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Virgin Atlanticlost baggage - no support

I wanted to file a complaint against virgin atlantic airlines wrt to a lost baggage. Since the last 36 hours all they have to tell me is that they are trying to locate my bag. No updates whatsoever. All I get is folks in a call center who probably have no clue besides looking into the computer to see for any updates.

I have in fact told the folks that there was one unclaimed bag at the airport when I left (This was very similar to my bag). So I would have thought that they'd try to contact the owner of that bag and find out if he/she took my bag instead. But they have no updates on that either.

At least they should be able to tell me if my bag left the previous airport and was received at the destination airport or not. Otherwise what's the point of the baggage tags?

Anyways, i'm quite disappointed with the level of urgency that virgin atlantic is showing to resolve my issue.

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    Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd.scam - lottery funds

    I received this e-mail in my inbox and then this follow up as copied below. It appears to be a scam as I have checked with Virgin and they know nothing about it.

    'This is a notice from Virgin Atlantic Airways for you to receive the sum of£800, 000.00 Contact us
    now.Email:[protected] for assistance'

    'Virgin Atlantic Airways

    The Office Manor Royal Crawley
    West Sussex RH10 9NU, United Kingdom.

    Dear Recipient,

    Virgin Atlantic Airways private international e-games organizers and co-sponsors, NATIONAL LOTTERY BOARD, officially bring to your notice the final draw result of September, 2008 NATIONAL LOTTERY BOARD-wheel E-game which was conducted at our international corporate office complex in The United Kingdom, You have therefore been approved for a lump sum pay out of(800.000.00 GBP).

    Your Email was selected Based on an internet random Selection Exercise and further information on requisites associated with the Processing and remittance of your £800, 000.00 entitlement alongside the provision of your qualification documentations will be disclosed to you by this organisation after you forward your informations to us which is stated below:

    File KTU/[protected]/03

    1.Name in Full:
    4.Date Of Birth:
    8.Present Country:





    Phone: +[protected]

    This communication is confidential to VIRGIN ATLANTIC AIRWAYS and is intended solely for the use of the individual or organization to which it is addressed.It may contain privileged or confidential information. If you have received this message in error, please notify the originator immediately. If you are not the intended recipient, you should not use, copy, alter, or disclose the contents of this message
    ALERT !!! Fraudulent emails are circulating that
    appears to be using VAA logo and infomation, but
    are not from us. If you receive similar email that is
    not from us, kindly disregard/discard it immediately.
    Do NOT reply any such email but genuine email from us
    via this email address.'

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      Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd.terrible customer service

      Below is the letter that I sent through to Virgin Atlantic Customer Service. Prior to reading the letter, pplease note that it is now over a week since I sent this letter and I have still had absolutely no contact from the Virgin Atlantic Customer Service department. My suitcase is yet to be found, and I continue to struggle liaising with the Virgin Atlantic Indian call centre, that is responsibe for tracing lost luggage. I was promised a 50 pound reimbursement (more of an insult than any form of compensation) due to the fact that my bag was not located within 24 hours; I am still battling to obtain this money from Virgin despite my receipts being submitted to the relevant claims department over a week ago.

      'To Whom It May Concern

      Re: Complaints regarding Virgin Atlantic Airlines flight number VS602 on the 13th April 2008.

      On the 13th April 2008 my friend Ian Jones and I opted to fly to London from Cape Town on Virgin Atlantic Airlines. Never, have I been so astounded by the innumerable incompetencies and lack of customer service provided by a single airline carrier.

      Our Virgin Atlantic bookings were done online. It took me four days and numerous phone calls to Virgin Atlantic Airways to finally obtain confirmation of my credit card payment being received, and subsequent approval of our booking. This is unacceptable seeing as your automated email response to customers specifically states that no booking is final until payment is confirmed. In my experience, all other online airline bookings and payment confirmations are instantaneous.

