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terrible customer service, and inappropriate cancellation

I was extremely puzzled and frustrated by how Verizon treats its customers. The whole incident happened briefly after I added FiosTV to my Fios Internet. Here is what happened to my account.
I’ve been with Verizon at the same address since 20004. The broadband speed has been pretty good. I use automatic payment with my credit card on profile. However, when I added my FiosTV last month the problem with the Verizon account system got magnified. The FiosTV bill came in a separate account. The reps I talked to and all the advertisement all indicate that Fios service shall be one department and one account. Separate accounts are not an excuse to not pay. However, I’ve tried to make payments three times, the latest on 9/5/08. But after hours on the phone, I was told not to worry about it and to discard the past due notice as they’re merging the two accounts, and the credit card on my Fios Internet shall cover the balance. Then all of a sudden today 9/17/08, everything is disconnected. When I called in, I was told it’s cancelled due to non-payment. And I was told I’ll have to pay re-activation fees to have my service restored! This makes me fume! None of the reps has the concept of customer retention. Even though it’s Verizon who screwed up (one rep told me they had a ticket to merge the two accounts, but it wasn’t completed due to some technical issues), they want me to pay all the fees! When I asked one of the rep that whey they disconnected TV and Internet, instead of the TV which has an overdue balance (Fios Internet has charged my credit card for last month and is current), I was told that they did merge the accounts, thus the combined account has an overdue balance, and they have to terminate both services!!! I have had bad experience with AT&T and TXU, but this is over the limit! All the reps have different ways to ignore you and insist that I have to pay the activation fee even I told them they’re getting $60 addition
Here are the highlights of the incident:
• I tried to make payments three times in last month, and was told Verizon is combining my existing Fios Internet and the new FiosTV service account, and will use my credit card on the Internet account for the payment. Now my account has been canceled and I’m asked to pay reactivation to restore my service.
• Almost all representatives don’t care about what you feel as a customer. They just stick the fees on your face. The exceptions are Lisa and Lori.
• They never figured out what’s going on with my account. At some point they said my account was cancelled because the two accounts are not merged. Then they said all my services were canceled because they merged my accounts.
• At some point one representative pretended to have a “communication melt down” due to my “thick” accent.
• I’ve switched my phone service to other VoIP vendor for 3 years. However, every time I call I still have to jump through loops to explain I don’t have Verizon phone service. And one of the rep today try to force his understanding on me by saying the phone was disconnected due to past due amount.

  • An
    andy benson Sep 26, 2008

    if you are in MA or RI, i can help u, if this matter hasn't been resolved yet!

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I had Verizon DSL for several years and had no problems. It seemed more than adequate for us. But after too many calls stating how wonderful FIOS is I relented. That's when the trouble began. Aside from having numerous techs show up to install the optic fiber that had already been installed last November, the FIOS bill was attached to the wrong phone line in our 2 Verizon line house. The FIOS (data) was supposed to be installed to replace the DSL on my account, but the DSL was never turned off (DSL router gone the day the FIOS router was installed) and the FIOS was put on the other phone. I was charged for having DSL for several months after it was physically removed. They take the money out of my bank acct and I did not check the bills - my fault. I did get a refund. But the FIOS bill was showing up on the other persons phone bill in error.
We have tried to get it sorted out since November, to no avail. After countless hours on the phone with maybe 25-30 people I finally gave up a few months ago. My time is worth more than listening to awful muzak. But it got the best of me. I hated writing company checks to the other person to pay for the FIOS. I really messed up when I called last Thursday night to try again. What a mess that made. Everyone seems to understand we merely want the FIOS bill switched to my account from the other one, but nobody has a clue how to do it.
The person Thursday night said they would have to turn off the internet for up to 23 hours (for the 3rd time) in order to make the billing change. So, they turned off our internet AND one of the phones for the entire weekend.The phone issue was resolved Monday afternoon. The internet/email came on late Monday but the password was changed meaning yet another call of an hour while someone tried to have me re-register our Verizon accounts. I was certain that would mess stuff up even worse! Thankfully a tech actually called me while I was on hold with the other phone and said he could resolve the email issue in a few minutes. He did, and said he could fix the billing problem tomorrow! We'll see!
If I had a choice I would have dumped Verizon 6 months ago for all the aggravation. I have no idea how many actual hours I spent on the phone but I am not exaggerating when I say it is at least 30.

