snap traps would pose a risk to humans and also open up Walmart for liability.

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ethics policy

I'm disappointed I wrote the Global Ethics Office in July 2017 regarding "dating within the workplace"...

daughter injured

My 14 month old child's foot got stuck in the grocery cart at walmart. It took 3 manager people, three...

horrible treatment of customers

I used to frequent this Neighborhood WalMart until a few nights ago when I found myself sick and needed to...

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incorrect prescription filled

Saturday, September 25, 2010, I had a prescription (Glipizide ER XL 5mg TAB) filled at your pharmacy. However, I discovered that the Glipizide that I was given on Saturday was not the medicine I had been taking. Upon my discovery, I returned to the pharmacy with what I thought was the wrong medicine. At this time, I was told that the Glipizide that I was given on Saturday was the correct medicine. However, the Glipizide that I had been taking for 5 months was not the Glipizide that I was given on Saturday, September 25, 2010. For 5 months I was given the wrong medicine. Because the numbers corresponded, I was told that I had the correct medicine. This is not true. An error of this magnitude is inconceivable. A mistake as serious as this should not be overlooked. Mistakes like this should not happen. Also on Monday, September 27, 2010, I once again returned to the pharmacy to speak with the manager. Ms. Wollanso Boschulte was no help. Her attitude was as if this mistake did not happen. Ms. Boschulte acted as if I did not know what I was talking about. Ms. Boschulte told me that when I left the store that would be the end of the situation because I did not have any more of the pills remaining. But for 5 months I was taking a Glipizide that did not resemble the medicine I was given on Saturday. In all the years that I have had prescriptions filled, I have never been given the wrong medicine. This incident should be thoroughly investigated. This is just unforgivable. I can no longer trust Wal-Mart Pharmacy to safely fill my prescriptions.

  • Du
    dustydawnn Sep 29, 2010

    one way to be sure who is right/wrong is to look up the pill information

    seems as though either you were given a generic or for five months have been taking the wrong medication, or vis versa. However, I would not allow any wal-mart store manager to talk down to me. CALL CORPORATE ASAP! And threaten a law suit. This is against the law.

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  • Mu
    Murmura Dec 18, 2010

    Glipizide 5mg xl or er tablets are available from more than one manufacturer. Glucotrol xl 5mg tabs are also the same drug. Judging from the manager's reaction, I would say that it is likely that they gave you the same drug in a different brand. Each brand has its own unique imprint so if you got a different brand, it would not be identical to your previous tablet. Although the law does not requirethis, as a courtesy, the pharmacist or technician should inform the patient when a different brand is used. Usually they will attach a sticker to the bottle which says something like "medicine may have different shape or color- new brand in use". I must admit that at my pharmacy, patients aren't always informed of brand changes. Some drugs such as lisinopril, simvastatin, and metotoprolol come in many brands, shapes, and sizes. We switch brands pretty often and usually get a few calls per week from concerned patients. If this was the case in your situation, the pharmacist should have taken the time to explain it to you.

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won't refund/exchange

I bought an rca dvd home theater system model # rtd325w (On the box) within 22 hours of purchase I try to return/exchange the merchandise as it won't work. I carry the receipt (Which also showed that I purchased a one year extended warranty) to the customer service desk. After waiting an hour an assistant manager (Chris sanders) shows up and tells me that because the serial number on the box and the serial number on the equipment don't match he won't do anything for me. How was I to know that the serial numbers weren't going to match in a sealed box? I didn't even think to check when I got home, however he told me that even if I had tried to return it that same day he wouldn't have done anything for me because the box was open. How was I to check that the serial numbers matched if I couldn't open the box? I couldn't get in touch with the store manager or the district manager as of course today is sunday. Now what do I do about getting my monies back or getting the product exchanged? I've worked several dozen years in retail and never treated the customer like I was treated... And still no satisfaction. Was going to purchase over $150.00 worth of other merchandise I needed but I took my money and went to k-mart instead.

muslim wearing black burqa

I went to walmart to do my regular grocery shopping but I was very upset because I have notice a woman wearing black burqa covering her entire body and face. I know that she was a muslim of some sorts. I was very offended by her outfit. I ask myself why does walmart have to allowed someone to enter the store without showing her/his face. I however, just got very discourage and walk out. I don't like to be intimidated by this kind of outfit. So, my complain is why do they allowed this people to dress no offensive and intimidated to others. I know that they first excuse will be "Freedom of Religion". But it not really religion is a symbol of witchcraft and a cult. I demand that walmart do something about it or I will file a lawsuit against walmart for allowing such cult to take over our store...

