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Virgin MediaCredit limit

Where do I begin? I have been a Virgin Media customer for over two years now. The first 15-16 months with them was pretty good, but since then the quality of service has nosedived dramatically.
First of all I had several problems with my internet connection which became very unreliable. At one stage I had no connection for over two weeks. 2 engineers had to come out on seperate occassions to sort the problem. The first engineer made what turned out to be a partial repair (it lasted a week) and he moaned constantly about being sent out of his usual area to do the work. Two weeks late another engineer came out and fixed the problem. In total I had no interent connection for 24 days though. I have also had problems with Virgin and their bizarre credit limits. I have always cleared my account every month as soon as I get paid. Virgin bill me in the middle of the month, since Jan 2012 my services have been disconnected 6 times late in the month a few days before I get paid!!! I call them whenever this happens and explian that I alsways clear my account so why cut off my services. They have promised me twice this week that my limit will be increased so that I do not have this problem in future. Since they have said that I have been re-connected once, and cut off twice...in the same week!!! I have just spoken to them again and they have said that my account is not in arrears as I clear my account every month!!! When I asked "so why have my services been disconnected" they said that they don't want me to be in arrears!!! I have NEVER been in arrears!! Too much hassle, too much fuss, I just want to watch TV and surf the net. If they can't provide the service I'm sure someone else can. I definitely would not recommend Virgin Media to anyone and will be replacing them very shortly.

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    Virgin MediaBad services

    Unfortunately I have been left feeling both very unhappy and dissatisfied by my experiences with you. The series of events is as follows
    (1) I booked the day off for the install on Friday 24th June.
    (2) On day of install the engineer and informed me that he could not carry out the install as there was a faulty cable. I was told that the drive would be dug up to lay a new cable. You cut next doors phone cable whilst checking our line.
    (3) I had to re-book the install and for the drive to be dug up. There was very bad communications from the construction team to dig up the drive and also from the install team. We were told that the drive would be prepared on the Saturday before the install, this was not done.
    (4) On the day of the install, the install team arrived before the drive had been dug up so therefore the cables were pinned to the drive.
    (5) The cables in the house were run around the door frames using nail clips which looked awful and also around the skirting boards which looked equally as bad. No care was taken at all.
    (6) Upstairs install, I pre-installed the cable and made it clear where I wanted the box. The box was put where it was easiest for the installer on a very small candle shelf. We had specified that we wanted it in the wardrobe. I noticed interference on the TV and this was apparently caused by a faulty scart lead. To get over this problem the installer used my HDMI cable from my PS3 which he said he would replace, this never happened.
    (7) My PS3 and PC would not connect to the broadband.
    (8) 20 + nails were left on our drive and bits of wire were also found throughout the house. We have got pets and this could have harmed them.
    After numerous phone calls over the period of a month to get the problem rectified I was told a team would come out.
    On 30/07/2011 Muktaar ( Team manager ) arrived and he looked around. He then informed me that he was unable to sort the problems out that day. I was left feeling very disappointed as I was told all problems would be solved that day.
    Another date was given for 06/08/2011, I Grant ( Muktaars manager ) called to confirm this appointment on 02/08 and he said he would get back to me.
    On Saturday 6th August Steve ( a specialised engineer from Devon ) arrived with just the HDMI cable and was not told about the re-install and the other issues. This was despite the fact that I had been assured by Grant the previous day that all problems would be finally resolved on 6th August.
    On 13th August Steve came again and rectified the issues. After he left the phone line wasn’t working, there was a constant engaged tone. Also the box upstairs packed up. My wife called Grant on 15/08, he was on holiday and asked me to call again on 16/08.I called the next day and he said he’d get back to me which he didn’t. I got home from work late on 16/08 as I was trying to make up for my loss of overtime over the previous Saturdays. One I got in there was a calling card from Jason, an installer who had been to the house. I wasn’t even made aware that Jason would be calling hence the fact I missed him. I called Jason back on 17/08 and left a message and the problem was then resolved by Jason.
    Overall I’ve had two days off work and 3 days loss of overtime on Saturdays. I had no phone line for a month causing heavy usage non our mobiles. Our hall now needs redecorating due to the cable clips. I am getting 15MB and paying for 30MB.
    For a multimedia company your communication skills are appalling and likewise your customer service. I am very upset and dissatisfied with the whole experience .I am looking for compensation or I will take the matter further.
    I have documented each phone call and conversation and I am willing to go public if the outcome is not satisfactory i.e. Watchdog etc.
    I look forward to your prompt response to my letter