  • Wi
    Wille Oct 28, 2008

    I agree. Verizon FIOS Customer Service and Billing is a joke. I ordered on 9/7, and it took them 2 whole weeks to get my phone service on, so I was without service for 2 weeks, and even though it's currently working, I got charged for that period, and they're billing me at the wrong rate. My internet is still not at the speed I was promised, after countless hours on the phone with support and on hold. The only positive is their TV picture is far and away better than comcast, but with such a crappy company like Verizon, I'm seriously thinking about going back.

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dishonest selling practices

After 6 months and at least 20 phoone calls my billing from verizon is still a mess. was promissed a $200.00...

late fees

Hi All –

I work with a law firm that’s investigating Verizon Wireless’ practice of charging California consumers a flat $5 late fee and whether the practice violates California’s consumer rights laws.

Customers are charged a late fee if they don’t pay bills on time but according to California state law there may be some issues with charging a fixed late fee as a penalty. There may also be issues with charging all customers the same flat fee, regardless of the cost of monthly plans.

As part of the investigation, Hagens Berman wants to hear from any Verizon customer living in California who’s paid at least one late fee in the past four years.

You can contact the firm at [protected] or [protected]. More information on the investigation is on the firm’s Web site,

  • Ma
    Mary Jones Sep 19, 2008

    pay late charged ever mouth

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  • Ja
    jamiec Sep 28, 2009

    this is a joke. when customers signed the contract and agreed to verizon wireless terms and conditions they agreed to the charges. one of those of the charges is a late fee when bill is not paid on time. maybe customer should pay there bill on time for the services they want and they wont be charged. a cell phone is a want and not a need and if they can pay their "want" on time they can fork over the 5.00. good luck w/ this one...

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steals from disabled widow

Verizon over charged me $70.98. My husband passed away in August of 2007. I paid all the bills in his name and closed out all his accounts. I found that verizon overcharged me and informed them. I have since called every month to try and retrieve my refund. in may of 2008 I finally received a check, however it was already ten months since he had passed and all his accounts were closed including his estate account . I was not able to cash the check they have been giving me the run around ever since and have basically told me its my problem . the fact that they made the mistake in the first place, and waited ten months to send the check is the reason Im out $70.98 in addition I have been lied to, passed from person to person, hung up on and promised return callls that never came.their attatude is oh well we messed up but theres nothing we can do about it. just cash the check we gave you. I explained that according to my bank its not leagle. also they should never have written the check to my husband since they already had a copy of his death certifacate. they told me and I quote. Just try to cash it. we cant help u.

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bad customer service and charges

I had worse experience of my life with verizon. They disconnect my service because someone else called them to cancel my phone and dsl. I called them and they put me on hold for two hours. Called them many times and get my phone back but they are keep charging me for dsl from my bank account even I do not have dsl.

They don't want to listen to you and keep transferring you to other department [### customer service]. If you do the math they are more trouble and expensive. I will never recommend verizon to anyone "be away'

  • Ke
    kelly1981 May 04, 2009

    I've also had several problems with verizon. I changed my phone plan to a cheaper plan and ordered internet when I moved to a new place. I went with a cheaper plan because I was only keeping my house phone to be able to access the internet. When I received my bill I was shocked to see how expensive it was. I knew that it was going to be a little more expensive than usual because I had ordered the internet and had to pay for the modum to be shipped. I noticed that I was being charged double! They never took off the old phone plan from my other address. I was being charged for both phone plans. I called verizon to get it corrected. I was on hold for atleast 30 min before someone picked up. I explained my problem and the operator told me that I was transferred to the incorrect department. As, I was transferred based on the questions asked by the automated line. I was on hold again for another 30 minutes before another operator finally answered. As I was trying to explain, the operator kept cutting me off, told me that I didnt understand. When in fact I did, she didnt. I was on the phone for almost an hr before my bill was supposedly corrected. I was told only to pay a portion of that bill because the rest was going to be credited. A month now passed and I received another bill, and I they are still trying to charge me the portion of my bill that was supposed to be credited. I again called and was given the same hassel! My bill was again corrected and I was only told to pay a portion. But Im sure next months bill will also be incorrect and I will have to call once again. I dont have faith in verizon anymore! So this is a warning, double check and bills before paying verizon!

