Verizon Fiosnever order fios service!


My saga with Verizon FIOS started on August 10, 2006. I went to a Verizon store in Plano (on Central Expwy) with the intention of learning more about FIOS service. I had been anxiously awaiting the arrival of FIOS TV since FIOS Internet had been out for a while. I wanted to get the whole package at once to make the conversion easier. Well, I liked what I heard so I went ahead and placed my order at the store. The store gave me a 4-digit order number which is an important fact. The rep ordered what they call the "triple play" - voice (phone), data (Internet), and video (TV). They like those orders best - makes it easier for the installer. The rep at the store then told me that Verzion would be contacting me in about 2 business days to schedule the installation.

About 3 business days later, a Verizon rep called me and said she would like to talk to me about ordering Verizon FIOS. I told her that I already had an order and I gave her the 4-digit number. Well, that is not a valid number. Their order numbers start with a character followed by 7 numbers. Okay -we are starting the bad thing now but I say to please place the order. I didn't know to ask for the voice part since I assumed it was part of the deal so I just said Internet and TV (uh-oh... the rep puts me down for only a double-play). She said someone would call me back to schedule the install. Oh, sure - I would believe it when it happened. Well, it did happen - about two days later they called and we set the date for August 28. Great!

On August 28, the technician arrives late - and I believe he only comes because I call to ask where he is. The install time range was for between 1 and 5 pm and I took that afternoon off from work. He arrives after 5 pm. This is bad because they say the install takes 6 hours! The first thing he asks when he gets there is whether I am sure I only want Internet and TV - don't I also want the phone on fiber too? I said I ordered all three (or so I thought) so it took a good hour of calls back and forth for him to confirm a triple-play order rather than a double-order. As the hours went by during the install and my husband got more and more weary, I told them to leave and finish the work the next evening. They (two other techs had shown up at this point) weren't too happy about that but finally agreed. So we did not have any service of any kind with the system partially installed - but we were tired!

On August 29, a different technician arrived at the appointed time and completed the work. He seemed to be a lot more together than the other three and noticed the sloppy job the others had done with installing the outlets in our office. I just wanted the work done and over with so I said I could hide or fix their mess.

Okay - fantastic - FIOS is up and running. We love our TV and Internet service now - it is spectacular!!

Then the lightning hit us on September 17. Oh - and I forgot to mention. We kept getting automated calls (and letters) from Verizon saying how sorry they were that the FIOS installation couldn't be completed. I tried calling them back to tell them that we had FIOS service but the calls kept coming so I started ignoring them. Mistake. Okay - back to the lightning. It blew the Verizon box on the back of our house! But this day was great because I called FIOS Support (remember that for later) and Verizon came right out and not only replaced their fiber box but also the Internet router and TV receiver that the lightning strike had blown. Life was once again good. This was a Sunday.

Then Monday came. September 18. The first day of a week of our nightmare. We found that we had no dial tone on our phone - but the TV and Internet were fine. Fortunately, we have cell phone service (with Verizon) and so we called FIOS Support. That was an indication of our trouble because the automated voice told us that we didn't have FIOS and was transferring us to regular support. Uh-oh. We got to our first rep of about two or three dozen that we talked to (I have some of their names) that week. The short version of the story is that they got us back our phone service on Tuesday by sending a tech out who switched our phone back to copper. This then knocked out our Internet and TV. I can live without TV but not the Internet. I am on too many committees to have my main source of communication taken away. So the conversations got even more heated and frequent. My husband and I both lost many hours of sleep and time for other things by remaining on the phone for hours on end trying to find that one person who would help us. It took two more days until I finally reached that one person - an angel named Twan Nguyen based in Dallas, Texas. He saw what the problem was immediately. He basically told me that the store order was canceled. That cancelled status on our account was preventing the system from allowing our FIOS service to function. He removed the bad status and instantly everything worked! He told me that there was a service order scheduled for the following week to put our phone back on fiber - which in fact did occur. (We did have a supervisor in Florida trying to get this resolved for us throughout the week - she was great even though she isn't in the FIOS area. Her name is Toni and she was able to at least obtain credits on our bill for all the hassle we went through.)

Lesson Learned - do not ever go to a Verizon store (or kiosk) and order FIOS service! Only - and I stress ONLY - order it with their toll-free number (can obtain it on the Verizon FIOS website).

Commendation Earned - Twan Nguyen in the Verizon "Fiber Support" department.

Footnote: Verizon was continuing to bill me for my old DSL service even with FIOS on the same bill. That is finally straightened out so hopefully all issues are resolved.


  • Valerie Jan 22, 2007

    Had Verizon Fios install on 12/16/2006, the internet didn't work, mud was tracked in the foyer, closet and bedroom were not cleaned up and there was a hole in my wall. Called customer service that Monday 12/18/2006, lady helped me and said someone would be out that Wed. No one should up. The lady had never put through the work order. Finally got a guy to come out and fix the internet. Still my place looked bad and there was a hole in my wall. After 2 more weeks and 4 different people through Verizon, I had someone come a vacuum. Did a horrible job even doing that. Called a complained again to the supervisor. Supervisor hired a contractor to fix the way, said that some one would call me by 1/4/2007. No one called, supervisor didn't pick up phone for 4 days after that. Finally hired another contractor to show up on 1/15/2007. No call, no show. Finally showed up 1/17/2007, and hasn't returned, and no word where he is. I've filed 2 complains through Verizon Fios customer hotline, and no word back. I even went up to Verizon's corporate office in Irving, Texas to get some answers, no one would let me in to talk to a person face to face to get some answers. It's been over a month and I still have a hole in my wall. Verizon's service and support is some of the worst around. DO NOT USE VERIZON!

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  • An
    andieo May 19, 2007

    We've had Verizon Fios for nearly three months. Our broadband internet service, which used to go down on an every-other day basis with Comcast, has never been down. The picture on our Sony Bravia sets is just gorgeous and we're getting much better value for our money with Verizon than we did with Comcast. The tech who came to do the setup was here for about 7 hours, and was extremely knowledgeable and interested in showing us everything we needed to know. I called Verizon a few days ago because I couldn't get Closed Caption feature to work and they were here the next morning. I've found them very helpful and pleasant to speak with on the phone. All in all, this is the best experience I've had with a vendor in years.