    Further to my above letter I was contacted by Virgin around 12th October and all they offered us was £20.00 for all our inconvenience.We find this totally unacceptable and a joke really.
    On 5th November Virgin turned up to dig up our drive which connects to our next door neighbours drive without our permission.A slot was cut in our drive to lay next doors cable, I only found out about this because my car was on it at the time.
    I now wish to escalate our complaint and we will take it further.I look forward to your prompt reply

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      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
      Virgin Media BroadbandHorrible cservices.. Never go for it

      Dear All,

      My genuine advise, please never ever opt vergion media services. They are the worst services provider I have ever come across. From last 4-5 months there is hardly any connectivity at my home and everytime I call they would simply advise that next month this will be sorted out. They are the biggest liar in the market. I am too frustrated that I don't know what to do. Please do not subscribe this.
      My acct no is [protected]

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        • 1o
          1OD Oct 02, 2011

          If they are not providing you with a service you a paying for then dont pay them. I also find contacting them via facebook is a good way of getting them to sort problems out pretty quick.

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        • Mi
          michelle May 05, 2008
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          virgin media are the worst we had broadband installed april 07 the account we got was for telephone service so the bills we received said 0.00 to pay then in september 07 the service was cut after talking to customer services they eventually sent out a bill with different account number so I paid bill at bank I phoned them 2 weeks later and they said never received payment I even photocopied the bank receipt and still they couldn't find it in november I had letter from debt collector about non payment so sent them copy of bill they said it wasn't the right account number and as I tried to explain to them it was the account number on my bill now it is april 08 and still being hounded by debt collector looks like there's going to be no end to this.

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        Virgin MediaThreats

        numerous calls from [protected] trying to sell me a virgin mobile
        politely told them everytime that I am quite happy with my pay as you go that costs me about£10 a year howver they continued to make these calls
        I finally asked to speak to a supervisor but the caller hung up
        Two minutes later the same caller rang from an undisclosed number (very distinctive asian male voice) and said "you'd better watch it we know where you live"
        Have complained to Virgin Media but they refuse to comment

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          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Virgin MediaOver charging

          I have been charged for my telephone line in addition to my Broadband package even though the telephone line was discounted when I took out the service -as it is still discounted now. Virgin have adjusted my billing going forward but have refused to pay back the money they overcharged for previous months. They are basically saying that if I did not notice that they were overcharging me then its my fault and they can keep it!

          What on earth can I do about this? If they have simply made a processing error and charged me more than I agreed to when I took out the contract how do I defend myself and get this money returned? For starters, how do I prove what the charging was agreed to be?

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            Virgin Media — Threats harassment & bad customer service

            Virgin Media, here I am on the third phone and broadband company in the UK in about a year. First the BT...


            The complaint has been investigated and
            resolved to the customer's satisfaction
            Virgin MediaFailure to deliver adequate broadband

            I have had no functioning internet service for 2 months. Initially internet and skype were extremely slow, with downloads freezing and pages crashing regularly; on skype consistently being told that the connection was 'too slow' for video or phone link. I phoned Virgin several times last month to complain about this. Initially the person I spoke to was very helpful, arranged for a 'man with a van' to attend and sort out the problem. then on `13th january I got a text to say the workman had been cancelled due to them having 'identified an issue in (my) area which is affecting (my services). I subsequently phoned a further 2 or 3 times (and it seems that I have been charged for these calls at premium rate) to find out what was happening. I was eventually advised that the problem was due to 'over capacity in the area' which I take to mean that Virgin have signed up more customers than they can service on their existing broadband infrastructure. When I tested the speed of my broadband it was running at 0.5 mb - I am paying for 'up to' 20 mb. I was then told that the problem would not be fixed until today - 15th February. The fact that I've managed to actually get online - a first for weeks, may mean it has been fixed - but I won't hold my breath. When I asked how I would be compensated for their failure to abide by the terms of our contract I was offered £20 off my next bill. since my current bill is £13.47 higher than my normal monthly payment - this has either not happened or those phone calls to their 'service' were extortionate.
            This is the first opportunity I've had to go online to register any kind of complaint. It is clear that their offers to provide superfast broadband are, at best, misleading; at worst a downright con - it is hardly my fault or that of anyone else who has experienced this problem in Woolwich/Plumstead over the last 2 months that Virgin have been so greedy as to sign up more people than they could service. I want the phone calls they've charged me for credited to my account; I want a full rebate on my broadband fee for the last 2 months, and I'd like an upgraded router for free, given the inconvenience - which has been considerable - I have suffered.

