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Verizon DSLthey took my money and I never got service

Terrible terrible terrible! I will never use verizon again! For anything!!!

I only have two viable options for internet service in my area. The dreaded comcast and verizon dsl (Not fios because it is still not available in my area).

After going through about 6 years of service nightmares, rogue charges, and terrible customer service with comcast, I decided to jump ship and get my internet through verizon. Well I found out that they are in fact worse than comcast.

I will try to keep this as short as possible even thought I could spend hours on this!!!

Aug 7th - my "service start date", in which I was charged for the service and the one time equipment charge. I plug in my modem I had received in the mail and what do you know? It does not work. I spend 2 hours on the phone with tech support who can't fix my problem. They say they need to send out a technician. I was going on vacation the next day so I needed to reschedule in a weeks time. Mind you they already charged my account.

Aug 17th - I call to schedule my technician. After spending 20 mins getting to a human, I get someone who has no record of my previous call. The insist I need to go through the troubleshooting steps again before scheduling a tech to come out. Mind you, I work in the it department of a large software company. I know my stuff pretty, but he doesn't care and makes me go through all the steps. Finally after an hour and a half he tells me he can schedule a technician. "what 10 hour window would you like sir?", he asks. I tell him no way in hell would I wait for 10 hours that is ridiculous. He tells me they can do 5 hour windows. I accept one for the upcoming wednesday. He tells me 12pm-5pm is the window.

Aug 19th - I take the day off from work to wait for the tech just because I am nervous I will miss them. They never show up. No call, nothing. Just didn't show up. I'm furious now. I call verizon, 30 mins of rerouting. I get tech support who asks me if I want to troubleshoot the modem again. I start getting real mad and ask for a supervisor. I am hung up on!!!

Aug 24 - I needed to wait a few days before trying again because I felt I would blow a gasket otherwise. I call, have to explain my situation for the fifth time after getting bounced around on the phone for 30 minutes. I get tech support who wants to, yes, you guessed it, troubleshoot my modem again. I tell him no way. I want a technician to come out and that I won't take another weekday off. He tells me they don't do saturdays. I ask for a supervisor. While on hold, they drop the call.

Aug 28 - I decide that i'm done. I have lost a day of work, spent ours on the phone, and for nothing. I will call them and cancel my service. But I know its not over. How could it be with such bad service? In fact decide to roll up the sleeves, get dirty, and record all my calls to verizon.

I do the typical 20 minutes of getting bounced around in the system. Get a hold of a rep and tell them I want out. They tell me the will transfer me to the correct dept. They transfer me to, none other than, tech support who want to troubleshoot. I decide to get some dirt while i'm there and humor them. I spend an hour on the phone and get nothing accomplished before they finally get me to cancellations. I am so mad that he does not even put up a fight. He cancels my account and tells me my money will be refunded in 3 billing cycles or no less than sixty days. Wow. At least i'm out... Or so I thought.

Sept 2 - I get a letter in the mail saying I need to go to a ups and ship the modem back in 30 days or I get charged $100. I immediately call up to tell them I will not return their modem until I get my money. The operator is nervous after I told her I was recording the call and tells me my money will be returned on the 7th of sept.

Sept 7 - no money back into my bank account. I decide to give it a few days.

Sept 14 - still, the money is not returned. Another call, recording again. This time the operators are much more skittish when I tell them they are being recorded. The first says she isn't comfortable with it, and I tell her to give me someone that is. I get another person and ask for a supervisor and, no lie, I have the audio to back it up, he tells me there are no supervisors that work on mondays. He is somewhat polite and transfers me to "financial services". The operator picks up, I tell him hes being recorded. And he tells me he won't authorize that and hangs up. This happens two more times. I just want my money back here people!

Today - this situation has me so angry that I want to do what I can to expose just how bad verizon is as well as the fact that they, and comcast are my only options for internet service, and both are terrible. I will keep calling verizon, recording how awful they are and post files on whatever sites I can. Perhaps i'll create a blog dedicated to it. Either way, people need to not only read but hear just hiw bad verizon is. I wasted time (Hours on the phone with tech support) and money (Time off from work), and for what? I never even received service from the! Something is wrong with this!!! We need to make a stand against these large telecom companies!

Verizon: worst customer service I have experienced in my life by far!!!