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scam/ripoff - dangerous phones

Verizon has the worst customer service / scam going in this state. My wife went in July compalaine that my phone heated up too hot to touch while charging (her identical phone did not). The techs said nothing was wrong with the phone with a 1 min check. Yesterday the phone was soooooooooo hot it put a burn mak on our 99 year old counter. Tech looks at clearly states this is usually water damage - looks at phone shows me the indicators on the battery and the phone and state " no water damage!) I will have your new phone for you in 20 minutes! 35 minute later he brings back my phone says sorry I was wrong there is water damage! The indicators suddenly changed in that 35 minutes (Peter showed them to me)! While waiting the next 6 customers all had "water damage" in that store. We were all told you might have gone from airconditioning to the outside humiddity and damaged your phone. Don't we ALL? Te saga continues when the manager tells me (after I tell her to diconnect the service and don't charge the termination fee) I am a "[censored]ing A**hole. I throw my phone on the floor and leave. She places a complaint with the local authorities (covering her butt). Verizon customer service all the way up to the Presidents office (David Small #[protected]) supports the crazy woman they are paying a salary instead of the customer that is paying for their service. Everyone with a problem inidate this phone number and show them that good customer relations is important!

  • Al
    Al Lippincott Jul 24, 2009

    Thanks for the number! I will use all of my left over minutes each month to call and tell them how much Verizon S*CKS.

    That will be better than getting a collection notice for cancelling the service...

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  • Br
    Brandi202 Oct 06, 2009

    I agree with you! After the next two yrs I'm leaving them for good. I bought a new phone replaced it twice already and they send me instead of a new phone a used one. The first two times it was replaced new since it was under 30 days so they say. If I wanted something used I would buy it off of Ebay or Craigslist. Also if you have insurance with them that's a waste too! They make you pay $50 just to send you a used replacement. They make you pay through the nose and the only thing good about them is the number of towers they have but that's it. Everyone I know who isn't with them get more for their money and pay less then I do and I don't even get unlimited texts and minutes.

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  • Li
    Lies2000 Jan 31, 2010

    They Scammed me so bad see

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  • Kb
    kbowers1234 Dec 08, 2010

    ordered 4 phones off of their web site and they send me 1 that is on their fraud list

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billing incompetence

I canceled my verizon services in May which included phone and DSL. I canceled not because of service but because of the customer relations people. Everytime you call you get a different answer and a different crappy attitude.

I paid my "final" bill. I had to cancel with two different departments, yet I just received a bill from them stating I have been shut off from service since I haven't paid my bill. I even overpaid and they refunded some money.

Why can't Verizon DSL Billing department get it right. I have called in total 11 times to cancel and complain and 11 times I was told it was finally cancelled and all bills would be credited. No one knows what they are doing over there.

How can I make them hear me? Just cancel my service for good and stop billing me for something I don't get!!!

  • Ij
    ijohna Mar 05, 2010

    More than agree. You have to check every invoice, I've been double billed twice. In another incident I started getting letters from a collection agency over an unpaid $153.99 which not only had been paid on time, but actually represented an accidental overpayment on my part. I never heard anything from Verizon, so no idea how I got referred to a collection agency. And don't even get my started on the competence of the collection agency, but advise getting a signature receipt for anything you send to these type of organizations.

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fraudulent accounts / collections

I received a call last night 8-25-08 from someone claiming to represent Alltel Collections. The caller stated that I owed a past due amount of $101.00 on an account that I have never had. The account was supposedly opened in October of 2002. I have never received any statements of accounts past or present from Alltel and find it unfathomable that I would not have been contacted at some point within the six year time span they are claiming. I absolutely dispute the validity of this debt and request documentation to confirm that any such account does in fact exist.

