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Walgreensinconsistent coupon policy


Walgreens needs to print and distribute their coupon policy to ALL of their stores, distric managers, store managers, employees, post in all employee breakrooms, on their website, and have copies available in stores and/or on the internet for consumers.

They are inconsistent with stating what the coupon policy is.

I am WEARY of being told by one cashier that I can't use a coupon or more than one register reward, etc. and then literally the next day being told by that same cashier or another something totally different. They keep giving me the excuse that the policy has changed! I have called Walgreens customer service so that I can find out for myself just what the coupon policy states, and have been told that an area manager would call back, but does not.

I am not trying to abuse coupon usage, and I would welcome a copy of the coupon policy so that I am on the same page as the cashier, store manager, etc.

How can I plan my shopping list for a store when I NEVER know if I can actually use a coupon or not when it is time to check out? I can go to Walmart or other drug stores such as CVS and Rite-Aid and know exactly what coupons I can use because they are CONSISTANT with their coupon policies. It really can be very simple.


  • Mi
    millergold Apr 25, 2011

    I just went to Walgreen's today. They had Splenda on sale for $2.99. I had 5 coupons for $3.00 off each for this product. When I went to buy 5 items with my 5 coupons I was told by the cashier and the mgr. that I could only buy 4 items with my 5 coupons. Their reason was because the value of the 5 coupons would be more than the 4 items combined ( a whopping 5 cents!). Last I looked at Walgreens policy it stated that "in the event that any item's selling price is less than the value of the item, Walgreens would only accept the coupon in exchange for the selling price of the item". So do the employees not read their store policy or has it changed?! I feel like going back down their tomorrow and complaining. But then again would I just be wasting my time.

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  • Me
    mememe123 Mar 24, 2011

    I agree that walgreens has a stingky coupon policy. I always shop at cvs and rite aid where they accept coupons as it is. I went to one walgreens last week with my buy one get one coupon for a body wash. Their body wash was on sale for buy one get one and the cashier told me that i cannot use my coupon because the amount that they will put on the coupon is zero because of the free item. If only they know that the manufacturer will pay for their cost, (that is the amount to be written on the coupon) then they will understand. Which will make both items essentially free. I went to another walgreens store and bought it from them. It seems that their stores are not on the same page with their policy! They should have a training to all their cashiers and managers about their policy!

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  • Wa
    Walgreensemp Feb 04, 2011

    the policy for register rewards is stated on the front of the register rewards coupon. Please read it. In Florida, retailers cannot double coupon wich is why you can't have more coupons than items being purchased. Also, the value of all coupons has to LESS than the subtotal of the items purchased since the state always gets the money due them in sales taxes before the coupons

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  • Co
    couponer111 Oct 26, 2010

    Walgreen guy i feel sorry for u??? Business sense but surley no common sense. U probably don't have a dime to spend or a pot to piss in. It makes me sick that you actually can't handle the fact people like couponing!!!
    Im surely glad when it cost me 50 cents for 50 bucks worth of products. You feel free to spend your fifty for groceries and i will pocket mine.
    Just to make sense walgreens needs to put there policy in the paper not jerk people around!!! And to let You know that reward you call a manufactures coupon wasn't put out by the manufacturer because if it was you could use it at any store. So were does walgreens get off.!!!
    I think walgreens abuses there coupon customers and i surely won't take my business there again. I feel they lie cheat and deceive the public with there rewards. Your ads tell u one thing and yet your policy another.
    I feel sorry for u as a walgreen exec.
    I have been coupon shopping for over 30 yrs and have yet to meet a smart exec or store manger who has a clue about coupons!!! Clueless would be the term!!
    To be honest i think walgreens and there rewards program stinks Like the doctor said i think i will take my business to CVS were you r not decieved and feel cheated!!!