      Virgin Atlantic assigned us seats on a connecting South African Airways (SAA) flight departing Cape Town at 17:10 and arriving in Johannesburg at 19:10. Our Virgin Atlantic flight was scheduled to depart Johannesburg at 20:40. Thankfully, our SAA flight was not delayed. However, knowing the timely processes at O R Tambo International Airport we literally ran from the domestic terminal to the international terminal. Upon arrival at the Virgin Atlantic counter we were told that the flight was closed! The gentleman behind the Virgin Atlantic counter had to make some enquiries to see what he could do to get us on the flight. When I asked him if this happened regularly, he said all the time! I ask you, why do you allow your Virgin Atlantic passengers so little time between the connecting flights when daily there are numerous flights on SAA from Cape Town to Johannesburg?

      On board the flight the entertainment system did not operate fully, and the system had to be rebooted on two occasions with a downtime of an hour after each reboot. The food served is the worst food I have ever eaten on board a flight, and I have never experienced such slow service from flight attendants. All I can think is that Virgin Atlantic is cutting costs in every direction, from staff numbers to the basic flight provisions of your customers.

      On arrival at Heathrow International, Ian Jones was called to the Virgin Atlantic Customer Service Baggage Desk. He was informed that ‘his’ bag had not arrived on the plane. The bag was, in fact, my bag - a point I relayed to the man behind the Virgin Atlantic Service Baggage Desk. We were told that we would be contacted by Virgin Atlantic to advise on the status of my bag during the course of the day. I eventually contacted Virgin Atlantic Baggage Services at 18:00 to find out if my bag would be put on that evening’s flight. I was informed that the bag had not yet be located but that they would contact South Africa and get back to me. When speaking to the Baggage Services again, the point of contact, Tazim, could no longer provide me with any information without first speaking to Ian Jones! When speaking to Ian Jones he said that he had had no feedback from South Africa, however he would ensure that someone contacted me first thing in the morning. No-one contacted me. I called Virgin Atlantic just before 10:00 and was told that they were still waiting for information from South Africa! I have just arrived in London, with absolutely no clothing or toiletries, and not to mention that I also have several interviews set-up for tomorrow with subsequently no suitable attire. But, of course, this is of little importance to Virgin Atlantic, who cannot even tell me if they have found my bag or when I can expect it to be delivered! Tazim, requested that perhaps I should list the contents of my bag so that they could identify some of distinguishable items – will Virgin Atlantic Airways or Customs really have the audacity to go through my things without me being present? Tazim, also seemed to have difficulty understanding what I was saying, he kept requesting that I phonetically spell items for him! Pravin (another contact from Baggage Services) suggested that I contact the claims department; however Pravin was unable to tell me if they will reimburse me for the basic incidentals between now and my bag arriving, as Claims is ANOTHER separate department at Virgin Atlantic Airways! Pravin advised me that Virgin Atlantic would keep me updated on a two hourly basis regarding the status of my bag – he must have been joking, as I am yet to receive a call from them!

      Not only have I arrived in London without my bag, but also without my Virgin Atlantic unaccompanied baggage! I was advised by Virgin Atlantic to liaise with MMA Consolidators regarding the process and costs of sending unaccompanied baggage, as they are Virgin Atlantics ‘agents.’ I dealt with Craig Bailey from MMA Consolidators who gave me a COMPLETE quote and advised that I drop off the baggage on Thursday the 10th April so that there was good time to arrange the necessary for the cargo shipment that was to be sent on the 12th April, arriving in London on the 13th April in time for us to collect the baggage on our arrival in London on the 14th April. All baggage was actually delivered to MMA Consolidators by Monday the 7th April to ensure that there were no delays regarding my cargo. When asking about collection of my shipment at Heathrow, Bradley Van Wyk from MMA Consolidators advised that I just needed to go the Virgin counter at Heathrow! On arrival at Heathrow, it soon became apparent that this WAS NOT the case. We had hired a car for the day, so that collection of my shipment would be easy, however after making our way to the Virgin Atlantic Cargo depot we realised that the car was not necessary seeing as none of my cargo had been sent to London! The gentleman at the reception of the Virgin Atlantic Cargo depot directed us to another warehouse, where we needed to go to clear the goods (a process that had never been explained to me in clear terms despite numerous requests for an understanding of the process involved in shipping unaccompanied baggage from both Virgin Atlantic Airways and MMA Consolidators). The gentleman that we spoke to at the second warehouse directed us back to the Virgin Atlantic Cargo depot, as he had absolutely no record of the baggage waybill number. We returned to the Virgin Atlantic Cargo depot, where Sandy Ridges helped as much as she could. She contacted Douglas Macdougau who is responsible for Virgin Atlantic cargo in Johannesburg to explain the situation. Douglas Macdougau then contacted Bradley Van Wyk from MMA Consolidators to find out what is going on. Eventually, Bradley Van Wyk gave me a call to say that he was off sick and that he had, therefore, not been aware that the goods had not been sent! This is totally unacceptable. The problem I now have is that Virgin Atlantic is blaming MMA Consolidators, thereby ensuring that this issue now becomes my problem to resolve directly with MMA Consolidators when, in fact, it should be Virgin Atlantic resolving this mess up, especially since as a Virgin Atlantic customer I have no choice but to use MMA Consolidators if I am to send goods as unaccompanied baggage on Virgin Atlantic airways – a service that is described by Virgin Atlantic Airways as being cost effective and simple!!! Bradley Van Wyk said that he would contact me yesterday evening or first thing this morning to confirm when my unaccompanied baggage would be arriving – I am still waiting for his call. Sandy Ridges from Virgin Atlantic Cargo stipulated that I am unable to clear my personal effects without a UK Agent; however Bradley Van Wyk insists that this is not true! So please tell me which is the correct procedure? And why isn’t this procedure clearly outlined to your customers?

