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Victoria's SecretDisloyal to students

I am very upset that this company took away the student discount that has always been offered to students. It was available through Unidays with the code "Unipink." It is extremely upsetting that the company that advertises the Campus Pink collection targeting students would take away the one benefit available to students. This is extremely disloyal to your target audience. I will be taking my business elsewhere where I am able to recieve my student discount. American Eagle and Aerie allow students to recieve a small break, so why would Victoria's Secret take that away? I will be closing my card with your company unless you bring back the student discount. This compnay makes enough money to afford a small price break to students spending thousnds of dollars on school. I am VERY saddened by your lack of loyalty to the student body. BRING BACK THE STUDENT DISCOUNT!

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    Victoria's SecretCustomer service

    A PINK Customer service

    This is going to be longer than I anticipated. I just got off a phone call from 2 different PINK representatives and one representative that I chatted with.

    I REALLY don't want to write this, I know it's just taking more time away from those things that I need to get done today. I only felt it necessary because after getting off the two calls and the one chat I'm so frustrated, angry and confused.

    I VERY RARELY complain about Customer Service to any company. I Realize that people have good days and bad days. And yet, that wasn't the situation in these conversations.

    Here was my question;
    1. in the pink app there are badges and the exclusive badge says to "scratch off five different times to reveal your exclusive offers."
    And I did scratch something off three weeks ago, and I kept checking back all the time to see if I was able to scratch anything off again and there has been nothing to scratch off. Can you help me with this situation?

    The 1st 2 representatives I talked to were not nice.

    The way they spoke to me and their tone honestly made me feel like;

    1. I was bothering them
    2. I was asking such a trivial question, as if I shouldn't be calling about this question. why was I even calling I even
    3. They didn't even want to look up any information on their computer about the question I was asking. I really thought that was weird because if she looked up badges or so exclusive badges on her computer or looked at the app herself she could have seen what I was talking about.
    4. They made me feel like I was stupid because they were acting like I was making this whole thing up!
    5. I don't understand that at all, because I'm a very busy woman and I have a lot more important things to do then to call Pink and make things up.
    6. They couldn't give me any information
    7. lack of wanting to actually talk to me,
    8. Didn't seem interested in what I was saying
    9. didn't seem to listen to my questions although I kept explaining the questions and they said they didn't understand so then I would try and reword the question so that they would understand and they still didn't understand.

    I told them the badges were under My Account on the Pink app. They both said they didn't understand what I was asking. I had to keep repeating to them my question and re-worded the question so maybe it would have been easier for them to understand. After putting me on hold for a long time, they both told they didn't understand what I what the question wasdidn't understand my question still didn't know what I was talking about and she asked the lady beside her and she didn't have any idea about the badges either.

    So really there was no reason to ask her about my 2nd question about the style crush badge because she didn't even know what a badge was.

    So she said she would transfer me to a different department that could answer my question and She said that she was going to make a note or if she didn't make a note on my account then I would've thought she would've talk to the person she transferred me to. And I I asked her, "you will tell the person that you're transferring me to about the questions I have?" She said yes.
    I told her that I appreciated that she was going to do that for me so I wouldn't have to explain everything again. I told her "Thank you, I really appreciate you doing that because it would save me time from having to explain everything again." So that the next woman I spoke with would be informed.

    When she transferred me I asked the Second customer service representative, The lady I talk to you that transferred me to you I told you about my questions, right? The woman that transferred me to you told you the situation, right, and she said no, I didn't talk to anybody before you were transferred to me.

    I don't have the time or energy to even go into the chat I had with your Pink representative.
    I am a very loyal customer, I Purchase from Pink all the time and I I love so many of your items.
    I think that because of all the time, energy, frustration with the trouble and problems I had this morning and then writing this to you, I would request a $50 gift card.

    Customer service
    Customer service
    Customer service
    Customer service
    Customer service
    Customer service

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      Victoria's SecretNot receiving my purchase

      I placed an order and the apartment number was not included in shipping so it was returned after a month of customer service calls back and fourth trying to get my items ..I was told I couldn't get them because they were no.longer available.. After a month why would they be and why couldn't they just be reshipped..I was hung up on 3x even by a supervisor and no one ever called back to resolve my issue ..I love pink however I will no longer be a customer if this is the service I get and not the clothing I purchase.. I'm disable so online shopping is how I get my things ..I'm so disappointed

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        Mar 21, 2019

        Victoria's Secret — Warm and cozy perfume

        I bought this perfume about a week and a half ago, and it has been leaking out of the top. I noticed when I...

        Victoria's SecretOnline order

        I ordered online an didnt recieve my package I called customer service for 6 days now an ask for a refund I have been told 30 diff stories by 30 diff people including the chat online by vs. I still havent received my refund an when I call to speak with a mgr they act like they dnt care at all. They act rude an I considerate that I spent good money an all I want is my money or my package. Wnt buy online again

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          • Updated by Jess123!! · Mar 18, 2019

            Very very bad customer service. U get told different things by every one your talk to it's been over a week an my issued still hasnt been resolved. Fed up with online people they dnt aplogize or anythg.

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          Mar 18, 2019

          Victoria's Secret — gift card

          My sister purchased a $100 gift card for my daughter on 12/10/2019 in Bend Oregon (store # 5086512) and gave...

