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2:08 pm EDT
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So I've been looking to get an iPhone and get out of the 1.5 years I have left with Verizon. I stumbled onto this forum looking for a way out. Sure enough I read this clip out of the Customer Agreement and I saw a light at the end of the tunnel:

Our Rights to Make Changes


After reading this I looked at my bill as of July 1st, 2009, Verizon has raised their Administrative charges from $0.85 up to $0.92. To me this qualified as a price increase. What follows is my ordeal with Verizon. If you don't want to read the rest of this- the answer is No, I wasn't able to get out of the ETF.

1. Called Verizon and spoke with a woman named Africa (no joke). I explained the situation and the price increase and informed her of the customer agreement. She replied saying that the Administrative Charge was a tax and there was nothing Verizon could do about it. First problem, I believed her. I then complained about the GPS being locked (I've got an Omnia). Got nowhere... 30 minutes later I was off the phone. I then went to Verizons website and saw their explanation of charges that states:

"Administrative Charge, helps defray certain costs we incur, currently including (i) charges we, or our agents, pay local telephone companies for delivering calls from our customers to their customers, (ii) fees and assessments on network facilities and service, and (iii) certain costs and charges associated with proceedings related to new cell site construction. Please note that these are Verizon Wireless charges, not taxes."

2. Realizing she either lied to me or doesn't know what she is talking about I called up VZ again. Explained the situation again to another guy who said it was a tax. I told him to look it up under explanation of charges. He said he couldn't find any explanation of charges (WTF?)... Finally, he talked to his supervisor and was given a copy of them (easily available on their own website). After reading it he said it looks like you are right, let me put you on hold.

After 15 minutes he came back and said he could not waive the ETF because his supervisor said the price change had to be more than one dollar a month... Basically his supervisor was throwing BS out there, so I asked to talk with her. She explained very confidently that it is a Verizon policy that the price change has to be more than one dollar per month to qualify for a waive on the ETF. I asked her if it says that in the Customer Agreement. Yep, she says. I ask her if she is looking at it and where it says that (I had the agreement up on my screen). Her response- at the bottom of the page. I asked how many paragraphs up from the bottom? "I'm sorry sir, I'm not actually able to look at the customer agreement, but it is in there and it's towards the bottom."

(Blood pressure rising). One minute she tells me she is reading it, the next minute she says that she can't pull up her own companies customer service agreement? Are you joking. I asked for a different manager. She said she was the only one there. She then assured me that she was right and since it didn't qualify for the dollar increase I'd be charged the full ETF. She told me I could send a fax over to Verizon Customer Correspondence... a fax. I asked for a phone number. "I'm sorry sir, they don't have a phone number." Before my heart explodes I end the phone call.

3. Third times I charm... I officially hate Verizon. I talk to a woman, who after getting my name and number immediately puts me on hold for 10 minutes. I explain the situation and she says, that she will credit me the $0.07 difference for the next 6 months. She says this way there won't be an "material adverse effect" and there fore I didn't qualify for the ETF. Long story short, I speak with the manager, who effectively says the same thing. I told them I don't want the credit, but I want my ETF waived, like it says in the customer agreement. No can do she says.

It's quite obvious that customer service and customer agreements for that matter don't mean much to Verizon. Their priorities lie in nickel and diming the customer, probably hoping they won't notice or they won't call back if they get disconnected while on the phone with customer service (happened once already today).

I hope someone has more luck that me. At this point, I'm thoroughly sickened by Verizons greed and I'll be picking up an iPhone later today.

Update by cjones2010
Jul 31, 2009 5:10 pm EDT

By the way Mike, how long have you worked for Verizon? I noticed you have 14 comments- all about how stupid people are to question Verizon. Do yourself a favor and stop being such a [censored]. You make me dislike Verizon even more.

Update by cjones2010
Jul 31, 2009 4:45 pm EDT


After speaking with another manager (4th one), he agreed that I should be able to cancel without an ETF. He said he'd make a note to have it waived. Guess what just came- my invoice for $140 ETF. Lying [censored]bags.

And, I filed a complaint with the BBB- here is Verizons response:

Dear Mr. Bocchicchio:

This is in response to the above-referenced complaint filed by Mr. Jones, received by Verizon Wireless on June 27, 2009. Mr. Jones reports Mr. Jones reports he is in dispute of Verizon Wireless' proposed administrative fee increase and asks that he be allowed to cancel service without the application of the standard early termination fee. Mr. Jones points out that based upon the terms of his customer agreement, any increase in charges that have a material adverse affect, allows customers to cancel without an early termination fee. As a result Mr. Jones is requesting that as a result of his recent cancelation of service, he is requesting Verizon Wireless waive his incurred $140.00 early termination fee.

Upon review of Mr. Jones's concerns, we find that based upon the .07-cent administrative monthly fee increase, Mr. Jones's account would have otherwise incurred a total additional cost of $1.12 over the remaining 16-months of his customer agreement with our company. Therefore, as a courtesy, and as a means of finding resolution, Verizon Wireless offered to provide Mr. Jones with this $1.12 adjustment thereby affectively removing any financial impact of the proposed rate increase. However, for reasons that are not clear, Mr. Jones opted to decline this offer and instead chose to cancel service.

Verizon Wireless points out that based upon Mr. Jones 2-year customer agreement any cancelation of service prior to November 26, 2010, would result in a standard early termination fee up to $175.00. With Mr. Jones having canceled service as of July 21, 2009, his account was appropriately charged the reduced cancelation rate of $140.00. Verizon Wireless clarifies that our standard $175.00 early termination fees are reduced by $5.00 for each month of service Mr. Jones maintained with Verizon Wireless and is reflected in the reduced cancelation charge of $140.00. In light of the above information, it is the position of Verizon Wireless that Mr. Jones account was appropriately and accurately billed for his cancelation of service and we are therefore respectfully declining Mr. Jones request for a waiver of these charges.

In conclusion, it is our hope that we have adequately clarified our position regarding the above mentioned concerns. Verizon Wireless regrets any inconvenience this matter may have caused. Should Mr. Jones have any questions regarding this response, he may contact the undersigned at [protected] between the hours of 7:00a.m. to 5:00p.m. (PST).

