Virgin MediaCrap service!

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I have the Virgin Cable broadband for two weeks now. Since then my life is a nightmare! Dial-up internet is faster than this! Useless crap!!! Worthless ###! Virgin Media is the biggest crap in this country!


  • Gl
    Gloucestershire Jul 24, 2017

    Virgin Media does not care about customers anymore. Far as they are concerned they have cornered the markets and kicked out Sky & BT by having the ownership of the cable lines now they can mess people around as much as they want. Virgin customer services really does not exist as they have farmed it out to India, Thailand or any other country which will pay low wages for idiots who are willing to talk off a script just to annoy you so you give up after total exhaustion and have no other choice. No offence I am Asian too but they do take this piss. If I had a choice I would rather change and go else where

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  • St
    Strat62 Feb 07, 2016

    Spot on. Really crap service especially the e mail. Suprised that a class action has not been initiated as IMHO they breached the data protection act etc when installing the new e mail service by wiping out sent e mails and closing accounts without, I understand. having first advised subscribers. No doubt they'll put up their prices to recover the fines and compensation.

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  • Rc
    r.c.innes Jun 05, 2012
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    Verified customer

    same old ###!crap tv rubbish internet and dodgy phone! loads of cold callers!i am ex directory as well!

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  • Il
    I love virgin May 10, 2012

    just sent complaint, took 5 attempts to even send an email to them, total idiots and utter rubbish service (if any service at all)


    Dear Virgin,
    I ordered Virgin Media 100meg broadband package on the 4th March 2012 and subsequently received confirmation of order and of installation date which was set to Tuesday 3rd April. I received confirmation of this date via email and therefore signed & returned my contract in the post and set up Direct Debit.
    I received a call three days before installation date - an answerphone message from the Virgin Construction team stating that Virgin could not install broadband due to an issue in my street. I was told someone would be in touch in 5 working days, no contact name or telephone number was left. I was told that the work would be undertaken within 2-3 weeks and that I would receive confirmation within 5 working days.
    I was then left in the position of having cancelled my BT broadband and having no confirmation of when Virgin would be installed. I was left with no alternative but to ask BT to reinstate my account until further notice. I rang Virgin and complained, I was told that my complaint would be dealt with within 5 working days. I have not heard from you since regarding installation, my account or my complaint.
    I consider the inability to supply the services ordered as termination of contract as Virgin are in breach and you have not supplied services as agreed therefore the contract is null and void. I have cancelled direct debit destination name VIRGIN MEDIA PYMTS reference xxxxxx. You have also not dealt with my complaint within 5 days and not informed me of installation date within 5 days, I have received no correspondence at all since I rang Virgin over 4 weeks ago.
    I have since received a call on 08/05/12 regarding agreed installation of 15th but stating that permission from the council would have to be sought to undertake work, caller left no contact number – I never agreed to this date or any work being undertaken around my property. The message stated there would be further update in next 5 working days, I arrived home today to find some work seems to have been undertaken in front of my property.
    Following Virgin’s appalling lack of service, I now wish to continue with my BT account and upgrade to Infinity.
    It was against my better judgement to use Virgin Media again after previous poor experiences as a customer. I await a response (if I get one) for this email.
    Please confirm receipt of this email.
    Paul Featherstone

    Total twoddle. I shouldn't have attempted to use them again as it took 9 attempts to leave them a few years back ha ha. You've been bransoned.

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  • Da
    daddad69 Dec 12, 2011

    Agree, their India based call centers are a complete waste of time, most of the people there cannot speak english well enough to have a basic conversation, outsourcing call centers to india is all about cost cutting and saving money unfortunately at the expense of customer service.

    I've found virgin media in general to be utterly useless due to extremely poor customer service and technical support.

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  • An
    Andrew Brel Jul 05, 2011

    Virgin cross the line from crap to criminal .. ..