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  • Sa
    sandra hernandez Sep 06, 2007

    I want to may sure that this people are not assaulting me and taking my money without a valid reason. This people are charging me a bill for 450 dollars because they said that i own that amount to bell atlantic. If bell atlantic do not exits no more who come 11 year after they can send me a bill.

    This is fraud!

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  • Jo
    Jonathan Mayhew Sep 28, 2007

    I have had to call Verizon about my TV picture being dropped more than 12 times. Every time they do the same things to try and fix it and it works for about 2 days and then I have ot call them to reset it again. I have had the repair guy out and he left me hanging. The Verizon repair guy was suppose ot call me back with a solution, but never did. Several of the techs were nasty with me on the phone and it appears that they do not care about their customers. My signals are still dropping and yet another Verizon service guy is coming out this weekend. To wast another whole Saturday waiting on him. I may have ot cancel Fios all together. It just does not seem to work well, to many bugs in their system.

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  • Fr
    Francisco Chichizola Sep 29, 2007

    Here you go Verizon! I'm a new customer, just sign in for the three FIOS services. The installator comes to my door...

    Verizon: Hello, where can I park.
    I: You can use one of the Visitor parking spots... Oh, they are full. Well you can put out your orange cones and park where you wish.
    Verizon: I can't work like this.
    And he left. I called customer service and after navigating the wonderful world of computer answering loops, got put on hold for about 10 minutes.
    Verizon: How can I help you... I explained.
    Verizon: Can I put you on hold while I get with dispatch?
    I: What is the number just in case we get disconnected.
    Verizon: It is internal.
    They put me on hold for another 7 minutes.
    Verizon: You will need to ask one of your neighbors to move their car for the installer to park.
    I Just laughed out loud.
    I: Thank God I have 10 days to cancel this contract. Cancel it now.
    Verizon: So you want to reschedule?
    I: No, sir, I what to cancel the entire contract now. If that is how you treat a new customer that can still cancel the contract, I don't what to deal with Verizon.
    Verizon: Is there anything else I can help you with?
    I: Yes, please give me a cancellation confirmation number.
    Verizon: You will need to call tomorrow for that.

    I can't still believe it!!!

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  • Ma
    Marc Oct 13, 2007

    Same thing happened to me accept I ordered off their web site. Received a java script error and called to confirm the orders success and the sales rep placed an order w/o my consent. I'm now trying to get all of this straightened out. I have sent an e-mail to their VP of public affairs and communications.

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  • Pa
    Pat Fore Oct 31, 2007

    I come from a "telephone family" and thank god my father is too sick to see what is going on. This is the WORST customer support I have ever seen with ANY organization. Do not order this service. I have gone thru Verizon hell!

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  • La
    Laurie Nov 15, 2007

    I too have similar problems with my FIOS TV service. I have two regular set tops FIOS converters and one DVR in my bedroom. The set tops work like champs never a problem. But the DVR is always (CONSTANTLY) cutting off, recycling, self-resetting etc. I've called and complained more times than I even know. I had the DVR replaced twice and the last time I called to complain and request a tech visit they said they would charge me for the visit if they are not able to resolve the problem. HUH???

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  • Ma
    Mary Forrest Dec 02, 2007

    I live in Maryland, and like others anxiously awaited the arrival of FIOS. I placed an advance order in August of this year and was told I'd be contacted in early October when service would be available. No one contacted me so I again called and placed the order. My first install was to be November 9. I called to confirm the order last day of October and they said I had no order....... I had an order number, but somehow they couldn't find it. Then I spoke to another rep. who said they found it , but I had to "third-party" verify. It was in another "screen" because it was not complete. That was a 26 minute phone call from start to finish. I thought, fine, they have their third party verification , now it's all OK. But, they then told me they could not install on the November 9 date because others were "ahead of me" ????? I tried to explain that I had been given that date because I had originally ordered in early October and they made an error. They were very sorry and happy I was switching to FIOS, but they couldn't help me. I was given a new install date of November 24. I was called by them to confirm my installation, but they said in order to do that I had to third-party verify. I told them I had already done that. They basically said - if you want the service, you have to do it again.

    I did not count the calls between early October and "THE END" of FIOS in my life, but logged no less than 3 hours on the telephone (all names and times logged). This, of course, was BEFORE I even got FIOS. I decided to stop the aggrevation. I was reading negative comments on the net and decided to retain my sanity and lose FIOS. I cancelled FIOS 2 days before the scheduled installation and got a cancellation number. Of course on November 24, the cancelled date, I was out and checked my messages. FIOS dispatch called 2X 1) to confirm installation and tell me their installers would be at my home between 9 and noon and 2) that the representative was at the door and "apparently" no one was home. They said "unfortunately" I would have to reschedule. I have received a call every day for the last week from FIOS telling me to call them to reschedule. One message said they would continue to call until they heard from me. No way was I going to get tangled up in the FIOS web of inefficieny again and waste MY time.

    There is no organization in this organization. The left hand does not know what the right hand is doing and furthermore they don't care.

    Do yourself a favor, stick with the "other" fast internet service you have and forget FIOS. It is absolutely not worth the aggrevation.


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  • Le
    Leroi R. Spangle Dec 29, 2007

    I made the horrible mistake of getting FIOS installed in my home in Pittsburgh, PA. The installation was incompetent, there was no follow up service, impossible to get in contact with customer service. Took hours even to find out where to send a certified letter to cancel the service. The most horrible company to deal with in my lifetime. It appears to me that the company is totally not customer oriented, has incompetent management, totally disorganized and is clueless as to what quality assurance means. If you doubt me, try calling the idiots at Verizon for anything. But, prepare yourself to spend hours and accomplishing nothing. In my case, I had to file a formal complaint with the PUC of PA and the Attorney General of PA. I encourage others to do likewise when they have problems with the company, so that they are aware of the abuse that the public is subject to.

