Vodacomcancellation of wifi and resubmitting debit order


I was called by the call center and offered a Wifi Router with 5 Gig anytime data and 5 Gig night time date. I wasnt happy with it so I called and had it cancelled and picked up on the 22/9/2017 at 12:30. V2P0075618.001
They said they will send me a message. Never happened. So my debit order bounced. An I called the 2nd of Oct to resubmit (ref16863596) they said I must call back in 3 days. Thursday I call back. The lady says it shows it is paid and the next amount will be R1300 on the 1st of Nov. I asked but why the wifi and number was not cancelled she will call back at 19:00 that night she did. The VP number was never logged so not cancelled. She will fix it. So Fri the 6th I get a sms from Vodacom my account in arrears but she said it is paid. So i call again here a ref (1/[protected]) I spoke to a guy he then logged it for payment on the following Monday. I still got smse and called again the lady then said that it was logged for a cash payment not a debit order, and the last one (1/[protected]) she said the wifi still show i mean for crying out does anyone do their jobs there? She then logged for debit order for yesterday Monday 17th Oct. Saturday the 14th a payment goes of my account R707 Vodacom Ref [protected] and it deducted from my money which I had in my account. This morning I get another sms from my bank 4;56 that you deducted again R707 Ref Vodacom [protected] and off course it does not go through because it has been paid allready. So my bank sends me a message for failure of payment and I get charged R100 for the unpaid debit order. Which reflects badly on my name!!! I want this account to be sorted and I have been with you guys for over ten years and never experienced such bad service from you. I will be moving my account over to another service provider because i have lost all my faith in your service and products.

Please let me know what the heck is going on with my account and why you debited 2 x times.

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