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Good Day,

I am highly irate at the level of service and lies provided to me by Vodacom.
Yesterday, I purchased 55MB. I have uncapped Wi-Fi at home and I have Wi-Fi at work as I work for a mobile company.

The reason I monitor the use of my data is because there was an incident whereby I loaded 100MB of data in the morning at 7am. I left my house, drove down the road (less than 2 minutes) and I received a notification that my data bundle had been depleted without me even using the phone. I called Vodacom - the reason given was that "I was on the internet" - absolutely impossible as my phone was locked and I do not use my phone while driving. And it is absolutely impossible and illogical for 100MB to disappear in 2 minutes - even if you watching a video on YouTube - it'll never take that amount of data. For the incorrect reason given by Vodacom, I was refunded with 1GB data.

Second incident - I loaded 250MB data - while at home on the Wi-Fi I received a notification - data depleted within 2 hours. I contacted Vodacom and again they said "the Internet" and I indicated I was on the Wi-Fi. Vodacom reimbursed me with 500MB data. The consultant indicated that I must put my mobile data off so that Vodacom does not use my data OVER AND ABOVE the fact that I am on the Wi-Fi.

Ever since then I keep my data off and only use it for essential Applications like WhatsApp, Google Maps. And I do regular balance check-ups over and above the sms notifications.

Yesterday, I loaded 55MB data. At work I am on the Wi-Fi. I was in a meeting from 8am until 12pm - I did not unlock my phone until after the meeting. I went onto WhatsApp ONLY, and it showed "connecting". I immediately checked my data and it was 0.00MB and my airtime of R9.00 was taken too. I called Vodacom and they said they had to investigate. Not one single notification came through to my phone. And no answer was given as to where the 55MB had gone to.
Ref: [protected] - 12:08 [21 Nov 2017]

Today, 30MB of data disappeared within an hour. It was loaded at 15:15. I went onto WhatsApp to send one single message. At 16h20 when I accessed my phone again 30MB was gone. Again, not one single notification came through to my phone. Call to Bernard - he said I was on an Application called Apple Push - there is no such application on an iPhone and it's impossible to be on an Application when my phone is locked. They indicated they investigating.
Ref: [protected] - 14:20 [22 Nov 2017]

I called back to find out what happened to my 55MB data and 30MB. Zanele had then CHANGED the story to say I was on the Internet. I asked to speak to a Supervisor and Neo said to me that he's not going to escalate the query because it shows I was on the Internet - which again is a lie. He then said, there are background Applications updating - he was basically just throwing different scenarios up in the air and hoping one would stick. From PREVIOUS BAD EXPERIENCE I know to keep my data off and there are no background updates - as I have Wi-Fi there is no need for me to use endless amounts of data - which is why I knew 55MB would last me until my top-up on the 1st of the month.
Team Leader
Neo Padisho

Zanele Kume

Ref:[protected] - 21:04 [22 Nov 2017]

So I have received 3 different LIES from Vodacom. Apple Push, Internet and Background Apps updating. I know how I set my phone up and I was not using my device so there's NO REASON for data to disappear! The very fact that I need to constantly watch my data from Vodacom taking my data is ALARMING.

I am not satisfied with Neo at all. He refuses to answer my questions. Nobody can give me an honest answer at Vodacom and I am tired of hearing all the lies.

Due to the first two experiences of Vodacom taking my data and lying about me using the Internet - I am not accepting Neo's, Zanele's or Bernard's responses. As they are all not corresponding. And from previous experience of my data been taken away without me even using my phone. Vodacom cannot keep taking my data and lying to me about it.

Awaiting your response.

Thank you.

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