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A Jul 22, 2019 Review updated:

On July 6th clients Tom and Thea Maguire 5640374 were to travel on a Russian Viking River Cruise and were unable to do so because of a lack of Russian Visas. I Wanda Mattiace owner at Adventure Travel double and triple checked this on recorded lines and was told by your representatives that they would not be required. When my clients arrived in Atlanta to board flights booked (by Viking) they were told they could not board without Visas. This was checked multiple times by myself and other agents in my office and I was told they would be under a "blanket visa." In fact, I was even told they would not be required on the day of travel when I called because my clients were at the airport and could not board. Had I been responsible for booking the air I would have been informed the Visas were in fact necessary and made sure my clients had them for travel. I have filed this complaint with multiple persons in your organization and have yet to receive any help or reconciliation. My business does a lot of travel with Viking and I would appreciate a response. I understand that phone calls are recorded and would be more than happy to have Viking pull those phone calls during which the booking number was provided in order to help get to the bottom of this issue. Thank you and I hope to hear from Viking very soon regarding this matter.

Wanda Mattiace Owner
Adventure Travel Agency and Cruise Center


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    Deborah Tormey Sep 04, 2019

    Posted 9/4/19 - The problem related to a visa happened to me, as well. I am supposed to be in Russia right now (my JFK flight was September 1, 2019 for a September 2 Waterways of the Tsars sailing) but due to misinformation from a Viking representative I am not. I am a well-seasoned traveler and know very well that I needed to check about obtaining a visa. I was told very clearly that as long as I stayed with the ship's tours I would be covered by the company's "blanket visa". Since I had visited both St. Petersburg and Vladavostok in the past and found this to be true I had no reason to doubt that Viking did, indeed, have a special arrangement. I booked my air through Viking (paying extra so I could have a say in the flights and seats) and at no time was I told that I needed to obtain my own visa. Just by luck I had a conversation with a Viking representative shortly before the trip (about 1 week) and discovered that this "blanket visa" pertains to Ocean Viking not River Viking! It was too late to obtain a visa at that point and I was told by the Viking supervisor that it is not a "covered reason" to obtain a refund through my insurance.
    I have filed a claim and I fully intend to pursue this in the media if I do not obtain what I consider fair compensation. I want to shout this out to make sure this doesn't happen to anyone else.
    I had not read reviews before going online, just now, to find the CEO's contact information and I am shocked that Viking can allow their customers to be treated in the manner described. Their advertising is so professional but, given what I am hearing now, it would seem that Customer Service is lacking. Viking may not be able to control the tourist crowds but they could be honest with customers regarding the conditions to be expected on the various tours and, VERY IMPORTANTLY to make it crystal clear that anyone booking the Russia river cruise MUST obtain a visa!!! This does not belong in small print but should be in huge letters and triple checked by Viking!

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