Vodacomsim swap

E Sep 15, 2018

My son was hijacked last week friday and they took his phone. I stopped his phone and went to vodacom later that day to buy a phone and do a sim swop.

First the swop was not done whilst in store, then after going báck they "couldn't" do it till the next day as I did an upgrade, then the excuse became forensic.. And and and. I already have the new "upgrade" phone!!! Still no activation of the sim???

Plus... I did two upgrades! Only one delivered??? Not even a call from vodacom!!!

Come today, I called again at 11am. Again I was promised a call back. Nothing. Then I posted on vodacom's fb page and got a respomse I must "pm" them. Which I did. Only to get this response now:

Good evening due to technical error the sim swap for [protected] will be processed on monday...

What more must I do??? 10 days for a sim swop??? And is only if it is sorted on monday!! I will not leave it here.

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