  • Le
    leo brooks Mar 12, 2009

    I agree. And know for a fact that alltel does things that are crooked. I pay by bill online each month. march 1 2009, I paid my bill. It was debit from my checking on March 3 2009. On March 9 2009 they debit my checking account 50.12. I called about this chrange, they said I called them and told them to take the money from my account, which was a lie. Why would I call them and tell them to debit my account of 50.12, when I didnt owe them any balance. I ask them if they could just debit my card without my permission, or if someone could call and say take this amount from my debit account. they inform me that you have to give the last 4 numbers of your ss# for it to be done. A LIE. My wife who has a separate alltell account call to pay her bill by phone. no infornation was ask. I told alltel I wanted to cancel My contract. What a joke, they said I would have to pay over 600.00 to cancel my 3 phones. I told them I wanted the money to be debit back to my account, They said NO WAY We will mail you a check. What in 60 days. this could have cause my checking to be over drawn. They are liars and crooks as far as I am concern

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verizon lies

These people are slime. Their claims of $64.99 for DSL and unlimited call bundling are lies. My phone bill is climbing by about $12 every month since I went for the bait, and is now at about $100. Seems they don't have to keep their claims, promises, whatever. They keep finding fees, excuses, etc.; they know how to spin and do the ol' run around leading nowhere but to frustration for me. There seems to be no effective regulation. Whatever happend to government? They do what they want, and they don't have to care. STAY AWAY FROM VERIZON!

Is there a law firm out there ready to file a class action suit?

  • Ab
    Abe Aug 25, 2008

    These people are wads of slime. Their claims of $64.99 ads for DSL and unlimited call bundling are lies. My phone bill is climbing by about $12 every month since I went for the bait, and is now at about $100. Seems they don't have to keep their claims, promises, whatever. They keep finding fees and excuses; they know how to spin and do the ol' run around leading nowhere but to frustration. There seems to be no effective regulation. Whatever happend to government? They do what they want, and they don't have to care. STAY AWAY FROM VERIZON!

    Is there a law firm out there ready to file a class action suit?

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  • Th
    The Duke Feb 20, 2009

    Verizon LIES!

    My cell phone broke and I went to the store and they said I had only two options: (1) pay $250.00 (retail) for a new phone, or (2) pay $39.00 for a new phone (that includes $100.00 rebate) and extend my contract for 2 years. Oh, BTY -- they were out of the $39.00 phones and I would have to buy the $79.00 one in stock unless I wanted to wait a couple days. Bait and Switch!

    I called Verizon and they confirmed the claim. My complaints that I was a long time customer fell on deaf ears. I even threatened to change my carrier since I was no longer under contract. Still, not a budge!

    Thinking I had no other alternative, I went to Wal-Mart, intent on buying a "pay as you go phone." There on the shelf for $19.95 was a Verizon phone (Samsung). Same one as in the Verizon store for $39.00. The package touted a $2.99 a month unlimited use fee. OUCH -- $90.00 a month for a stupid phone. This wasn't going to work either.

    A Wal-Mart associate heard me muttering and came to my aid. She said all I had to do was look under the battery and write down the HEX number. Then call Verizon and have them change the connection from the broken phone to the new "cheap" phone. IT WORKED! I saved a bundle.

    Verizon LIES!

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I renewed my contract 3 months ago with verizon, contract is under my name. I purchased the env2 under the primary number and bought insurance on it under the primary number. Now I wanted that phone (env2) and the wife wanted mine. I asked if we changed phones if the insurance would still cover the env2 and was told yes for the insurance was bought for the phone. Now someone stole my phone the env2 and verizon says it's not covered for it is no longer active under the primary number. Now their sales rep told me I could do this.

Now when you buy the insurance for a phone it should cover that phone no matter which family line it's under. But they say it's only for the primary number and which ever phone is active on it.

So I am having signs made up with the verizon logo with the phrase under it saying "We'll Screw You Any Way We Can". I will also be parking my truck with these signs on it in front of their store at the shopping center.

paying for defective service

I am very upset about the non service I receive and point out that their so called technicians are clearly working against the company and the customer.