Dale Knight

Executive Office Consultant
Verizon Wireless-West Area


The complaint has been investigated and resolved to the customer’s satisfaction.

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Apr 12, 2017 12:13 am EDT

I lost got sick went on medical leave lost track.After they shut me off I did`nt know the bill was still going, then the new company took over the bill doubled.I owe 1100.00 now.

Dec 10, 2009 4:31 am EST

OK. I had Verizon phone service which was purchased by Fairpoint, although I'm still getting bills from Verizon. Every time it rained for years my phone service would not be clear and in heavy rain it would go completely out. Verizon came again and again and said they would fix it. Over a year ago a repairman came and I asked the guy what this little box sticking out of the ground across the street was. My neighbors and I had wondered about it for years. It looked like cable or telephone wires to us. Well, after investigation, it turned out that it was my telephone line which for some reason, construction, whatever had been exposed for years, thus the problem with the rain. The Verizon guy said he could only do a temporary fix right now which consisted of him digging a hole with his foot and burying my mangled phone line/box. That week I ported my phone to Comcast. It was December. It took until February for Verizon/Fairpoint to give up my number to Comcast. Then I started getting bizarre bills. First on my last bill I got long distance charges for a plan that had unlimited long distance. Then I got a bill from them for the first month I had phone service with Comcast. There were charges for information calls and other weird things. How could I call information from a phone that was no longer connected? I called Fairpoint who was still using the same customer Service people as Verizon and they weren't at all helpful and just explained that their billing system went wacko and was billing customers they didn't have anymore. I had to go to a consumer organization to get Verizon to give me my money back. Verizon only gave part of it back and the company has been billing me monthly for over a year with every bill containing a threat that if I didn't pay up that destroy my credit. Well, Fairpoint bought Verizon and I guess is the one who is really billing me now. Both companies are awful and have horrendous customer service. Fairpoint is actually worse than Verizon which I thought would have been impossible.

Oct 24, 2009 10:43 pm EDT

I started a new business, but haven't made any money yet. From July 12-August 2, 2008, I rented a cottage on Cape Cod. I had rented that house continually since 2001. The house only has dial up service. I called the Verizon number listed on the website for dial up information so that I could use my laptop to receive email and do research for work. The customer service person was obviously Indian although he used an American name John. John couldn’t understand what I was asking for. There was no supervisor on duty. Finally, after two rounds of John leaving me on hold, he came back and gave me a phone number. The number was in the next town. It seemed reasonable to me, and I linked up the computer daily to that number. In the past, each fall after I rented that cottage, the rental co. sent me a bill for $30 to 40, which was similar to bill for all previous years. I’ve always had a number to link to that was in another town.

In August, I received a call from the Rental company that the owner of the cottage had received a bill for $929.89! Of course, the owner Mrs. X was very upset, but she paid the bill, and expects me to pay her back. I was astounded by the amount of the bill, which I was sure was a mistake. I called Verizon customer service. I talked to a supervisor, and she talked with someone and was able to deduct half of the bill, which was supposed to be refunded to Mrs. X. However, Verizon put the refund as a credit on her bill. I was still concerned about the remainder of the huge bill, and asked her for the information for customer service. I have called and written several times. I still owe over $400 to Mrs. X, and I have lost use of the house.

Nov 30, 2008 12:18 am EST

Well lets see i have been waiting for my severices for about a week to be put back on, and all i have been doing is calling them twice a day and they keep telling my that the severices will be back on by Middnigh. I have been told this about four times and i am so tired. I have lost about Five hunderd dollars becasue all of this . and my severices is still not on.

Apr 04, 2008 4:34 am EDT

I am just reporting to all of you people that use Verizon Internet . I feel sorry that you have to put up the attitude of the company. They are a bunch of ###s and like to fire employees for no reason from a third party call center. I use to work for a call center in London, Ontario Canada and the name of the company is Tele Tech Communications. They say that they are being audited and that is there excuse to get rid of you. If You have verizon internet or any type of verizon products I wouldn't even use them.

All they are going to do is treat you like a piece of garbage and same with there dispatch which they are out source in Idia which you can't stand one word of english. If I were you people get satellite from Comcast or Any other company that is going to give you a deal instead of a company that is going to rip you off. IF you read this take this in consideration.

May 03, 2012 10:30 pm EDT

On Nov 30, 2011, I ordered the Verizon FIOS “triple play” package- TV, phone and internet services, and scheduled the install on Dec 17, 2011. The Verizon web site stated I should allow a 4-6 hour window for the install. The person I spoke with stated I needed to be available between 8am and 5pm (9 hr window). They stated a tech would call Dec 17 (the day of the install) to coordinate their visit. They assured me that despite the wait, billing would not commence until installation was complete.

Dec 17 arrived and I checked the Verizon site in the morning. It showed an appointment and an installations scheduled between 8am and 5pm. I decided to call at 8am to verify, but got a recording stating that their offices did not open until 9am. I called about 9:15 and was told that there was an order in the system, but that there was an error code, and that the call was not dispatched. After spending about 45 minutes on the phone, they stated that I did not need to stay on, that they should be able to figure out what the error meant and correct it. I stated that I already set aside the day and wanted to have the install performed on the scheduled day as agreed. They stated that they should be able to correct the error and have FIOS installed that day. (End of call about 10am.) I asked that they follow up and apprise me of the status, and they agreed to do so.

I did not hear back, and after several hours called Verizon (about 12:30) to make sure then error was corrected and that the install would be completed on 12/17. The rep stated that there was an error on the system of the installers’ group, but no error on their system. They could not tell me what the error meant.. I stayed on over an hour and a half while they tried to find out what was going on. I had to ask to speak with a supervisor SIX times (politely 3 times, then demand 3 more times) before they would put one on the line with me.

The supervisor stated that the order has a defect and would have to be cancelled, and that we would have to start from scratch. This would mean a completely wasted day, and likely having to a number of wait weeks more before I could get FIOS installed. I explained that I was very unhappy, and chose to cancel. The supervisor stated that I would get a call later confirming the cancellation.

I got a call later that day stating that the error prevented them from cancelling the order, and that it would have to wait until their business office was open on Monday. He also suggested that Verizon might charge for services. (Mind you, services I never even received, since they never visited, and never installed anything.)