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  • An
    andrea brandao Dec 31, 2007

    I also made same mistake to getting Verizon Fios .
    Since Dec. l9 2007, ( today is Dec.31) my phone dont receive phone calls and I spoke with inumerous Customer Service and Techinicians very incompetent, every time I call Verizon, of course after 15 or 20 min. waiting some one tell me a different story.
    I still no able to receive phone calls and they say,,,, Wed. morning Jan. 2 we will fix this problem,,, but this is not the first time they promise to fix this little problem,,,, no able to receive phone calls.
    VERIZON FIOS is a desorganized company with no TECHNICAL SUPPORT.

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  • Me
    me Jan 08, 2008

    Same crap here. On my second DVR but it resets randomly recording or not. Who knows if someone on the internet is doing it or Verizon is doing it or if it just a bug ridden POS.

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  • Ta
    Tara Del Gavio Jan 19, 2008

    I signed up for the triple bundle in November 07. Service has been a horror since. With cable, we had great wireless service in every room in the house. With Verizon, in most rooms I can't connect at all, and in the rooms where I can the service constatntly goes in and out, making it impossible to even complete a simple e-mail.

    This week, Verizon pushed out a new version of their "user Guide". My set top box (which was installed by Verizon (2) months ago )did not accept the download and therefore I am getting no cable channels (FYI, it took over (2) hours of phone calls with technical support to come up with that answer and schedule an appointment for a techinician to come out and replace/repair the box). My appointment was for 8-12AM this morning, it is now 4:30 PM and no one has shown up yet.

    This company is providing a sub standard product, have incompentent and rude techinical help and are obviously run by incompetent management.


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  • Ri
    Rico Jun 02, 2008

    Last December (2007) I ordered Verizon Fios's Triple bundle at a cost of $99.00 in the Maryland area. Along with the bundle, I was to get a free TV as well. My original install date was in December, however that date came and went with not a phone call or a visit from anyone. I called their customer service center and spoke with a representative as well as a supervisor who informed me that there had been a problem with my internet order and that it never appeared in their system. After discussing the issue for several more minutes they re-setup my installation for January 11, 2008. Along with this and the free TV I was to get a months service free. January 11th came and no installer arrived. I was later told after being on hold for over an hour that the Tech assigned to me called out that day. I explained that this was the second time and that this was not acceptable. The rescheduled me for MLK day, said they were sorry. MLK day arrives and at 1:00p.m. I am notified again that the Tech has called out and I would have to be rescheduled, this time in 4 more weeks. The supervisor I spoke this time told me there was nothing he could do. I told him that perhaps the Tech who keeps calling out should be fired. He hung up on me. I called again and spoke to a wonderful rep, I told her that I was canceling my order and all of the issues I have had. She convinced me not to cancel ( how I am still not sure ). She also sent me a $200.00 Verizon gift card. Finally, on the 4th try the installer arrives and sets everything up. I admit that the service itself is wonderful. A few weeks later I had still not received the information about the free T.V. so I called again. After being transferred to 6 different people, I spoke with the nastiest supervisor who told me I did not qualify for the Free T.V. because I had accepted the $200.00 gift card. I explained why I got the gift card and she then explained to me that it did not matter and I liked I could cancel my service. I was furious. I tried calling several more times but no one could help me as it appeared that the right hand of Verizon did not know what the Left was doing. I finally wrote a letter to the corporate offices, local Business office and sent it to 2 T.V Stations. 4 weeks later I received a letter in the mail stating that after careful review of my account I was not eligible for the free TV, however because I was such a valued customer they would give it to me anyway. An addition 6 weeks later I did get the TV. The service from Verizon is wonderful, but I could not recommend it to anyone because of the horrible customer care I received. If you choose this service just keep great records.

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  • O0
    O'Neil Hutchinson Jun 13, 2008

    Like many others, I too was very excited about Verizon's FIOS. Am I still excited? HELL NO! With the promotional hype verizon has been running and the fact that verizon has been in the communication business for such a long time, I thought this would be a good thing, but it is the worst I have ever encountered.

    First, when checked if FIOS was available in my area via their website, it was not. I contacted their customer service to find out this information and they too said it was not available in my area. Yet, some guy turned up at my door soliciting for FIOS. And yes, they never mentioned that you are getting into a 2 year contract, but with the expectation of a good service, who cares.

    Second, the installation was scheduled for three months later. During my three months waiting period, I received confirmation calls confirming the installation and to offer me free movie package for 6 months, which of course I accepted.

    About three weeks later, the technician showed up at my door on time to install my FIOS service. What was not explained to me before is that it would take 6 hours to install it. Furthermore, being a verizon customer for over 14 years, and have my current number for 8 years, they decided to give me a new number when there is not need to change my existing one. I have been living in the same area code for the past 8 eight years, my friends, family, and business associates all have this number, therefore; I had no intention of changing it.

    The tech did not hook my phone service and suggest that I call customer service to sort out the phone numbers which I did. Of course, they could not find my records. It appears that verizon and verizon FIOS are 2 different entities, nobody knows what the other is doing. It took me about 2 hours as I got bounced around to different people before I got to the right person.

    Next, the 6 months free movie package that was offered conveniently expired. This promotion was even running after my service was installed. Some of the customer service reps were rude and had a nonchalant attitude, like "I got you locked in a 2 year contract SUCKER, you will have to pay me $190 if you want to cancel the service." It took me about 7 hours over a 2 day period to even get anywhere with them. They finally acknowledged their error and agreed to transfer new service to use my old number.

    Then, in their attempt to straighten out the numbers, they disconnected my phone for 7 days. Despite the numerous calls my wife and I made to their customer service requesting that they dispatch a tech, they refused. Finally on day 7 after many calls and flaring of tempers, they dispatched a tech, in in 15 minutes, my phone service was restored to the old number.