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              • Kp
                KP157 Jun 25, 2011

                In mid-February I noticed my Virgin Media Broadband was extremely slow. Several phone calls later, I too was told that the service was over-capacity. I pay for a 50Mb line, only to receive up to 150Kbps on a typical evening. This is not enough for YouTube, streaming, downloading, anything - based on the bandwidth requirements of modern sites/apps.

                In February, I was told this would be fixed in April. I would have to suffer for 2 whole months. It is now June, and the problems still exist, and have been told they will not be fixed until August.

                This is a known issue for Virgin. Why was I not informed? Why did it take several phone calls before I am told? Why do Virgin keep adding customers to an already over-capacity network? Surely there must be hundreds of customers who are signing up, to terms of service that can not be met.

                Virgin should be taken to court for such deception, ignorance and downright greed.

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              The complaint has been investigated and
              resolved to the customer's satisfaction
              Virgin MediaBunch of liars

              I have been a virgin customer for quite some time and decided to upgrade to a size m package with an hd box which i told was no charge.
              They delivered the box and its a self install so I tried to install the equipment and found out the box was faulty again because i remember before when i first joined virgin my first box was faulty too!
              and not long ago I have just found out that our bill has gone over its credit limit and that services will be restricted soon because they have charged me for the box after I was told it was free as being a long time customer as well I could not see any reason why not as it would have been a straight forward swap.
              virgin staff were so stroppy about it and would not listen to me I have decided to let them have the dam box back and now thinking of going over to sky

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                • Ma
                  Marcus Vaz Aug 05, 2010

                  I have had nothing but trouble with Virgin Media. They are a bunch of liars I agree. I'm leaving them as soon as I can. My advice to you is do the same mate. Good luck.

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                Virgin MediaThe worst customer service

                Be aware of Virgin Media!!!

                I am a Virgin Media customer since March 2008. I had problem only once with the service and after a few phone calls it had been sorted out. What it happened to us recently it is revolting.
                I gave notice to Virgin Media that we are moving house. The service was cut off on the 23rd February and being promised to have the service activated on 3rd March at the new address. It was not explained that the activation refers only for the phone line and to get internet activated we need to wait few more weeks.
                On 3 March, an Openreach engineer allegedly activated our phone line, we bought a phone, but the line never worked. After calling Virgin Media on a highly charged phone number on a daily base and not even getting any help I think Virgin Media Customer Service is not providing any service, the only goal of this department is to charge you by asking for your details every time you are put through another person or by putting you on hold.
                I tried for days to find out through the customer service when the service is going to be activated. No one could answer, repeatedly promised they will get back to me with useful information, but it has never happened.

                Until this day I do not know why the Internet is not activated.
                Within customer service I was talking to Steve, Stephen, Rebecca (08.03.2010, 16:45), Jennifer (09.03.2010 18:15) who promised to get a call back within 24 hours. No one bothered to call me. Each time I asked for an ID - I never got it - of the person I am talking to as after days of trying to get this sorted out it began to be suspicious, that nobody wants to help me.

                There was only one department Virgin Media National Support who noticed me after I have cancelled direct Debit. It was the only situation when Virgin Media noticed that I am one of their customers.

                In conclusion, I have not received any reply for two weeks, despite all the calls I made, I filled in and signed the Cancellation Form and post it to Virgin Media Sales Operation Support, Daleside Road, Nottingham, NG2 3GG.

                Fortunately I have internet on my mobile so I went online and check the web and found many similar cases like mine. Virgin Media complaint letters are circulating on the internet, I read other people's cases and I am not happy at all I read.
                This is why I am writing this letter as I do not want to get bills for a service that has never been activated.

                As an online business owner Internet is essential to my business, I am loosing hundreds of pounds a day because I do not have internet. I do not even dare to estimate how much I am loosing day by day.

                With this letter I would like to irrevocably terminate the existing agreement with Virgin Media. I do not wish to use any service provided by Virgin Media. And also I'm not willing to pay a single penny.