If there was a problem with the order, Verizon had 17 days to realize and correct their error, or at a minimum, notify me of a problem so that I would not have wasted a day for no reason at all. If I had not called to find out the status, the day would have come and gone with no word from Verizon. This is not a way to generate goodwill with a customer. I was finally so disgusted with Verizon’s handling of the matter that I chose to cancel my order. I am currently evaluating other vendors.

I naively anticipated that Verizon would provide efficient and professional service, but I was most disappointed to find out that they were disorganized, had competency issues, and were not customer friendly.

Jun 22, 2011 4:38 am EDT

I had a contract with directv, account# [protected]
i decided to discontinue my service with them because i was moving out .so i call to cancel it and they sended me the last bill with an early termination fee of $200.00, so i payed it off but after that Verizon send me another bill for 90+ dollar so i contact them and ask why they were charging me this money and they said that they provide me with a service so i had to pay since i knew this could afect my credit score, but i was not aware that direct TV provide me with phone and internet thru Verizon, but in my knowledge i only had a contract with direct TV not with Verizon so if they have any issue they should solve it with direct tv. know i have verizon after me placing negative credit on my credit report and i dont understand why they are doing this since my balance was $0.00 in both bill.

Jul 01, 2011 6:53 pm EDT

I had a contract with Verizon thru our government employer. Since their contract was terminated two years ago, I still continued the service. Sometime in Februay 2011 their customer service advised me to have switch to personal account so I can access easily without going to customer service. Which I did. Next billing I received two billings, one from old account which showed that I had an overpayment of $88 and another invoice for new account. When I learned I had a refund, I called the customer service how to get the refund. Customer Service No 1. got my call. I asked how could I get the refund or transfer it to my new account. CS1 (Customer Service 1) said, eventhough it showd negative 88, I was not overpaid. I asked him, do you know how read negative and positive figures. Then he asked, in what way I paid my bill, by electronic transfer, by credit card or by check and if it were a check what is the check number. I told him it had nothing to do how I paid. This conversation would not result to anything because CS1 did not know anything. So I asked the supervisor, CS1 put me on hold for 6 to 10 minuntes, until somebody picked up the phone which was not the supervisor but anthoer customer service represantative (Customer Service 2). I told him to look to my old account. This is what he said "We overpaid you, how do you want to refund you, by check or by transferring to my new account. I told him just transfer to my account... Scene 2 -- I received call from Verizon (CS3) that I was overdue for payment for my new account (this kind of service they are quick). I told CS3 that I paid that amount and checked my old account it might went there. Which it did and at the same time I inquired to CS3 if the $88 from my old account had been transferred to my new account. CS3 said no, because this was with the contract with my gov't employer. Somebody from that agency needs to contact Verizon if it would be alright to refund the money to me. I said the contract between you and my employer had been terminated two years ago and they had nothing to do with this now. Your telling me that the money I paid to my new account which went to my old account it should be my employer to ask you to transfer them to my new account. CS3 said yes. I gave CS3 two examples: (1) This what I said, first of all, the payment that went to my old account should be rejected because that account had been closed, just like the bank, you can not make deposit or make payment in closed account. Example 2: If somebody from other States made mistake and the payment went to my old account, what would you tell them, to contact my employer. CS3 paused and consulted CS3's supervisor. This was advised to me, "call my bank and request reverse or recall the payment." .. I followed that. They told me something and they did different. I found out they just transferred the payment to may old account. If they could do that, why do they need to tell me to contact my bank. And my refund for old account, yes I received it after two months but payable to my employer. My employer endorsed the check payable to me. Scene 4 --- I got tired of Verizon's attitude, so I switched to T-Mobile (which I got better government discount than Verizon) on May 14. My Verizon bills run every 2nd of the month. T-Mobile told by switching the phone numbers it should automatic terminated the contract (but not for Verizon). I was counting I should received refund from Verizon from May 14 to June 2 (no service ever rendered from Verizon at this period. I tried to use my old phone, it was disconnected already. That means no service, but Verizon disconnected my service effective June 2 eventhough no service provided between May 14 to June 2. CS4 said the Verizon did not pro-rate. --- I call this a robbery. If you missed the payment, you received call right away from Verizon, but if you have a refund...sorry!

May 31, 2011 11:29 pm EDT

I requested my wireless phone services be suspended. After several months they automatically turn phone back on without my consent. I did not use the phone or any services but was stilled billed. I talked to customer service supervisor and got bill adjustment down and was promised no further charges. Another month of charges was next added. I believe it is unfair and unethical to charge for services not used. I believe it is unethical to be promised no additional billing and then be continued to be billed. I talked to Verizon Recovery Department about my expanding bill and the customer supervisor promise of "no more billing" and there response was I could "court subpoena the voice recording of my conversation with the supervisor and they would honor the agreement" but otherwise the supervisor did not make notes in my file so I was liable for the additional charges.

Mar 15, 2010 9:27 am EDT

Verizon had mistakenly opened up 2 accounts under my name.
I called and informed them of thier error.
They told me that the 77.04 charge would be resolved, and I would not need to send payment.
They also told me that this account would be discontinued.
I am still receiving bills for this amount.

Please contact Verizon, and resolve this matter.

Thank you,
Mark Grasseschi

Oct 25, 2008 8:16 am EDT

A Verizon customer appears to make "random" calls to many individuals and hangs up. The calls are coming from [protected] and the caller ID shows Community Readi. I believe Verizon needs to take a look into this matter since it appears to be their customer. There are many complaints noted on the internet from this number. Something needs to be done.

Oct 28, 2008 10:10 am EDT

Switched from Comcast to Verizon for internet and cable TV. What a mistake! Virtually No Tech Support! Far better off to stick with Comcast or try something like Dish TV. You an't talk to anyone until you have been pushing buttons for several minutes as they try to avoid putting someone on the line, even to order an upgrade on service. I can't believe how long it takes to get someone on the phone. Twice tried to get signed up for the "Sports Package" but never did get it. Each time I was told I would have it within 4 hours. Never happened either time. I was one the phone over 30 minutes the first time and over 50 minutes the second time. Now, when calling to complain, I have been on HOLD for another 50 minutes without talking to anyone.

