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I earned a $20 reward due to my many many purchases. I used my reward to purchase some pj bottoms online as the stores were closed due to covid. When I received them they were too big so I had to mail them back (again due to store closures). When I inquired about getting my $20 reward back so I could purchase something else, I was told they don't do that. I asked if they could issue me a coupon for the same value and they agreed. They then sent me a coupon for $20 off if I make a purchase of $50 or more. I've been asking and asking for a like for like $20 coupon and get no where. I have been a lifelong vs customer but no longer. They essentially stole my $20 and refuse to make it right, simply regurgitating the same thing over and over (we can't refund rewards). They have not interest in making it right to a customer who has been with them for years and sent thousands of dollars on their merchandise. To top it all off, they refunded me only partially for my items I sent back and are still making me pay the full shipping. I'm done! I will never be a customer of theirs ever again and I will be telling everyone I come into contact with to stay away. The customer service is the worst!

Online gift card

I have a gift card which my friend presented to me for my Bday. Yesterday I tried to bought in store some clothes and I could not did it because there were no money left. I called technical support and they more than 10 times transferred my call from one department to another. Finally they told me that money were cash up online, but it was not me. 2 days Im trying to figure out how can I take back those money, but no one want to help me. Horrible costumer support. Wont shopp any more in Victoria's Secrete!!! I'm so ANGRY.

Management - victoria’s secret

All I can say is as someone who has loved the company since they were a child, I am extremely disappointed in the company not only to a CEO (driving the business down the drain) but to the managers. This company does not care about its employees or customers. Managers and employees are back stabbers and constantly competing because they feel threatened. Employees not nice or helpful to new trainees "I don't want to deal with this". Managers nit pick every little thing and "talk" to you for doing anything. Managers contradict each other with one telling you one thing and then another telling you something else, confusing the employee and then blaming the employee for doing something the other manager said (constantly), instead of focusing on selling they just want to focus on cleaning the area and making sure you follow people you think are stealing. Manager responsible for scheduling "accidentally" didn't input a day that was supposed to be worked and then when getting called, finally showed up to work and although they said it was okay due to the website "messing" up they continue to bring up "tardiness" As a means to get mad. Do not have enough walkies which makes it impossible to do job and get upset if phones are on the floor to check the time for shifts yet don't care if apple watches are being used to text. Extremely rude and unhelpful to customers and employees (making several customers and employees cry), HR useless, talk behind employees and customers backs. No life work balance. High school drama. Now I understand why everyone leaves the store to go to La Senza.


I went to use a birthday coupon $15 off an angel's purchase and to use a free panty coupon. I made the line...


I usually love going to Victoria's Secret as they serve right when you enter the store. They measure you, inform you about the promotion but this year was really disappointing...
I went to one store in Oxnard, one in Santa Monica and another one I can't remember where, but the service was really bad..
Nobody welcomed and guests in the store just talking to each other (employees) and serving only specific guests...
I find it really disappointing as I remembered this was one of the best service I could get back in the days.
I found another store with a much better service and won't go back to Victoria's Secret anymore.

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Security tags purposely left on items

This situation started out fine. The young lady on the floor was very helpful. I told her I needed sport...

Card constant online phone payment issues

I literally don't bother using either of my Ann Taylor or Victoria Secret cards because its to difficult to...

Credit card customer service

I have been paying the same amount to VS for MONTHS. They changed the terms of the account and increased the minimum by FIVE DOLLARS. Because I did not realize this and paid the amount that I always pay, they charged a $28 late fee. My account is paid up to 10 days early every single month and on top of this, my balance was less than $100. I called and had the privilege of speaking with Tiffany. Instead of being a kind human being and explaining all of this, she spoke to me like she was a robot reading off of nothing but a script. The account is in my husband's name, but over the last 6+ years of having this account, I have handled ALL issues over the phone. Tiffany made me call my husband at work and even though he authorized me to speak to her (now for the second time over the duration of the account), she made him repeat EVERY single word that I said because I was not allowed to request a refund for the ridiculous $28 charge that was assessed for a late payment that was not technically late. Every time I spoke, she sat there in silence waiting for him to literally repeat what I had previously said. My husband is an executive who works for a multi billion dollar company and had to be interrupted to request a $28 refund. Ironically enough, he is responsible for Guest Experience. I can assure you that this will be a business case that he speaks about in every presentation and meeting where it is applicable.

  • Te
    TellMeAboutIt82 Sep 04, 2019

    The $28 fee is not a ridiculous charge. Victoria's Secret notified everyone of the change well in advance. If you did not bother to read it and paid the wrong amount that is your fault, not theirs. They shouldn't have to give you a refund because you're stupid and lazy.

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Complaining about the manager that works there / store visit

I am beyond furious with the manger that works at Inland center mall in San Bernardino. The way she treated...

