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Victoria's Secretreturn policy with receipt

I purchased $88.22 this morning. When I returned home after shopping I realized that a bronzer lotion I purchased was actually the tester. It was half used and dirty. Unfortunately I did not have my glasses on while shopping. When I drove back to the store later the SAME DAY to exchange it for a real bronzer lotion that was not a tester I was informed that I had to wait in line. 4 people working in the store, 3 standing around, 1 at the register, 3 in line ahead of me. After waiting to be helped, I was told they needed to scan my drivers license in order to exchange the product. When I objected, saying I did not trust anyone with this information, I was informed that if I did not give my license to be scanned they would not exchange the product. THIS IS BLACKMAIL. I am 60 years old not 18, I had the receipt from the SAME DAY, and the sales person could not even tell me where the information went. THIS IS HOW IDENTIFY THEFT HAPPENS.

I will never shop at any Limited Brands Inc. stores again including Victoria's Secret, Bath and Body Works and Bendels.

EG Marinos


  • An
    Angela Asher May 24, 2016

    April 4th 2016 I bought a couple of bright colored long t shirts. they were not cheap by the way. My complaint is that when i washed them as normal clothes and as i have in the past they faded due to me taking a little extra detergenat and applying where I had a spilled a beverage on my shirt. Now the shirts dont look fit to wear. I feel like following the wash care that this should not be the case. I would like a refund. shirts were $37.50 each. My name is angela asher and my email is [email protected]

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  • Gi
    Ginny gnnhj Jul 23, 2014

    Omg my iPad was hacked don't trust any apple products

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  • Vs
    vsangel Feb 21, 2013

    There is a lot of misinformation in these posts...I work for VS also and someone made a comment saying they work there and IDs are not required for returns...that is incorrect. It is selected stores that require an ID for your return, not all stores. Typically high-shrink stores... The TRE ID scanning system may make legitimate customers feel uncomfortable, but it is purely for loss prevention purposes, as you can see if you just read this article:
    There is enough abuse of our return policy as it is, so not requiring an ID along with not requiring a receipt with a return just basically screams, "STEAL MY WHOLE STORE AND RETURN IT ALL FOR NO CONSEQUENCES!" I wish that consumers would understand this, but it really isn't something you would understand unless you've worked in a retail environment that deals with shrink on a daily basis. Taking down this ID information is crucial to busting repeat thieves, and therefore helps the company keep prices lower for consumers rather than raising them due to people stealing all the time.

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  • Ti
    tinaglen13 Feb 11, 2013

    As an employee of Bath and Body works for over 5 years, I cringe when I hear people complain about RUDE SALESPEOPLE!!! Have you ever heard of Cause and Effect?? I for one can tell you that I have never in my life not even in Walmart seen a ruder bunch of Customers. 90% of you are RUDE; You come in with your Screaming kids in tow, who scream and fuss the entire time while you are totally oblivious to them, I actually had one child who peed herself in the middle of the store after telling mom for over 20 Min that she had to pee, than mom got mad at her, and expected us to clean it up. You all just drop stuff anywhere, you get ready for your dates and use all kinds of sprays lipglosses etc, you let your children run amok, climb shelves, throw stuff on the floor, you cannot do basic math and ask us what 75% off of $10 is?? DUH!!! You never put your cell phone down, You Expect us to give up our Holiday to be open for you at MIDNIGHT On BLACK FRIDAY, than when you get to the register to check out, before we finish the transaction which is when the register calculates the deal you say" I thought that was..., You complain about the Coupons and the fact that we do not let you use them all at the same time, than you don't want to give your phone number and or e-mail, well how in the heck do you think you got that coupon and do you think the company will continue to send them?? The only way to know you used them, to track them and to make sure that you continue getting them is with a phone number. And for those of you who want to say it is unlisted, trust me when I tell you if you pay taxes, own a home or have credit, it is listed!!! Don't believe me?, google yourself sometime you will be amazed. Lastly we also get a ton of you who return used stuff cause you just want new stuff, Think that we are a rental store. So when you want to complain about a price increase, think about that Wallflower you returned that was 5 years old and covered in Mold and you claimed you just got it, or that shower gel that you used up and didn't like but your too broke to buy another, that FREE ITEM That you came in to get, PEOPLE WE ARE A BUSINESS!!! We are here to make some profit, we don't have to GIVE YOU ANYTHING So perhaps you should be THANKFUL That we are giving you a real good deal and letting you use a coupon also. The average saving s in our stores is $10 or more, I challenge you to find that anywhere else...Didn't think so. So before you call the salespeople rude perhaps you need to put down the phone, experience a REALITY CHECK and take a good look at the MAN IN THE MIRROR!!! Enough Said.