    "Adding salt to the wound" - a couple days later, my pregnant wife was online doing her CPA review before going out on maturnity leave, when the internet service stop working just when she was at the end. She called me and I contacted customer service and this dude told me there was nothing he could do. It took me 4 days to get it resolved, when I called again and spoke to this nice lady name Sandra, who unlike the other jerks, stepped me through some troubleshooting. Although she was unable to resolve the issue, at least she tried.

    In the meantime, she placed a ticket in the online tech queue and James picked it up and came online. He said to give him 30 minutes and he will look at it. Within 5 minutes, all my services went down and came back up. a couple minutes later everything was working fine. They both called back to follow up within minutes.

    Through all the problems I have had with verizon, promises were made to give me free movie package for a month each time I call about a problem, but I am yet to see those promises come through.

    I Hope others will do their research by googling "fios complaints" before getting this service.

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  • No
    Noha Jun 23, 2008

    We moved and have been trying to cancel our FIOS for three days. Installation was also a huge pain in the ###. Its a simple job, and I just don't understand why they can't get it right. People call you for a service you provide it and they pay. This has been such a nightmare that I am also cancelling our cell phones with them. I am on this kick lately where I dont want to give my money to anyone who doesn't deserve it or hassles me. I suggest you all do the same.

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  • Su
    susan Jul 03, 2008


    Ive found a way to cancel you service without incurring a penalty!
    Google some obscure state in the midwest or south . Then pick a town . Google "phone services".
    When you find one that doesnt list verizon youre home free!

    Next contact verizon and tell them you want to trnsfer your service. Of course they will tell you there is no Verizon service in that town and will cancel your service WITHOUT the penalty fee!
    When they ask you for a ontact phone # tell them you dont have one yet and make up some address on "Main St." They will not check it out.

    PLEASE pass this on when you have sucessfully completed the transaction!

    Good way for hundreds or thousands of people to stick it to this horrendous company!

    Good luck, it worked for me! :-}

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  • An
    Anonymous Jul 07, 2008

    July 7, 2008

    RE: Verizon FIOS – Customer Experience Nightmare

    To Whom It May Concern:

    On March 29, 2008, I had a Verizon FIOS installation consisting of both Internet and cable television. My mother had previously had a horrible experience with her own Verizon FIOS installation, but in the process of numerous phone calls to a Verizon manager by the name of George Gerodimos, we finally were able to resolve the issue with my mother’s account. Therefore, when I moved into my new residence I called George personally to have Verizon FIOS set up in my new residence and was assured by Mr. Gerodimos that I would receive “VIP” treatment. I was told that since I did not sign up for Verizon telephone service that I would be penalized by having funds automatically deducted from my checking account each month. I reluctantly agreed to this, although in my opinion, this is discrimination. I gave Jeremiah, the representative, my checking account information, was told there was no installation fee, and was quoted a monthly price for Verizon FIOS cable television and Internet service. I was also supposed to be receiving a $100 refer-a-friend credit on my account as well.

    The installation, as mentioned, occurred on March 29, 2008, and it took several hours, even though the residence had already been pre-wired for Verizon FIOS. This was on a Saturday. On Sunday evening, after being physically exhausted from my move, I sat down to view my new Verizon FIOS television service. I had sat down for no more than 10 minutes and my entire Verizon FIOS service went completely out. I called customer service immediately. It took the representative approximately 30 minutes to locate my account, as both my first and last name had been spelled incorrectly and since the install was so new, it was difficult to find my account information, not to mention that unless one has Verizon telephone service as well, which I did not, it is extremely difficult, for some reason, for Verizon to locate a customer’s account.

    I had a technician at my home the next morning to find that a “block” on the exterior of my residence was cracked, thus the reason for the service going out. This was fixed. I had a lengthy conversation with Mr. Gerodimos about this, and he agreed to issue a credit for the horrible inconvenience I had endured, as I had to miss work on a new job in order to sit around and wait for Verizon to come back out and fix the problem, after just having service installed 24 hours prior.

    Then the billing issue came up. Verizon deducted monies from my checking account, although I was supposed to have a credit on my account. In addition, when I viewed my online Verizon account my name was still spelled incorrectly and the charges were inaccurate. When I investigated further, I was then told that since I did not have Verizon telephone service that they were charging me an extra $5 per month, which I was never informed of. Furthermore, they billed me for an installation which I was promised was free. The online bill does not match the paper bill, and one would need to hire a certified public accountant to try and figure out what Verizon has done with my billing. I have spent hours and hours on the phone with managers and people at the corporate level at Verizon, Lisa Barrow, Richey Clark, Ryan Mull, just to name a few, exhausting myself beyond belief trying to get my bill straightened out and the spelling of my name corrected.

    Finally, I got fed up and threatened to disconnect Verizon and go with Brighthouse, which I subsequently did on June 23, 2008. Two corporate representatives, Lisa Barrow and Richey Clark, came to my home on the evening of June 23, 2008, at approximately 6:00 p.m., in a Cooper vehicle with Verizon FIOS inscribed all over it and retrieved all of my Verizon equipment. They were very unprofessional. Lisa was popping her gum and Richey had big hooped earrings in both of his ears and was very arrogant and cocky. They came unprepared with paper or pen to issue me a receipt proving that my equipment was picked up. I provided them with one of my own pens and demanded they give me a receipt, which Richey Clark scrawled on the back of a business card. They left with my equipment, assuring me they would deliver it to a Verizon store, a receipt would be mailed to me, and that I would receive a check for the $121.75 that was left on my account.

    I never received an official letter or receipt for my equipment as promised, so I then called the corporate office and registered an official complaint with a Ms. Delgado, as not only was I upset about this, but unbelievably my Verizon FIOS service was yet to be disconnected. When I later spoke to Lisa Barrow about this, she unbelievably indicated to me that she was unaware that I wanted my service disconnected! I told her that I was astounded at this comment, that after all the phone calls we had had and the obvious fact that she personally came to my home to retrieve equipment that she would be a complete idiot to believe anything other than this was an obvious indication of disconnecting Verizon FIOS service. I finally then did receive a letter and a receipt for equipment return, but yet to receive my check in the amount of $121.75.