      The above not only reflects negatively on Virgin Atlantic Airways but on the entire Virgin brand. I await your urgent response in light of all of the above.'

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        • Se
          Selhor Jul 12, 2016
          This comment was posted by
          a verified customer
          Verified customer

          This morning by telephone I booked flights for my husband and self on Virgin Atlantic. As we fly with them regularly we both have quite a lot of Virgin Armiles. My husband had sufficient to book a free flight paying only for taxes and airport charges, I only had enough to pay for part of the flight and my total charge was considerably higher than his. The total for the transaction was £1138.30.

          The agent asked me how I wanted to pay and I offered my Virgin Credit card as using this card earns extra miles for the future. The agent said that there would be a charge of £4.11 for using the credit card and I agreed to this charge.

          When I downloaded the tickets/receipts I was amazed to find that the purchase had been treated as two seperate purchases and two seperate transactions. There was a charge of £12.07 on my ticket making the total credit card charge over £17.

          I telephoned Virgin immediately speaking to a different agent who said that nothing can be done about this. I did not agree to two charges, only to a single charge of £4.11 but so far I have been unable to find any way to rectify this or even to complain to Virgin about it.

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        Virgin Atlanticterrible experience!

        My husband Mr Malcolm Ronald Silk and myself are regular fliers with virgin as you will see if you check your records. We have always been so impressed with virgin that we both took out virgin credit cards and joined the flying club with promises that we would be able to use our points earned for upgrades. However on December 6th 2007 we had booked to fly out to Barbados from Gatwick Airport on VS29 and to return on the VS30 flight to Gatwick on the 4th January 2008. Despite numerous phone calls to yourselves requesting we upgrade to premium economy we were repeatedly told that we could not do this so far in advance. We tried again nearer the date only to be told that it was fully booked. We arrived at Gatwick Airport on the 5th of December to make use of your day before check in and to make sure we were at least in with a fighting chance of getting extra leg room seats. When we got to the early check in desk we managed to get the extra leg room seats however whilst this was being processed we over heard staff saying about all flights were going to be changed to Heathrow airport which was news to us. I asked the staff member dealing with our seating arrangements about this which she seamed rather surprised and said "haven't you been informed about this because you are in fact returning to Heathrow airport and that it should say it on your tickets". We produced all of our paper work and she agreed there had been a terrible error because someone had failed to notify us. This was not a good start to our holiday as we had arranged to stay over night at a nearby hotel and leave our car there for the duration of our holiday. We would never have agreed to fly with virgin from one airport and then back to another.