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  • Vs
    vsemployee Jan 30, 2013

    I am a Victoria's Secret cashier. It's an overwhelming job and we get a lot of rude customers. I've had someone leaning over our thick counters yelling in my face about the license policy. It's the corporations rules not ours. Sure, some people have bad experiences, I have too in other stores. Returns are always pesky and we try to do it as quickly and as painlessly as possible. My store returns anything that comes in the door. I have someone wear a bra for a few months and return it because she ripped a strap, the underwear you return, goes right into the trash, we don't resell that! Your identity won't be stolen. Be nice to the employees, a lot are new hires especially around the holidays are are just getting trained. We learn as we go and don't really get proper training which I don't really agree with but we do learn. Also, the complaint about them standing around, we are assigned to different parts of the stores because of thieves. If we leave our section without being asked we get yelled at and risk being fired. So as much as I would love to help out with the cashier I can't nor can other employees.

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  • Pb
    pbillin Dec 27, 2011

    You can find more info here:

    CSRs have a lot of latitude with this policy.

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  • Mi
    mill3 Sep 30, 2011

    After reading all the horror stories here and on other websites, I thought I would share our experience today. I suppose our story is like many others here. We were not aware of VS 's unbelievable and unjustified policy of requiring a Driver's License for a simple return, or we never would have shopped there in the first place. My wife bought 3 bottles of body spray there and decided when she got home that she liked it so much that we would go back and buy them on the $30.00/5 bottles deal. We even wanted to keep the bottles she had bought, and just buy two more. Simple, right? Not at VS, it isn't! All was well and good until we got to the part of refund/rebuy. They INSISTED on a Driver's License to buy more! It isn't like we wanted to return the bottles we had already, they were fine. We were just adding two more, so there was no possibility of "cheating". We had the original receipt from one day before, and the original form of purchase (debit card). I have never in my life heard of a store requiring a Photo ID - for a return WITH A RECEIPT. The cashier and manager were rude, condescending and obnoxious, saying we should have seen their return policy before purchase (it was on a 6" card posted on the top of the high coutertop, in small print, where no one would ever notice it). They wouldn't do a return and repurchase for body spray - this was not an intimate item like underwear!

    I called their 800# and just as I suspected, they parroted the same BS, "Corporate Policy" "It can't be changed" "I can't do anything to help you", blah, blah, blah. Just as rude and condecending as they were in the store. I am not about to give some store my personal information for no good reason, just to satisfy their BS policies. There's too much of our privacy being invaded already to submit to such petty nonsense, just because they decided to harass customers. Even more interesting, the 800# CSR tells me this policy is in "high risk areas" only. The mall where we purchased this is the only High-End mall in this area (everything is overpriced, you know the kind of mall I'm talking about) so I find it hard to believe theft is a major issue - although this has no bearing on our situation at all.