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                  • Jp
                    J Putland Mar 30, 2010

                    Appalling Service
                    - 6 weeks since moving into a new flat
                    - scheduled visit to put in phone line. Day home from work, no-one showed up despite promises all day that someone was coming
                    - 2nd time stayed home and phone line was put in
                    - told 3-5 days for broadband kit to arrive
                    - 14 days later and still no kit. Told today that the "order failed"
                    - now told a further 7-10 days to reprocess the order

                    In general:
                    - every call to Virgin takes 20-30 minutes
                    - most calls = passed to at least 4 departments
                    - nobody ever calls you to tell you there is an issue, nothing happens until you call them
                    - complaints go unheard; the so called "call back from a supervisor" NEVER happens

                    And my favourite...when I asked the Customer Service Agent today why she couldn't go find the most senior manager in the call centre and have them call me to apologies and retain my business, she answered "I would just be told to go back to my desk and get on with it".

                    This is very sad. The company clearly has no sense of living corporate values and I feel terrible for the call centre agents who deal with complaints all day and have management that could not care less. Companies like this always fail in the end...think Enron, Lehman Brothers etc.

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                  The complaint has been investigated and
                  resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                  Virgin MediaNo telephone line

                  I would like to log a complaint regarding the repair on my telephone line that wasnt carried out on Saturday. I have been without a main telephone line since the 2nd January 2010. I thought at first that my telephone was faulty and threw it away (turns out now it was a perfectly ok phone) and bought a new one. When that didnt work either it dawned on me that the line was faulty. I got an appointment for the 18th January when two engineers came and told me the fault was outside (looked like another company had damaged the cable) and that the earliest appointment I could have was the 20th February 2010 (one month and two days later)!! I had a confirmation telephone call on my mobile from a young lady on Friday 19th Feb that they were coming on Saturday and that I did not have to be in. When I arrived home Saturday afternoon, the phone line still wasnt repaired and I was still without a main line telephone.

                  When I telephoned your company (got India) which cost me nearly £2 and left me with 60p on my mobile, the lady kindly telephoned me back. I was told by her that another call had been made to my mobile on Friday telling me the engineers were overbooked and that they were not coming but I missed the call. I was also told that the 2nd person ringing to cancel call could not leave a message as there was no "option". They never rang back, so I was clueless until I rang Saturday afternoon. I was extremely angry but did apologise to the lady in India as it wasnt her fault. She also told me that another appt had been booked for something like the 14th March.

                  This is absolutely unacceptable and I am disgusted with your company at having had to wait so long to get this sorted out. If I didnt have a mobile and was old what would I do then, obviously your company couldnt care less. The lady in India also told me that her Manager was going to telephone me Saturday but so far I have not had that phone call. I would like someone to get in touch, firstly with a big apology and secondly to let me know when this is going to be repaired. I would ask you to compensate me with the £2 I lost off of my mobile phone trying to get in touch and for the perfectly working telephone I disposed of because I thought it was faulty!!

                  My account number is: [protected] - (9951)
                  Yours Sincerely,

                  Jan Cusworth

                  I sent this email and also in the post to the Complaints Department a week and have not even had a courtesy reply. Would you please forward it to the person who would deal with this complaint and get someone to write to me in response to the contents of this email. I am quite disgusted with your company and even more so now in as much as no-one has even had the decency to reply to this complaint. I have no idea when my telephone line is going to be repaired and as of today, still have no land line working.

                  If this is going to the incorrect department, please foward it to the right department and respond to me.

                  Yours Sincerely,

                  Jan Cusworth
                  I was assured by a young lady I spoke to on Monday 8th March that I would have a reply to my emails I have been sending since late February and GUESS WHAT? I still havent had a reply.
                  Would you please pass this on to a Manager of some sort - there must be someone in your company that is willing to answer me. I cant believe the service I have had from Virgin Media, it has been absolutely disgusting but there is nothing more I can do except try and get this to someone in authority within the company. Perhaps it could be re-directed to Richard Branson so he can see first hand what appalling treatment I have had to endure from you. I assume he still owns it!
                  I wont hold my breath for a reply as it probably wont come but one can still hope.

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                    The complaint has been investigated and
                    resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                    Virgin MediaScam artists

                    Virgin Media have chaged me for £191.00 of calls they say I have made to a mobile phone in an East European Country.I have not made these calls, and asked for this matter to be investigated. Virgin Promised to look into this, and confirmed that my service would not be interrupted whilst they were doing this. The same day my telephone, broadband and tv were all disconnected without notice.