I’ve tried to get through the line, when my connection was down at night waiting 1/2 hour on the phone to be hanged up on. This happened 3 times, was never able to get through the supposedly 24/7 help line at night. The other times I just don’t want to waist my evening on the phone so I just ask my neighbors to share their signal.

So I’ve called in the morning, when I can get someone on the phone to be told that they cannot help me because at this moment my connection is working. I try to send emails to online support and get bogus generic answers in return.
I’m quite familiar with computers and networking, I’ve tried everything mentioned on their website to fix the issue and it’s STILL not working and NO ONE can help me???

I am not willing to pay for a service that works only sporadically especially not at the inflated rate I had to pay for my first month. it's kind of like going to a restaurant ordering a steak and only half a steak comes out of the kitchen but we're still going to make you pay for the whole steak...Unheard of.

Now that’s memorable: I have a problem with my verizon high speed internet and I receive "live chat" answers about Verizon One...good job people. Or wait, am I communicating to a computer I thought I was chatting “live with a technician” as falsely advertised on their website as usual.

I’ve already restarted modem, checked the cables and plugs, every day I’ve got to do it about 10 times.

I just spoke to another technician who couldn’t help me on the phone. Right now, my connection is fine. Later on today, the modem is going to blink red, then go completely dead until sometimes when it’s going to come back up. It’s of a GREAT inconvenience, especially when trying to upload files on FTP or watch a movie online for example. I try to watch a netflix movie online and it tells me my connection has stopped, or that my connection is too slow to watch a movie. Am I not paying for high speed internet?? And this happens EVERY NIGHT because EVERY NIGHT I still hope that something miraculous is going to happen like a working internet connection for instance.

I have been extremely disappointed with Verizon service so far, interesting how the advertised price is only $24.99/month but I’ve just paid a bill for 120 dollars for my first month of “high speed internet” which is high in price but very low in internet and competent service. I have had to ask to use my neighbors signal at night for a month now because my connection stops. And the person on the phone told me he/she couldn’t help me??? What am I paying for then.

So far my 3G phone has had better signal in the evenings than your supposedly high speed internet.

I have had high speed internet in the past through Comcast for about 8 years and NEVER NEVER had a problem. Once in a while I would loose signal but not 10 TIMES A DAY. Very unfortunately I had to switch to Verizon because I moved.

Also thank you Verizon for jacking up my phone bill with the extra 40 minutes wait on the line to get through someone else, after which I finally decided to hang up, OBVIOUSLY I was not the only one having problems.

Please someone be a real technician and not paid to waste my time. Thank you.

  • Ki
    kim Aug 25, 2008

    I to have had this problem. I go to school online and my husband works online. We get about 5 minutes of internet time then it just drops us. We have been with out DSL since 7-30 and still having problems. I have got answers like your phone cord is to long to we don't know why you do not have a connection. We are waiting for a tech to come out. I pay for the 7.1 DSL connection and was told that it is not even able to use in our area. And we need to down grade to a 3.0 connection. We had a 5.1 at the old house. I get a different answer from every person that I talk to at verizon and that has been about 45 people. I to have been hung up on and given wrong phone numbers.

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  • Mi
    Mic Sep 26, 2008

    Don't pay for service not received. Speak to the Billing Dept., and they will refund you for days of connection problems. We did -- had lousy service like you -- and in one month was credited 15.00! We decided to call everytime there is a problem, and if we cannot connect within a reasonable time, then we'll call billing next day to receive a credit! That's it!! Either they'll get sick of us calling and really fix the problem, or just keep paying us for services not receive. Do it! Don't get a headace over this!!

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  • An
    Andy Oct 05, 2008

    I've been in your shoes and know how it feels. Verizon's tech-support and customer service are a joke and a pain to deal with. When I called they either give me the runarounds, try to wash their hands clean or slap fake phone numbers to the supposedly management offices in my face. 4 years ago when their DSL was still infant and sucked huge balls, it forced me to write a letter to their corporate office. I demanded that the problem be solved within 3 days or I will complain to BBB and raise hell at the City Hall. Guess what? Got a reply from a manager within 5 hours and a tech came out the next day, replaced the line into my house, the outside splitter, and the modem. Problem solved.

