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My wife is eligible for an employee discount from Verizon. She tried to go to the Verizon Store. She was told to call a number, then request a fax form, then fax the form back to verizon.

Do you have any idea how annoying this procedure is? What if you don't have a fax machine at home? Is Verizon suggesting some one set up this big project on the job? The job they want to keep? You should not be faxing or recieving personal things at work. Buying a fax for home use is out of the question.

I've been trying to get a reply from Verizon since 9/06.


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Oct 14, 2015 9:32 am EDT

My husband is a Police Officer with Miami Dade County. He is also a military member. He wants to stick with this lying company because he gets good service when he travels with the military. He is supposed to get the 18% discount Verizon offers to county employees. What a disgrace. its been almost 2 years and just to apply the discount, they want him to renew the contract for another 2 years. One time, they said he was not eligible for the discount because of the plan we are on. Another time, they added it and took it off 3months later. Verizon is one of the worst companies when it comes to customer service. My son has sprint and I would love to switch, but my husband wants to stick with Verizon despite the horrible customer service they provide and the lies they keep giving as to why he cannot get the discount. They should be sued by customers for falsifying information. I should file class action lawsuit against Verizon for plain lying to their customers. YOU HEAR THAT VERIZON! CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT FOR FALSIFYING THE STATE EMPLOYEE DISCOUNT!

May 13, 2015 8:55 am EDT


Please hold for a Support Representative to assist you.

Thank you for contacting Verizon Wireless.

Your Chat Session ID is RT11310002774.

My name is Kay, how may I assist you?

mike: my discount is not applie to my bill

mike: I am a state employee and according to Verizon my discount is applied

Kay: I will be more than happy to look into this missing discount for you.

mike: I need it retroactive aS well thanks

Kay: That is a great perk and let's make sure it is updated, ok?


Kay: While I?m gathering that information for you, how has everything else going with Verizon Wireless?


mike: not really

Kay: Ok, I wish it was better. When did you apply for the discount Miked

mike: weeks ago, the automated serivice i just called on said it is applied, cant see it on my bill

mike: i have spent considerable time trying to get help with this to no avail

Kay: Thank you for answering my question. I see you added your discount for 20% on April 4, 2015. It takes one full bill cycle for the discount to reflect on your bill. On this bill coming up, you will see your discount of 20%.

mike: so i am out of luck on the retroactive part

Kay: That is a great question. The employee discount is for a full month of service. The discount was added with only 8 days left on the plan. The new bill for a full discount will be applied to your upcoming bill.

mike: I never left my job, verizon never told me that I needed to "redo" my employee discount

mike: I have had this employee discount for probably 10 years

Kay: I can definitely understand your concern.If the discount needed to be processed again, that is because some things may have changed with the agreement thru your employer.

mike: I understand that, can this be apllied retroactive?

Kay: I would not be able to be retroactive. I recommend you speaking to your employer to find out the reason for the change.

mike: tell me this if you would, how many months do you see that I failed to get the employee discount

Kay: I see a credit for $10.00 was applied yesterday. Your discount is only $7.99.

Kay: I can look that up for you.

mike: 10 bucks was for overage

Kay: Ok, I do see that.

mike: never went over and they honored that as a one time mishap

Kay: Anytime the discount is no longer on account, it is because your employer has made changes and a new agreement has been updated. I wish I can help you with the past missing discounts. I recommend you reaching out to your employer for changes.

mike: All I want is this, I need to know how many months I paid my bill in full with enjoying the discount

mike: vs not

mike: it cant be more than a couple of months

Kay: Ok, do you have your bills available online?

mike: I have paid Verizon over the last 5 years $5, 000 please help me and look it up

Kay: I will be more than happy to help you. it will take some time, ok?

mike: you stated earlier that I had 8 days left on my billing cycle

mike: did it even go over a month or was it weeks

Kay: I am looking into this for you now.

Kay: I show you last discount was on your January statement.

Kay: $7.60.

mike: thank-you

mike: and what you are saying is that it is out of your hands to retroactive that discount from Feb forward?

Kay: We would not be able to make it retroactive. Your employee sends out information when the discount needs to be updated. We received the update in April.

mike: I called a verizon rep 4/8/14 as well and was told it can be applied, the same day I validated my employment through the email process

mike: sorry 4/8/15

mike: she told me it could be retroactive

Kay: I completely understand.

mike: sorry 4/14/15

Kay: I will recommed reaching out to your employer. We will apply the dicount on your current bill.