Sports bra

Bought a sports bra about two weeks ago during one of the many great sales and put it on the other day for the zipper to break. I love your products and never had one do this, of course I have no reciept so taking back not an option, was wondering why this one was so flimsy.
P.S. Attempted to send pictures but a basic photo is to big of a download.

Underwear / asking just to change size

Consumer rights not respected. I asked my size S, arrived home and notice clothes were XS. One week later...


It is Wednesday, June 19 and it is 630, about an hour ago I was in Victoria's Secret at Hulen mall and there was a lady that is working in the dressing room department. I had picked up a red lingerie piece off the rack and I want to try it on in the dressing room but there was a spot on it and so I just left it hanging up in the dressing room. I bought a black one of the same type for $59 and when I went to check out. the girl had noticed I guess the spot on the lingerie and went and made very rude remarks to me at the cash register. I was very upset and embarrassed and completely disgusted with the way the situation was handled and I really do think she should not be working in a lingerie department because that is not how you handle things she even threw it around in front of the cashiers and asked them if they wanted it. She had shorter curly hair and was heavier set. It really upset me and I'm thinking about calling corporate on you guys or her if the situation is not handled.

Customer service

Where to even begin with this catalogues of monstrosities I do not know... I'll give it a good go. So i realised yesterday (11th) that my order had been cancelled 5 days before with no explanation or attempt at making the situation better. I engaged in a live chat with Ashley at 17:39 who told me there was no issue with my order and then failed to respond again with anything helpful, I can attach a screen shot of where the conversation was left. Not being satisfied with that I tried again at 18:33 and spoke to Cindy who instantly told me there had been a processing error and I was welcome to re-order. After I advised her I didn't wish to and I would like any outstanding orders cancelled she advised that she couldn't stop the orders and I would still receive them AND keep the items and that would be confirmed via email within an hour... Had a feeling it hadn't been done and no email still the following morning so I contacted the [protected] number at 7am this morning and spoke to Kaitlin who after 7 minutes was no use what so ever and told me I was telling her the order number incorrectly so I asked to speak to her manager. Kaitlin had me on hold for ages and came back with no manager. Still arguing the order number wasn't valid and that she was discussing it with her supervisor, even though I specified a manager. Anyway after nearly 45 minutes Kaitlin finally provided me with an email address for me to send the screenshots to and she recieved them and STILL tried to pick fault which I'm sorry made her look a complete idiot. I even questioned her as to if she felt silly accusing me and she couldn't answer. An hour and 10 minutes in I FINALLY get the pleasure of speaking to Kaitlins supervisor who's name wasnt even worthy of remembering decided to hang up on me. I then rang the Bristol store I'd visited last Thursday to see if they could off any help and spoke to the sweetest young lady called Emily who couldn't apologise more if she tried bless her who informed me the top port of call was the number I'd already been hung up on or this email... so failing this I will be contacting the ombudsman as I've been made fully aware all calls recorded and I'm certain Victoria Secrets have failed me miserably. If some one would kindly contact me asap I'd be extremely grateful. 

Even when put to Victoria's secret as clear as day they still have the cheek to send the same generic message that started all this.

Customer service
Customer service
Customer service
Customer service
Customer service
Customer service

Customers service

Good afternoon
I visited today Westfield Stratford London store at 14:20 and i was really disappointed. In 10 minutes i was there looking for somebody to help me with the size not one person say hello or asked me if i need help. Store at the time wasn't busy at all. One of the staff at the front was chatting security the whole time not caring what's happening in store. I finally say hello to one of the girls and when i asked for help she said she is with another customer but minute after saw her standing doing nothing.
I never complained before but customer service in this store wasn't good. I believe you have some lovely staff in this store but for sure wasn't working today.
I hope this will help to improve customer service in Stratford, but im not sure if i want to come back.

Kind regards

Promotion staff at capital fm summer ball

I entered the summer ball with my sister at Entrace F to wembley arena. We paid a lot of money for the show and were very excited. We saw some other girls walking around with VS bags and they told us they were free, so my friend went to get one and Joined her. I was on the other side of the barrier to my friend and there was no que. As my friend got one and walked away I asked politely ‘oh please may I one too!' And her reply was ‘mm not unless you come round here and ask politely you aint.' I was shocked and made to walk around a table and re ask. Her and her colleague sniggered at me. I then felt really uncomfortable and it ruined good mood. I spent a lot of money on my ball ticket and I feel she was being purposely awkward for a bit of power over me to make me feel uncomfortable. I am 25 and I have been shopping at PINK in trafford centre and westfield in London since I was 14. I was dissapointed and upset. She was African America working at stand near the inside toilets and cocktail bar.