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  • Ad
    Addyonekabadass May 31, 2011

    I would normally just read these type of complaints withou actually commenting but Virgin Media has really got my back up. Infact I'm wondering if I can claim against them for mental health issues as i'm sure I have gained some. I've turned into a scatty, loopy very irate person that no longer has any fuse & just wants to rip somebodys eyes out its ridiculous how these guys can get away with this ###. My internet has been off & on for around 8 weeks now, I have made call after call to customer support for a technician to come out & fix my service but they point blank refuse to send anyone untill i do the 'checks' .. so ok i spend about 2 hours doing checks & protocalls on my computer which reconnect me for an hour then its it down again. I never get past these ###ing checks ... cos everytime you phone back up they start doing checks again, btw checks consist of unplugging your modem waiting 30 seconds then restarting it (repeat this process 50 times) I mean they put a sticker on top of their modems telling you to do this before contacting them do they really think i have phoned them up & not restarted the modem? what do they take us for?... If i refuse to do the checks they refuse to send anyone out if they get it connected for an hour then to them that means problems fixed till i phone back & yep you've guessed back to more ###ing checks!!! Seriously how hard is it to send somebody out to me? if their check dont reconnect you though for the standard hour or so then you get the classic excuse 'theres a problem in your area it will be sorted by 5pm' NO IT ###ING WONT!! they've been using this excuse on me for 5 weeks now after they've finally run out of checks, I'm sorry but if it takes your people 5 weeks to fix a problem hire new people cos they clearly do not know what the ### they are doing! When you phone up you either get some smug arrogant ### that thinks rainbows form from his ### or some foreign tit who cant even understand your problem. Sorry if that comes off as racist but to be quite honest I dont give a ### why the hell would you put somebody in the UK through to somebody who cannot speak English? Surely this should be the first factor for employing somebody for the UK customer services... "can you speak English?... No? sorry but your no use to us then are you Sinbad" ... FFS!! Virgin Media is the single most useless, worthless piece of ### company I have ever had to deal with (& i've had to deal with Trent Barton buses but thats another story)... I wish Virgin Media was one person so I could personally scoop his eyes out & ### start his brain!! VIRGIN MEDIA I HATE YOU WITH A PASSION!

    Now upon reflection.. is this really what your customers should be reduced to this kind of ausive insulting nature? cos i've always seen myself as a nice pollite person but i do think that if i am ever in the situation where i meet somebody who works for Virgin customer services i will probably take my frustration out on them & punch them strate in the bracket... this is what you reduce us to Virgin Media .. angry, violent, psychos ... weldone how proud you must be of youselves!!

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  • Pe
    peter cowham Jan 09, 2010

    i hate virgin media they stink
    stay away from this ### company they are a total joke
    they have there heads up there ###
    i haved so many problems with this company its unreal
    they robbed me as well threatened me with debpt collectors even i paid my bill these ### cut me off
    virgin media have got a scam going
    so beware any one out there thinking using this ### company
    please dont so be warned

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  • Ih
    IHVM Dec 16, 2009

    TV - great
    Broadnad -= great when it works but ### when it doesn't - which is any waking hour - 3AM seems a good time so set your alarms
    Customer Service Staff - I still can't believe the attitude of these dodo birds. One even thought tackling my problem with silence would be the answer, thanks for that 'Rocky'
    Repairs - ### - make an appoint they don't come or come on the wrong day
    Complaints - ### - don't even bother writing a letter of complaint - you'll get some ### who hasn't even read it properly 'apologising' for everything - Oh i just chopped off your arm - I apologise for that - o that's ok then.
    Sales - tell you what the feck they want to get a sale - even when they go away to confirm what you have just asked them to confirm. Naturally an apology will do. In the real world if i walked into a shop and bought three nice gifts fo 60 quid, then the saleperson gave me just the two for the same price, with an apology - that would be alright then Virgin Media you robbin ###
    OFCOM get your finger out of your ### and do something about this shambles - shame on you

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  • Jd
    jds182 Dec 02, 2009

    what a joke seriously. we were like many who were sucked in by vurgin when thy were having that big competition with sky to get customers. the internet connection is terrible, the list of problems we've had is never ending. for the past week the internet just stops working at random times; and as i speak every single channel on the tv is ' not currently available'. hence me looking to how mny other people have had this problem.
    i am certainly going to push my parents towards sky, and i urge everyone to do the same. nevermind you cant be bothered with the hassle of switching from virging, but if you dont your going to be stressed, wasting your money and letting virgin carry on. only way is to just leave and eventually they will go bust.
    if this is how bad the tv internet service is, how can branson seriously want to send people to space. and more importantly who would be stupid enough to go?

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  • To
    tony234 Nov 30, 2009

    I applied for a phone line and broadband because I moved into a new home and did not want to pay BT £150 to activate the phone line.