Kay: discount*

mike: my employer has nothing to do with the discount, I am assuming you think I could possibly compensation through the state.

mike: for the missed months

Kay: When any change is made and the employee discount has not been verified, the discount stops. We will apply your discount on your current bill cycle.

mike: So I understand correctly I was told once before on 4/14/15 the discount can be retroactive and I can seek that money back. You are telling me I have no recourse on getting the $21.00 or so for the missed months. It will be applied and in the future and I am out of luck on the missed months?

Kay: That is correct. I am sorry for the miss information with the previous representative, I have looked over the account to see if the note was applied to account. When your employer sends out an update, it is done annually. If the update isn't made before the next month, the discount would not apply until it has been updated.

mike: Ok, now it becomes the point of the matter rather the money. I could care less about the 21.00, its the point. Its a customer service thing. When I have the ability/end of contract I believe I will look elsewhere for cell service and drop Verizon

mike: I know you have a difficult job, thanks for your time

Kay: I can definitely understand where you are coming from. With employee discounts, it is a little different. We have a contract with your employer to uphold, we changes are made, the employer reaches out to the employees to make necessary changes. I will be more than happy to help you. I will not be able to make the discount retroactive.

mike: its not like that the point, if i have a bill credit for the balance that would suffice. I was never sent a text or made aware the discount was discountinued. I know it reflects on the monthly bill but I seldom have time to look it over. I thought it was a rate increase on your end,

Kay: I wish i can help you with the adjustments.

mike: If you cant send me to someone who can or point me in that direction, thanks

Kay: We in Verizon are all empowered the same. The employee discount was validated and updated and the credit will apply on your next bill.

mike: Great have a nice day.

Aug 02, 2014 7:46 pm EDT

I started a plan with Verizon back in May and was told at the store that i was eligible for a discount through my work. They took my work id an did whatever to it an came back an said that it was applied. Well after the first billing it never applied an wasnt showing up on my account or bill. So i waited for the second billing cycle and it never showed so I called the store and the guy said that he saw the discount on my account so i thought "ok maybe it will be applied next cycle" but i also called customer service and they said that it might take 2-3 billing cycles. I even validated through my work email 2-3 times and it even congratulated me on being validated. Well now i just received my forth billing cycle and no discount applied. I called the store and they were no help at all. I called customer service three times and got a different answer everytime that led me to a different department person to talk to. Finally, someone was able to help me but not exactly solve my problem. She just credited my account the amount the discount was for and said that it should be this amount every month and that if it doesnt show up to call "validation" and they should manually put it in for me. I feel that ill be having to call them back. The funny thing is, all the people i talked to had no idea why its not applying to my account even though they can see the that theres a discount on my account.

Feb 13, 2012 4:07 pm EST
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I have been trying for 3 years and it keeps saying that my email doesn't match up with any of their company that are subscribed, yet I get an email from them every month when the bill comes due and weekly for all the promotions they are running.
I have faxed, called, emailed and had the District manager try all to no avail ;/
Something needs to be corrected here... its not a true employee customer discount if you can't sign up, almost false advertising...
Jan Lowry for Solid Rock Construction, Inc.

Jan 20, 2012 9:10 pm EST

Here's a different issue with the discounts. I receive an e-mail stating I have up to 25% off of accessories. I go on chat with a Verizon Wireless rep to see what percentage I actually had. They said 25%. I ask if that was off of any accessory. No response. I was then told the discount would come off of the price during checkout. It didn't, so I went back onto chat. I was told that the $250 lapdock was either not classified as an accessory, or that a discount was already applied and they wouldn't discount it again (despite the fact the math didn't add up correctly), that the accessory was too high priced for a discount. Despite the fact I told them that their e-mail, their previous representative didn't provide any disclaimers regarding exceptions/exclusions and that I should get the discount, they wouldn't budge. They told me to call customer service. I did so. I got basically the same spiel there. They stated that they all just say 25% off for accessories because they don't know what set of accessories the business is discounting. They didn't seem to understand my point that they could easily follow that up verbally an in their literature/e-mail that exceptions/exclusions apply. I said this sounded like bait and switch and pausibly fraudulent. They said since I hadn't bought anything yet, that it didn't matter. They don't seem to understand the concept of verbal and written implied warranties. They also stated that not stating pertinent information that it wasn't false advertising.

Jun 23, 2011 3:22 pm EDT

They don't offer employee discounts for the sake of the customer. Discounts are offered because of agreements with those companies to provide their mobile service and offering discounts to the employees is a sellint point to obtain those contracts. Let's not act like Verizon is trying to do some good deed or being generous out of the goodness of their heart here. This is a business move plain and simple. One that benefits both Verizon and the companies they contract with.

