Virgin Active South Africavirgin active south africa promo's are a hoax!!!

I recently joined Discovery Vitality and opened a Virgin Active premium membership. I qualified for the September Promo where you get a R1200 take-a-lot voucher or R750 Woolies voucher. The sales guy did not give me any terms and conditions of the promo but distinctively advised that I would only get the voucher once the first payment is made. At month end I went to my branch and made the payment, now I apparently no longer qualify for the voucher as there is an apparent terms & conditions clause that states the payment must be made via debit order. This is complete bull crap and the worst part is the sales guy and the call centre manager are too busy arguing about who needs to take responsibility for the matter and it's been a week since either one has gotten back to me! I WANT MY VOUCHER I AM ENTITLED TOO!!!

Nov 09, 2019

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