    On July 4, 2008, at approximately 6:00 p.m., I received a telephone call from Verizon FIOS indicating that my equipment had not been returned and demanding that I do so. After spending almost an hour on the phone on a holiday evening, I was infuriated as I spoke to several Verizon representatives who told me that my equipment had not been returned. I reiterated to them that two corporate representatives had come to my residence and retrieved the equipment on June 23, 2008, but this did not seem to satisfy them.

    The very next day, Saturday, July 5, 2008, I received two envelopes in the mail from Verizon FIOS, again indicating I needed to return equipment. They even sent me packing slips to return the equipment with.

    I then filed another complaint with the corporate office on July 7, 2008. Ms. Barrow then called me and informed me that one of the boxes I returned did not match the serial number of which came with the original install, stating to me that this was because I had exchanged boxes several times in the course of my short 2-1/2 months of service with Verizon. I indicated to Ms. Barrow that she had better check Verizon’s records, because at no time had I ever had any boxes or equipment exchanged and that I indeed had returned to her the original equipment provided to me at the time of my original installation on March 29, 2008. I further indicated to her that if she were to check service call requests there would be no record of this, as this never occurred. She continuously reiterates to me in all her conversations that I am right and that she is stupid and wrong but still does not seem to have the ability to rectify anything regarding my Verizon account. Lisa now indicates to me that her colleague, Richey Clark, will have to visit the Verizon store on Fowler Avenue to find out what the problem is with my equipment return to prove that I did indeed return it, again after having corporate representatives personally come to my home and retrieve equipment. Again, I still have yet to receive my check for $121.75. Instead, I now fear they will try and charge me for equipment that I returned and refuse to issue me the check for $121.75.

    In summary, I have had a truly horrible experience with Verizon FIOS that has seriously not only infuriated me but has seriously affected my physical and emotional health. I have spent hundreds of hours on the phone with managers and corporate executives at Verizon and still cannot rectify this situation. It seems to be a lost cause.

    I was hoping you could somehow utilize this information to warn other consumers about contemplating a Verizon FIOS installation, before they go through all the headaches and torment I have been through. If corporate executives and managers cannot professionally deal with customer accounts, what are other consumers, who do not take the time to contact these types of individuals, going to do? I know there are thousands of complaints out there with Verizon, but I just wanted to let you know that I am unfortunately yet another Verizon customer who has, in my opinion, been totally scammed by Verizon.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this complaint and get the word out to others.

    Verizon Representatives Contacted:
    Lisa Barrow 813-545-9903
    Richey Clark 813-989-7612
    Ryan Mull 813-663-0194
    Wendy Hodge 813-663-0327
    Ms. Delgado and Rita – 1-800-483-7988 x 3
    George Gerodimos 813-483-1286 Cell Phone 727-239-6700

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  • Tg
    T. Gray Jul 27, 2008

    Fios has been nothing but trouble. From the endless installation time to the constant unreliability of the phone/internet, one headache after another. We are waiting on our third replacement of the equipment. For $150 a month, an expensive headache. On the upside, the television has not had an outage. So there are about fifty sports channels for my husband to watch...

    The verizon automated phone system is a labyrinth of stress and confusion on it's own. I nearly had a stroke trying to speak to a real person.

    Wish I had known.

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  • Bs
    B. Sulcus Jul 28, 2008

    VERIZON FIOS is a joke! (I am a Verizon stockholder and have stayed with the company out of loyality to its predessor companies.)

    FIOS bombed from the beginning at my home. It failed on all components despite changing out equipment so many times that Verizon should have paid me for providing room and board to its installers, techs, trouble shooters, and supervisors. The parking areas in front and to the sides of my home looked like Verizon parking lots.

    Customer service? It doesn’t exist!! How did I get them to finally attempt responses? The good old stock holders resolution and filing a complaint with the Corporation Commission were the keys. Why did I have to “nuke em”. They didn’t respond without that impetus. That’s truly a pity.

    I mean when you pay the Chairman a minimum of $68-million a year, plus benefits, I’d expect that he’d want satisfied customers and stockholders. Obviously, I am being facetitious.

    Stay where you are. Remember this saying: An old devil is better than a new devil. Verizon FIOS is a devil, a nasty, nonfunctional devil.


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  • Br
    Bryan Stableford Jul 28, 2008

    Verizon is the worst company I HAVE EVER HAD TO DEAL WITH. Salesman comes to my door promisses this and that...I ask many questions ...decide to switch. Installer comes to the door isnt on the same page as the salesman. Instaler runs a cable ON my roof through my gable vent. Cant get my pic in pic to work says he will get back with me ..never does. My first bill arrives and it is 11 pages long (suppose to be one easy to read bill for the 3 services) The bill is $360.42 for something that is supposed to be$114.99/month + taxes (salesman said about $25.00 for taxes and the instal was supposed to be free) CAn make heads or tails of bill so I call customer support(?) After a hour the rep says yup we messed up...PAY $ 190.44...I send in $190.44..I dont see a bill for 5 weeks. I get 2 letters from verizon .The first letter says I am delinquent and my service is going to be cut off for non payment!!! The second letter is my second bill and they now want $316.91. I call and go through the same thing again . The service reps dont want to deal with you and I got very agitated. I finally asked for a suppervisor, and she said if you are that unhappy then I'll tranfer you to the return department and they will send you UPS labels to return your equipment!!! NOW I AM BEYOND SEEING RED. But I stay on the line for 20 minutes and noone answers. I put the phone down and mow the lawn still nobody answers...I hang up. The next day I decide I will fix this and be extreamly polite and all will be good. I call and ask for the reps name but he will not give it to me. I go through the bills and again am given an agreed $$$ to pay> I send that in. My 3rd bill comes and its $302.63 again all the time spent fixing it was a waste of my time. I say that is enough I get on the verizon website and e'mail them to the effect of I WILL NOT WASTE ANY MORE TIME WITH THIS BULLS**T.. I told them to get an ABLE PERSON involved and fix this problem or I am goneas a cusumer for good. I get a email back that says they got my message and would be in touch in 2 days...That was a week ago!!!

