Vodacomemergency line service agent

I called emergency services this morning. The agent was very unprofessional and condescending. Attached is the time of the call 112 and the location she could not find after constant spelling.

I would like to get feedback on: the name of the agent, what was done as a corrective action and the recording of the conversation we had.

It concerns me that this is not the first time I call Vodacom emergency services and get a less concerned agent. One of the people who was in this morning accident died (not your fault but you could at least train your people on how to respond to emergencies, especially on the emergency line.

My contact number is [protected]
My email address [protected]

I am a long standing client of Vodacom only. The least you can do is remove the 112 number from your services if you don't understand the magnitude of such a line's importance.


Oct 05, 2019

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