    And recently, the connection has been slowing down from 3Mbps to 600kbps ~ 900kbps every night start from 7PM ~ 1AM. They refused to even look at this problem because they claimed that all systems show that the lines and servers and nodes are perfectly fine, that it must be something in my house causing the problem. lol?

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  • Da
    David Oct 14, 2008

    I am having the exact same problem starting about two weeks ago. My DSL cuts out several times a day, sometimes for only a minute or two, sometimes for an hour-and-a-half. When it cuts out the sync light goes off.

    When I call their repair service, they make me fiddle with the wires and restart the modem until it gets sync. The third time I called, they promised to send a lineman and see the thing through. When I called back a few days later to ask why the problem had still not been fixed, they tried to run me through the troubleshooting procedure again.

    I have dry pair DSL. I am wondering if the lack of loop current (since their is no phone service) could be a factor. There was phone service on the line until February when I moved in and ordered dry-pair DSL.

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scam and cheating

I had a company cell phone from T-mobile and my wife had her personal phone from Verizon with a $29.99 300...

verizon tech support and internet

My internet connection suddenly slowed down dramatically around noon time. I am using DSL and it should be at least 3Mbps. After rebooting the router and computers a couple of time I came to the conclusion that it was a network problem with Verizon. Many many hours later the problem was still there so I decided to call Verizon. I was transfered to tech support. After speeking to two reps the problem is still there. In fact, I did not really expect them to solve the problem on the spot. I only wanted to know if there's reported network problem in my area, or report to Verizon if nothing has been reported. However, the tech rep just seemed the they had to go through their own or standard list of things to do/check instead of listenning to the customers. After a long long time on the phone with 2 reps the problem is still there and I am not even sure if the network problem has been reported or not. The 2nd rep started a screen share program but the phone call with her was cut off and the sharing session ended. I was asked to submit an online survey but after I wrote my comment I could not submit--it says it had to be done within 30min after the session ended...I did not feel it had been more than 30min but...Anyway, just so my comment would not get wasted I decided to post it here. Hope it will be helpful to someone:

"This technical support representative (and the one before her) did not seem to understand the problem. I repeatedly told them that the internet connction was fine until late this morning/early this afternoon. It can not be the problem with the computer since I have been using 3 different ones ranging from several-year-old to one-week-new with either Window's XP or Vista. It should be a network problem. And she did check the speed twice--once 47kbps and the other 21kbps. I can power off/on the router and computer many times (and I did do it myself before and after I got connected with the service reps) but the network problem will still be there if this is not reported to Verizon. Both of these reps insisted in going through the whole "check list" instead of just listen to the customer and report to Verion that there's a network problem in this area. Although after I asked her to check if there's any report on network problem in northern NJ, she did tell me there was a network problem in the area of Planisboro, NJ, when asked how big an area( many miles of radius) it normally means or if my area (Leonia, about 55 miles away from Planisboro), she could not provide any further. Then the call was cut off and she did not make any atempt to call back. The rep before her even closed the ticket indicating the issue had been resolved while it was not true at all."

  • So
    Solarsarah Jul 30, 2009

    I am having the exact same problem! It started yesterday and is occurring now. I spent a while on the phone with Verizon tech support, to no avail! Has anyone found a fix for this?

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  • Fu
    F U! May 07, 2011

    verizon tech access my computer to configure Window Live. I notice the arrow wasn't moving and didn't follow my gut. IN my ID prompt, he type the name of a doctor I email days ago in my Yahoo account. He was in my folders and private information. he removed everything. My files, pictures documents, etc... were gone. I called back and of course those foreign out source people act like they knew nothing. I will open a police report. my credit card infor and pictures of family. These people will still your Identity. My Bank information was in my yahoo account. I asked how was he able to type that ID in my prompt he said we ne to concentrate on fixing your mail. He didn't he got out quickly. The fact he was in my doctors information was worse. I have a workers comp case against verizon.

