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Defective tv/customer service

I bought a 32inch Vizio ( plasma) in 2008. within 12 months the power supply went out. I contacted Vizio they sent out a repair person to fix the power supply...5 months later its out again! I called them they said that they would repace the TV, but I would have to send my old one back first. It took them 4 days to e-mail me a label. When they told me I would have it in 24 hrs. The shipping is going to take 7 days each way and who knows how long it will take for them to process it. So were looking at 23-30 days of me looking at the ugly wall mount on my wall. Vizio did not give me much resistance about replacing the TV, but the process is unacceptable. By the way if anyone has the plasma, it has a manufactures defect in the power supply and they no longer make that TV.

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    rese Mar 12, 2013
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    Verified customer

    had same problems with vizio. will never buy the brand again complete garbage

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purchased a Vizio 42" lcd tv 2 years and 4 months ago. the other day while I was watching the tv, all of a sudden I heard these loud popping noises coming from the tv and the screen went black. It still powers up, but there is no longer a picture or sound. I can't believe I paid over 1200. for a tv that only lasted 2years 4 months. I went on the internet and foud that this has happened to many people and that it has something to do with either a power board or an inverter board inside the tv has gone out. I heard Vizio was a crappy brand (way after I purchased the tv) but this is rediculous!! Save your money and buy another brand of hdtv.VIZIO SUX

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    inreno777 May 11, 2010

    purchased a Vizio 42" lcd tv 2 years and 4 months ago. the other day while I was watching the tv, all of a sudden I heard these loud popping noises coming from the tv and the screen went black. It still powers up, but there is no longer a picture or sound. I can't believe I paid over 1200. for a tv that only lasted 2years 4 months. I went on the internet and foud that this has happened to many people and that it has something to do with either a power board or an inverter board inside the tv has gone out. I heard Vizio was a crappy brand (way after I purchased the tv) but this is rediculous!! Save your money and buy another brand of hdtv.VIZIO SUX

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    sailmiata Jun 02, 2010

    We bought a vizio from Walmart in Nov, of 09. We call after it failed six months later and were told to call vizio's customer Service Our Vizio 42" started going out last Nov. 09 it blinked off and on and we had the cable company out over 12 times and after we had six months the TV died. The cable company said it is your TV. It had gone blank then black and no sound, this was My 23, 2010. This TV was 6 months old and had 6 months left on the factory warrantee. We called customer service 3 or 4 times and had a long wait when we got through they gave us a number to fax our receipt so they could prove we owned the bad TV. We did and contacted them again 24 hours later and they had not gotten the fax so we called the same number the next day still the fax was not there. I asked if I could copy and email the receipt I and did so. I checked to see if they had received the email and was told yes and also the fax went to a different state. I said we sent it to a the fax number we were given. I had a very nice comtomer service person to call after a number complaints and was told the part would be shipped over night, that was on May 27, 2010. We bought the extended warrantee from her as we have no faith in the TV or the company. I thought about trouble from day one I said I want the TV replaced in my last email to her but got no reply. The repair man called on May called and said he would call us as soon as the part arrived. He called today and was nice but the part had not arrived but when it did he could come Saturday and I told him I had to be at a wedding and would be back Sunday. He said he would come Monday June 7, 2010 if the part was delivered as he hoped. Without seeing TV how so they know what part? If you plan to by a Vizio TV because it has a great picture think hard and long as this is the worst thing electronic item I have purchased in over 40 years. I would not pay 100 dollars for this TV new and I hope you think about this before you buy a Visio TV. john evers

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Don't buy

My husband and I bought a vizio tv within 6 months of purchase the tv no longer had a picture. We went to the store to exchange it under warranty, but with this company you deal with them directly. We had to take time off work for someone to come to our house to try to fix it. It didnt work. We had to take another day off to wait for a delivery of a refurb tv ( total wait was over a month. Now 3 months later the refurb tv loses all HDMI inputs along with sound. They said all we can do is send you apart and take it to only 2 places to get fixed. We did now along with the other things listed we dont have sound. They then said well we can give you another refurb for $400. The price of our tv is now $400 brand new in the store!!

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    207 Dec 02, 2010


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    fireguru Aug 14, 2011

    Vizio is a terrable company Just bought a blu ray player and it will not play some dics. When i called customer service they said i have to update firmware and they are working on it but it may take 6 mos to a year to roll out. I took the disc to my brothers house and it played just fine on his LG blu ray disc player. I thought i got a great deal by buying Vizio but i got screwed. Lucky for me i can take it back and by one brand that works.

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Missing screws

I purchased a VIZIO tv in March 2009. I just opened the box to find that screws were missing to secure the base. I was on the phone for an hour trying to get this rectified. They would not make any exceptions to send me 4 screws. I know there are policies and the onus is on me for not opening the tv sooner...but come on...4 screws!
The reps were rude, and they became perturbed and kept me on hold for long periods of time because I opted to speak to a supervisor. Wow!
I will never patronize VIZIO again!