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  • Br
    Bryan Stableford Jul 28, 2008

    Just a follow up. I have contacted my state authorities. My previous letter is true to the letter and I even left some things out due to not wanting to write a book. A word to the wise get it in writting or better yet don't sign onto long term contracts. The legal SMALL print on these things are too much for a average person to understand. THE SALESMAN WILL TELL YOU WHAT YOU WANT TO HEAR, but the customer service people will tell you "I don't know why you were told that" As others have said they (verizon personel)are not on the same page nad do not seem to care to be. They are, in my case, going to lose out on $140-$150 a month from me over an initial problem that is less than $200 and they dont care. Speaking of $200, I was also promissed a $200 AMERICAN EXPRESS gift card for signing up. It was part of what made me justify the switch from COX. I have not even addressed that issue as I know that I will never get it. PLEASE PEOPLE CHECK OVER YOUR BILLS AND MAKE SURE THEY ARE RIGHT. iF YOU JUST TELL YOURSELF "OH IT'S ONLY $20 OR WHATEVER IT IS...THEN THESE COMPANIES WILL CONTINUE THIS KIND OF PRACTICE!!! Give your time, money, energy, etc to the people that show they deserve it!

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  • Ge
    George Kunz Aug 14, 2008

    Horrendous-Nightmarish customer service.
    No time during the install or disconnect (due to a move) was I told that I needed to return a router. A considerable time after vacating my apartment I was sent a letter telling me that I would be charged for non-return of this equipment. Following multiple lengthy waits to speak to customer service, not one but two very combative and discourteous FIOS employees accused me of "disposing" of their equipment and told me I must pay. Explaining I would have been happy to return it had anyone requested this of me prior to my vacating the apartment, they continued to insist I pay for this router.

    Apart from this, the first billing information I received from FIOS was a notice that I had been turned over to collections. No bill, no email notice - nothing. When I pointed this out to customer service, they essentially told me I was lying. Nightmarish...stay away from these folks. It is not worth it

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  • Wo
    wonderfulkat Aug 25, 2008

    Description of complaint: To Whom it may concern: I received FIOS Internet, Phone and FIOS television recently.But ever since the installation the Techs that installed the Internet and Phone and lter FIOS TV tied the install into the other two accounts at this address. They were called at least a dozen times to come out to rectify the problem they created with three phone lines two internet and TV services.They all were effected when they installed two different accounts for Fios Internet in which crossed all the lines of two different accounts at the same address. 90 days later the problem still exsists and verizon promised to call back and failed on numerous occassions in the last 90 days. They credited my account some of the services for incoveince but nit enough for all the times a tech came out counting at least a dozen times.They failed to fix my services two weeks ago and never returned a call scheduled July 9th at 4:18pm.No call and a week later my services are in suspension for their mistakes!(Not for non paymet) But for in house suspension with the two services at this address. They installed my services and then another resident with his and mess up all the services for me and the other customer. I think I do not have to pay 100% of the bad practices Verizon has caused from day one of the install.My services are not at 100% as of today.I have Verizon Wireless for 7 years and broadband too. I'm not going to bundle them with VERIZON.So they don't mess it up also. They also wanted me to pay $15.00 for an address change when it was their fault in the begining going to my nieghbor's hose to in stall instead of my address. Cutomer Service says I'm not suspended and Technical support says I'm then reversed the conversation more than a few times. I scheduled a service call on monday July 21st. 3pm-5pm I want out of my 2 year service and 100% refund if they do not rectify this situation. THEY BROKE THEIR OWN RULE OF PUTTING TWO FIOS INTERNET AT THE SAME SERVICIBLE ADDRESS OF TWO DIFFERENT NAMES AND BEEN A NIGHTMARE FOR 90 DAYS. They are not providing the adequate srvive as one exspects from a big company. I'm irate and apalaud of Verizon's service practices. My Verizon Wireless and Verizon Broadband are better! F.Dellomes

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  • Lo
    Lori Sep 04, 2008

    I have been trying to get a hold od verizons corpoate office for 4 months noe when I signed up we had a set price and bow every month my bill is different Its out ragious not even close to what they told me it would be i spoke to a supervisor named kimberly a supervisor named cindy about 15 costomer service people and the last person Matt who is in tampa florida who is a cancel expert well they all told me they would call me back and no one has espically kimberly at number 1-425-261-8229 i call and leave her a message to call me and she never returnss my calls matts id number is v924722 i will never refer anyone to verizon i regret i refered 4 people and a couple of them are having problems it took over 6 months to get my tv i keep asking the people i talk to to give me verizons corporate number or an address but they wont so i think my only choice ie to call the federal comunacations commision im beside my self i have never had this poor service in my life i am probebly going to go back to time warner they offered me a great deal also im handicaped and i have to go throught this it is not fair at all and it looks to me verizon has alot of comlaints. Lori

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  • So
    Sonia Oct 30, 2008

    FIOS sucks. I dont think that anyone should get it. Show Verizon that we as a public mean business. FIOS installation was the worst ever. It takes all day and then they cant finish have to come back another day and few other subsequent visits then you get a charge of $79.99 on your bill for Tech Install. A bill that all three services should be $99 for the year with a special of $70 for the first 6 months became a $541.35 bill and no this is not for 6 months. This is the first bill. Now if their system can bill you everyday of the month, please explain the need for "pro-rating". I am so thru with FIOS I will be reporting them to the BBB as well as listing them on Craigslist as a bad company and to stay with your current provider as FIOS is not worth the stress, high blood pressure or any other ailments that they may cause. I live in Plainfield NJ.