I do agree that the discounts are relatively easy to get set up and going. I've never had trouble getting set up online either through the Verizon employee discount portal or through links provided my companies I've worked for's intranet. I'd imagine if I did have trouble, going to a corporate store with some proof of employment would be relatively smooth and painless to get the discount applied. For some of the nonsense posted on this subject, all I can say is, make an effort. You don't need a fax machine at home to fax some documents. Plenty of place will send a fax for you for a minimal charge and most people who would be elligible for a discount would have access to something as simple as a fax at their place of employment. I'm pretty confident and email would accomplish the same thing or the mail service. The important thing is that you get the documentation to Verizon so that the discount can be applied. There are many options to do so and nove of them require much effort considering the reward.

Jun 18, 2011 5:23 am EDT

You guys are all idiots... I work at a Verizon Wireless corporate location, and add employer discounts on multiple times every day, never had a problem with any of them. All we do is find the correct profile id, scan in valid proof of employment (badge with picture and full name, or paystub within 60 days), get manager authorization codes for initial approval, and done. After manager codes are inputted it goes off to a department that only verifies employment for these discounts for the final authorization, that is why it can take 1-2 billing cycles before discount appears on the bill. If you people are having issues getting your discount, you are doing something wrong, plain and simple.. Bring yourself into a store and people that do this day to day can actually put it onto your bill, and avoid all the complainig and badmouthing of a company that doesnt have to offer emplooyee discounts, but they do for the sake of the customer.

May 07, 2011 1:58 am EDT

I am goin to signup with At&t

May 07, 2011 1:57 am EDT

Verizon wireless are scammers re: this employee discount . I had faxed my Identification from a verizon office . The Verizon employees had faxed over the necessary documentation to get the discount. I then received an email from the verizon Business Office that the fax was illegible. After sending them more documentation from other fax machines and scanners, I had emailed them to find out the status a few weeks after I had sent the requested information. They came back with the same excuse.

Mar 22, 2011 5:55 pm EDT

I had no issue whatsoever applying for the employee discount I faxed in the completed form with a copy of my paystub and although it took forever for the discount to be applied I revived a credit of 20% off my bill for the month it took to process

Jun 22, 2010 4:33 pm EDT
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I live in Colorado and work for Walgreens. When I signed up for the employee discount all they asked me for was my insurance card. They took it scanned it into their system... it only took all but 5 mins and was applied right then and there. Everyone I work with says the same thing. Haha I think its funny some of you say you don't have enough time to sign up but you have time to get online and complain about the process.

I really have a story,

7 months of trying and faxing and sending and emailing and really to no avail.

I have records of 25 calls, hours of phone time, lies and more lies, promises and more

What is the fffffff problem with CORP america and the wholesale lies they present to gain
a little more business. It would be better if they had no program at all.

Mar 21, 2009 7:19 pm EDT
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Would anyone have any idea how many people out there are enrolled in the Verizon Corporate employee Discount? just curious- thanks.

Dec 01, 2008 5:33 pm EST

Some Verizon Store and customer service people are quite mean spirited, which makes things more difficult than what Verizon policy says on the paper. I got grossly mistreated in their store by a couple of guys plus perhaps the evening hours manager joining the 'game'. Then I kept getting different misinformation and wrong requirements including employee discount. One of the issues I had was missing discount for the biling period following the partial/initial month (which was given a discount). One Rep told me, "In order to CONTINUE to get your discount, you've got to provide proof of employment". Upon hearing that the store checked and even scanned my employee ID into their computer, she said her computer system showed that information was not complete and I must redo the verification. But then she said I MUST submit my latest pay stub, and only such a pay stub will satisfy the conditions for a discount, not anything else. Does this rule apply to EVERYONE? She said yes! This is not true. Other customers in similar situations didn't have to do that. There are various options including employeeID/badge, or pay stub, or health insurance card, etc.

When I called again, the same or a different Rep said I already called about the issue before. She was not willing to back down until I repeatedly asked her to just tell me what OPTIONS are as proof, so it turned out pay stub is not the only option. She then said Verizon didn't have any info on my employment. After a few rounds of tugging and checking in the system, she swithed to a new excuse that it would take at least 2 months to appear on my bills and it won't be retroactive. And she couldn't explain why the discount applied to the first/partial billing period but not the subsequent period. I signed up with Verizon at a Verizon store with the offer/understanding that this discount would come with the deal from the start. I didn't want to accept her excuse. More back and forth arguments. In the end, she said, "I will give you a credit for this period". I didn't have the time and energy to get her clarify if the next period will get the discount since she said it would take 2 months to get discount. I am still in the 30 day grace period. Good luck with that "second" month discount after the grace period!