                    I was advised that the only way to have these re-instated was to pay the disputed bill, which I did under protest. Letters listing telephone calls and promises made which have never been kept, only result in letters and phone calls from Virgin assuring me that they are dealing with this, and the problem is of concern to them.

                    It is now some weeks since my first contect with Virgin concerning this complaint, I am still waiting for the promised explanation.

                    Today 2nd April Virgin said they would contact me at 7pm, its now 9-45pm, another meaningless assurance.

                    Will anyone from Virgin every do what they say they will, and is this the service one should expect from a company thay claims to care about its customers.

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                      The complaint has been investigated and
                      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                      Virgin Media — Fraudulent calls

                      I am not sure where to start:, I received my phone bill in december 2017 & it was for £500 for 2 weeks I...

                      The complaint has been investigated and
                      resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                      Virgin MediaIncreased charges after 2 months

                      I signed up with Virgin Media in Feb for a Broadband package sized M as advertised on its website for a payment of GBP10 for the first 6 months and GBP17 for the remaining 6 months of the contract. For the first 3 months, I was charged GBP13.50 and as this worked out to be the pro-rated charge for the full 12 months, I did made my payments peacefully. However, imagine my shock when the bill for my 4th month suddenly showed a 100% increase which also applies to the preceding month! I now have to pay GBP20 for the 3rd and 4th month without any prior notification whatsoever. I rechecked all the leaflets and bills Virgin Media sent to me and also their website, there is no mention of the price increase. When I e-mailed Virgin Media to query the increase, I was informed that Broadband M is no longer being offered and that I will be upgraded to Broadband L for GBP20 per month. I find it most unethical that Virgin Media should be allowed to offer consumers a product for a contracted period then withdraw the product and inflict a more expansive product on the consumer. To add injury to the insult, I was not even offered the other extras that come from choosing Broadband L instead of M for example, free wireless G router, free PCguard Total, etc. not to mention that Virgin Media’s website is currently promoting the Broadband L at GBP15 per month for the first 3 months and GBP20 for the remaining months. I am even loosing out on that and the pro-rata rate i was charged.

                      As a result, when I announced my intention to break from the contract I was told that I would have to pay the penalty which would ironically honor the 12 month contract. Incensed, I looked up and quoted to them paragraph J3c of the Virgin Media Terms and Conditions which states that I may cancel the service without penalty by giving 30 day’s notice if Virgin Media increase their charges.

                      My dissatisfaction with Virgin Media is the fact that I have signed up for it, paid the installation fees of GBP30, not to mention whole days waiting for the engineering team to install the router, received the service for only 2 months before they increased the price a whopping 100% without prior notification or additional benefits and now having cancelled the service I have to look again for another internet provider and hope that not all companies are as dishonest as Virgin Media. Plus the staff seemed to be trained to extract as much money from the consumers as possible even if it is illegal as long as the consumer is unaware of it.

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                        resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                        Virgin MediaBroadband speed

                        As a loyal customer for some time I feel cheated that my medium speed broadband contract is now no better than my first ever dial up service of many years ago. So slow in fact I mostly give up even trying to access my e-mails through their own server (5 minutes to load the page at my last attempt. I am going to change my service provider in the new year though they all lie about the speeds they provide. If gas and electricity providers used the same standards we would end up with diluted gas and 50 volts instead of 240.

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                          The complaint has been investigated and
                          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
                          Virgin Broad BandBroad band phone use

                          NOT HAPPY my phone keeps dropping out while I am talking tonight I had to re call my mother in ADelaide 3 times even after 5 minuts because phone would just drop out. I had to re call my friend in Canberra the same number of times because of the same reason. Have tried to call to reprort the fault howver after waiting 15 minutes the damn phone drops out again.
                          The fact that I have to wait 15 minutes is bad enough but then having to call back and have the same thing happen again is just damn annoying. NOT HAPPY.
                          Want some one to talk to otherwise I will take this further. i am locked in fpr another 12months of contract howver unless I get some satisfaction I will take this to the department of fair trading to get out of this contract. This is not the first time that this has happen and I have tried to call beofre howevr I am so angry at the momengt I am persuing this further. I am a good customer and do not appreicate this levelf of service. I joined your company in good faith. NOT HAPPY.