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  • Ap
    apple7555 Jan 05, 2010

    I love couponing. For every bad experience, I have many more good ones. That keeps me going. As far as someone getting sick because we pay under $1 for $20 of merchandise, they need to get their facts straight. There is a woman I know who orders "free after coupon" items for a homeless shelter. She has the grocery store order 50-100 items for her. She orders the coupons from e-bay. The grocery store person told her he likes to order the items for her. The manufacturer pays for shelf space (100 items is a lot of shelf space). This is extra money for the store. The store also gets reimbursed for the coupons. If the manufacturer were losing money, they would not be issuing the coupons in the first place. How many people do you actually see clipping coupons. People are always staring at me and commenting how much I saved. If it happens all the time, I don't think they would be commenting. The person who "is sick" from couponers is suffering from "coupon envy" or ignorance.

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  • Da
    dahsom Oct 17, 2009

    Today, 1 wasted 1 hour. I had a coupon for HP employee that gives 15% off of regular products and 20% off of Walgreens products. First of all, the cahsier didn't know how to process the coupon and running all over the store and kept coming back to try different things... took 40 minutes.

    From the way she was acting, I got nervous and informed her twice that I was supposed to get 20% discount for the Walgreens humidifier I bought. Still, she gave me only 15% discount. She called her supervisor who just looked at the receipt for 1 second and said that he gets only 15% employee discount and he couldn't give me more than that.

    I pointed out that the coupon clearly stated that 20% off of all walgreens products. He just stared at me and asked me a stupid question "have you ever worked at Walgreens store?" I'm a doctor and no reason to work at Walgreens. It happened in Austin (6812 N Lamar Blvd. Austin TX 78752). The rude employee's name is John Dalton. I'll use CVS from now on.

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  • Sa
    sarizy Sep 25, 2009

    And even if u were the owner. U get reimbursed for every manufacturer coupon we use in a transaction.that is, unless ur not doing ur job right.

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  • Sa
    sarizy Sep 25, 2009

    U get sick??? Why??? Sick that ur not clever enough to use coupons to save money??? U act like ur the owner of walgreens with a comment like, 'it makes me sick to see someone paying 0.36cents instead of $20.00 at checkout.' Why is using a coupon to save money abusing the system? Is there a max amount u would prefer we stay under so that we can make sure to not get u sick?

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  • Wa
    walgreensguy Sep 02, 2009

    As a walgreen's employee I can tell you exactly our policy on coupons. This is how it is done at my particular store. I can't tell you about other stores but I know most of the stores in my particular district do things this very same way.

    Okay, first off, store coupons in our weekly flyer are not manufacturer coupons so they have no effect on what manufacturer coupons you can use.

    Now, you can only use as many manufacturer coupons as you have items. If you buy 5 items, you can use 5 coupons. The register will restrict any more coupons after that. Obviously the coupons you use have to be related to the products you are buying. Register rewards are the same as manufacturer coupons, say you have 5 items, you have 2 coupons you clipped out of the sunday newspaper, and you also have 3 register rewards, you can use all 5 of them together, but thats it, you cant use 6 unless you have 6 items.

    Here is where it gets a little more complicated, say you have 5 items, and you have a coupon that says "buy 2 of these same items and save $3" well that coupon counts for 2 out of the 5 items you are buying

    Lets say you are buying 2 tubes of colgate toothpaste and you have 2 coupons. One says "Buy 2 tubes of colgate toothpaste and save $3" and the other says "Buy any one tube of colgate toothpaste and save $1" If you use the coupon for $3 that counts for both tubes of toothpaste so you couldn't use the $1 coupon. If you wanted to use both coupons you would have to buy 3 tubes of toothpaste.

    Also, cashiers are not allowed to accept expired coupons. The cashier is supposed to be checking expiration dates on the coupons. Walgreens does not get reimbursed for expired coupons.

    Last but not least, I know how a lot of you coupon kings and queens can be. Coming from a walgreens employees I've served the worst of the worst. Don't be rude and yell at the cashier because they tell you you can't use a coupon. I get sick when I see someone come through the line to be checked out and pay 36 cents for a purchase that should have been over $20. It's rediculous and a lot of you abuse the system.