    The phone should have been activated on the 19/11/09. I got home from work expecting a working line. I had to call up the connections team and was put on hold for 40 mins (on a mobile phone). When I got put through to someone they told me they moved the date back to the 9/12/09. When I asked why as I was told I would be paying for the service from the 19/11/2009 I was assured I would not be. I expressed that I was annoyed that they change dates and times without informing the customer I was told that was standard practice and the phone was hung up in my face by the call center.

    My fiance told me to check with the bank that Virgin media had not taken the money. They had £40 not £20 as aggreed for a service that was not active.

    I called up customer services to complain and was told there was nothing that could be done. Then I was told to call the number I had first called. When I said I was not calling that number to be kept on hold for 40 mins only to have a phone hung up in my face. She said it was not her problem. I asked to speak to a manager and I was told it was not part of Virgin medias procedure to put a manager on the phone. I asked for her name as I wanted to complain about her lack of proffesinalism and was told it was "Lindsey" when I asked for her surname I was told "I can't give you that due to the Data Protection act". Having worked for 3 years in IT for the POLICE and now an IT manager for a large company I know these laws backwards and I know she was spouting abolute BS.

    By now I was £4o down I had been on the phone (my mobile) for over and hour trying to find out why I had not got what I paid for, and was now being lied to by stuck up call center staff. I demanded that a speak to a manager or I would call my bank and say that a company had taken funds for goods fraudlently, and virgin media could sort it out with the fraud department of my bank. I was then told a manager could call me back but it would take 5-10 days.

    Stay away from these cowboys they do not give a hoot about the customer.

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  • Sq
    Squatter Sep 24, 2009

    First off, you all need to know that Virgin don't give a flying fiddle what YOU think and don't need to improve in any way. They are making a profit, end of! You all need to understand, THEY ARE A MONOPOLY when it comes to cable broadband and theyll treat you any way they want. If you dont like it, where else are you going to go?

    I have never encountered such a bunch of inept idiots in all my 50 years. We can launch missions into deepest space yet we cannot install cable broadband!?

    You treat your workers like [censored] and they are gonna pass that on to the customers. I'm afraid to say without fear of being branded 'RACIST' that it all started from my initial call which unfortunately ended up overseas (india?). Where I expressly told the agent that the installation engineer must phone me for access, I impressed this upon him THREE times and checked he had my mobile number correct. 'yes sir hell phone you with 30 minutes notice, no problem' This is not the first time I've experinced pain when dealing with overseas call centres. I refuse to talk to them now and just hang up when I hear a foreign voice.

    I KNEW it was going to be a world of pain and boy am I right. Obviously the engineer couldnt be arsed to call me and entered the house with my mother in law allowing access, who doesnt speak english. I come from work to find only half an installation, only contracted to fit the modem apparently and not the router. Bullocks! Lets just do half a job instead of a proper job shall we. They are full of misinformation, some might call it lies. I have told them to cancel the contract, refund my money and take their cable broadband and stick it where the sun dont shine. Sure, theres nowhere else to get cable broadband but damned if they are going to get my money. I'll live with 512KBs internet (telephone Exchange limitation). Isn't technology a wonderful thing!

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  • Ph
    PHILLIP TOWERS Aug 27, 2009


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  • Ba
    Bangnburn Mar 26, 2009

    i agree with everything, they call you with offers that tell you the packages are permanant when they are only for a month and then start to charge you higher prices. They are ###, strongly advice everyone to not get virgin media as it is ###!!!

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  • Jo
    john cooper Nov 03, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Lets start with 4 facts about virgin/ntl media, here described from a long suffering subscriber.

    1. The most misleading advertising and promotion on the planet.
    (up to 20mb, pahh more like 1mb if you're lucky)
    2. The slowest broadband service ever.
    (as above..that's if your connection doesn't just go off randomly any time day or night without a word, like living in Bosnia)
    3. The worst customer care i have ever seen, sincerely they don't give a crap about you.
    (you could literally bake a cake during the time it will take to sort even the simplest of problems. Oh and that's if you can understand a word of the broken english that's spat back at you and then you'll be told the problems sorted and hey..a few days later it's back..utterly, utterly annoying!)
    4. The most disloyal terms for loyal customers.
    (if you're a new customer you get this, if your an old customer to you get nothing!)