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                            Virgin Medianational scam



                            TENS OF THOUSANDS X £5 = A LOT OF OUR MONEY = NATIONAL SCAM

                            HERE IS HOW I FOUND OUT

                            MY LETTER
                            I am absolutley disgusted in the way i have been spoke to and the way i have been treated, After being a loyal customer for 3 years it is an absolute disgrace, also the infomation that one of your advisors has given has caused utter disbelief in such a big company . I was advised that you cancelled tens of thousands of customers direct debits in order to make more money by charging them administration fees for paper bills. It is totally disgusting, Over the past two weeks i have spent hours on end talking to people who dont seem to understand or speak a word of english yet they can call me a liar.

                            Like i said i have been a loyal customer for over 3 years, For the first two years i was just using your broadband middle for £18 last september i was contacted by a member of your sales staff who informed me for a 12 month period of a special offer of £2 only i would recieve a phone line with talk unlimited to any landline 01 - or 02 number, Yes thats correct so i would only pay £20 in total for the two services. I agreed- A month later i recieve two bills one for the internet and one for the phone, Yet the phone wasnt £2 it was £11 and they had decided to charge me £7 for the talk unlimited, I phoned and they said they would sort it out, Instead i never heard anything, a month passed, another month passed, then i recieved a threatening letter, It claimed i owed in the region of £100, This was very distessing to me as i had always paid my bill by direct debit and had never missed a payment. Anyway after another couple of hours on the phone we realised that VIRGIN MEDIA had combined both bills and unknown to me they had cancelled my direct debit. I wasnt once informed of these changes. I was also informed that the charges included £10 administration charges because i wasnt paying by direct debit, This really annoyed me as my original contract was direct debit and it was you VIRGIN MEDIA that had cancelled it so how could charge me administration fees, Then i get told £30 is 3 late payment charges, Again this is totaly disgusting as i had never missed a payment, i pressumed the money was coming out by direct debit-one that VIRGIN MEDIA cancelled. So after another hour on the phone i reluctenly pay it on my card and we agree to reset up the direct debit...everythings sorted
                            3 months pass guess what i recieve another threatening letter, this time sayin g the same thing i havent paid, administration charges, and late payment charges. This now cases me great stress i am absolutly raging another couple of hours on the phone talking to people who dont listen and dont understand, after 2 hours they realise they tried taking the money out of somebody elses account so they once again cancelled the direct debits. This is a joke an absolut joke, they appologise (ha ha ha ) And again i make a payment on my card, this time i say i dont want direct debit, just send me an invoice, they agree...

                            3 months later...i dont believe this another threatening letter, Is this some kind of sick joke are you really this ignorant, very annoyed i ring virgin straight away, I am put on the phone to an asian speaking man claiming his name is cyril daz, I ask him to spell his name he repeats CYRIL DAZ after about an hour of yet another aggonizing conversation of trying to explain to yet another VIRGIN MEDIA CA He calls me a liar, I say i beg your pardon he explains i am a liar as i am claiming i havent recieved a bill and he can clearley see i have been sent three bills, As he has called me a liar this totaly rages me, this is disgusting how dare he call me a liar, after another 20 minutes of me and him arguing he realises something on his screen that infact i was correct as no bills had been sent because Ebilling had been set up and they had sent the bills to an unused email address, it turns out that when i was last on the phone 3 months prior the woman had set up EBILLING, i vagely remember her explaining it to me but she convinced me my card would be charged automatically- after she took my registered email address and password without my knowlegde or permission she had set up EBILLING cyrill daz was now appologising for calling me a liar he said he was under great stress and he hated the way virgin treated people and that i was being scammed, This is the best bit.

                            He actually told me that virgin media had cancelled tens of thousands of virgimedias customers direct debits in order for them to be able to charge administration fees.

                            This is the icing on the cake i am totaly disgusted, i feel sick, you mean to say i am part of a national scam against VIRGIN MEDIAS customers, This is just too much, I phone up to sort out your mess and your troubles and stresses you have caused me and i get this infomation. I demand to speak to his supervisor he then strats appologising and saying no please, I speak to his supervisor who is not interested one bit in a word his colleage had said he couldnt understand what he had done and said that was so wrong, It was like he just couldnt understand how those comments would make me so angry he was more intersted in me making a payment, I demand to speak to a manager, A woman comes to the phone who again is not interested, she appologises for her staffs behaviour but insists i make a payment or i will be swithed off. Over the next few days i am contacted by virgin media staff hounding me, i have spent hours on the phone explaining the same thing over and over and it seems like there is one big communication fault inside VIRGIN MEDIA . I am disgusted.