Nov 19, 2008 1:32 pm EST

i'm a residenent of seminole, fl. and so are many of my family and friends, i decided to be the voice for all them. how could you have your contractors come in one day and with no warning just be out of work? as large of a company you are how dare you be so cold and uncaring to your workers who have been out here busting there buts everyday for you then you just decide thats it were shutting down during the holidays with no warning no care, what kind of company is that cold? not one i will use or the 50 so far people who all have spoke of this last night at our local syaa athletic field and it's about to go way further we have a family member who works for bay news 9 that said we have a story here for sure. you bought new phones blackberries for all your in house people but all your hard working contractors who you treat like crap as it is now you just like that say oh well no work fend for your selfs screw your families your x mass and everything well really thats nice of you there verizon, lets see how the rest of this tight nit communtiy of seminole likes that, we all about family and kids here, so you better believe your gonna have a real hard time selling your fios here when you've already show how much you give a crap about all the families that have been working hard for you! this is just the beging of what you are going to hear for your cold hearted acts! thank you, jackie mercadies, of seminole, fl.

Dec 08, 2011 1:57 am EST

When you voluntarily suspend service they continue to bill you. If they force a disconnect then reconnect due to a late payment, they charge you $15 per line even when you've chosen to suspend service WITH BILLING. They also reconnect the service regardless of your request to suspend. Additionally when their service is interrupted they do not credit you back the time. Additionally, additionally - if you renew your contract and order then pay for a NEW phone and find you need to return it because its defective, they will only send you a refurbished phone and NOT credit you for the downtime due to their fault for the bad phone to begin with AND EXTEND YOUR CONTRACT!

Oct 19, 2010 12:50 pm EDT

Got FIOS. Technician could not activate, left without activiting account. After 3 weeks and over 35 calls and numerous chat sessions, talking to 3 supervisors, gave up, cancelled, and went back to Comcast. Was promised a call back 5 times, no one ever called me back. Everyone I talked to said I was callng the wrong department and "transferred" me to the right department. The right department said I called the wrong number and transfers me back to the first department. Sometimes they transferred me to a disconnected number. After 3 weeks .. had enough. I think I spent about 12 hours on the phone with them. The worst experience I have ever had with a tech support group.

Feb 25, 2010 11:35 am EST

Asurion supplied a Palm Treo 755 to replace a lost Treo 700p from Verizon. The 755 came without the necessary cables to load the data from my computer. Every time I restarted it, it was necessary to enter a password before the phonr could be used. Even though the phone is supposed to hold a memory card, memory cards do no fit into the slot provided, and the people at the local Verizon store told me that the to use memory cards with the phone requires a special adapter that is no longer available.
Furthermore, when I asked Verizon to take back the phone because it wasn't properly usable, Verizon stated that I would have to speak with Asurion: "Asurion is not Verizon; we have nothing to do with them".
In my case, Verizon forced me to buy insurance from Asurion; I was given no choice in the matter. Yet, when, after many years of normal phone use, I needed to use the insurance, Verizon simply says they have nothing to do with the problems related to the phone that was sent to me by Asurion.

Sep 28, 2009 4:39 pm EDT

I am writing this letter trying to get some customer service to remove a wrongful chargeoff on my credit report by Verizon.

This chargeoff was placed on my credit report over a dispute because Verizon owed me $90 and Verizon stated that I owed them $90. I requested Verizon to take the $90 they owed me and apply it to the $90 bill I owed them which would of made the balance zero. Verizon refused even though they knew they owed me $90. I then had to pay an extra $90 because Verizon maliciously was ruining my credit. After giving Verizon an extra $90.00 Verizon has not sent me the $90 they owe me even though I have requested it for over 4 years. Verizon now has a chargeoff on my credit report which is ruining my credit and I am having trouble buying a house becuase of it. The last time I talked to them they stated that they mailed it to the wrong address-that was in January of 2008. I have not received my $90 and now I can't get a home loan because all the companies are referencing Verizon chargeoff for $90 that I didn't even owe. This is horrible and customer service is inept trying to get them to do something about it.

Now I am inbetween a rock and hard place and must go after Verizon to correct this mistake of justice ASAP.

I need this problem solved and my credit report cleared ASAP to right this wrong even though I have not received the $90 Verizon owes me.

Dec 02, 2008 6:49 am EST

If you are considering ordering high-speed broad-band TV and Internet service from Verizon's fiber optics system (FiOS), there is something that you should know that Verizon forgets to tell you.

You've all heard by now that in Feb.2009, if you use antenna TV on a TV that does not have a digital tuner (most older TVs do not), you will no longer be able to use it unless you buy a digital to analog converter box. The government has a coupon program to help offset the one-time purchase price of those boxes, so each box may cost you perhaps $10 to $60, depending on brand and features). You may have also been told that if you get your TV signal from a cable company, rather than over the air from an antenna, you won't need to do anything.

On the other hand, if you receive your TV programs from Verizon FiOS, and have more than one TV set, you will need to RENT for EACH ADDITIONAL TV SET you either one of their set top decoder boxes (the same kind you need to get FiOS on your primary TV) or a Verizon digital to analog adapter. The converters you can BUY via the government's coupon program will NOT work with FiOS. The cost for renting Verizon adapters is $3.95 per month per additional TV set for as long as you own the older TV.

I signed a one-year contract for the Verizon Triple Freedom Essentials promotion package which gave me a set top box with DVR free the first year. But neither the sales personnel nor the installer who hooked up my computer and primary TV mentioned about needing adapters for my other two TVs.

