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Vueling Airlines review: Check-in and boarding

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My son had booked a flight with this company from London to Barcelona with departure on 16/6/2023 in a group of 5 people, tickets bought by, [protected], GKRVFX, flight VY7833 from Gatwick - London) but him and other 2 persons from this grout couldn't complete the check in online because of them nationality which is Romanian... (strange things for a country which is in EU and has freedom travel between EU countries and have am electronic passport accepted everywhere in the world) and was advised to go in time for a check in on the airport which he did being at the airport at 10am and the flight was set for 1pm. At the check in desk in Gatwick airport him and his friends find out outrageously that because of the fact that they didn't have the check in done online they have to wait for the next flight for Barcelona (4 hours later and with transit to Rome) because all the seats was already occupied by the persons who manage to do check in online, between this persons being also 2 of his friends whit nationality Lithuanian and British. So they've been separate from the group and forced to wait next flight many hours late and arrived after 12hours on his destination.

At the destination they discovered that them luggage was lost to and after a horrible day he is in situation that is almost blind because in his luggage he has his pairs of lenses for change to be able to see well.

Everything what I am write here I sustain with proofs and is more frustrating everything because from UK I can't contact your costumer department no matter how many time I tried and my situation like mother of a son who has 18 years old and being his first tip alone was and still is a most stressful situation and for my son who is in Barcelona is to and financial more expensive because of the way's that has to do between accommodation and airport to try to solve this situation which by the way looks DISCRIMINATORY in his case and I intent to escalade this for a competent organisation to search my sons wrights for a proper services that he payed.