    I have been stuck with these ###s for years. If it wasn't for the fact that i just don't have the time, money or motivation to pull out plugs, reconnect, move furniture, wait in all day and go through the tiresome turmoil of signing to a new isp these idiots would be long gone. Simply the worst company in the world, just look how many times they've appeared on watchdog. This is a Branson company...### knows how this guy can sleep at night knowing that this is what he's pushing...i'd rather be seen selling crack than this rubbish!

    The only thing that dismays me more than the above mentioned is the fact that Ofcom have let this daylight robbery go on for so long. (Just look over the net, the complaints would take you longer to read than watching every youtube video back to back)

    Absolutely awful!

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  • Us
    usman Oct 11, 2008
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Its fukin ###, my inet is fukin slow as ### im so pissed off with the fukin ###s. If i quit these lot and get a different company its gna take ages and i cant afford that. I have 2 stick with these mother ###ers, they give me such slow internet the silly ###

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  • Fa
    F A Aug 18, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Damn right, Virgin is the MOST worthless piece of CRAP i have had to deal with in my already overcosted life in the UK.
    now i have to put up with the constant ### that floods the post on a daily basis...

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  • Dr
    dr singh Nov 29, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I have been with this ntl, now a days virgin media for 2 years. Please please never use them. Crap service, u have to pay for support on telephone. Broadband works like little snail. I wish i could stop this company. I know i will do this. I am planning to go to court or consumer services soon. Please e mail at [email protected]

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  • Jl
    jl Nov 18, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    vm broadband is a joke I live 400meters from exchange point I pay for 20meg I get 1.2 meg on a good day am now changing isp this is a joke!

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  • Ta
    Talal khan Nov 11, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I had virgin media install a phone line and broadband service a few weeks ago. What a joke. I have got 20mb broadband. It started off fast now, is around 56k dial up in the evenings. I called and complained, then they sent me an engineer who told me It was a scam!!!, he said he cant do anything. I can not believe what a lousy service they have given me. Stay away from virgin media!!!

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  • Jp
    J P Nov 10, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I've been a customer for about a week now and I noticed from the second day of having Cable that the speed dropped to pathetic levels and always at exactly the same time. I had no idea they were capping until I looked into it. I was told on the phone when I joined up that there was no limit. Their ad even says UNLIMITED. I'm paying for 2mb and getting about 900kbs most of the time. So as far as I'm concerned I'm being defrauded. Virginmedia are robbing me. And if OFcom condone this sort of thing, then something has to be done about it. It's a poor excuse for Virgin to blame cable traffic. They knew they had the problem, if that's the case and shouldn't be advertising a service they can't provide.

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  • Ja
    James Lythgoe Nov 06, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Disgusted at Virgin media. In my case, I missed one DD and asked to pay by cash (Still Legal Tender) and I was told I could only pay by Card, which I don't keep as I have no debt, works for me.

    Transpired there was a billing misprint and the Giro and pay station bar code were missing on my bill, Virgin Media refused to accept cash or to send a Giro or pay station code therefore breaking the law.

    After hours and hours and must cost to my company on my mobile (as my phone never worked since installation) it came apparent that my details had been forwarded to a debt agency.

    I paid the amount ASAP as my details have never been with an agency before and was told I would have to pay £100 to be reconnected, cause my details were with an agency, from them breaking the law.

    The foreign call centre operators, don't know the phonetic alphabet.

    Managers will send you to other departments rather than helping you.

    Queuing to speak to reconnection, took over an hour. In that time I had a s#it shower, shave, and even managed to play on my XBOX and cook my dinner before getting through.

    Rather than pay any more money to a bunch of, useless, illegally operating, mis-leading, ill-advising, dirty bunch of crooks.

    I am now a newly happy customer at SKY which are cheaper anyway !!


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  • Ad
    adam.w Aug 29, 2007
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    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I agree, i have so many problems with my tv,broadband and phone. Broadband being my biggest problem not even mentioning the speed caps they have introduced. It would literally take me hours to explain the problems i have had from the most disgusting, worthless,mis-leading,lying, crappiest company in the world. I am basically paying for nothing-wait not even nothing but profit for them, which is even worse. Speed capping is just a problem on the iceberg for me, and this has confirmed by decision to change my broadband provider either to BT or Sky.

    Conclusion - VIRGIN MEDIA IS THE CRAPPIEST, MIS LEADING COMPANY IN THE WORLD (quite literally) and i don't know how long they think they could get away with it...

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