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Sep 24, 2010

    I also believe this is a joke, otherwise the poster is an awful excuse for a human being, not to mention a complete and total ### and failure.

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  • As
    AshleyAych Sep 30, 2010

    Are you for real or just [poorly] attempting to joke?

    You obviously don't understand what a cult is.
    You need to learn to be tolerant.
    She wasn't trying to intimidate anyone. Does she look like a ghost to you, is this why you were afraid?
    School yourself.

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counterfeit money

I picked up cash sent to me via money gram from walmart. The amount of $600.00. They gave me 5 one hundred dollar bills and two fifty dollar bills. I went later that eve to pay a bill and was informed that one of the hundreds wasnt real. I went back to walmart the following day and handed the cash to the manager and told her I got this money from here, she counted it twice and said well whats wrong its all here. I told her that one wasnt real, she called the supervisor and I was informed that there is nothing they can do about it. That how do they know I ididnt do it myself. I asked for the supervisors name and she showed me her tag that said "toni" I asked for her last name and she said I dont need it and walked away. I ve called the 1800 walmart number n the corporate number, all to no avail. Am I suppose to eat this fake bill??
The supervisor was nt helpful at all, matter of fact she was quite rude!!! This is the walmart in front royal va.

  • Po
    pobarjenkins Sep 23, 2010

    That's a tough one.

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  • Ye
    yesme343 Sep 23, 2010

    this happend to me also in florida, and i too got fake money from a 7-11, and i didnt know it was fake, and went to steak n shake and tried to purchase something with it, the best thing to do is call the cops and let them know of the situation, and yes basically just eat the money. nothing can be done about it.

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bad hair cuts

For 2 years now I've been growing my hair, to fix a mess a previous hairdresser had made. My hair wa...

never received the voucher

I won a voucher from walmart and i was told to go down load my card with $4.99 for postage handling and i...

customer service in pharmacy

I use to remember when customer service was stressed so much. Now it is hard to see someone go a litte extra...


I got a Money Card and within 5 days I was told the date was wrong and to put one they gave me down and then I couldn't buy anything bause the CVC # on back was wrong. They did nothing so I feared I was hacked and found a place on line that I bought with the 250.00 I had in it. It was really bad and had to buy something I didn't need just to gt my money out. I was then able to close the card.

  • Ro
    Rosa j Jul 28, 2011

    My walmart money card was hacked twice by the same two companies in India even after I disputed the charges and walmart cleared me of them refunded my $500.00 after a month they let the same two companies charge my new card. I've talked to 4 people in the Phillipines this morning and they say the merchant provided proof I was the one who made the charge. Wow, didn't know I was in India watching a freaking movie!!! I'm canceling my card and will NEVER trust Walmart again, I suggest you do the same.

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  • Ca
    Carly 4 Mar 21, 2012

    My husband and I have had 2 cards but one account - since we have had it it has been hacked twice. We told Walmart about it and they would not help us, no money gotten back, they gave us a new card but the account was the exact same - we should of known this was not good. And yep it was a while later but we got hacked- again. Not a big amount- but he doesnt know how mouch my husband eyes our our spending - a gun in WA? I have never been to WA! Little things like that but places we never have gone.
    Frustrating!!! We puled our money and got a real Bank account. So disgusted that they would do nothing for us.

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when can a store manager call a customer a liar

On 8/25 I went to the Wal-Mart to get the oil changed and the tires rotated. I arrived at a couple of minute...

1000.00 gift card

I was online trying out my new website and walmart pops up and saids that you are the winner of a $1000.00dallor gift card only thing I had to do is order two things and I did and I have not got the gift card yet it will be two months on september 20 2010 I think it is false advertising telling people that they won a $1000.00dallor gift card they need to take it off the web so no one els would do it like I did and wonder were it is like I am they need to keep there word

  • La
    lani00 Sep 17, 2010

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  • As
    AshleyAych Sep 30, 2010

    bahahahaha, jesus.

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  • Sa
    SaintsFan Jan 12, 2011

    Received a Saints Mini Football for Christmas, box shows NFL logo with licensed no LF319814917, by The Licensed Products Compant in St Louis and the person that gave it to me said they purchased it from the Walmart in Slidell, La. Walmart item no 715099610190.
    The football says New Orleans, since 1960, the Saints got their franchise Nov 1, 1966 and started playing in the 1967 season.

