Vodacomcell phone internet and phone in general not working


I have recently migrated from contract to prepaid. Migration was not fully explained by call center agent Sifiso (retentions) department from vodacom. I phoned vodacom to complain and was advised that Sifiso and his team leader would resolve my issue and I would get a call back... None of this happened. I have since then phoned the vodacom call center and it has been over 48 hours turn around time to resolve my issue. I have posted on the vodacom facebook page and nothing... I have rated calls but no one gets back to me. I cannot use my phone for Internet purposes let alone maps... My calls have been escalated but still no resolution, let alone a phone call. I am utterly disgusted with the poor level of service delivery from vodacom in this regard.

Over and above the complain logged with Vodacom, I cannot receive call??? Whats the purpose of being with your network if we are disrespected like this and no one gets back to me???

this is disgusting service...

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