Vodacomfibre - voip number application

D Sep 10, 2018

On 3 august 2018, I applied for a voip activation on my existing fibre account (no porting of numbers and on "pay as u go" basis). The service request number is sr180803-920968.

Many phone calls and a month and a half later... Nothing. This is the simplest of requests, yet zero pro-active calls from vodacom although promised on more that one occasion. This sr was even escalated to "management"!

Can I please ask someone at vodacom, if it is not to much trouble and if it would not interfere with your tea time at vodacom, to take ownership of this request, spend the 5 minutes on it that it will take to close this request and provide me with the necessary feedback.

Wish I wasn't in the category of "captive client on fibre"... I would have changed providers without even thinking twice... Pathetic!!

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