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made poorly

I have bought 4 pairs of Faded Glory pants and I haven't had the more then 2wks and the pockett would get a hole in them. I really like the pants but I can't afford to keep paying for pants that get these holes I have lost alot of money from the holes and I want to know what you are or can do about this matter? Please email me and let me know what you decide to do

Thank you
Harry Bozarth

  • Gg
    GG COOPER May 22, 2011

    the last two pair of faded glory "painter/carpenter pants" ( that were bought @ 6 months apart) both tore out at the rear pocket area; and also the belt loops tore out!!! WTF HOW ABOUT A REIMBURSEMENT OR REPLACEMENT...THANK YOU

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  • Re
    Reviewer44205 Nov 18, 2015

    I purchased two pair of Faded Glory relaxed fit jeans. They were made in Bangladesh. there is an RN# 106747. The problem is that there only 5 belt loops instead of the usual 7. Apparently the factory owner was trying to maximize his profits by cutting back. this may seem trivial but the lack of the two belt loops, makes the jeans uncomfortable.

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I ordered this ring as a surprise for our 10 year anniversary on 9-3-10 for my husband. I realised on 9-5 that this ring was going to be to small. I called and was told my order9still in processing) was cancelled and that my CC would be charged back. On 9-10 I looked into my account for the credit and nothing. So I looked into my Wal-Mart account to see if it was cancelled and the ststus was SHIPPED. I then called Wal-Mart back and was told no problem, just return it to any Wal-Mart store and they would refund me. I went to Newington NH this morning with all receipts and was told nothing would scan and the only thing I could do was return back in the afternoon with MY BANK STATEMENT(per Heidi P CSM) to prove that I paid for this ring. So I then went home printed off my bank statement FURIOUS and drove to the next local store Concord NH and was told that they could refund my money after I had to log into my Wal-Mart account at the store so they could prove I paid (they had never heard of having to see a bank statement), all said in done, I was given a STORE CREDIT not even the charge back to my account minus the shipping fees!!! NEVER AGAIN will I buy from and am having serious doubts about shopping at Wal-Mart again!

horrible horrible horrible place

Horrible horrible horrible Walmart! The worst. 30 checkout lanes and they use 5 every night. Meanwhile on a Saturday night the store is packed and the lines are Sokol long that customers left and right are just abandoning their full carts and just walking out. Carts and crap all over the store. These idiots are too stupid to realize all the money they are losing my being so greedy and not hiring enough staff. Horrible place and I have decided that I will do what many others have done and boycott Walmart!


Card is a scam!
This card is a scam by GE capital and Walmart!
No funds are available to the consumer until the permanent card arrives in the mail.
This has been reported to several regulatory agencies.
This one is ripe for class action.
Card is a scam!

  • Sa
    Sandra Holmes Dec 19, 2008

    Nov 27 having worked 14-16 hr shifts-- My son and I stopped at Walmart to cash my payroll check, since banks were closed. For convenience I placed 200.00 dollars on money card, thinking this would be a way to pay utilities per phone. A day or so after depositing, I attempted to pay light bill -but card was rejected----so i thought maybe their bill pay just doesnot accept this type card. Exhausted and having only a few hours left to sleep before having to return to work again, i decided that I would try in Am. The next day I was placed on hold and gave up for i was on break at work. Once at home attempted to pay cable same incident ocurred. I called got to automated system which said that I now had a balance of forty some dollars -listened to transactions -----several for pizza---cell phones etc...Paid fee to speak to person who said that I would have to contact cell phone co and pizza places but they did not have addresses for them, etc representative no help at all. The day after making them aware, the balance on card continued to dwindle. I now have 10.00 bal. I have witten them making them aware i made none of the transactions. I never lost cards or gave info to anyone . All trans were made via phone or internet per representative. This certainly puts me in holiday spirit!!!

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  • Da
    DaveR3100 Sep 23, 2010

    Card is a scam!
    This card is a scam by GE capital and Walmart!
    No funds are available to the consumer until the permanent card arrives in the mail.
    This has been reported to several regulatory agencies.
    This one is ripe for class action.
    Card is a scam!

    Positive comments=Corp shyster trying to fix it

    Card is a scam!

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  • Wi
    William Forkner Jun 26, 2012

    Walmart Money Card never sent cards as promised and just kept on deducting service charges. More than three months later, I tried to get my money back. Customer service department just hung up on me. Be warned! Do not use Walmart MoneyCards! You will loose your money and get no service.

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unsafe work conditions

As overnight stockers one of the most basic essential work tools we need is the pallet jack. While the store...


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