Mar 01, 2014 2:02 pm EST
Verified customer This comment was posted by a verified customer. Learn more

Verizon Veterans Discount a Sham...Believe me when I tell you that Verizon has no intention in allowing us veterans to apply for a discount. I have gone to the Verizon store and faxed in my DD214. We have uploaded it 4 times now on the website and every time we get a notice that it has been rejected because the date is illegible and not within 60 days. We have spent hours on the phone with absolutely NO results. Well, I was discharged in the 1960's so yes it is over 90 days. I have tried to register for this discount for 3 months with 0 affect. So, my plan is to now get this information and my experience out over the internet to as many sites and reviews as I possibly can. Although the attempt by Verizon is to look patriotic, the reality is that they have made this process for veterans discount impossible so they can claim they offer it but really do not. Chuck

Feb 10, 2010 11:29 am EST

I signed up for the Verizon FIOS bundle in November of 2006. At that time I was promised a free TV. After numerous calls to their customer service department I received the TV about a year later. I also asked if I would like to refer a friend. I was told that I would receive a credit of $100 as well as the friend I referred if they subscribed to the service. They were contacted by the sales person and signed up also. I have made numerous phone calls to Verizon Customer Service department only to be told something different everytime. It seems that nobody in the company is on the same page. After my last call today I was told that all of the refer a friends had been declined and that I should go to a web site to dispute the turndown. All of the conditions of the program have been met and verified. I know that I will never receive this credit from them. When my contract is up in November of this year I will be cancelling my accout and go with the cable company.

I see that they are now advertising $150 for signing up for their services and $150 for referring a friend. Please don't believe that you will receive anything from them, as I did. They make promises to entice you and then back down on them. This is very misleading to the consumer.


In august i received a bill for 27, 000 i called they explained how it was there mistake and that they would handle it. Sept.2009 my bill is 25, 000 i call the same thing they will fix it all a long i am paying my bill. October 2009 they put a credit i call. I then ask how much is my bill the lady say to me maam you don't have a bill because of the mistake that we made they have credit your account, so i say that just don't seem right this don't happen to people. she tell me to just keep calling until the credit run out. i call every month to ask what is my bill and they say it is paid. Jan.2010 my daughter get a cell phone and the bill is paid. Feb.2010 we look on line and my bill is now $800.oo i call they say i owe them for all the months that was not paid, and i explain what was going on and they all admit that it was their mistake and why do i have to pay for their mistake they was telling me i did not have a bill. So now they are telling me that we can make arrangements. My concern is that is not fair but, how will i ever be able to pay that off the bill is going to continue to go up. I am a single mom with three children i pay my bills on time and i need my cell phone. I don't know what to at this point, i feel that i am being treated unfair can you help me!

Jun 11, 2008 4:49 am EDT

So I moved. Verizon makes that simple right? Wrong. First off I had my mobile phone and internet on one bill. Told verizon online about the move. They never told the mobile side. So my bill got split into two and my auto bill pay was deactivated on the mobile side. They came looking after 3.5 months. I thought it was auto paid, but wasn't so I had to pay a monster bill. So on to the online side. Because they ended my service and started a new one instead of processing it as a move, I had to wait 3 weeks to get hooked up. Then they gave me another router. I told them I already had one and they said use both of 'em... they're free. Ok. So I moved again, this time out of state. I ended my service and they said they'd send me return boxes for the equipment. I never got them, nor did my old roommate who still lives there. So after multiple calls, transfers, hangups, transfers, hangups... I finally got some competency, sorta. They sent me one box, and notice of claims sent to AFNI for collections. YAY! Verizon paid me for the returned router to payoff AFNI because 'we [AFNI] cannot take this back from being reported to the bureau's'. So I called got the whole transfer runaround again and had the second box sent to me. Sent the equipment. After hours of time on the phone with them, I got them to confirm they received the returned equipment, though they refuse to payoff the second AFNI amount because... they can't. Let that sink in... THEY DID IT BEFORE! So here I am, did everything I could, and had a bad rap on my credit report for when I applied for my loan to buy my first house resulting in a not as good deal because my score was literally 2 points lower than the banks standard for the promotion I wanted. I hate Verizon. They make you pay for their incompetencies.

Oct 30, 2007 12:00 am EDT

I activated my Verizon services in MARCH of 2000 and when I received my first bill there were charges on it for chat line fees that incurred in FEBRUARY of 2000. I wasn't even a customer then! I called and let them know I am not responsible for those fees, all $250 of it and they said to just pay my regual monthly amount and they will remove they fees. Well they never did so after only 6 months of complaining to get it off the bill I just cancelled my service, keeping that as athe balance. However, since I was concerned about my credit report, I paid the $250 in March 2001. And wouldn't you know that in 2004 I received a collections bill saying that I owed them $250 and it appeared on my credit report as an unpaid account! I contacted the collection agency and they said I never paid and all I could do at that point was to pay again to get rid of it. So, in an effort to repair the damage to my credit report I paid the bill for the second time. And now, in 2007, I have received a bill for the $250 yet again from the AFNI Collection Agency. I am not and will not pay this bill again for a third time. It has been 7 years and the "unpaid account" has been removed from my credit report and they can kill all the trees they want by sending me mail but I will never be such a fool to pay them again!

Mar 20, 2014 1:07 pm EDT

I called and talked to Verizon representative in 2012 I told her I wanted to close my account . She informed me I needed to pay 77.70 and account would be closed . I asked her if there would be any further charges and she said " If you pay the 77.70 today your account will be closed and nothing else would be owed " the call was recorded . On may 5, 2012 I paid Verizon 77.70 with my Visa card ending in 6785. Several months later they said I owe them 153.00 I told them exactly what happen and what their Rep told me to do in order to close my account which I did and advised them to listen to recorded conversation . They turned over to collection . I told them the same thing they now say verizon deleted conversation and I have to pay 155.00 to get off my credit report . I did everything they told me to do to close and now they want more . I will not pay them another dime .If they deleted my conversation with their own rep shame on them . I want this removed immediately from my credit history and report.

Feb 10, 2013 4:42 pm EST
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nobody in the customer service office nor technical support office has accurate inforamtion on my account, some have different info on my bill. "why isn't my bill the same depending on who I ask in the office?"
"why was I billed for charges that I was told would be credited to my account?",
"why hasn't this problem been resolved in the last 3 months that I've started my new account?"

"why was I billed over $100 for a phone plan that was advertised for $19.95 per month?"

"after being credited for the this, why am I still receiving bills?"

"why would verizon keep billing me for something that they told me would be credited back to my account?"

"why does verizon wireless customer service agents
ashley alorica clovis ca,
judith co. colorado springs be so rude and condensending towards me when I call?"

"why does ashley alorica clovis ca,
judith co. colorado springs have different information when I ask "what is my bill"?"