If you feel the same as me and want to support this cause feel free to get in touch with me to collaborate in any way you like. Or if you would like copies of my audio calls I would love to get them out to the world!

~matty stevenson
617.942.1386 - my google voice number - yes google voice allows me to give out my number to anyone without fear.


  • Ca
    Can no one be trusted? Sep 20, 2009

    Good Luck, Marty! Send the same email, in a letter to their Corporate office as well as the BBB. I spent 5 1/2 hours on the phone with them yesterday. The did not even know that Port 4567 is one of their ports, I had to direct them to a link on one of their web forums. So much for outsourcing!

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  • Ve
    verizon blows Sep 26, 2009

    I COMPLETLY AGREE!!! I spent more than 21/2 hrs on the phone with verizon today and got absoultly no where. They are completely incompitant. I was transfered more than 15 time in one single call before I was eventually disconnected. I had set up the new bundle package including Direct tv wich is a whole other story. To say the least I am not happy with any of the services. So I started with the dsl service to cancel and said for them to cancell it as of Sept 30th then tried to call direct tv to cancel that. Well you cant with out a$400 or so fee which is redicoulus. So I call to cancel my dsl disconnect request I was told it was fine no problem. Well there is BIG problems because now I dont have dsl service at all I can not get back my promotion they took away because they cancelled before thay were supposed to. and I have to wait 7-10 days for them to restore the service. I HATE VERIZON there customer support is a joke. I want nothing to do with them again and warn everyone to stay away!!

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  • Co
    corbettDC Sep 30, 2009

    I'm currently on hold after having experienced almost an identical situation as Matty. I have the exact same choice between bad (Comcast) and worse (Verizon) down here in DC. After having been thoroughly disappointed with my Comcast experience, I decided to switch to Verizon when I moved.

    Well, DSL modem did not work. I started by battling the robots. The first girl could not complete a sentence without a conditional statement or finish one without reading a script. Her communication was so poor that I realized that even in this horrendous economy, it is still possible for middle-school drop outs to find work. Verizon is open arms.

    Eventually however, I got to a real tech person and I have to say here that the experience was somewhat better. The representative was based in Mexico but I had no problem with accents. I was irritated by having been on hold for over ten minutes and began the phone call by stating that I did not want to hear any scripts read to me and that I am not a novice and had likely done all the steps they were going to send me through. I still had to go through the steps in order for them to be documented but at least the representative was a real person and genuinely sympathetic. But, I live in an apartment and he said that I should not have to be at home for the technician and this is where I was set up with false expectations. When I was finally transferred to dispatch, after about a 12 minute hold, they told me the same that I would have to block out a 10 hour window on a workday. That was unacceptable and after getting absolutely no willingness to compromise, I told them I was going to cancel the service and hung up. I knew I was heated so I sat on this for a few days.

    I don't own a TV and Comcast would require basic cable service in order to get internet service so I am really limited here. Verizon's DSL may be slower but it is cheaper, especially when you factor in that I don't have to get cable. I called back today (9.30.09) and was very firm on the outset of what my expectations were: I would not go through troubleshooting steps again as I was sure they had been immaculately documented previously; I would like to set up service but only for a four hour window, not 10, otherwise I would have the service disconnected.

    The girl on the phone did not push back but explained that I would have to be home and after testing my line remotely (she did not have me go through the troubleshooting steps again) was ready to transfer me to a dispatch agent. 'You will be on hold for a couple minutes.' Nine minutes, 30 seconds later I get: "Well, there is an issue with their phones which means we can't dial out". However, she was able to pull up the scheduling on the computer, identify open times and schedule the appointment. All the while, I'm wondering, 'why the hell do you need to transfer me in the first place if you're perfectly capable of doing all these things yourself?'

    I ended up with a four hour appointment for October 12, almost 2 weeks away but that was the earliest for the four-hour appointment (and it happens to be a holiday, which I verified that she was in fact not making a mistake). I also needed to update my billing phone number and request that I not be billed for the time I have no service. But, because they could not transfer out, I had to call back in. It's a good thing Verizon is not a phone company...