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  • Aa
    Aaron May 02, 2009

    And repeating the information I had already provided is a little absurd in yours.

    The reason I added my comment about store managers was because of what the first respondent to this complaint said and then qualified their half-assed info by saying they were a manager.

    How does it feel to know that you went to school for 4+ years to become an over-glorified stock room clerk and gofer? Probably majored in business admininistration...what a good little clone you are! Yeah, you're hot stuff Mr. (or Ms.)'re sallaried and effectively making what comes out to be about 4 to 6 dollars an hour more than I do, and you are probably paying higher taxes. Smart career move. You have no real authority and are probably laughed at behind your back.

    Obtain a clue.

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  • Ja
    Jamra43 Apr 28, 2009

    OK Aaron talking indescent about "store managers" is a little absurd in your comment.

    First Wendy, there are a couple different types of coupons that print out of the Catalina machine.
    a.) Register Rewards coupons good towards ANY purchase-- counts as a manufacturer coupon
    b.) Register Rewards that are good for $ off particular items-- counts as a manufacturer coupon

    Coupon (a) can be used on any transaction even if you have manufacturer or store coupones... the catch... the number of manufacturer coupons can not exceed the number of items you are buying or put the balance to a negative.

    Coupon (b) can be used on any transaction but can not be doubled with another manufacturer coupon for the same item.

    You can use coupons (a) and (b) in the same transaction as long as you follow the guidelines for the number of items vs. number of coupons

    Also note, If you are expecting to get a new register rewards coupon:
    if you expect to get a register rewards coupon for some Johnson & Johnson products you can not use a register rewards coupon for any johnson and johnson products
    This goes for all manufacturers ie Proctor & Gamble, and many more

    Any other questions feel free to ask, I'm an EXA for Walgreens:

    [email protected]

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  • Aa
    Aaron Apr 28, 2009

    Actually, holdee is only half right. While TECHNICALLY you can only use 1 register reward per transaction, that is not exactly correct with regards to the practical application. He (she?) is right about the rest though. The computer reads a register reward like a manufacturer's are limited to 1 (one) manufacturer's coupon (again, this includes register rewards) and 1 (one) in-store coupon per item. There are some situations where this might not work, say when the amount of the register reward exceeds the value of the sale. But that's true of manufacturer's coupons as well...we never allow you to exceed the value of the items with coupons.

    So to review, you cannot use a register reward on an item and then use a manufacturer's coupon for the same item; it is one or the other. You can, however, use 1 register reward per item in your transaction as long as the total value of your register rewards doesn't exceed the total value of the sale.

    The reason that I pointed out that holdee is wrong is that saying you can use 1 register reward per transaction is very misleading. Going by what they said you could theoretically purchase 4 items, use 4 manufacturer's coupons and still use a register reward. And that will NEVER work because, again, register rewards are read by the cash register as manufacturer's coupons.

    If the store you are going to is trying to tell you that you can only use one register reward per transaction, smile sweetly and tell them that you would like to have multiple transactions...or yell at them because they are being stupid. Nice thing about being a customer is that you are rarely wrong ;).

    And for the managers in general are a clueless bunch of people who couldn't find their ### with both hands and a map.

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  • El
    eldin Apr 01, 2009
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    also read the back of the register rewards there are alot of things you cant purchase with them. like prepaid cards, gas, cigs, meds stuff like that

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  • Ho
    holdee Mar 15, 2009

    Only one register reward per transaction can be used. One manufacturer coupon and one instore coupon can be used on the same item. Register rewards can't be piggy backed in other words one can't be used in any transaction that you should receive another. If the register reward causes the balance to be negative the register won't take it you'll have to buy something else to make it a positive balance. If you call the distict office it is policy that your complaint be addressed within 24 hours. I'm not sure why someone hasn't responded to your complaint I would call again. The store manager can email you a copy of the actual coupon policy, I have done it for a customer myself. Hope this helps.
    Walgreens Store Manager

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