Just last 13months

Never ever buy vizio tv set, bogus t. V set bogus customer service. My vizio I bought it 13th months ago from sears and its not working any more my older tv which I bought 6 years ago still runs and works good. When I called customer support they said its out of warrenty. Lost $1450, again beaware

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Said that my warranty expired and there was nothing they can do

After ~2 years, my 52" Plasma went out with a loud bang. I called Vizio customer support and of course my warrenty expired and was told there was nothing they can do. I was told to find a T.V. repair person in my area. I was disgusted and called Cosco (where I purchased it). They were very helpful and told me this was a very common complaint about this model and that Vizio would extend the warrenty. They called Vizio directly with me on the phone to make sure I was taken care of. Vizio took all my info and said I would be contacted "shortly" by a technician. I waited 5 days with no contact so I called Vizio back and was told it would be a couple more days. I waited 3 more days and still nothing so I called again and was told the technician would be getting the needed part the next day and would be calling me. Again, nothing so I called again and this time was told to call ITI repair (which I guess who they partner with for my area?) myself. I did so and was told a technician would call that same day. Guess what? No call. So I called yet again and was told that the part that was ordered for me was stolen or disappeared so they would have to re-order the part and someone would call me in a few days. ENOUGH!!! I finally called Cosco back and asked if I could return the piece of crap and was told I could. Even though I liked my Vizio when it worked, I will never buy another Vizio product. I plan to return my T.V. and buy a completely different model from anyone other than Vizio.

Bad service

I was hired by christian lastinger of company Invizion3d a film media company to perform web design work on web sites,, It was verbally agreed I would paid for my work and services december 28th, 2009 in a min. amount of $500.00 for work and services perform. I was told verbally by Mr. Christian Lastinger on January 4th, 2010 I would be paid within the following days. As of January 2010 I have demanded payment for work being performed and not been paid. The company is continuing to use the content that I created and worked on viewable at I have sent several written messages to the company demanding to be paid, I inquiries are being ignored. I am prepare to file I civil lawsuit in the matter, due to verbal and written agreements of being paid for services rendered.

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    ccvault Jul 06, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer


    The poster is - Craig Brouge

    1. Craig was hired to build a complete fully functional site. (This is not what he provided, Craig provided about 6 HTML pages which were incomplete) (we agreed on a Content management system with him before he even started, which he didn't even use even though that is what was agreed upon)

    2. Craig was to be paid once the site was completed. (Craig asked for payment before he had much work done on the site, and the site was defiantly no where close to being finished)

    3. Craig was having personal life issues at the time, so he provided a rush service and an incomplete product and asked to be paid in FULL in ADVANCED. (We found this unreasonable due to sporadic contact with him and lack of final product provided)

    4. Craig did not return phone calls while working on project so that we could see the direction the site was going, so once we did see where he was in the project (about a week and a half later) it was not what we had asked for.

    5. Even though he provided some work that was no where near what we had asked him for, and due to him having financial issues we choose to pay him for his time . Even though he had lied to use about the product that he was going to provide, did not provide what was orginally agreed upon in any shape or form, and also was no where close to the timeline that was agreed upon.

    Christian L.

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Price change

I was attempting to purchase a 37"TV from Wal-Mart. The on-line price was $498 with free shipping except they were out of stock on-line. The in store price was $547. When the product was available on-line, they jacked up the price from the $498 to the in stores $547. I thought this was a really sneaky trick since I had been watching the web site for them to be available on line. It's sad to see Wal-Mart resorting to these bait and switch tactics to get customers to buy their products. I am very disappointed in Wal-Mart and will start doing my shopping elsewhere.
Richard Houghton

Horizontal red green and pink pixel line

this is the Vizio p50hdm tv there is a red vertical line from the top to the bottom of the tv also sometimes a blue and pink vertical line as well in all inputs used, this problem has been reported online repeatedly, this tv was bought in late 2006, Vizio says there is nothing they can do

Horizontal red green and pink pixel line

  • Do
    Don't Buy Vizio Jun 04, 2011

    I have a green line. It appeared when TV was one month out of waranty. Vizio said it is a line defect and unrepairable. I really think they all need to be recalled. No more Vizio's for me.

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Don't buy a Vizio

I also have a 32" Vizio that stopped working after 18 months. We're back to using our 15 year old Sony. Stick with the brands you know.

  • Za
    zack7636 Mar 15, 2010

    I'm just posting this info. wherever I find people who hate their Vizios. I too have experienced the dreaded black screen. Here is a law firm exploring a class action law suit:
    [email protected]

    I know nothing about the firm, but I figured it couldn't hurt to report to them that I have had the same issue a lot of folks have. Might be worth writing a quick note.