"why doesn't verizon wireless have SUPERVISORS to speak with?"
"why was I told a SUPERVISOR would call me back TWO SEPARATE TIMES and they never did?"

"why did andrew in tech support tell me he would credit my account when he didnt'?"

"why am I still recivinge bills for the phone that I returned in 24 hours?"

"why did my bill never get credited for the $100 phone I returned in 24hours?"

"why did the verizonwireless walk in store tell me they would credit the $100 after I returned my phone in 24 hours and still I'm getting billed for it?"

Sep 21, 2011 10:15 pm EDT

On August 25 I spoke with a Miss Johnson and proceeded to order all 3 services and cancel Tim Warner. BIG MISTAKE! When I get a call to confirm my services to be installed they tell me the phone number I am getting is not the right one! The women NEVER confirmed my phone number with a 3rd party and so for 14 days I had a different number! NOt to mention I had over 50 resumes out there with my other phone number, ..Now they will NOT give me the $200 gift card I was promised! I have spent 3 days being passed around to different people on the phone trying to clear this up. NOW I am SO MAD I cannto stand it! There service stinks and so do their empty promises...

Aug 19, 2013 6:06 am EDT

I have been a Verizon Customer for over 7 years and besides the occasional glitch or two I've never had any major problems. That was until I walked into the Verizon Diamond Wireless Store located in the Queen Kaahumanu Shopping Center in Kahului, Maui. There were 4 workers attending to no one at all and couldn't even be bothered to say hello when I entered the store. After about ten minutes one of them greeted me and when I responded he made a rude remark about the way I speak and made a joke of it. I asked him a question about my phone plan because I was concerned about chargers due to the fact that I would be traveling for a few months outside of the country. Instead of answering my question he questioned me about my plans as if he didn't believe that I actually wanted to know about the fees I would be charged. While getting treated awfully by one employee 2 others stood by listening and laughing. I told then EXCUSE ME I would just like to know about my plan and they told me to wait then 3 of them went through a door to what I assume to be their employee lounge and seeing that the store was very quiet I could here them laughing then another came out and finished helping me. He too was very rude! Save yourself time and foolishness DON'T go to any of the ###S at Kaahumanu's Verizon Store unless you want people to treat you like nothing! WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE EVER!

Aug 11, 2013 11:40 pm EDT

The following is my tale, based on email written to Verizon ahead of a small claims case I will soon be filing against Verizon, of how I came to be known as “14-phone guy”:

In 4.5 years, Verizon has sent me 16 warranty replacement phones – this does not include upgrades or Asurion replacements. Nearly all of the 16 suffered from data-related issues. Some would freeze when an email came in while others would simply stop loading pages for an extended period. By the end of my first year I had already been through three Blackberries. Over the next three years came 11 Droids. Since January 2013, I have already been through three iPhones with the last, my current, frequently fails to transfer or receive data during most of the day occurring on most days. Throughout all of this, Verizon never offered anything beyond replacing the device – meaning, they never once considered the possibility that there was a problem with their network. 4.5 years and 16 phones later, Verizon just now ordered the FIRST IT ticket on my account. And I find that unreasonable and unacceptable. Plus, the ordeal involving my current phone's dysfunction proved the worse. That story follows:

In December, it was time for my 13th phone. So, after all other OS failed me, or so I believed, I switched to the iPhone – what everyone believed would solve the mystery of my continuously dying phones. However, within one month of my December purchase, my first iPhone stopped charging while all data-based programs began to slow whenever an email was coming in. But Apple replaced it. The next phone would slow to a near crawl for extended periods whenever using data. But Apple replaced it. By the third day of my next and current iPhone, it began simply freezing whenever using data – to the point where most of the workday my phone can only be used for texts and calls - a worsening but nearly identical to my experiences with the majority of my Verizon phones. Specifically, my current phone can take two hours to load my Gmail if at all; lose GPS at any moment - often while in transit; and lose all internet accessibility. This occurs most days, regardless of location - the one absolute is that it is the least reliable anywhere in Manhattan. However, this time Apple refused to replace it explaining that they believe the issue to be in the network. Since Apple identified my carrier as the culprit, I called Verizon. This began the biggest challenge and worst ordeal of all my 16 replacement phones.

When I first called, I spoke with one of the few truly amazing workers I have come across during my 100s of hours dealing with Verizon due to their failure to ever truly remedy the situation. This rep was the first and only to take note of how many phones I've been through and the first and only to finally ask, "What's going on here?" He, more importantly, informed me that he was going to write my first IT ticket. THE FIRST! That's right; through 16 phones in 4.5 years, nobody had ever once written an IT ticket. He explained that he was doing so due to a potential problem he identified that would have affected my service across all phones since joining the Verizon network - something related to an inconsistency between my phone’s number and its linked shared secret number (I truly don’t remember but this number was described to me as a sort of identification number that is paired with your cell number and is used whenever roaming as well as by all data-related programs). Just like what I have been experiencing, he explained that texts and calls would not be affected. However, everything else, regardless of devise, OS, etc., could be compromised. What I heard was that Verizon could have prevented this from continuing and instead left me chasing an impossibility (that the problems were in the device) while wasting my time and money. I believe that it is reasonable to assume that if an IT ticket had been issued earlier, or really if any investigative process was launched at all, then I would likely have saved many hours and much frustration. However, at this point, the "ordeal" is just getting warmed up.

The IT ticket was submitted and I was advised that the resolution would take up to 72 hours but that they often call for more info with the first 24. To date I have yet to receive one call on this matter. All info I have gathered myself when calling, which I did each time I found myself carrying a useless smartphone – I called nearly every day. Through the course of those calls, four reps decided to "take on the case" and promised to "call everyday” to update me - one called once to tell me that there was no update. That was on day 13. I never heard from him again. I experienced literally no customer service while living with essentially a flip phone in an iPhone case everywhere in the city and frequently everywhere else.

At day 14, I literally begged for them to “do something.” The only “offer” I received was to buy another phone and line and add it to my account. I could then return it within the first 14 days for a full refund. That was it.