        It was obvious that nothing could be resolved at this short notice so the girl arranged for some coach tickets to transfer us on our return from Heathrow back to Gatwick so we could pick our car up. Because we had requested extra leg room seats we were to go to the ticket desk the following morning and pay and pick up our new designated seat tickets. I was very upset by all this but thought we'll make the best of a bad job. The following morning we went to the ticket desk and I was explaining to the young lady on the desk about our dilemma, she then informed us that we could in fact upgrade to premium economy (so called full) great we said there is a light at the end of the tunnel. We asked if we could pay with our virgin flight club points to which we were told that we could if we paid another £230.00 and then 10,000 points each deducted from our flight club. I couldn't understand why the whole upgrade could not be taken from the points as we both have thousands of them. She was very nice but explained it was company policy. I think my husband by this time just wanted me to be happy so he paid it and we upgraded. After a couple of days in Barbados my husband checked his email which is [protected], to find that an email from yourselves was sent out to us only ten minutes after we had left your day before check in counter informing us that our return flight had changed to Heathrow. On the 30th of December we filled in our check in and chill out forms and posted them in the virgin box as we were to fly on the 4th of January, on the special requests we wrote upgrade to premium economy if not extra leg room seats please. However we know from past experience that no one ever takes notice of the comments on the form. On the 4th of January we took our suit cases earlier than the designated time to Cocomos Beach club on the West Coast in Barbados so we could take advantage of the check in and chill out, we thought going early would again give us a fighting chance of extra leg room seats. Whilst we were waiting we were told by other virgin users that they had booked premium economy seats for the return journey whilst they were back in England, in fact one couple told us that virgin had actually rang them a few days before they left England and offered them the seats as they also had been told previously that they couldn't pr-book them. All these people had originally booked all their virgin flights after us. As you can imagine I was not happy at all again. When the virgin representative arrived with all the tickets I did not complain to her I just asked if there was any chance of us upgrading to premium economy if not then could we please have exit seats for the extra leg room. She then phoned the airport and said yes we could upgrade to premium economy. I asked her three times in front of other witnesses if she was sure they were premium economy seats and she said yes each time and informed us to pay and pick up the tickets from the ticketing area of virgin in the airport. Halleluya I thought at least we'll have a relaxing comfortable journey home I couldn't praise her enough. This was very short lived as when we got to the ticket desk we were informed that there were no premium economy seats for us as they had all been taken weeks before, my heart sank. Are you sure and explained all about that morning and how I had checked three times with the girl. They replied no definitely no upgrades for us and to add insult to injury there were now no extra leg room seats either which we new were available that morning because other people after us got them. I was now in tears but there was nothing we could do about it. I asked for the girls name who had supposedly booked us the seats that morning but no one new it but said that she was a new girl and must have been mistaken and given us the wrong information. Both my husband and I are very disappointed and feel that virgin have really treat us shabbily from start to finish. My biggest concern now is that we are due to fly to Palm Springs in America on the 29th of February and return on the 17th March with virgin, this time both flights are to and from Heathrow which I am not looking forward to all the hassle with virgin flights again.

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          • Ni
            Nik10 Oct 20, 2010

            My letter to Virgin. Based on my horrible, horrible experience:

            20th October 2010

            To Virgin Atlantic:

            Following my call to Virgin Atlantic Customer Service around 11:30pm tonight, I would like to log a formal complaint against an employee at your call centre called Michelle. I assume she is based out of a centre in or around India. Not only was she completely disrespectful, almost abusive, during our telephone conversation implying (explicitly) that she was doing me a favour by taking my call, but she also hung up on me when I asked to speak to her supervisor. I am outraged! It is my understanding that it has become popular amongst businesses to outsource services like call centres, but really some level of decency must be maintained.

            I am completely dismayed and feel shaken by the event. When I booked this ticket I went out of my way to select Virgin, knowing that although I was paying a higher cost I was also getting a better service. After realising I booked the incorrect date for my return trip I immediately called the FreePhone/Toll Free number and received not help, but a tirade. Is this how Virgin is training its staff? To yell at customers? Shocking!

            I would like to request that a formal investigation is launched and that this employee Michelle is terminated, or at the very least severely reprimanded and retrained. Michelle represented the Virgin brand very poorly, indeed, and I will think twice about booking with Virgin again lest I have to deal with someone like her; as a flight attendant her negligence could be lethal.

            Still my incorrect ticket remains unchanged and I am hesitant to call your FreePhone/Toll Free number again. Who would want to go back for a second round of abuse? No customer should have to take such treatment! Absolutely horrific. An abomination for the company and its stockholders. I just can't believe it. This is not the Virgin I have come to know and love.