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My 2 year old 47

WARNING: Never purchase a VIZIO television. I first purchased this TV in June of 2007 from Costco. Three weeks after purchasing my television it would no longer turn on. Costco replaced it because it was within 90 days of the original purchase date. My 2nd TV lasted 2 years and 3 months to the day. This morning my TV made an extremely loud noise like a plane taking off. Then we heard a pop and it was lights out. Of course my TV is out of warranty! Vizio said they could do nothing even though this is the same complaint that thousands of other unsatisfied customers have made. I paid $1, 499.00 for a TV that didn't even outlast my grandmother's 1970 something tube TV that is on all day long every day! This company needs to be held accountable! I am now in the market for a new LCD and I will not be purchasing a VIZIO product! Buyers beware because VIZIO does not build a quality television.

Two yrs old 50in hd sucks

I purchased a 50in HDTV on 30Se[07, and I was screwed on 23Oct09. We were watching TV when it gave a pop and went to a black screen...Called support and nothing they can do. They gave me repair dept and it will cost a minimum of 575 to fix. And, from what I have been reading, it sounds like this is a temporary fix. More than likely it will break again within the year. So, what to do, what to do...

This is a company that needs to be broken. Please help the consumers that have given them our money!!!

  • No
    none too happy Oct 27, 2009

    Up till the other day I was thrilled with the two 32" Vizios we own and then it started. When turning one of them on it would click on/off/on/off a few times before finally staying on and then this morning it clicked one last time and died.
    This company is a bunch of thieves because these complaints are in the thousands and seem to be occurring in the 1-2yr timeframe and they'll do nothing about it. That's thievery. I hope they go out of business.

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Don't waste your money

Vizio LCD HD TV(s) are defective and unreliable. Do you want to spend $999.99 for a flat screen television set only to have it fail after two years. Don’t buy the Vizio brand product. The light source, which is the life of the television failed on three of my Vizio flat screen sets. The light source is the life of the unit. If a component failed, the television could be repaired, but if the light source fails, it is cheaper to replace the whole product. The Vizio manufacturer says that a certain number of their units will fail. If you don’t purchase an extended warranty you’ve lost out. A warranty will cost $400.00 extra for three years. Than if the television fails after three years there is no recourse. A regular $150.00 television set plays for ten years or longer. I recommend a flat screen from a company that builds, manufactures and owns a patent on the light source, like Samsung, or Sharp. Vizio is junk!!! AND a Waste of MONEY!!!

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    Endeghoe Aug 14, 2014

    I too have had a similar issue with Vizio. The set we purchased lost the light source and while I searched out why, I discovered that the tuner, that also supplies the light source, if you connect direct from an antennae or cable was toast. There is no way I would ever again buy the trash that Vizio pours out. Their tuners are crap. Here is the technical reason why they fail: They have no static grounding on the input signal to the tuner. Hence those delicate little first stage receivers get hammered with the first hefty static discharge. The reason is that most of us will disconnect the antennae after a few years to hook up a cable box. Then when we are fed up with paying the outrageous cable/sat bills we switch back and connect that old TV antennae. Well, if we just left it hooked up in the first place the static may have dissipated through the antennae circuitry (if you had an amplified antennae that is, no guarantee with strait antennae unless properly grounded). Sooooo Vizio has had to stomach this issue and doesn't want to correct it because they are selling more TV's. They very rarely have to replace in warranty units because they fail just outside of warranty when we start swapping inputs. You have one way to fix this. But there is no guarantee that the new board (about $100.00) will have static protected inputs. Just a guess as to what the problem is. Could be more serious in that they just have a crappy failing tuner assembly. Good luck.

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Bad warranty

VIZIO WILL NOT HONOR THEIR WARRANTY! I purchased a 19" VIZIO fron a dealer on e-bay. After about 3 months the...

Lying customer service

I purchased a 55 inch Vizio from BJ's. 5 weeks after I set it up the picture disappeared intermittently. Vizio sent a repair man and he promised it was one of 2 parts and replaced them both. 2 weeks later the same problem. Vizio promised to replace the set with a brand new one. Three days before it was supposed to arrive they called and said they cancelled the new set and would replace it with a recertified set. Usually they would replace it with a new set within 90 days but since I bought it from BJ's my replacement period is now 30 days. So the moral of the story is, stay away from Vizio and don't buy their products from BJ's. I have given this to my lawyer.

  • Bu
    bushleague Oct 08, 2009

    LCD tv's are like vcr's in the 80's, they are all made by Neotec, a Chinese manufacturer, all junk. Matsushita is Panasonic, good stuff, and Sony is Sony. Take the recertified unit and be done with it, and take advantage of your extended warranty from B.J's.