    So apparently, many of their stores don't require ID at all, it is an arbitrary decision based on if you live in their so-called "high risk areas". Just so you know, we don't live in a ghetto. The average cost of homes in this area is $400, 000 and the clients that I saw shopping in their store today didn't look like they were "high risk" shoplifter types (whatever that may be, in their sole judgement). I will be writing a letter to Mr. Wexler, although I doubt it will make any difference until VS (or Limited) is in bankruptcy. I will laugh the day they file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, in fact, I shall relish it. Treating your customers like they are all thieves is bad, bad policy and it will backfire on them, because we are sure to tell absolutely everyone we know not to shop there, and the reason why. Maybe our business isn't important to them, I don't know, but unless there is some form of apology or rectification (I doubt it) they have seen the last dollar they will ever see from our family, and most likely all our friends too. There are many other places to shop where customers are respected and valued. Kohl's is a shining example of this. You will never ever have an issue returning something to Kohl's, with or without a receipt. Kohl's values your business and treats customers with respect and dignity. Obviously, by their actions, Victoria's Secret doesn't need our money or our business. So keep that in mind if you are crazy enough to ever set foot in one of their stores. I wonder how fast their "unchangeable corporate policy" will change when they lose enough customers to hurt them in their earnings "pocketbook"? We'll see.

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  • Bo
    Bonnie "Bozzie" Scott Aug 09, 2011

    I sent my son to return a gift set that I purchased from VS and did not know there was a dl policy to return items. If I had known, I would never have purchased anything from VS and will not shop there again. The clerks at North Park Mall were not only friendly and helpful, but also personalbe and customer-focused. I will simply not shop where my license is required for anything including the purchase or the return.

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  • Su
    Susan Bobjak Mar 07, 2011

    Obviously, the attitude of 12321abc is the attitude the permeates throughout Victoria's Secret! I purchased $75.00 worth of merchandise the other day and went back two days later to EXCHANGE a bra and purchase $75.00 worth of more merchandise but could not do it because I had switched purses and did not have my driver's license. I did have a receipt and I did have the gift card with with I made the first purchase. I was not rude, I was not trying to return something that could not be returned. I was trying to put more money into the company's pocket and was denied! I went back the other day, spent the rest of the gift card and will NEVER patronize Victoria's Secret again.
    I worked in the lingerie department in Macy's for years and we returned just about anything that graced our counter (some things we literally slid off the counter and directly into the garbage can). It is called customer service and the loss of that bit of income was worth it in their eyes because it also could keep good customers happy as well. There are enough retailers out there that will happily accommodate their customers and I will happily patronize them!!

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  • 12
    12321abc Jan 25, 2011

    First of all, I work at Victoria's Secret store. On a daily basis we deal with rude women (and men) who try to return things that as stated by the return policy, they cannot return. They argue with us sometimes to the point where we feel uncomfortable and have to have them removed by security. That is for our safety and for the safety of other customers.
    We have a strict return policy, because it's for intimate items. I'm sorry that what you bought was torn. Perhaps you should actually look at what you are buying before you swipe your credit card. Do not get mad at us for trying to doing OUR JOBS and uphold this policy, one that believe it or not was there way before the today show. I have seen people try to return many disgusting things like panties with blood stains (but they say that they weren't worn), obviously used lingerie with stains all over it (but again, we apparently never worn). Not to mention the fraudulent returns that we get. People do steal bras, lightly damage them and try to get money back which they never paid in the first place!
    Seriously people, check your products before you buy them! Make sure that there aren't rips, that it is not a tester, and that it fits you! You had enough time to shop around for the bra- make the time to try it on! We offer bra fittings, we have dressing rooms. Use them! Then you wouldn't have to come back for something that you could have done in the first place and saved both of us the trouble.

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  • Ri
    RiseAbove Jan 25, 2011

    I WORK FOR THE COMPANY. I actually work for Bath and Body Works but Victoria's Secret has the same policy. For an exchange we do NOT need your diver's license. Just for you to simple print and sign your name on the exchange receipt. Whoever you dealt with did not know store policy and needs to be retrained. Even for returns we don't need your DL, just for the customer to fill out the information on the return receipt. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience but remember, it was a poorly trained associate. I hope you called a complaint and informed the company of what happened. And on a personal note, I've had plenty of people come into my line with testers and I always catch it (for us seasoned associates we know to look for the written black "T" over the skew or beneath the product). Once again I apologize for that person.