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police investigation

In the month of June 2007, a young lady by the name of Kelsey Smith was abducted and murdered. Kelsey's mother pleaded with Verizon to give the authorities the triangulation of cell pings to help in locating Kelsey. They refused on the basis that the cell phone was Kelsey's. Although the phone was actually in her mothers name. Verizon's response to Mrs. Smith was that she should have paid an additional ten dollars a month, and only then would Verizon release a location of Kelsey's phone. Upon notification to the police that Verizon would not assist Kelsey's parents, they to were refused. After 3 and a half days missing, Kelsey's body was recovered at a park. An F.B.I. warrant was required for Verizon to give assistance to authorities. Literally hundreds of family and friends searched for Kelsey for days. The national media covered the search as well as local outlets. After Kelsey was laid to rest, Mrs. Smith met with Verizon. She was greeted by several representatives, that were all lawyers. I understand fully about a persons right to privacy. But let's use a little common sense. When authorities contact you after the parents, one would assume that there is an emergency. Sprint, who was not contracted to the Smith family, stepped up to the plate. They gave cell phones and all the air time that was needed to the Smith family and search party...for free. This was not offered by Verizon, who were the Smith family carrier. Hmm. I guess it takes an additional ten dollars a month to get any compassion from Verizon. Well maybe they did not help, because of some law? That's not the case. The law was asking for help. Then i see a commercial on television talking about DEAD ZONES. Now we know what that is. An area that does not get a sufficient signal. You can only imagine the Smith family and friends take on that commercial. Here you have this huge group of people,! All of those people supporting Kelsey! I guess as she was getting raped and murdered, these folks stood by and watched? My point is this. The commercials are not representative of the company. They do not care about you. They do not even care about authority. I think it is time for the Smith family to sue this company. This company issued a phone and service to Mrs. Smith and refused to help her in a time of need. Then turn around and make a commercial that tears her heart out. Now, this is not an isolated incident. A lady had crashed her car and was stranded for over a week, Her husband had gone to Verizon for help too. Once again they refused. This woman almost died. Imagine yourself stranded, family searching for you, and the little phone company refuses to help. Oh, I almost forgot. About Sprint, as I mentioned earlier. They did not give the Smith family phones at the beginning. For the first couple of days of the search, the Smith family was using their Verizon phones. As you can imagine, there was a lot of minutes used. Mrs. Smith asked Verizon to please help her with making the payments in increments because the bill was so high. The answer was... no! Now folks, you may think I have an agenda to just make Verizon look bad. You are welcome to validate what I have said by writing to the Kelsey Smith Foundation or going to and simply asking for yourself. By the way, there is a recording by the police, asking Verizon for help that last about forty minutes. Please share this with everyone you know. Thank you for reading,
Weston Whitten

unresolved billing/resolution /deaceased pastor

1. Dsl ordered by deceased Pastor
2. Two numbers associated
3. Dsl never installed or used - disconnect order 8/10/07 - Service never initiated for 484-1951, in
error it was turned on (without knowledge) for 484-9119, Per service reprensentative Ed, we continued
to receive billing for this error 3/3/08

4. On 3/4/08 - Spoke to Verizon's Supervisor Vicky
Christopher whom stated that the line would be turned off [protected]) Credits would be back dated
and assured that this account would be settled -debt
resolved per transaction to come ($565.19) cr#C8RM43543. Since second level intervention took place (Supervisor) we absolutely believed that
a professional resolve would be forthcoming.

5. 3/4/08 - Harvard Collection Agency (Tonya) was
informed, and her request was supplied by fax -[protected] x2246. Per Tonya, as soon as received a resolution letter will be sent to the church. (Several months later update call was made to agency 4-14-08, no resolution done)

- 7/9/08 - Rec-vd Letter new agency RPM - made contact, unreasonable and disrepectful behavior from service representatives and Supervision, not
interested in above data. [protected] -Ref#[protected].

-7/9/08 - called Harvard Collection - Service Representive, no longer employed (Tonya) Agency
unwilling to help in this endeavor, except to say acct
pulled by Verizon ( what happened to V. Christopher/Verizon resolve?

7/15/08 Verizon - Mr. Johnson/Collections - No adjustments made final bill still active in system

7/15/08 Verizon - DSL - Supervisor, Kathy Garcia
will make contact with Vicky Christopher regarding
this concern.