          Victoria's Secretseamless hiphugger / return policy

          So I have this problem. I bought a seamless hiphugger in the College Mall store(Bloomington, IN) around Januarys last week. Then I flew back to my country (Costa Rica), I used my pantie two times and then the fabric just ripped off completely. The problem is I clearly can't fly back to the U.S just to return a $10 pantie. Over the phone, several employees told me there is nothing they can do about it because I most give back the pantie in the store that I purchase it, not even if I can attach pictures, not even return it in a Costa Rica VS store. Already understood that no one will fix my problem, so this is more like a "set a precedent email" and a request to review the return policy because it is senseless. There most be someway to fix your customers problems, a lot of people buy products in the U.S while they are on vacations or for any other reason, and then they go back to their countries. What is fair is that if I bought something, it is worth what I paid or I get my money back if it didn't. I am really disappointed for both the customer service, the return policy and the product that I bought, because non of these were useful to me. Going to attach the pictures either way.

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            Victoria's Secretlove spell foaming shower gel

            I was so disappointed when you did away with love spell shower gel. So when I saw the foaming shower gel on your website I was beyond excited. I ordered 3 of them. When I tried this product I was extremely disappointed it has no love spell scent at all, it smells like areosal. Please bring back the original product.
            Also, I have always loved your cotton underwear have been wearing it for years. They were always comfortable and well made. I purchased some hi-leg briefs they are poorly made and the fabric is thin and flimsy.

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              Jan 30, 2019

              Victoria's Secret — sale sign

              I enter the VS location today I wanted to make a purchase as there was a sign that stated 2 either sweat...

              Victoria's Secretincompetent reps and manager doing online exchange

              I ordered a lot of items online during the semi-annual sale so it's first come first serve basis. This is at the tail end of the sale as well. I wanted to exchange an item I bought for my mother (cup size was large even though it was her usual size outside of vs). I called customer support for an exchange (third time I asked for an exchange). The first time they sent me the wrong pattern. The second because sizing didn't fit. Both "exchanges" were done different but they were processed and shipped. The third one (made on 1/22/2019) was done by a nice lady who admitted it was her first time making an exchange. She assured me that she had her manager look over her work. Since her procedure looked like the first exchange I did, I figured it was right. I'm the customer, how would I know what they do? Still, I had a bad feeling something was wrong so I pulled up vs live chat. Note: my order status was "order placed" bud she explained the order was placed incorrectly and will be cancelled. Wow! So I would've never known!! They didn't send out any notification! It's not my fault it was done wrong and I didn't get my item since it's all sold out (semi-annual sale). They firmly said it can't be backordered and vaguely explained fact, she explained she can't "backorder something that isn't backordered". Doesn't that remind you of someone trying to give the definition of a word by using the word itself? Ha!!!

              After a long conversation she didn't solve anything. She didn't explain anything. She didn't apologize either. She wasn't nice but she sure wasn't mean. Honestly, I can't tell if she was a person or full robot. Thanks to your incompentent staff i'm suffering the consequence. I did my part but you didn't do yours. I am highly disappointed. No one called me back saying they did it wrong or tried to fix it for me. You can't even send me the item I want anymore! How do you intend on resolving that? No compensation for your staff's mistake. Your staff not acknowledging their mistakes. It's the biggest middle finger I have felt a company has ever flipped by the way their representatives act. Sadly, you're the first company to make me feel that way. Congratulations.

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                Jan 16, 2019

                Victoria's Secret — holiday helper mistakes effected my credit and no one to help!

                Comedity Bank holds Victorias Secrets Angel credit cards and I am livid with what happened, Where does the...

                Jan 09, 2019

                Victoria's Secret — unethical behaviour

                A few personal complaints about my visit to Victoria Secret Stores. Not once did I feel like a valid...

                Jan 03, 2019

                Victoria's Secret — return policy

                Victoria Secret had a special going on during the summer. I bought (3) of the special deals for each of my...

                Victoria's SecretI have not received my expected package ordered off of victoria's secret.

                I ordered a few items from Victoria's secret on the 23rd of November, I was and am still to be expecting a package from them about 2-3 days ago as it said it would be delivered on that day (December 5th, 2018). On the conformation email it claims that the package has already been delivered on the 4th of December (with tracking) and on another that it is still shipping which is very confusing. I still have not received my package which is highly infuriating as I am expected to have it delivered on time and not have to go through this frustrating process.

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                  Victoria's Secretfalse information

                  The victoria scret website says sign up for a card today we will give you 15 off a bra today ..b1g1 perfume set. Spend 75 get a free robe

                  Spent hours trying to get a customer service associate to help and then they said the 2nd tier refused to accept the call and wanted send my call to card member services when my card was just fine because i just signed up for it .. Being this is my first time with victoria secret and getting a card i felt mistreated

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                    Victoria's Secret Greece Ridge Mall — lack of handicap accessibility

                    My husband and I stopped in PINK to purchase a GC on 11/30/18. We were in line behind a gentleman in a...

                    Victoria Secret — lingerie being advertised on hgtv

                    I love HGTV! My husband added it to our list of channels we subscribe to last year because I've been begging...

                    Victoria's Secret — financial hardship not honored!

                    When I contacted Victoria's Secrets to try to get my payments lowered an be able to stop getting late fee...

                    Victoria's Secretonline order bad experience ever

                    Hello Victoria secret,
                    I ordered few times on You're deals season Especially flash deals that was nov 5th i had very bad experience especially talking to representative that are mean :(, I took a chance again order cyber Monday deals my total payment change to higher price when I check it's full price on the perfume eau de parfum supposed to be 25 dollars for small one and big bottle is 35 dollars but next day change to 68 dollars I'm not happy by all you're online deals and I used my angel rewards reps told me I can't get it back too so it's lose my hard earn rewards that I spent money 💰.

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                      Victoria's Secret — credit card

                      In September 2018 I bought a buy 1 get 1 free bra for my daughter. At the counter the sales associate asked...

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