                            Anyway after the phone call i decide to visit online forums to ask if anybody had been treated the same, to my amazement it seemed CYRIL daz was correct round about march virgin media had canncelled thousands of peoples direct debits and are now charging them money for administration fees, I couldnt believe it, How disgusted our we now,

                            I have contacted Ofcom, Trading standars and i have spoken to media and currently awaiting to make an interview with the national press this week, I have been contacted by THE SUN-THE MIRROR-THE STAR all who are more than interested for this story. i hav had to go this far as not once where you interested, i am now awaiting to see how long you take to sort this mess out.
                            also i would be very grateful to know what you intend to do about...

                            Charging me administration fees after you cancelled my direct debit.

                            charging me late payment fees after you cnever sent me any infomation regarding tpayments.

                            How i ring to complain and i am accused of being a liar.

                            How you can charge me administration fees for bills you never sent to my house but sent by em, ail.

                            i await your call

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                              • Ta
                                TAm7 Sep 03, 2009

                                I can understand why your so frustrated and angry with regards to your problems with virgin... however as an employee myself I can see that in your case this agent Cyril Daz has made up utter rubbish and given you completely wrong information. yes payment handling charges of £5 were added for any customer not paying by direct debit, also bill merges were created, but it wasn't to gain money from customers, obvisouly they could earn money this way but they would be breaking the law, and theywould've had watchdog or ofcom or any one of the media regulators on their case straight away. I mean in your case from an employees perspective i really do agree your cust experience has been god awful which is one of the reasons why I should hate the job... some many problems are because of human error... and lack of knowledge about the compaines procedures and policies and part of our job would be keeping upto date which changes... they should've firstly taken a payment for the full bill then refunded the charges applied as you would have had a good payment history as a d.d paying cust, then obvisould they should've set up your d.d details properly it really not hard considering all thats needed is sort code account number... when the 'collections' team were calling you if you metioned the balaance was in dispute then they should've checked back account and logged a comapint to escalate further...

                                one thing i would need to point out though is if at the time the girl explained ebill and you agreed and gavew her those email details then the sending of the bills thereafter is your responsiblity to check them and update us if you change them... but from your story it would be your luck that this probably has n't been the case... really sorry to hear about the problems you have... honestly because there are people working away everyday trying to resolve issues which have been caused by members of staff who basically don't give a f*@k!! and the rest of us are left to deal with the flak and digusting abuse and comments from people who they've dealt with... and becasue of this we or well I understand why you would be so mad and coming out with such ridiculous threats etc becasue i know if had happend to me then i would be doing the exact same thing... btw although there is a communication issue i have found that the uk based foreign agents are by far the best in terms of attitude, getting issues resolved and doing whbats needed than some of my english scottish welsh colleagues. by far however the centre in india is the worst for doing everything oposite from what virginmedia considers it s customer care teams to be... usual adjectives helpful etc but mainly human open and accountable.

                                i apologised with regards to your personal cust experience these issues you faced were resolvable, i loved the company virgin, and what it should stand for... unfortunately this isn't always the case as as usual there as far as my personel knowledge of staff etc and calls still are minority of people who cause the problems or in most cases escalate issues with their lack of care, sympathy and understanding... which is unaccpetable for the job they are or were holding... outwith that some times things go wrong or a discrepency can crop up as alot of automated systems but whe this happens they are and can be and should resolved asap whether it is billing install service affecting disconnecting moving home issues...
                                again hopefully no-one else will go through your problems.

                                for others: head office cable

                                Virginmedia Ltd
                                Matrix Court
                                PO Box 333
                                SA7 9BB

                                Vriginmedia national complaints

                                Virgin Media National
                                PO BOX 219
                                NP10 8UG

                                Making a complaint or giving feedback
                                We aim to resolve all written complaints within 28 days and to respond to all e-mails within 48 hours. For information about our Complaints procedure and how to take further then please refer to our Code Of Practice.
                                code of practice availalbe on the website.
                                hope that can help anyone els with problems...

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                              • Qu
                                Quest Oct 12, 2008
                                This comment was posted by
                                a verified customer
                                Verified customer

                                Avoid Virgin, BT, Talk Talk and Tiscali, Pipex & Bulldog at all costs.

                                Some of these companies used to be okay, in fact a couple of them at one time or another I would have classed as good - but now for various reasons they all suck.