Disloyal to students

I am very upset that this company took away the student discount that has always been offered to students. It was available through Unidays with the code "Unipink." It is extremely upsetting that the company that advertises the Campus Pink collection targeting students would take away the one benefit available to students. This is extremely disloyal to your target audience. I will be taking my business elsewhere where I am able to recieve my student discount. American Eagle and Aerie allow students to recieve a small break, so why would Victoria's Secret take that away? I will be closing my card with your company unless you bring back the student discount. This compnay makes enough money to afford a small price break to students spending thousnds of dollars on school. I am VERY saddened by your lack of loyalty to the student body. BRING BACK THE STUDENT DISCOUNT!

Customer service

A PINK Customer service

This is going to be longer than I anticipated. I just got off a phone call from 2 different PINK representatives and one representative that I chatted with.

I REALLY don't want to write this, I know it's just taking more time away from those things that I need to get done today. I only felt it necessary because after getting off the two calls and the one chat I'm so frustrated, angry and confused.

I VERY RARELY complain about Customer Service to any company. I Realize that people have good days and bad days. And yet, that wasn't the situation in these conversations.

Here was my question;
1. in the pink app there are badges and the exclusive badge says to "scratch off five different times to reveal your exclusive offers."
And I did scratch something off three weeks ago, and I kept checking back all the time to see if I was able to scratch anything off again and there has been nothing to scratch off. Can you help me with this situation?

The 1st 2 representatives I talked to were not nice.

The way they spoke to me and their tone honestly made me feel like;

1. I was bothering them
2. I was asking such a trivial question, as if I shouldn't be calling about this question. why was I even calling I even
3. They didn't even want to look up any information on their computer about the question I was asking. I really thought that was weird because if she looked up badges or so exclusive badges on her computer or looked at the app herself she could have seen what I was talking about.
4. They made me feel like I was stupid because they were acting like I was making this whole thing up!
5. I don't understand that at all, because I'm a very busy woman and I have a lot more important things to do then to call Pink and make things up.
6. They couldn't give me any information
7. lack of wanting to actually talk to me,
8. Didn't seem interested in what I was saying
9. didn't seem to listen to my questions although I kept explaining the questions and they said they didn't understand so then I would try and reword the question so that they would understand and they still didn't understand.

I told them the badges were under My Account on the Pink app. They both said they didn't understand what I was asking. I had to keep repeating to them my question and re-worded the question so maybe it would have been easier for them to understand. After putting me on hold for a long time, they both told they didn't understand what I what the question wasdidn't understand my question still didn't know what I was talking about and she asked the lady beside her and she didn't have any idea about the badges either.

So really there was no reason to ask her about my 2nd question about the style crush badge because she didn't even know what a badge was.

So she said she would transfer me to a different department that could answer my question and She said that she was going to make a note or if she didn't make a note on my account then I would've thought she would've talk to the person she transferred me to. And I I asked her, "you will tell the person that you're transferring me to about the questions I have?" She said yes.
I told her that I appreciated that she was going to do that for me so I wouldn't have to explain everything again. I told her "Thank you, I really appreciate you doing that because it would save me time from having to explain everything again." So that the next woman I spoke with would be informed.

When she transferred me I asked the Second customer service representative, The lady I talk to you that transferred me to you I told you about my questions, right? The woman that transferred me to you told you the situation, right, and she said no, I didn't talk to anybody before you were transferred to me.

I don't have the time or energy to even go into the chat I had with your Pink representative.
I am a very loyal customer, I Purchase from Pink all the time and I I love so many of your items.
I think that because of all the time, energy, frustration with the trouble and problems I had this morning and then writing this to you, I would request a $50 gift card.

Customer service
Customer service
Customer service
Customer service
Customer service
Customer service

Not receiving my purchase

I placed an order and the apartment number was not included in shipping so it was returned after a month of customer service calls back and fourth trying to get my items ..I was told I couldn't get them because they were no.longer available.. After a month why would they be and why couldn't they just be reshipped..I was hung up on 3x even by a supervisor and no one ever called back to resolve my issue ..I love pink however I will no longer be a customer if this is the service I get and not the clothing I purchase.. I'm disable so online shopping is how I get my things ..I'm so disappointed

Warm and cozy perfume

I bought this perfume about a week and a half ago, and it has been leaking out of the top. I noticed when I...

Online order

I ordered online an didnt recieve my package I called customer service for 6 days now an ask for a refund I have been told 30 diff stories by 30 diff people including the chat online by vs. I still havent received my refund an when I call to speak with a mgr they act like they dnt care at all. They act rude an I considerate that I spent good money an all I want is my money or my package. Wnt buy online again

  • Updated by Jess123!! · Mar 18, 2019

    Very very bad customer service. U get told different things by every one your talk to it's been over a week an my issued still hasnt been resolved. Fed up with online people they dnt aplogize or anythg.

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