Nov 03, 2008 11:49 pm EST

There are several ways to obtain a Verizon Wireless discount. You can apply online using a work domain email address at You can apply at a store in person. You can fax your mobile number and proof of employment to [protected]. Only the account holder (the person whose social security number was used to establish the account) is eligible. The price plan monthly access fee must be $34.99 or higher, and cannot be a promotional plan such as the Unlimited plans or the Broadband Access plan. The most common reasons for the fax discount enrollment taking longer than normal are:
1. Invalid proof of employment. VZW takes employee photo ID badges, recent (within last 60 days) pay stubs, business cards, health insurance cards, DD-214 (for military veterans, who get a 15% discount). You can black out your salary and social security number for privacy, but they do require your first and last name, employer's name and the date (date for pay stubs only)
2. The account being in someone else's name. Ex. If you opened the account, but you submit your wife's paystub, it won't work. You can choose, however to put the account in your wife's name by calling Customer Service at [protected] to have the appropriate forms sent to you.
3. The name doesn't match. Ex. Your account is in your middle name, but your paystub is in your first name. Or you opened the account before you got married so it's in your maiden name, but work has your married name. Either way, just call Customer Service to change your account name.
4. The enrollment form and the proof of employment were faxed in separate transmissions. VZW doesn't use a physical fax machine, but rather fax server software. All transmissions come through as email attachments. They can't search unopened faxes, so if you fax, say, your paystub, but don't put your mobile number on it, then close the transmission and then fax your enrollment form in another transmission, you wind up with one email containing a paystub for an unknown mobile number and another containing an enrollment form with no proof of employment.

I hope this information helps.

Oct 12, 2008 7:17 pm EDT

Yeah Verizon has had a full on shocker with me too. Bought a Verizon phone in December, then found out about the discount and went to the verizon store January and in full uniform with my badge on. They asked if I had a payslip and I said no but the badge should be fine and asked to photocopy it. Anyway it is now October and after talking to them on the phone and said that they were unable to give it because I did not supply any evidence? The guy at the counter in January said that was sufficient and on the website it says that a badge alone is sufficient evidence. Rather than immediately give me a months credit keeping within the limits of great customer service, like previous phone companies have, they told me to try to reapply for their stuff up? NOT HAPPY VERIZON

Oct 04, 2008 3:18 pm EDT

Verizon sent me the "Congratulations" email with a link to continue to the registration website. The link they sent is an invalid URL. I've been on the phone for 3 hours, getting shipped from one person to another, with none of them having a clue what this program even is. They keep telling me to create an account using my ohone number, but can't comprehend that I won't have a phone until I get to the discount page.

Oct 01, 2008 2:59 pm EDT

I'm pretty sure Verizon doesn't give a rat's ### about their customers because I just tried getting my company discount through them and they didn't do anything about it. I did it online with my company e-mail address and the e-mail they sent me back leads to no where so I called C.S. She told me to go to the store and if that didn't work, fax them my whole identity. NOT HAPPENING. That takes WAYYYY too much time and I have a life that doesn't revolve around trying to get 20% out of Verizon. If I get an employee discount, when I call, it should be applied to my account right away with no problems. I agree with the complaint, you're NOT supposed to be faxing anything personal from work...hellooo...not trying to get fired here...I'm switching to AT&T. I put my e-mail address in their employee discount page, got their e-mail with a special link just for me, clicked it, and my discount was applied to my account IMMEDIATELY. THAT'S IT! SO EASY! Thank you AT&T. And Verizon needs to add their message confirmation check mark back. Bad move.

Aug 22, 2008 7:22 am EDT

There is now a new system available in all corporate owned retail stores which allows a person to come into the store with proof of employment (pay stub, business card, health care card, photo badge, etc.) and the rep at the store will be able to attach the discount directly to your account, with manager aproval, instantly. Almost every major company, and many many other companies as well, are eligable for this discount and Verizon is trying to make it as easy as possible for a person to add his or her discount as possible. Verizon understands that if you have a discount on your service, you're less likely to leave them. It is in Verizon's best interest to keep their customers happy so as to dominate the competitors.

Sep 04, 2007 9:20 am EDT

I am a retired employee of VeriZon with 32 years service ,and no one ever told me of an employees discount on Verizon wireless. What's that all about?

Mar 30, 2007 12:26 pm EDT

There are two different ways you can sign up for vzw employee discounts. You can use your work email addy which wo0uld take 10 days to apply the discount... and you can use the fax back number. The fax back does take at least a month to be applied but at least they'll retroactively apply the discount from the date your paper work is received. Why don't people understand there are processes and things cannot be expedited just to fit your needs. VZW is a huge company and deals with tons of people on a daily basis who want the same exact service. If your too silly to adhere to these procedures than choose another company for wireless service. Most don't have employee discounts.


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