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  • No
    notimpressedwithVS Jan 17, 2011

    I went to VS 2 days ago and attempted to use a coupon, my cashier said it wasn't valid and that people were emailing fake coupons out. Fine, I purchased the bra anyway thinking once I tried it on I could always return it later if it didn't work out. Well, I go home and I unwrap the bra from within the tissue and there's NO tag!! There was definitely a tag on it when I checked out. The bra didn't fit right, so I plan to hit up the mall tonight and see if I can get my CC credited for the expense. I better not have any issues with a return, b/c I bet the cashier deliberately removed the tag. UGH... over priced items and rude cashiers!

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  • Ja
    jamie8778 Jan 01, 2011

    This a a AFWUL return policy! I don't want to give them my ID for a return that I PAID FOR, it is no of there business to have this information!!!

    I can understand asking for an id for a return/exchange WITHOUT a receipt but not WITH one.

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  • Hh
    HHH1234 Nov 18, 2010

    Does anyone know whether or not it is illegal to REQUIRE a customer to show a license prior to a return? I know that it now states that on the VC receipt, but I'd be curious to find out whether or not they are violating any laws.

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  • Si
    sickofbadservice01 Aug 25, 2010

    I bought a bra from VS at 29th Street Mall in Boulder, CO today and half an hour later put it on before going to work. At that time I realized that the bra had a huge rip in the seam at the top and the lining was peeking through. I went back to VS within the hour and asked to exchange it for the same bra. I pointed out to them what was wrong with the one I brought back and handed them the receipt. I also had the tags with me, although I had already taken them off.

    The "manager in training" looked at the bra I was returning and in a very annoyed tone of voice informed me that she wasn't sure if I could return the bra because the tag had already been removed...even though the product was clearly damaged and they knew I had been in only an hour before. She said she would have to call her manager to see if she could do the exchange (as if she was doing me a huge favor by making the call). "There's a 'girl' up here who wants to make an exchange (etc. etc.) GIRL? First of all...I am a 33 year old WOMAN and this young lady was clearly MUCH younger than me. Her whole tone of voice was very condescending and I also find it extremely offensive when young women in their 20s do not address older customers in a polite fashion. I'm a chef. I work in the customer service industry as well but I would NEVER address any customer as "a girl" unless the customer was clearly a child. If I wasn't sure of someone's age and the appropriate way to address them I would just say "a customer."

    After she got off the phone she informed me that she would grant me this type of exchange this one time, as if it was my fault they're selling crappy products.

    Clearly, these young girls working these counters have no clue that our economy is not fully recovered and how grateful they should be when customers spend money on a 40-50 dollar bra. Not only that but I had to take time out of MY busy schedule to come back to their store and return this damaged bra that they sold me. I was the one who was being inconvenienced; not the other way around.

    And for all of you VS employees who are standing up for your company and the policies that are in place... I haven't seen any of you address the issues of rude VS employees on power trips, yet. Probably because there is no excuse for it except for bad upbringing and a sense of entitlement that seems to be running rampant throughout your generation.