            In the interest of full disclosure I am sending a copy of this letter to Trading Standards and the Office of Fair Trading. Other people must be protected from this type of indecency.

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          • Em
            Emilio Aug 09, 2011
            This comment was posted by
            a verified customer
            Verified customer

            This the tale of how Virgin Atlantic decided to make an extra $600 off of us when its staff knew we had no other option. Don’t risk your trip on this airline. This can easily happen to you.

            We were returning to the U.S. after a four-day visit to London. We were delayed leaving because I had been feeling ill that day. We arrived rushing as best we could, and were even held up by Virgin staff trying to sell a seat upgrade.

            By the time we arrived at the baggage check-in, it was 3:05 P.M. and our flight was leaving at 4 P.M. The agent took a few moments to review our documents, then asked someone else whether we could still put our bags on the flight. That person said no. Given that there were other passengers who were already at the check-in desk when we arrived who still were loading their bags, I know it was merely a Virgin policy to not allow us to load the bags and not any other restriction from the airport.

            What was the next and only option? They charged us almost $600 more to take seats on a flight four hours later that was 70% empty. It sent an unmistakable signal: Virgin enjoys sticking it to customers who had some bad fortune.

            Again, don’t risk a flight on this airline. It’s like the worst of the credit card companies or other shysters in the market – the second they can find a reason and know you have no alternative, they’ll unjustly suck as much money out of you as they can.

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          The complaint has been investigated and
          resolved to the customer's satisfaction
          Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd.the biggest queues and the longest delays

          Flying back to London Heathrow from San Francisco with Virgin Atlantic, my wife and I packed our house and car keys into our checked luggage, given the heightened security situation at the time.

          Whilst in Virgin's charge, my bag was opened and our keys were removed. Virgin's ground staff refused to offer any practical help, and wouldn't even call a locksmith to get us into our house. The cost to us of replacing locks etc came to £358, only £155 of which we were able to claim back through insurance.

          When I wrote to Virgin about this, they at first simply ignored me. After several attempts and nearly two months, they replied but have never apologized for losing our keys and say they are not legally obliged to offer any compensation. The offhand manner in which they have dealt with this incident is, in my view, disgraceful. I won’t be flying with them again and recommend that others avoid them too.

          Incidentally, our flight was also delayed for 6.5 hours on the way out. As I said, there was a heightened security situation at the time but Virgin Atlantic seemed to have the biggest queues and the longest delays.

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            Virgin Atlantic Airways Ltd.unexpected seat change!

            We just flew, for the first time, with Virgin Atlantic to Heathrow. Our one way ticket was very inexpensive and we had a great few days in London because of Virgin's lost cost fare.

            I booked this flight way in advance and got a aisle and middle seat for my wife and myself.

            I absolutely need an aisle and would not have booked this flight if one wasn't available.

            When I got my boarding pass at the airport I noticed that our seats had been changed. Why? It was a light flight and they had to redistribute the load for safety reasons. I'm a million mile flyer on United and never heard of this for a huge 747. Okay, where are we now. Well, sir, you now have a middle seat with someone sitting next to you in the aisle for your 10+ hour flight. What!!.

            To say the least I complained. To make a long story short we ended up in the very last row in a 2 seat arrangement. Seats were tight. Service was good and the fight itself was okay especially for the low fare.

            However, this seat change at the very last minute is not the way you treat customers. Even if they moved us to a different row, but an aisle seat as I expected, it would have been okay. They just arbitrarily changed the seats without even telling us at the counter. There were plenty of aisle seats available as we discovered during the flight.

            Make sure you call Virgin to ensure you're getting the seat you ordered if this is important to you.

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              • Al
                Alan Woodall Jul 06, 2008
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                On Sept 25th 2007, I booked direct with Virgin Atlantic for my family [myself, wife 2 kids (10+13)] to fly Manchester-OrlandoManchester.
                The out flight being Aug 7th 2008 [VS75] and return flight [VS76]Aug 25th 2008.
                The seats were pre-selected using the 'Manage Your Flight' tab on the VA webpage.
                Up until May 29th 2008, the seats for the return flight were still as requested.
                On viewing the wbe page now I find we have been moved and are now longer siting together
                [Three in one row, with my 10 year old a row behind].
                No logical explaination is being given by VA Customer Services, as there are still eighteen seats available
                on the flight.
                Booking eleven months in advance obviously gives the customer no rights !!!