7-22-08 - Verizon - Supervisor Financial Services
(Judy) shared concerns about billing and behavior
of collection agencies, her response was that (1) contact would be made to RPM to cease calling (2)
send back the equip, call [protected] to obtain
a return label .

8/13/08 - Verizon persons contacted, Ms Henry(financial Svcs) Wanda Works (DSL -Dept)
- * Note Breada financial Service and Ms. Brown -Dsl
were helpful and professional in there desire to establish whats going on with this extensive and timely ordeal. #[protected]

In conclusion Rev. Lorenzo Akins unfornately passed
on 11/08 - it is impossible for him to answer or be involved in this concern. Our church family have
tried to pick up the pieces of a situation, where we found a box with equipment, never used - and a letter received from a collection agency. We feel that
we have been patient and cooperative, BUT WE ARE
OUR HANDS ARE TIED. Our congreation need your
intervention. Contact# [protected] or by mail.

Thanks in advance for all efforts regarding this matter.

inept installation

For those of you considering Fios installation:

After a 9 hour "installation", Verizon left, unable to install fios to email, and:
I had no garage door operation,
no wi-fi (which meant Philip's computer was knocked out),
no outgoing email, and
no main telephone line.

There is no Fios service, no protocol, no expertise, and it will be at least 12 days before the phone is reinstalled to normal Verizon service. My brilliant Liftmaster service (They actually put out a white paper on this situation) and a trip to the internet, revealed that Fios uses a battery unit that lacks an integrated radio shield (Fios says they are "working on it") that can cause havoc. They also have no ability to connect to other than outlook express and email programs. The technology is way ahead of this company.

  • De
    dennls Dec 08, 2010

    God what a nightmare! I ordered FIOS 2 weeks ago by calling a telephone number advertised at Verizon. I spoke with "Abel" who then transferred me to "Bernard." Both seemed to have a similar accent. I placed the order and was assured there would be no problems. The following week I determined that the "porting of my present telephone number was not compelte" leaving me no choice but to cancel/reschedule. After 14 calls I was able to reschedule with the assurance Verizon would take the necessary steps to complete the transfer of services. The installation would take place between 8-12. Today I waited, waited, waited, until 5:40 only to find out the installation hadn't been scheduled! WTF!!! I had lost a days work and was no closer to having FIOS than 2 weeks ago. I called and spoke to someone who transfered me to an incompetent who wanted to record me agreeing to incorrect information. When I said no, the line went dead. When I tried to call back the office was closed. Tomorrow I will call Verizon and terminate the order and stay with my present provider at a much higher cost so as not to go through this crap again. I am in the people business and will make sure that I spread the word of how incompetent I have found their whole support system to be. What a nightmare!

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incorrect billing, refusal to adjust

I had Verizon Fios service for 6 weeks in my home. The service never worked properly, and I attempted to get this issue corrected. However, the Verizon technician did not keep two separately scheduled appointments to address the issues. After the second “no show, ” I requested a cancellation of my service on June 21, 2008. Not only did they not discontinue my billing, but they have refused to make any adjustments to my bill as of this date (August 13, 2008). I have been kept “on hold” in numerous phone calls; they transfer me endlessly from one representative to another, and repeatedly tell me they cannot help me, because I have reached the incorrect department, etc. This is a result of their own internal phone transfers!
I am now looking at a bill for $480.24 for six weeks of almost nonfunctional service!!!

responsiveness in repair calls

This company collects additional money for service and repairs and leaves their customers hanging. Have had...


I have 2 Razor phones through Alltel. Alltel has sent me 3 phones to replace the phones I had bought. Each on the phones sent were sent with their own problems. Talked to Alltel Customer Service and was told they would be replace with brand new ones/new brand. Each store I went in stated they would not replace the phones. Now I have two phones that don't work but still have a bill to otherwise cancel my service altogether and pay $600.00 Great customer service!

  • Ro
    rosalie 1 Jul 09, 2009

    I have a Blackberry and just recently it does not ring when I get call. I have checked this out and when I try to check the ringtones a message appears in red that says an error has occured. How do I correct this problem

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