                                Why..? well I need say no more about Virgin... although by visiting this site some of your additional questions my be answered:


                                Infact I'd be a little wary of Sky too for the same reasons.

                                With regard to the others - well... BT and Talk Talk should be avoided for this reason:


                                Tiscali are quite simply C R A P, and unfortunately Bulldog are now part of Pipex who also own the terrible Tiscali - and what goes for one will generally go for the other... so those 3 are all out too.

                                So who does that leave...?

                                LOL! not that many.

                                From my most recent research I would suggest looking into 2 companies:

                                BE INTERNET should be considered, and also ZEN INTERNET. Both are a little more expensive, but at the end of the day you do get what you pay for... your connection will not be throttled in the same way as most of the current ISPs (for bit torrent traffic etc), and from what I can tell you should come away with your privacy intact because AFAIK your connection will not be monitored by deep packet sniffing privacy invaders at the telephone exchange for advertising purposes. Also those ISPs offer truly unlimited access and don't hold you to a bogus "Fair Usage Policy".

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                              Virgin Media — Dishonest customer service

                              Everyone must read this I ordered sky tv and a bt phone, and rang virginmedia to cancel my monthly...

                              Virgin MediaMoving home

                              I was about to move house, so I contacted Virgin to arrange to cancel services and collection of equipment. They arranged to collect between 12-6 on Thursday 4th September, which was after I moved. I returned to the house to let them collect their equipment, but they failed to turn up. I arranged another appointment, but complained and asked for compensation for the 80 miles travelling involved. They say it is not their fault that I decided to move home so I am entitled to nothing - and attempting to take my complaint further would do no good as the complaint would only be returned to the person I was talking to!
                              My Fault? They had 6 hours to turn up, but they couldn't even be bothered to let me know they weren't coming! Now I have to bear the costs of an 80 mile round trip because of their bad service, all with no ombudsman to take the complaint to.
                              I have now managed to get a £10 reduction of my bill, which barely covers half my costs.
                              Customer service or customer circus?

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                                • Ma
                                  Mac79 Oct 02, 2009

                                  I have recently moved house on the 21st September, the Move was informed 3 weeks before the move date to Virgin and my new account and numbers where provided and an installation date of 28th September was set .
                                  3 days before the installation date a letter was posted through the door that there was an issue for the Monday install by the Construction survey team. i rang as soon as i got the letter and no issue had been logged. i was told that they would call if there was an issue.
                                  I received no such call but called the Construction team again on the Saturday at 4:00pm where i was left waiting 15min on the phone until someone answered, again no issue was found and was told to ignore the letter.
                                  On the Monday no engineer arrived i contacted the construction team and they have told me that the issue was logged late on Saturday .. less than two days before the install and no one contacted us to tell us that an engineer was coming. this was unacceptable as we had taken a day off work to meet the engineer. if we where not in then we would of been charged had he turned up. I was told by the construction team that it would take over 10day to contact the Council to fix the issue ( had the survey been done to fit this time scale this would not been an issue) and that they would try and get a fix as soon as possible.
                                  I contacted the customer care team as i have not heard anything since the Monday and have been told my installation date is not the 10th of November.. this was not checked that we would be available for this day ... also if we are ok for this date and we have received no sorry or discount for our hassle and Inconvenience caused by this complete failure in a move by Virgin, we are now left without Board band and A house phone also a virgin box we can not use for another month. it's been 1 of teh worst experances ever from a media company .. ca complete disregards for there customers...

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                                Initially when I decided to get a broadband I decided to get virgin broadband as I so a add that broadband for just £4.99 when I phoned these people (Virginmedia) I asked them everything and they told me that I do qualify for this offer now when the bill arrivered I was charged £10.99 I phoned them and explained the situation they told me that they will look at the matter but when they called me they told me sorry but you will have to make the payment of £10.99 even though the mistake was from there path and also that I cant change the provider or even if I change I will have to pay the same amount for the next 12 months I think mistake was on there path and appology can not take care of my financial status I did go to solicitors but because they are demanding heavy fees which I want be able to afford I have to except this wrong decision I know this want be any help but I want to show this people that fraud is not always taken silently

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                                  • Sp
                                    spodspod May 02, 2009

                                    1. PLEASE STOP SHOUTING!!
                                    2. Go to small claims court. You don't need a lawyer. The judge will decide the case on merit.

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                                  Virgin Media — Billing faults!

                                  After canceling the phone and having it disconnected because of high charges Virgin continued to take the...


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