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  • St
    star_artst Aug 16, 2010
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Limited Brands, tries their best to meet the customer needs and meet company policy. There is strict policy around 1 person being in every zone, especially being near the front to ensure customers are being greeted/welcomed, and that someone is available to assist the arriving guests, leading them to areas they maybe looking for. I have never heard of the swiping of the Driver's License during a return until I visited LA and I bought 2bras. 2 for $45, I also had a $10 off coupon. 45-10=35.. right? Not by their system, somehow it is $7. I left thinking wow the tax there is insane. After I got home I realized they charged me $38 before tax, I was like what the h, I called and asked what to do, I brought the bras and the receipt and the and they did the same, swiped my drivers license. I believe it is only certain Victoria's Secret's stores, but as the girls stated before, the information is locked into the system, and is never seen by the associate. So they say. The girl let me know that it only verifies that the same receipt hasn't been used to return the same item in the past. There are con-artists who will copy receipts. It is sad how one person can ruin it for the rest of us. Testers sold and exchanged, if there is a long line, I would have grabbed an associate standing around. If a tester is sold, I don't understand why they cannot exchange it. Especially when you have a receipt. Credit card information, this information is in the system and blocked from the associate view. there is no way to look up you account information, this is private between you and the credit card company. That I believe is all companies. I have a credit card from VS and bought stuff at Bath and Body Works, They send me coupons, but I don't have a printer, so I went it to see if they could look it up for me and they say they don't even have internet access. And when the info prints out, All we they is the last digits, they also have no way of looking up what you have purchased in the past. So There is no personal account information. Most stores I have been to, if you have your receipt and a bad item like a tester, they will just hand you the item you bought and switch with you. If it you don't have a receipt you have to go to the register then you can only get store credit or switch for something of equal value. I have never been to bendels? Are they part of the company? I thought only Limited, Express, VS and Bath and Body Works where together.

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  • Tr
    Trope Jul 25, 2010

    Went to Victoria Secrets to return five pairs of in the bag, unused, tagged panties. I had my original receipt and the credit card I used. I was told they needed to see my drivers license which I said was okay, but not okay if they were to take my Drivers License Number. No go. You cannot make a return without letting them scan your Drivers License into a computer that is not the cash register. After scanning the computer provides an approval code to complete the return. No way around this I am told. I argued for some time. I know about Marshalls system being hacked into, as well as Amazon and the new iPad. Identity theft is real, it happens to 27 million people a year. It is also very costly and will ruin your credit score.

    Apparently I'm the only one who seemed concerned or informed about this problem. I was being spoken to by two managers, neither of which wanted to diffuse the situation. I am a small woman and don't even used my hands to talk. However, they asked security to remove me from the store and caused a further scene. Security to remove a customer trying to return $25 dollars in merchandize with their original receipt and the product with their original tags. I had asked for printed documentation that this was indeed store policy, no go. On the back of the receipt it only mentioned that ID is required. It does not say your ID will be scanned and kept in a database. I would never shop at a store that did.

    And I will never, ever, buy anything from Victoria Secret again.

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  • Wv
    wvuaccountant Mar 29, 2010

    i tried to return a bra tonight that i tried on at home because i didn't have time to do it in the store lasst week when i was at the mall. the girl measured me that night, and sold me a bra different from what i generally wear because i needed a darker bra, and my usual style was sold out in the color i needed. the "manager" would not return the bra because it had been worn and had white stains on the bra from deodorant. here's the kicker, i don't wear solid deodorant. i asked if it was possible that the residue came from people trying the bra on in the store and she told me there was no way to prove that. convenient for them. i then asked how she could remedy the situation, so she provided a long-distance customer service number for me. i asked why i was expected to waste my time and cell minutes to call customer service, when it's their mistake for selling a bra that was not in perfect condition. she said there was nothing else she could do. she also refused to give me her name (yes, the manager) so i could provide it to customer service when i did call. i agree, $50 is too much money to spend on a bra that is not going to provide any benefit for me in the future. store managers at victoria's secret seem to think that it is their decision on whether or not one should be reimbursed for a unsatisfactory purchase. they're selling customers out for their little tiffany & co. gift cards they get for making store plan; they do not actually care about customer satisfaction.

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  • Vs
    vswillrobyou Mar 09, 2010

    Went back less than a day after purchasing a bra and since I took the tag off (a tag that is so cheap that I could have been dishonest and tied back on, BTW), 12 hours later, I was told that I could not return the bra. Nor could I exchange it. We all know VS bras aren't cheap, and this was their new Miraculous line. Fifty effing dollars for a bra that I'll never wear. Perfect. Thanks for robbing me, VS.

    And before any employees reply with "sorry, store policy" it wasn't your store policy until the Today Show sold you out on national television for reselling disgusting, used and stained panties. And even if it was worn (of course it was, to try it on), women try on bras in the store ALL THE TIME. The breasts aren't a "sensitive" area like the v-zone.