On the 17th day without any contact from customer service, I called and was told that the IT ticket had identified the "cause." I was told that my phone suffered from poor coverage in my home area. Now mind you that I never complained of issues near my home and was very specific when explaining that it is the most problematic in Manhattan. Additionally, of my many Verizon iPhone 5 friends who frequent my apartment, I am the only to complain of accessibility issues. Furthermore, not only was I clear when describing the issue, but when the IT ticket was described by customer reps who I was speaking with at Verizon, it mentioned my home calling area as the problem area and both times I corrected them. I specifically asked that they adjust the IT ticket accordingly. However, this was apparently for naught as the 17-day IT ticket ultimately “investigated” an inaccurate complaint. Meaning, after 17-days, I am left with no resolution or even progress - or even reliable access. My phone continues to struggle even when sitting next to my girlfriend, a Verizon iPhone 5 customer as well. I believe this 17-day - but should have been three day – IT ticket report is an utter fabrication. Flat out. No investigation was conducted.

I then requested that my second ever IT ticket be written and submitted now containing that appropriate location – everywhere but mainly in Manhattan. In the meantime, I am now entering my 22 day since first informing Verizon of the failures of their network to deliver reliable service to my 16th phone. Again, Verizon has done nothing.

The take home message? Clearly, Verizon has failed me. They did not do all they could in order to provide me with access to their reliable network, which caused an absolute loss of time, money, and effort, not to mention an absolute loss of faith in Verizon. I have worked harder then anyone at Verizon to remedy this still unresolved problem while Verizon failed to perform their due diligence in attempting to remedy the situation. I use a failure to perform due diligence here to represent Verizon’s refusal to explore all possibilities especially given the extreme circumstances concerning my case. Instead, the route easiest for each customer service rep was taken and they simply replaced the device instead, which essentially puts the problem back on me and continues to deny me access to the network. I was told that filing a full IT report could take a rep hours to complete. When taking this further, due to Verizon's failure, it is likely that my ability to take full advantage of the network as described in the contract was prevented. This has resulted in numerous difficulties including recently becoming lost on foot for two hours in Baltimore during a heat-wave due to my data connection dropping for two hours all while trying to navigate my way to a destination - in fact, just this past weekend I had to pull over to wait for my GPS to load while driving to Baltimore. Beyond the impact of an unreliable phone, I have dedicated an untold amount of hours both on the phone and in person attempting to remedy the situation all the while Verizon did nothing but were the only ones who held the ability to correct the dysfunction. I was literally wasting my time and it was a result of Verizon’s failure.

I was also told that beyond a $52 credit given early in July for the days of compromised connectivity but before the actual filing of the ticket, Verizon will not credit me any amount for any of the days spent investigating the ticket. I was told that Verizon credits for time their network was down – not slow. I explained that email would take hours upon hours to load to which I was told, “…so you’re saying that it would eventually load.” They also informed me that according to their records, my phone had use “a lot of data” during the times I reported. I have no idea how this is possible due to all I’ve described but I do know that the phone would not simply freeze; it would continuously attempt to load a page, refresh mail, or connect to GPS. Perhaps this was the cause. Regardless, no credit was offered. I did call back and try again to which I was offered $10. I denied the offer.

This is simply unacceptable and I will not accept it. Thanks to the ridiculously erroneously-based or flat out bogus IT report, which states that I have "poor coverage" in my home calling area, I am able to leave Verizon with no cancellation fines. However, forgiving the cancellation fee in no way comes close to making up for the time dedicated and lost on this futile effort. It is the futility of this effort and Verizon’s refusal to allow me access to the network by failing to investigate anything beyond the device while I continued to experience significant disruptions – all the while paying full fare – that I believe warrants consideration of the legitimacy of the right of Verizon to keep my payments. I believe they do not and should even owe for the unintended consequence of their intentional refusal to explore instead of replace. Fortunately, this is a quantifiable amount, which I intend to pursue.

I will be filing against Verizon in small claims court. I was informed that I have to advise you of my intent at least 30-days before actually doing so. Please consider this email to be that statement of intent. Additionally, I was told that Verizon cannot inform me of the frequency and duration of my customer service calls without subpoena. Therefore this email also serves as notification of intent to file for a subpoena in 30-days as well. I anticipate learning that I have spent well over 100 hours attempting to deal with this situation. I will be seeking compensation for that time plus reimbursement for money spent for compromised access to the Verizon network and inefficient support in remedying - or even attempting to identify - the cause.

Verizon needs to care about customers in general but should take note of one who has gone through 16 phones in 4.5 years. One for whom Verizon never opened an IT ticket and instead just saddled him with years of difficulties. One who waited 17 days with no contact at all just to be told the results of investigation into the wrong address and that offers no resolution. And one who still lacks reliable access to the network. There is absolutely no justification for this.

If you know how to help, please do. If not, then just voice your displeasure with the monster Verizon and the methods of their madness-inducing customer service whenever and wherever possible.

I am posting this email everywhere I can.

Thank you.

Jun 29, 2012 6:16 pm EDT

My family have been with Verizon for 10+ years, had other providers with terrible service, up to this point we had no complaints.
I have multiple lines with upgrades due soon, we have requested in store advance on upgrades which had never been a problem in the past. Verizon will no longer advance our date unless we purchase via phone which for us is not the best deal for we are older people and do not purchase online or by phone. We have one phone no longer working and the other battery needs to be replaced. It is not worth buying a battery since will be changing phones. One phone is for business which I am loosing since my phone is broke. We have decided to seek another provider and drop Verizon. If we purchase new phones the cost far exceeds the plan, especially since we have less then 2 weeks for the official upgrade date. The biggest issues is every time I talk with a Rep in store or by phone I get a different story. A wonderful Rep in one store sat on the phone for 30 minutes trying to get Verizon customer care to advance our date. So much for loyalty towards long paying customers.

Aug 31, 2016 5:18 am EDT
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I had Verizon FIOS (internet only) service at home for approxiamately two years. When FIOS TV became available in my area I signed up for Triple Play (internet, TV, phone). Price was competitive and service quality was good. However, billing department could not get it right. I received 2 bills every month. One was the same I had been receiving for FIOS internet only and a new one for FIOS "double play" (TV and phone only). The problem was that they charged me more for the "double play" than what I was quoted for the "triple play" plus the internet only bill. I tried for months to straighten it out, all kinds of promises were made, however, they never fixed the billing. Eventually, I stopped paying the second bill, and eventually they turned off my phone and TV. When they realized their billing error they would turn my phone and TV back on. After one year, I cancelled both accounts. They still show me owing almost a thosand dollars in unpaid bills. By my calculations we are even now. I wonder if any of this (double billing) is done intentionally to rip off those who can't be bothered with checking or disputing their billing. Anyone else out there with a similar experience?

