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Did an upgrade on cell phone number [protected] at Key West branch and received a CAT30 devise. The device started giving trouble not long after receiving the phone and was sent it for repair. We were notified that the software on the CAT30 device is what was causing the problems and the phone was reset and software reloaded and we received the phone back.

The same happened not long after the fix and we started tracking the number of times the phone has been sent in for repairs;

Booked in: 02/04/2017, JOB number: 1215010, Received back: 07/04/2017
Booked in: 01/05/2017, JOB number: [protected], Received back: 23/05/2017
Booked in: 26/05/2017, JOB number: [protected], Received back: 07/06/2017
Booked in: 20/06/2017, JOB number: [protected], Received back: 04/07/2017
Booked in: 09/07/2017, JOB number: [protected], Received back: 12/07/2017
Booked in: 17/07/2017, JOB number: [protected], Received back: 19/07/2017
Booked in: 02/10/2017, JOB number: [protected], Not collected by us.

As you can see, the repairs do not work and we advised Vodacom Key West that we want a replacement phone as they are not able to fix the device properly.

We were advised that this is not possible and that we need to speak to Vodacom Head Office.

Thabiso from the retention centre contacted me this week, on Tuesday, 24 October 2017, where I advised him that I would like either a replacement phone or refund otherwise I'm cancelling ALL my contract with Vodacom. His solution was for me to upgrade one of my other contracts which I find very insulting.

I advised him to please send me the procedure and cost involved to cancel my contracts and have not had any feedback since then.

The service that we have received from Vodacom and the manager at Key West is shocking and unacceptable, I have been a loyal Vodacom customer for 20 YEARS.

Please could this complaint be addressed as soon as possible.

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