Vonssome deli staff are rude and should not be in customer service!


To whom it may concern, I’ve complained before about this locations staff members. I see a rotation of staff with no customer service skills and bad attitude or seem unhappy at their jobs, today it was two female staff.

Also the bakery has gone down hill since the ovenswere changed. Breads, cupcakes, cookies, cakes, etc. are not good anymore, so I stopped buying them.. I’m not the only one.

Today’s lines at register were long and staff was overwhelmed, I over heard a bag person state he had a truck to unload and ask to call the manager, he was told “Do not disturb him” he asked where a female staff members was and was told she is in a meeting with manager. Both employees stated out loud how they both do nothing all day and just walk around.

I hope these problems are addressed and this staffing problem is resolved.


PS: I also want to state this location has a some very nice and friendly staff members, I enjoy seeing them every time I shop, I also like that they remember me and always say hello.


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