Aug 26, 2016 7:44 am EDT

After paying my Verizon over the phone on their IVR system, (over $300.00 for 3 smart phones) I checked my bank account and the payment was debited BUT then a few hours later Verizon took out the SAME amount again that I just paid using what they code as an E Check...I DID NOT authorize them to access my account and I DO NOT have auto pay set up. They did this on their own. I contacted the bank and it has been turned over to their FRAUD Dept. Verizon's response to me was "maybe I should change my bank account"...Seriously that was their response. I am still pending the return of my money and if they do not return it then I will notify the Attorney General. It seems to me there is ENOUGH complaints of "Fraudulant Activity" by Verizon to have them investigated. Maybe we need to BLAST Facebook and Twitter with WARNINGS against Verizon Wireless...their business practices should be Illegal!

Aug 26, 2016 1:52 am EDT

On March 10, we arrived home to find our line had no dial tone. After 6 days, and many delays and reschedules, Verizon got our phone service back.Then, our DSL service was unavailable. We used many cell phones minutes to fight with verizon. WE waited and wasted a weekend. We have been dealing with Vera Gonzales. We have been offered $28.00 for our lack of a phone, and $10 for our lack of a DSL line. Now the airport in my laptop has to be reconfigured. We will once again be routed to the Philippines or somewhere else where it is difficult to understand the Tech. I am certain this will take hours. Can you give me any reason to stay with Verizon as a customer. My magicjack is already plugged in. I cannot possibly get worse service.

Aug 22, 2016 1:26 am EDT

I have been a verizon customer for years. We started by having a home phone. Then in January we bundled the internet and the phone together. That was the biggest mistake of our lifes. Our home phone would ring at all hours with someone elses computer dialing up. We called verizon many many times and then finally had to disconnect the phone.
We kept the internet however it has been the worst service that i have ever had. The internet would go down on a daily basis. We would call verizon and stay on the phone for hours and hours ( nightly basis) We would have to reboot the system and go through many steps to have it up and running. We would talk to supervisor due to the customer service reps that answered the phone didn't even speak english.
Then finally the last straw I was on the phone for almost two hours and all the supervisor could say was that a tech would come out the house. I advised them the last time that a tech was suppose to come out they never showed up and the supervisor laughed. VERIZON HAS THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE AND THE WORST SERVICE.

Aug 15, 2016 6:00 am EDT

Looking at the details of my bill because it had jumped from $138 to $154, and my plan is not to change, Once I found this ESBI I called the 800 number they claimed that I had called or went on the website; "" on July 18, bille on the 23rd, and bill ed again on the 23rd of Aug. After thinking about it, July 18th I was packed and heading south for Myrtle Beach SC, so it definitely wasn't me? I was given a cancellation number, should I be calling Verizon with this number?

Aug 15, 2016 3:35 am EDT

I went to SouthR idge mall shopping and was stopped by a representative of verizon I thought. I just wanted to try verizon services and I was told I could receive a phone for 30 days without cost. I got two phones and used them only 3 times and returned them within the 30 days.

When I returned them I found out that the koisk's in the mall were not really verizon reps they are using the verizon name. The phones were turned in. One of the workers after I turned the phones in added another line and used the phones for a month. Now I'm being harressed by verizon for payment.

I notified the fraud department twice with no help from. Now they say I owe $700.00
dollars. Again, the phones were turned in.

Why is verizon using the mall and letting others use their name for selling of cell phones.

Verzion will not listen to what I'm saying they just want the money for the bill that the worker added and used for a month. I need help in this matter.

Aug 04, 2016 7:52 am EDT

some how verizon keeps downloading, at a price, the internet security suite to my personal computer..with a notice to install the download, which was never ordered...when i tryed to talk to someone with a heartbeat, i was told my call would be answered in the order in which it was placed.. after 45 min. i was disconected.. i tryed for 3 yes 3 hours to get through.. great service get through to a live person i had to tell them i had a phone problem, ans she patched me to a person that told me not to worry they would take care of this problem. o boy ! i can not wait till i get the next bill.. this is what verizon calls customer service, i am glad they don't run the local ambulance or hospital... s johnson

Aug 04, 2016 5:16 am EDT

What most consumer don't realize is that Verizon and other mobile providers don't have to have the last saying regarding the contract.

I read many complaints here about VZW (I wrote one too) because of their lack of customer service. Well, you can even have a 2 year contract and then cancel after 3 months without paying the early termination fee. How? Very easy. By law, cellular phone providers cannot charge you if you reside in an area where service is not provided.
Get an address or po box in some town not covered by their service (see their service map coverage in their website, hint, most of Alaska is not served), do a change of address with Verizon or whoever. Do a temporary change of address with USPS to forward the mail to your current address (temporary USPS will not notify mailers of the forwarding address). Live happily every after.

Jul 28, 2016 4:52 am EDT
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wireless card never worked hence 4 time complaint.however nothing happened.still they want service fees ans early termination fees.

Jul 26, 2016 6:46 am EDT

I tried to transfer service to my new home and the employee I spoke with told me that Verizon does not have service in that area and so they would waive my cancellation fee and put a note in the system for when the final bill came to make sure it was waived. When the final bill came I called as instructed to make sure fee was waived and that employee told me they were not able to waive the fee. The business should not have people giving out different information to customers- so they don't end up making customers upset by promising a lower bill.

Jul 20, 2016 7:01 am EDT
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Lures a customer into purchasing an IPhone and after signing you up, tells you they have no stock and will OVERNIGHT you a phone. They did not OVERNIGHT ship a phone so I refused the order. I will not do business with a company that misleads/misrepresents what kind of service they give. If more customers stand up, perhaps they will stop this practice. My advice to VERIZON? Keep stock of your most popular phones, (it's the only one the rep wanted to sell) AND be truthful about your shipping method if you have no stock on hand.


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