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  • Ca
    Carolanne Nov 06, 2008

    I had an appointment for FIOS installation two days ago and I'm still waiting for them to at least call me. I called customer service and waiting at least 20 minutes to speak to anyone. I had to call 4 times. I was PROMISED a call back by, what someone called himself, "A MAN OF HIS WORD". I'm still waiting on that also. This is not my first experience with them but it will be my last. I called Cable Vision and I got an appointment for the very next day. My Mom now has TV, telephone and interest service with no problem at all. I turn the TV on and Verizon Fios has the nerve to advertise every two minutes, or so it seems. Their own employees know how patheticly they treat their customers. I'm glad we can alert other people to go elsewhere. They should be ASHAMED of themselves. Thanks for listening!!!

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  • Ha
    Harry Nov 07, 2008

    I have had so much touble/problems with Verizon. Last year, I got sucked into Fios Bundle. The cusotmer service representative by email offered add ons on his own which were not allowed at that time. So I got the services that I never ordered. My first bill was double the amount. Thankfully, I had the emails from CSR to prove. It took 4 or 5 months to clear everything.

    I just called today for a question and I get an email that I have changed my service with all premium and some international channels added to my service. It took me three calls and one hour to convince the CSR and remove the service. But I am stuck with a new one year contract (additional eight months) with this lousy company.

    Does anyone know #s of VPs or Directors of FIOS in Maryland so that we can all complain on what their subordinates are doing (assuming they are not following company policies).


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  • Fu
    Fuming Mad Consumer Nov 08, 2008

    Just hung from verizon fios...ordered by phone and was told that i could receive three free set top boxes after the installation occurred. Was given a number to call after the installation as I would then be a Verizon customer. Sounded wonderful. Just called the number and was told by Angela #00922 I apologize that promotion ended in July for your state. Funny the sales rep knew the state I was in, the fact that I was cancelling Comcast and switching to verizon but never mentioned anything about a promotion being discontinued in my state. In fact, his exact words were, we will order you a dvr and set top box and after the installation is complete, call this number 1-888-505-3512 and they will give you three FREE set top boxes. He explicity told me not to ask the installation representative for them or I would be charged for them. He explicity told me to call the above number and then I would get them for FREE. LIES, LIES, LIES. Bait and switch. I would not have switched from COMCAST to verizon knowing that I would have to pay an additonal $12 a month for these boxes. I explained fully why I was switching and was told by ordering verizon my problems would be solved. LIES, LIES, LIES. There must be a law preventing deciptive sales practices and that will be researched immediately after this posting. Maybe COMCAST should check into verizon's sales practices too. They may not lose customers when the true be told. I am pursuing this at all levels since I was told by Angela #00922 that this promotion in my state was expired as of July!! Maybe the department that "is here to help you with all your digital conversion questions" needs to perform some training for the sales department personnel or maybe bait and switch is part of verizon's sales manual.

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  • Ni
    Nicolena Santora Nov 13, 2008

    The worse customer serivce I have ever delt with. I advise to think before ordering Fios

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  • Ri
    Ri Nov 14, 2008

    They are the absolute worst! Really missing my Comcast. Only benefit... TV is the cables goes out. Similar situation with everything said above. The fact that I give them my money every month is disgusting. They should be ashamed.

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  • Pr
    Prakash Dec 27, 2008

    Verizon FIOS Customer service system is the worst i have seen so far in my life. I dont think it is worth dealing with people who don’t know what they are doing. Every time i call them they give me different information about my account.

    Though their TV, Internet and phone service are very good, other services like billing (worst of all), name any service - I would rate them -ve.

    I really hope they look into what’s happening and fix it to keep their customers. I already started telling my friends and relatives NOT to go for Verizon FIOS.
    It took me 6 hours on phone with different department of Verizon and nothing happened so far with my new account set-up.

    I am VERY FRUSTRATED with Verizon and FIOS customer service.

    Verizon – Please do something to improve!!!

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  • Di
    dissatisfied Jan 06, 2009

    Verizon has the worst customer service hotline. No one seems to answer the call. I waited 45 minutes to get to an agent and no answer. Today, I have waited for about an hour to speak to an agent. Again, no one answered. Finally, I went to a verizon store and aksed if anyone could help me. The answer was no and that I should do everything online. Fair enough. I got home and tried to register my account online using my account number then I tried to register using my "10 digit number"...neither one worked.

    Not sure who is in charge of customer relations for Verizon. I would like urinate on him or her for being so incompetent. Hopefully, I will be back with comcast by the end of the month. To hell with verizon!

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  • Ga
    Garydon Feb 03, 2009

    I agree with all the complaints but instead of complaining I found a way to circumvent their useless service, if you notice they use an IP address which is from a company called Instead go to internet options and unchecked the automatic detect settings and type in anywhere from to 254 the 254 being the last set of numbers, I myself typed in you can also go to the advance portion and go to and in the exceptions box type in 192.168.*.* so that it doesn't use that IP address. oh almost forgot I use port 80. I can't open my verizon web page but so what I use windows live mail and mozilla firefox at least I, m not getting loss of buffer on my streaming content.

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  • Ga
    Garydon Feb 03, 2009


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  • Yo
    yonai6 Feb 20, 2009

    -- On fri, 2/20/09, <> wrote:

    From:[email protected]
    To: Push Sale
    Date: fri.02/20/09


    That order never authorized by me and it was an attempt by customwer service to push sale on 02/18/09

    The next day, I got an email and to my surprise I saw "congradulations" note for the added service to my account, namely GAMES ON DEMAND, STARZ and other. Immeditaely I called to cutomer service to cancel and escalate the issue. I cancelled these unauthorized features na d I felt so annoyed for their Hutzpah. This is a very bad approach of making business and it's shameful to say the least. After I went throuh all that, take a for look the new email addressed to me a couple of days later. What a nerve !!!

    Issayas Yona

    Dear Issayas Yona:

    On 02/19/2009 you ordered or upgraded to a Verizon FiOS Triple bundle providing amazing FiOS® services with discounts off the standard monthly rates.

    To receive your discount you must accept the FiOS Bundle Customer Agreement within the next 30 days by clicking on the following link: .

