Vodacom2 missing payments and need to be refunded

A Aug 13, 2018

On the 2/08/2018 I went to the Canal Vodacom branch to pay my cellphone account. I was referred to the express till and Informed the consultant that I would like to make a payment of R3200. I swiped the card it reflected approved on the machine and I received the sms of the transaction. The consultant then informed me that the payment didn't go through due to a system error. I told her that it went through and showed her the sms. She said their is nothing she can do because they didn't get the funds and told me it will be refunded immediately. I then swiped my card again and the same situation repeated. I became extremely frustrated with her and she went to speak to the a team leader which was useless and didn't even bother to get up and assist. I then phoned the company that administers the card and he confirmed that the payment went through to Vodacom. I gave the phone to her so that she can talk to him.

She then thereafter called the floor manager by the name of Nigel Woodman. He told me it often happens and he can guarantee me the payment will reverse within an hour. I informed him I wanted a letter stating what happened as I am not convinced. He then went to fetch a manual card machine that that transaction when through the terminal and the system.

The two payments never reversed I then contacted Nigel and informed him and he asked me the statements were the payments are reflecting etc which I send to him. He phoned me back to say its not reflecting on my account and there is nothing he can do. He didn't even bother to investigate further than my account or even phn the finance department to check if its reflecting on an exception report. I am out of pocket with R6400 and if this matter is not resolved I will escalate the matter the ICASA for resolution.

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