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Nov 30, 2008

Victoria's Secret - claim of not receiving payment twice... but when I paid both times I have always pushed submit

I have been late on one bill in the past four years (since I received my victoriasecret card. I have never had any problems with victoriasecret as far as feeling cheated by their financial...

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Nov 15, 2008

Victoria's Secret - poor products, rude salespeople

I will never shop at Victoria's Secret again. The clothes fall apart when you wash them. If you purchase the underwire bras, the wire pops out and cuts you. The underwear are incredibly cheap -...

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Nov 05, 2008

Victoria's Secret - wired polily

I returned my bra to Victoria's Secret on Oct. 24, It is more than 10 days, however, when I check my account today, my money has not been back.

Yeah, it is my fault not to keep my receipt carefully, but I just never though there will be any problem with returning.

When I talked to the clark in store today, they rejected to locate my return record unless I show my receipt. How wried the policy it is. I have been a casher in a restaurant, I know it is easy to track each transition, especially that I remembered the exact date, and I have my credit card number with me, and they should have all my information.

I have no idea about what kind of trick they play, and just want my money back, I felt like my right has been violated.

Please remember this store, it is in Okemos, Meridian Mall. Be careful with their casher!

And any advice to help ask my money back is more than welcome!

Aug 15, 2008
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Victoria's Secret - bad service

Rude staff, only one register open, sales person left the sensors on my panties so I was forced to dig thru the trash to find my receipt so that I can take them back.

I had a very bad experience at my local Victoria's Secret in the mall on Tuesday, December 28th.
Victoria's Secret is having their semi-annual sale, so I should have known that the store would be jam-packed. I really needed some new push up bra's, and have looked forward to purchasing some since Summer. I took about 10 to try on, went into the dressing room and was the only person there. I waited patiently for the clerk with the keys to come and get me a room. She then was rude enough to let two other girls that just came out of no where get my room. When I asked her if any were avaliable, she snapped at me and told me to wait my turn. I waited for a ridiculous 17 minutes exactly until there was a room avaliable. When she saw the room was avaliable, she decided to ignore me and left the room. The woman who had the room was courteous enough to let me have my room, and stated to me that I was treated very poorly. When I left the room, the clerk then asked me how I got into one. I explained there was an open room avaliable a woman let me have. After this, I waited a total half hour in the line alone! There were only 3 registers working, 2 of them with women struggling on how to properly return merchandise. So, instead of waiting in line I gave my mother my bra and had her keep my place. I went over to the Panty clearance and started looking the selection over, and I grabbed a few pairs. I noticed on the tags that none of them were marked down to their clearance price, but I decided to take a shot at purchasing them anyway.
Upon entering the register, the new clerk apologized for the half-hour inconvenience. She then scanned my panties and they did not show up on clearance. I explained politely to her they were in the clearance bin. Upon hearing this, she did NOT believe me. She was trying to make it out to the manager in front of me and my Mother that I was trying to get a steal on panties. I then went to the clearance bin and showed her the pairs from the bin that were exact replicas of the panties I had intended to purchase. The manager then told her to go ahead and give me all of my panties, even the ones that were not on clearance for $3.99. When I was done paying for the items, I looked at my clerk and told her to have a nice day. She then glared and me and told me her day would be better when the sales were over, because it would ward off all of the "cheapo rip-off customers" who buy clearance bras.
Never in my 35 years of living have I been so upset at the unprofessional-ism that Victoria's Secret holds.
If this is going to be a PROfessional company, they need to start acting like one.
I also purchased some items from Victoria's Secret offline. I was very upset at the quality the bra's came in. My bra's came in a little package, and were smashed upon arrival. The customer Service Representative was a very rude Salesperson, and if I would have to rate the women that are working for Victoria's Secret...I would give most of them a 0 out of 10! SHAME on them for the attitude they have, it's bad enough they have to sell good bra's at such a ridiculous price, let alone treat their loyal customers like complete garbage!

most of the staff of this victoria secret are not really good in hayyat mall..we are filipina we have discrimenation of this people.they give the things to other nationality the things that on sale, and we are the first to come on that shop in front of them thy give the things that was on sale because they dont display some of stuff, if we ask them to give us also but they refuse its realy unfair to my nationality, , , why because we are pilipina?even we are pilipina we are not haramiya because we how to im just hoping to this shop to give ur staff some maners to others...

ur a liar she did not say that :)

Then don't shop there. You're correct that they treat everyone like garbage. Try being a GUY and buying a gift - they think you're not even a human. But this isn't a scam or anything illegitimate; you just weren't happy with the service. Apparently millions of braindead idiots are, so who cares? Do you think this is going to change anyone's mind?

Aug 01, 2008

Victoria's Secret - penalty charges - victoria secret credit card

I have had such a terrible experience, I will never shop there again. I purchased $60 and was pushed/sold on getting their Victoria secret card instead of using my own visa card. Big mistake, I get the bill and as I am a canadian, they refuse canadian cheques or funds which is all that i have access to. the problem gets settled in 2 months and they accept mycredit card. I start to get hit with hundreds of dollars of late charges. I explain the situation and after numerous calls/conversations and time I finally get someone to listen and they tell me all is settled and cleared with a small penalty of below $10. Then I start to get penalties again after that. Calls start again, I get called a liar and had to deal with the most rudest people ever - Michael B. I have never been so insulted and harassed like with this co. I finally got a credit, I must have spent hours and hours with tens of diff people. NEVER AGAIN will I or my family deal with Victoria Secret!

I experienced horrible service from their credit card customer service as well. Never again using Angel credit card.

Jun 05, 2008
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Victoria's Secret - beware

This occurred last year. I made a purchase at the store for about 80 dollars. Went home. Then NEVER got a statement from them. When I finally get a statement from them, it told me that I owed them 120.00 dollars. I called and the Indian woman took my information and said it was paid over the phone. She didn’t put the right info into the system and the company never got payment. Once I settled with someone who did speak English the 80 dollars went to about 119.00! SOME SALE... beware of credit card companies that sell out to India!


They charge more for the jumbo size panties, "Victoria." Hope this helps.

You should know that their call center is not out sourced. It is in Ohio. So is the credit card department. Check your facts.

OK wow great for being a racist. how do you know it was indian woman? your the dumb one that decided not to check the price. your jsut a stupid fat wanna VS model looking racist ###!

Feb 14, 2008

Victoria's Secret - faulty products!

Faulty products and faulty online shopping system. They always get my order online wrong. I thought it would save me more money by using their coupon codes but no... They would not honor the coupon...

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Sep 28, 2007

Victoria's Secret - poor customer service!

In mid July 2007, two months before I was to leave for vacation, I ordered close to $1000 worth of bikinis from Victoria's Secret. And when my airplane blasted off, guess how many Victoria's Secret...

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Victoria's Secret - charge before shipment!

Also before when we order merchandise from Victoria's Secret, they would put a hold on our bank card, and then actually charge the card when the merchandise ships. This is standard procedure for...

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Sep 12, 2007
The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

Victoria's Secret - selling polyester as silk!

It seems that every time I order something silk from Victoria's Secret, I get something either polyester or rayon. In several cases, the items were labeled silk on the tag as well as the web site and...

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