Vodacomec-0czw-3p63mn - cancellation of contract


On 04 July, I submitted a cancellation letter to retentions.[protected] to convert my cellphone number to prepaid. Which to my understanding I need to give Vodacom 1 months notice. Which in theory my contract should of been converted to prepaid on 01 September.

On 02 September my contract was still active and raised this with Vodacom Retentions department and was told by the consultant in no uncertain terms "You cannot send a cancellation letter, you need to call Vodacom" cancellation letters are not a form of cancellation and not accepted!! Seriously???? What kind of business is Vodacom running??

I then proceeded to contact the CEO directly via email and was emailed by Riael Salomon, Executive Client Liaison Officer, Chief Executive Office
no apologies, had to ask him for an apology for how my query has been handled, it has been a back and forth for more than a month since my call on 02 September "The response was we will credit you AS A GESTURE OF GOODWILL" really!!! How difficult is it to convert a Contract to Prepaid?????????

After requesting a senior manager to contact me "2 Emails sent to Shameel Joosub" the CEO no one has bothered calling me!!!

Call "Vodaworld" and ask to be put through to the CEO's office and get told "Unfortunately we only have an email addresss" Seriously!!!

Shows blatant disregard for an instruction from me!!

What more can I do to get this issue resolved? I am on the verge of delivering a lawyers letter to Vodacom and will see you in court.
and taking my complaint to the ombudsman.

This evening 13 October, I received a Cellphone Bill for R6885!!!

No one gives a damn, so I am stuck with a contract that Vodacom does not want to cancel!!!

I have lost out on a Corporate Deal with another network because of Vodacom and their no care attitude!!!

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