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Poor product

I have a Vizio GV47FHD bought from Costco for 1800$ (with tax)and after 29 months it blew up. I realize the warranty is no longer valid but I will no longer purchase electronics from Costco as long as they continue to sell Vizio products. I have read hundreds of posts on the Internet about the same problems with Vizio products and I will never recommend nor buy another Vizio product again. Sams club is experiencing the same problems with Vizio products and is taking returns even after warranty is up. I would have hoped Costco would do the same and back up their products.

  • Ba
    Baucom Dec 06, 2009

    Yea its another vizio complaint bought a $1500 50inch vizio plasma HDTV. Came back home from vacation went to turn my tv on you could hear it come on and the orange light turned green which told me all was well I WAS WRONG THE BLACK SCREEN REMAINED BLACK NO NUMBERS NO NOTHING tryed hitting the input but nothing but a black screen tried calling vizio they did try to help me reset the tv but that was apparently not the problem because I have a 1500 hundred dollar tv collecting dust in my garage and im watching a 32in toshiba. I guess next time I decide to by a tv it wont be a vizio...

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    USMALE475 Apr 11, 2010
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    WANT TO SEEL IT FOR PARTS?? CONTACT [email protected]

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    USMALE475 Apr 11, 2010
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    Verified customer


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Pop of dead

Owened Tv for about 3 years and suddenly hear a popping noise on tv and it went blank all after that turn back on I get sound but no image after a while image will show for a little bit and the of again tried contacting Vizio customer service and they refuse to fixed it since this is a very comun problem with this particular model they want me to have it service by this company they reccomended ITI Repairs I am not willing to spend about 900.00 opn repairs since it is a manufacture defect on their tv's thank you.

Worthless vizio tv

If you need a tv that is sure to go out after the one year warranty buy a vizio!!! Our vizio vx37l is a little over 1 year old and the screen has the picture streched on both sides. The vizio tv has poor quality, and poor warranty. I will never purchase another vizio tv!!!

  • Eb
    Ebony1570 Mar 26, 2015
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    We bought a Vizio Smart TV 50 " from Wal-Mart on 1/15/2013 for the amount of 698.00 . On 3/23/2015 the television started having green spots all over the screen. My husband called Vizio and they told us that it has to do with a circuit board that they will not mess with since it will cost the amount of a new television. And the television only has a 1 year warranty . I would not recommend buying any Vizio products at all . I am going back to a Sanyo since I had my last television for 14 years with no problems. If you have one of these products I wish you luck .I received no help from Vizio at all .They Do not back the product and really seem like they could careless if you spend your hard working money and the product goes out in 27 months. All I can say is what a piece of junk . We bought it at Wal -Mart Troy Mo
    ! Report Spam

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Class action lawsuit

I submitted a complaint today and then I started reading the other complaints. It's quite apparent that...

Vizio 32inch plasma burn in

I have a 32" vizio plasma and use it an average 2 hours a day. After 3-4 months burn in started to happen on images that were on the screen for less then 30 seconds. I called Vizio and they were very helpful and sent a person right out to fix the problem. They replaced the main and y boards. I realized later on that evening that they the problem was not solved. I called Vizio again as the technician said I should if it continued. The customer service representative then tells me burn in is not covered by warranty. I then explained it's not one item burned into the screen. What is burnt into the screen changes multiple times as I go to multiple channels or menus. The women was extremely unhelpful and a bit ###. I ask for a manager nicely and Matt gets on the phone and is that biggest ### I have ever spoken to on the phone. He should not be a manager of customer service. He was extremely rude and told me tough ### it's not covered. I asked to speak to his manager and refused then hung up on me. By this point I was extremely upset. I then go to the warranty which states ""Image Sticking", caused by static images on the screen for extended periods and or excessive brightness and contrast levels, is not covered by this limited warranty. Installation, removal, transportation and reinstallation of a display, and routine maintenance and cleaning, are not covered by this limited warranty." As the warranty states it doesn't cover extended periods of a static image. I don't consider 30 seconds an extended period. Especially that it's not just one thing burned in, it changes!! I call the manager back and nicely review the warranty with him and he again says it is not covered. I told him he could send a tech out here and they could see it wasn't an extended period burn in. He then told me they don't send people out for that and even offered to bring it to the technician and he said no. He told me to send pictures in and I asked how they could tell if it was extended if it was just one picture. He then rudely told me he would call back in 24 hrs and the burn in wouldn't be covered either way by warranty. I have never had such a bad experience with customer service. I will never by a Vizio or Sony product ever again. Don't let the great prices fool you of Vizio!! I'm stuck with a plasma that has a burn in issue forever.

Vizio 32inch plasma burn in

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