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  • I have shopped at Victorias secret for many, many years. Today I went to the store to return the "Bombshell" bra because it didn't fit right. The tag had fallen off (very easy to do with a loose black tie). The girl would not return the bra and the "customer service" (oxymoran for VS) person was rude and defensive. She actually attacked me on the phone. After shopping there for years and now having two teenage girls, we will never go back and I will complain to everyone I can think of. I am sure the responses above that explain VS policy, were posted by people they hired. I don't trust that Company and will never return. In this economy, you would think they would work on their customer service rather than handling the complaints after the fact.

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  • Ds
    DSwanson Feb 10, 2010

    Today was the first time I've exchanged an item purchased at Victoria's Secret. The two bras I purchased 4 days ago were indicated on the plastic hanger as size 36B, when I got home I saw that the tags on the bras were 36C. I am 49 years years old and have never been asked to hand over my driver's license to a store clerk on the few occasions I've had to return an item to a store. I will never shop at a Victoria's Secret store again. Nowhere on the sales receipt does it say that you have to hand over your drivers license to be scanned by the store employee. I find that to be quite intrusive.

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  • Me
    meggwtw Jan 11, 2010

    Every retail store has a specific return policy, and it is on the customer to abide by it. There were extenuating circumstances in your case because you mistakenly bought the tester, though, which should have been pointed out to you during the original transaction. Chances are, though, that the original clerk didn't notice it because the sticker is small enough that she could've missed it.
    You literally could've seen that you purchased the tester by accident while still in line and the clerk would need your ID to do the even exchange. Believe me, it's not the clerk's policy, it's the policy of the store. The other girl who commented is exactly right, too, that it's a loss prevention issue that they scan returns. It's hardly blackmail, it's our policy. If you don't agree with it, you don't have to shop there, which clearly you've decided to do. The information we take from your ID is locked into our personal system, there's no chance of it being used to steal your identity. We don't have your social security number, either. The other comment the commenter said, above me, is that the other girls didn't hop on an empty register because we are required to stay in our particular zone of the store. We can get fired if we don't monitor our zone and attend to customers, even if no one is there, someone *will* be there. We experience far too much shoplifting to break the rules, even in the quiet moments.

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  • Ka
    Katie R-T Jan 02, 2010

    My husband purchased some items for me for Christmas using our Victoria's Secret credit card. The receipt was lost, but we wanted to return the items, obviously unused and with tags attached. We went a few days after the purchase and found that, without a receipt, we could only get a store exchange, even though we used a Victoria's Secret card. We called the VS credit card company and they claimed to have nothing to do with it and wouldnt send a receipt. We have now tried logging on to my account online and looking up the transactions. To 'download' and view a printable receipt you have to have an obscure program I've never heard of. We are going to print out whatever we can off the screen, which includes the transaction number, and see if it works. I know there are scammers out there, but this is ridiculous. We didn't want cash back, we simply wanted the purchase back on our VS credit card, where it came from! I have the black card, so obviously I am a good customer, and this is the first return we've ever tried to make. Maybe they should update their computer systems so they can do a reverse look-up like every other retail store, or maybe they just like pushing store credits so they don't have to give refunds.

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  • Mi
    missmenace Sep 22, 2009

    The reason why she needed to swipe your ID was because for every return/exchange it has to be ran through the TRE device that keeps up with how many returns/exchanges a customer does per year. The reason that is done is because stores have so much shrink people often steal and then return w/o a receipt. She should have explained the policy to you and showed you it does state that information on the back of the receipt. I believe, as well, the orginal cashier who had rang you up should have noticed it was a tester and informed you before the purchase was made (because testers are not to be sold anyway). It was the original cashiers fault and they should have explained everything to you and resolved the problem.

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  • Ma
    Marley00 Sep 14, 2009

    The other girls were probably not standing around they are never to leave the room they are in (The company is pretty strict on this rule due to shrink and also helping customers in theyre assigned rooms).

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