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Victoria's Secret Complaints & Reviews

Victoria's Secret / body by victoria bras

Heather Breault on Oct 16, 2017
I recently learned that the horrific rash that has playing me for over a year is directly caused from my Victoria's Secret bra. I was angered to learn that Victoria's Secret has been fully aware of the issues with their bras for over 10 years. The rash that I received from the Victoria'...

Victoria's Secret / customer service

dorkfish7485 on Oct 13, 2017
My boyfriend and I went into the store tonight around 8:00 pm. There were a few workers, who seemed to be friendly, and attentive. I was picking out a gown for a wedding of a friend. I was trying on the outfits, to see how they looked. I took one of the slips off the mannequin because it...

Victoria's Secret / service

Lex Rae on Oct 12, 2017
It just seems each store I've visited, the service sucks... Staff act as if it's a honest burden to do their jobs. First troublesome encounter with Victoria Secret: asked a worker to hold a large pair of underwear, came back she tried handing a small off to me. Second: the cashier left a security tag on and I managed to make it back home like that.

Victoria's Secret / customer service

Bonny p on Oct 9, 2017
I could not believe what happened to me today. A girl just got done sizing me. She left to go get me some similar bras to the ones I were wearing that I bought last time I was there. I stayed in the dressing room for about 10 minutes she had not came back. I Heard my daughter go in the...

Victoria's Secret / marketing

Ashley Tate on Oct 8, 2017
So i'm not one to usually complain, but today I feel the need to...So here it goes. I paid a visit to a Victoria Secret store today in hopes to purchase a bra. I have been a customer of Victoria Secret for several years so when I need a new bra, it's my go to store. So they had a promotion...

Victoria's Secret / services was rude

Vea_dy07 on Oct 7, 2017
Last night, we decided to buy mists and perfume in Victoria Secret alwada mall branch, the pilipina was so rude she cannot handle lots of guest who’s asking about the products and she keep on shouting every person who tries for the TESTER. Come on! How can we buy a perfume without testing...

Victoria's Secret / doing a return/ exchange

Amy Fleming on Oct 1, 2017
Yesterday I went to your store located in Town Square Las Vegas, Nv. I brought with me sevetal items which i plamned on returning but after getting there realized i had grabbed the wrong receipt, after waiting in line ready to do my return, which i was unable to do i asked aboit then...

Victoria Secret / perfume

aliciairwin on Sep 24, 2017
i recently purchased a bottle of perfume to which i already had the body spray. i decided to purchased the $68.00 bottle cause i like the body spray however the smell didn't last long at all...like literally once i walked outside you could no longer smell it so i thought the perfume would...

Victoria's Secret / poor quality of a bag I bought and the service

Aysun Demir on Sep 11, 2017
I have bought a victoria secret bag in march from airport Istanbul after my vacation . After 2 months the bag strings broke and is not something i can fix. Today I went to the victoria secret store at Airport Schiphol because I life in the Netherlands. At the store they saw the default of...

Victoria's Secret / vs allows perverts to snoop into dressing rooms in lex, ky fayette mall

BanVS on Sep 10, 2017
On recent trip to VS with granddaughter, I encountered a man in the dressing room waiting area. He was leaning around the door frame starring into the dressing rooms where women were undressing. Granted the dressing rooms have doors, but those doors open with half clad woman when the...

Victoria's Secret / poor customer service

Tara Maynie on Sep 8, 2017
Hello I just visited you guys location here at Great lakes crossing. I was very upset by how rude a associate name Andrea #1645377 treated me & my daughter.I asked if I could put in my email for awards and she acted as if I went pass screen which I didn't and she just had nasty attitude...

Victoria's Secret / reluctant aggressive behavior of city stars assistant manager mrs rana

Hatem Abdalla on Sep 3, 2017
My name is Shahenaz Badrawy. I am the medical manager of a hospital in Cairo. My complaint is the bad lazy provocative behavior of City Stars assistant manager Mrs Rana. I bought eight bras and nine panties. First mistake : an uncharged for bra was placed in my bag. Once I discovered I...

Victoria's Secret / customer service from cashier 3055452

Kimberly Williams9696 on Sep 1, 2017
On 9/1/17, I visited the Victoria Secrets in the Four Seasons Mall in Greensboro, NC. I had all intentions to purchase a pair of slides from the store and noticed a sign saying "Fur Slides for $15" I noticed a few pair that weren't fur and wanted to know were these also marked down from...

Victoria's Secret / very sexy push-up bra

Julie Canniff on Aug 26, 2017
On August 25, 2017 I wore my very sexy bra. A few hours after I put it on, the right side of the bra leaked. A couple hours after that, the left side leaked as well. Not only is the bra garbage, but the outfit I was wearing is full of oil. I have not been able to remove the oil from the...

Victoria's Secret / product and stolen phone

Adriannabrittany on Aug 23, 2017
I went in to the macomb mall with my oldest daughter it was back to school deals loud dj employees dancing singing very unprofessional. Well she left her phone right by the undies and a worker that was helping us was right there cleaning stuff up well that's one issue someone stole her...

Victoria's Secret / victoria's secret credit card rewards

Shalisa Singleton on Aug 21, 2017
Love their products, but there rewards program is a joke!! I have been a forever angel for 4 years and this last year their customer service and mailing of rewards has gone to [censor] I have been waiting since 6/22 to recieve my reward to arrive, it has been 8 weeks so I called them to...

Victoria's Secret / dropped quality

d cozzette on Aug 15, 2017
Their company used to be great and provide a good quality. But then something has happened and everything changed. They sell no more wonderful and beautiful lingerie because all you can find is small sizes and clothes for students. I don't know what to buy there anymore, even though I...

Victoria's Secret / poor customer service

Jenna1970 on Jul 29, 2017
At the Mall of the Bluffs store on July 29, 2017 my daughter and I came in to purchase a PINK backpack and tshirt and was treated very rudely by salesperson. Took forever to get to register for checkout, never mad eye contact or smiled, could have cared less if we were in there. I ended up...

Victoria's Secret / liquid glitter phone case

ms campbell on Jul 28, 2017
I am writing this letter to you about the phone case I bought from your company that cracked and leaked out all over the inside of my purse damaging my phone along with other items in my purse not to mention I used my phone for work this has caused me not to able to communicate with my job...

Victoria's Secret / cashier and products arrangement - time waste!!

la.j on Jul 28, 2017
DEAR VISTORIA SECRET TEAM I am living in Saudi Arabia, being a regular costumer for victories secret even before branches are available in the place (for around 10 year by fiends and online order) I know the quality and high service standards Unfortunately in Saudi Arabia service is below...

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