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              • Al
                Alan Culpin Jul 24, 2008
                This comment was posted by
                a verified customer
                Verified customer

                It began when, a week before our flight, we received an email from Virgin saying our searing had been changed and the new seats would seperate all 3 of us. We had booked the seats 6 weeks before. When we arrived at check in, they put us all together - on the same row as the toilets, and in those noisy European aircraft, that meant we got no sleep. It continued with harassment like, after wrapping the miniscule blanket around my legs because as usual the staff set the temp for themselves, not the customers, and it was cold, I was told to take the blanket off for take off. On the way back, we were ordered to open the shade, despite the sun being directly in our eyes, for take off. I have flown for over 50 years, and NEVER run into this sort of hasslement. But the worst was yet to come. I had booked all 3 tickets at the same time. Our 18 year old grandson was going back before us, and we took him to Heathrow, where we had arrived - only to find that Virgin had changed airports on us without any notice. They had switched him to Gatwick! Unbelievable. When I asked to get him on the first available flight, they said they could not do it, as it was our fault. I asked for a supervisor, and got this very aggressive skinhead, who was extremely rude and confrontive. Going to another agent, we were able to list him on stand-by - they refused to get him on the first plane sending him First Class, despite it being entirely their fault.
                He eventually got on a flight EIGHT HOURS LATER!
                This is the worst airline I have flown in over 50 years, AND HELL WILL FREEZE OVER BEFORE I FLY VIRGIN AGAIN!!!
                BE WARNED!

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              • To
                towella Sep 11, 2010

                Virgin has been recommended to me as the best way to fly to the US. I therefore took the risk and did not book up with BA (my normal airline) to fly to the US with my family.

                At the time of booking in Dec, my daughter was 1.5 years but unfortunately due to my illness I could not fly to the states at that time. I later called to change flights and was charged in June to an August flight. We told the agent (seemed to be from India) that our daughter was now 2 years old. A price was given which we payed and thought the holiday was sorted out. But alas to our dismay we arrived at heathrow to be told that unless we forked out an extra £350 pounds we could not fly out as the computer(virgins computer I might add) had not picked up our daughter was now two years old. Total nonsense and a complete holiday spoiler. I mean why had this not been picked up before, why was price quoted then changed at the last minute. Your staff were so inflexible it was baffling to say the least. Why something that was your mistake was being blamed on us, why a price was quoted and then changed. In the end we ended up being let on after asking for manager after manager and persisting and calling our lawyers etc. This was not all, our luggage was then lost when we got to the other side. THIS HAS NEVER HAPPENED TO ME ON BA EVEN ON AFRICAN FLIGHTS. Luggage was recovered the next day but I had to spend my first day on holiday without my pills which were in the suitcase and without a change of clothes. I mean if you ever had this sort of experience with an airline, you would not be taking it again.

                On my way back the stewardesses seemed overworked and extremely rude as a result. The check in desk was due to open at 14:45 however this did not open until 3:15 with the baggage handlers doubling up as customer service. There was extreme confusion and staff looking like they did not know what they were doing . More quality staff could have been a good solution. My daughter was not given a meal until I asked and pointed out it had been paid for. My flight was VS022 on Sept 9th/10th, the announcements were in bad English some collaboration with Singapore Airlines that you are doing and I felt i was such a burden to fly with virgin (having paid with my hard earned cash).

                In this current climate, I am afraid you will have to do even more to convince us the paying public to part with our money. A substandard service is just not acceptable anymore because we are also having to work really hard to get the money needed to pay. Perhaps getting rid of those Indian call centres may also be an idea...but I have never for the life of me experienced such a terrible service for something I PAID FOR. Its not about how cheap but about value for money something which I thought virgin has always stood for. My cable service, phone service and anything virgin are also going as I was so disgusted. I hope my comments will help to improve what has been seen as a flagship in British Aviation. I cannot say I agree since my first and last flight.

                By the way the feedback form on your website is not working...its a miracle we arrived safely to say the least !!!

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