    I called back in to get to billing. Short hold time, agent was outsourced to a different country but could not tell where, heavy accent. Again, I was very explicit that I was calling for two reasons: update my billing phone number and to get credit for no service. No problems with the phone number but she says, "I can give you credit for 10 days". My service went "active" on 9.24 and would not be functioning at the earliest until 10.12. This was unacceptable. She quickly offers 15 days. This is unacceptable. I told her I needed credit at least until October 12, the earliest date my service could possible be fixed. She said she could give me 1 month credit. It was quite obvious they have a chart of offers to provide users and start off by trying to low-ball their customers even if fault is entirely on their end.

    We'll see if they show up and are actually able to get the service working. I have little faith but what are we supposed to do? These corporations collude with each other to limit competition that would force them to compete on service as well as price. I shed myself of cable and landline phones but I still need internet. I hate that I have to choose the lesser of evils to give my money to but I need internet for work. My slowest speed DSL should be 20$ a month. I'm not rich, but I for one am willing to pay more for decent service and I don't think I am alone.

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  • Be
    bestettler Nov 02, 2009

    Verizon cell service, pay as you go.

    I was warned not to use the "over the phone" option to charge minutes on my phone. Tried it anyway, kept it low though only charging 15.00 to my debit card. Right after keying in the appropriate numbers I was hit with "we're sorry we've experienced an error, please try again later **click**". I called again and successfully put 20.00 on the phone. Don't you know it though, looking at the bank records I see they went ahead and took the first transactions and delivered nothing. A call to Verizon totaling 1.5 hours resulted in a customer service rep telling me there was no record of the transaction. I told her that I was looking right at the transaction with my bank right next to the successful transaction. She was absolutely rude and wanted to know what else I wanted her to do. To this I repeated I wanted her to find the transaction and reverse it. She then put me on hold apparently to look it up in her "magical database" when she came back on the line she told me there was a note in the system to not refund my money for that transaction... you know the one that doesn't exist. She then insisted that I had called before and should know this. This of course put me through the roof as I had never called about this before. I demanded to speak to her supervisor and with a chipper "please hold" she hung up on me. I've forwarded this info to my bank and they will dispute and I'm sure get the charge taken care of as they always come through for me, beyond that I won't entertain any more phone calls with Verizon. I just wanted to toss this on the pile of user reports of ludicrous behavior they exhibit. add my name to the list of dissatisfied customers.

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  • Lt
    ltrock20 Nov 12, 2009

    Hey man I agree with you. I was forced to use Ver-cry-zon after my apartment complex said I was forced to use some digital internet service called hotwire. This service was somehow leased and if I used any other provider, I wouldn't get any support. Remind you, their service techs are not certified to do anything but say hello and have a good day. Anyway, once I became sick of this service I unknowingly switched to verizon DSL but not by choice. Apparently the FIOS lines weren't installed yet so the service wasn't available. Way before I found out I ended up missing a days work because the REPS kept giving me the run around and didn't know if the FIOS lines were available. So after being denied FIOS, I figured hell, I need some sort of internet so why not try ver-cry-zon DSL. The service went smooth atleast until my modem started to crap out. Remind you again, I am personally an IT guy myself with several years of experience. I call ver-cry-zon thinking I'll get a tech to come on out. Spoke with a tech for about 40 min and all we talked about was removing an Ethernet cable. I finally stopped this guy and said look, enough with the reseating cables. I work for DELL TECH SUPPORT. The rep simply said due to CENTRAL OFFICE TESTING, the dispatch is not approved. So I thought to myself WTF is this. I hung up because I was so upset. Remind you, the apt landlords wouldn't send anyone to fix my wiring simply because oh, I DIDN'T HAVE HOTWIRE. So I was pretty much stuck.

    I could go on forever about how many times I've had to actually speak with a SO CALLED DISPATCHER. Every time I called for a dispatcher to check status, he would tell me the onsite tech tried calling me. I then figured after 5 times getting the run around I wouldn't receive service onsite. I finally told the guy to transfer me to cancel my service and he placed me on hold literally for 20 min. He came back and tried to do more troubleshooting. After I refused to troubleshoot, I absolutely refused to do anything else with the guy. He then said the cancellation dpt closed at 6pm and it was now 9:30pm. He still transferred me to an EMPTY QUEUE. Get this, he had the nerve to ask me if I needed anything else... VER-CRY-ZON DSL SERVICE!!! AVOID

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