    Enter your Verizon Online User Name (Email or User ID and password. If you have any questions please call 888-553-1555.

    Welcome to the incredible world of FiOS! /FONT>

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  • Sa
    sameerdahda Mar 04, 2009

    Ashburn (Virginia)

    I ordered the Verizon Fios High speed internet and telephone service on Mar 02, 2009, while placing the order it suggested that the date of installation will be Mar 17 2009 and it was mentioned that I could change the installation date after placing the order.
    Now after placing the order I want to change the installation date. But I have tried to call all possible phone number available through the Verizon’s web site but each time after waiting for at least 30 mins, somebody picks the phone, redirects me to some other department and then again wait for more than 30 mins and redirect and it goes on. I might have spent more than 5 hours in a day just to get to the right person but no luck.
    After having such a painful experience in the beginning while I do not have the service, I can imagine how bad its going to be in future when I ll have the service.
    So I would like to CANCEL the above mentioned order but cant find a way to do that.. any suggestions?

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  • Ma
    matin Mar 06, 2009

    Larger companies such as Verizon have thousands of people working for them and I understand how hard it is to force every staff member to treat customer’s right. But, that is not my problem and it is Verizon’s issue. Verizon has to create a zero tolerance policy for staffs being rude to customers. How many times, do you want to lose a customer and then invite them back by money incentives? I left Comcast cable and Internet and Sprint PCS, because of their customer support and decided to try Verizon. For most parts I have been happy with Verizon (especially with their awesome cell phone customer support) just until recently that I needed additional service. Last Friday, I called their toll free number and asked for a new set top box for a room that we bought TV for. She told me that she would mail me a set top box. I asked her I was not sure why she would mail me a set top box and who was to install it? Her response was that Verizon, no longer, sends technician to people home for installation. However, I could have a technician come by to install the set top and configure the system for $80. I mentioned that I was not charged a few months back for same service. She explained things have changed. I told her, that I know times are hard but last night when I went out to dinner, I am glad that I was not told by the waitress that I needed to cook the steak myself. She answered with a rude voice; is there anything else and I said yes and please connect me to a manager. She insisted that it was a waist of time and the manager would tell me the same thing. I insisted that I wanted to talk to a manager and was then told that there are no managers and someone would call me back by next week Tuesday. Well behold like a dumb ###, I trusted her and today is Friday and no call back. So, I proceeded at 5:18 p.m. to call Verizon again. This time, I got a man technician and right away asked him for a manager… he insisted to hear my issues first before talking to a manager. After going thru the whole thing, he told me that I was calling the wrong place and I need to talk to Billing and to hold on (I had no idea why I needed to talk to billing for new set top box install)… after 15 minutes and pressing some more numbers, I got someone and had to explain everything again and was told by this person that I was transferred to wrong location at Florida and he would transfer me to Virginia. After holding 15 or so more minutes, I was told by a recorder that the office closes at 6:00 and to call back Monday. So… here we are… what happened to good customer service. Have I ever told Verizon that I no longer would like to pay for postage stamp and either for them to come by to my house and pick up the check or mail me a pre paid envelope to pay the bill? It seems as; these people are getting away from transferring calls to managers. This is what you get at bad times when the company keeps regular staff and let’s go of good managers I guess. So, yes, I was a fan and now think Verizon’s customer support SUCKS big time.

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  • Lo
    Love My Fios Mar 27, 2009

    I have Fios and I love it. I've had it for a few months now and i really love it. Yes there were mistakes on one of my bills, but it was corrected and reflected on the next bill.

    Sometimes, we the consumers, have to take responsibility. How are u going to complain about a $500 bill if you haven't paid in 3 months? When i placed my order, everything turned out how they said... "The first months bill will be higher than normal due to pro ration..." Listen people you can't have ALL the MOVIE channels 5 HiDef boxes and expect your bill to be $115. Also, you cannot call a place of business yelling, screaming and cursing at the agents, you do not get anything resolved that way i know that at least 90% of who complained did. When u verbally abuse an agent, they have every right to hang up on you and that will lead to more frustration for you. Does Verizon call us yelling screaming and cursing if we miss our payment due date by a couple of days???? NO. This is what i KNOW, if u didn't get help for your situation there's a reason... it might not be Verizon... it may just be you!! Agents are not mind readers if u want a "triple play" ask for the "Triple play" Agents cannot assume u want something... that leads to unauthorized charges.

    PEOPLE think! Verizon has MILLIONS of customers and the average person works from 9-5, most Verizon offices close @ 6 and open at 8am. If u're call at 5:50 to try and get an issue resolved, so are other customer's there will be a longer hold time. My suggestion, CALL earlier!!! There are times when i call around 11am and get an agent right away one time i called at 2 pm i timed the hold 3 mins!!! 3 mins!! and i live in New York.

    Treat people how you want to be treated

    Yes the charge for a subsequent Tech visit is $80 how hard is it to screw in a cable box??? Get it mailed and do it yourself why would u need a tech visit?? come on people.

    Most of the things you need help with you can do online @ You can change your plan add and remove services... you guys probably didn't know that. That's another reason why you should be nice to agents, they give u helpful hints!!! I Love FIOS!!! TEAM VERIZON!!!

    -1 Votes
  • Te
    terry3593 Apr 06, 2009

    FIOS SUCKS! My remote control is ridiculous. When I try to fastforward, it gets stuck and I have to turn off my FIOS box in order to get it to work again. I can't rewind, fast forward, or pause. When I click OK when attempting to watch On Demand, it also doesn't work and I click it several times trying to get it to work - when all at once all of the OK clicks I did work and I end up somewhere I don't want to be or ordered a show I didn't want to order. I tried to call their 24 hour tech support and that was also ridiculous. I used the web chat forum and was told to call an 800 number and if this solved my problem!??????? When I called the 800 number that they gave me after I went through the ridiculous phone tree, I got a message that the office was now closed! Can't wait till my one year contract is over so I can get this crap out of my house!

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