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Porsche reviews first appeared on Complaints Board on Oct 3, 2008. The latest review 2019 911 Turbo-S Gold exclusive cab` (Number 157 from 200) was posted on Mar 3, 2021. The latest complaint caymen gts 2015 was resolved on Apr 14, 2019. Porsche has an average consumer rating of 2 stars from 58 reviews. Porsche has resolved 8 complaints.

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Porsche Complaints & Reviews

Porsche2019 911 Turbo-S Gold exclusive cab` (Number 157 from 200)


I import my Used ( 1500 miles ) 2019 911 Turbo-S Gold Exclusive from USA to Japan, delivered it to Nagano Japan authorized Porsche dealer for inspection last year, Sep` 2020,
Today is Mar` 2021 and I am still waiting for my car, Can the head office in Germany press the importer dealer here to register it ? I don't understand what take so long time for this registration .

Thank you,

2019 911 Turbo-S Gold exclusive cab` (Number 157 from 200)
2019 911 Turbo-S Gold exclusive cab` (Number 157 from 200)
2019 911 Turbo-S Gold exclusive cab` (Number 157 from 200)

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    PorschePorsche Taycan Turbo

    I bought a Porsche Taycan Turbo on May 30, 2020. I have had problems since the first day. It's at the Porsche dealer now because the GPS, Phone, Direct Charging, EMail and remote Climate do not work. I have had it there several times and they tell me its because I have an Android phone. They prefer Apple. Porsche did not tell me when I bought the car that it might not work right because of the phone I carry. I paid $180K for a car that has multiple problems that the manufacturer can not seem to fix. I have spoken to Porsche several times and they do not seem to have a solution.
    In my opinion they should not be able to sell a car that they know will not work right with 50% of the phones on the market.
    I have owned about 10-12 Porsches, this is the only one I have been unsatisfied with.

    Porsche Taycan Turbo

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      PorscheCayman 2016

      I own a Porsche Cayman 2016. With in the First year transmission had to be replaced. After 51, 000 miles, 4 years and 3 months, Engine had to be replaced due to a crack and Flywheel had to replaced. Disappointed with the reliability. I was hoping to get 100% good will warranty for a car just got out of warranty. I was offered only partial good Will warranty . Ended up paying almost $6, 000.

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        Oct 01, 2020

        Porsche — Damage to vehicle while in for warranty repair

        Hope all is well. I recently had my vehicle serviced at Paul Miller Porsche in Parsippany, NJ, whereby the...

        PorscheService and unauthorized oil change

        My name is Tom Bertelli and own a 2015 Porsche Macan S for which I bought an extended warranty.
        I recently took my car in at Porsche Centre Downtown Toronto (68 Parliament Street) for a recall and have them look at the AC system because it stopped blowing cold air.
        Upon picking up the car, I was informed that they were not able to find the leak but was still charged for the inspection. They placed a small amount of freon with a dye in the system to see if that would show where the problem is. A few weeks passed by and the AC stopped working again; upon calling the dealership, they told me that they will charge me an additional $200 to again, have a look at it.
        I think it is unfair that I keep on paying for a service for which they seem unable to find the cause.
        Also, when I first took in the car for the recall, I was charged for an oil change I didn't ask for nor that I authorized. Upon complaining with the Manager, the charge was removed.

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          Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren,

          Ich fahre unter anderem einen Porsche Panamera Turbo, 2010, 55.000 km bei dem der Kompressor der Luftfederung kaputt gegangen ist und habe ihn bei Porsche Port Elisabeth in South Africa bestellt, das war vor 2, 5 Monaten und sie erklären mir das Porsche Deutschland nicht liefern kann, ich sollte damit rechnen, das ich die Pumpe im ersten Quartal 2020 bekomme. Ich bitte hier um Aufklärung Ihrerseits, es kann ja nicht sein wenn man sich für eine Luxusklasse entscheidet, das wenn ein Teil kaputt geht, das man darauf Monate warten muss, ich besitze 3 Porsche und ich hoffe auf eine positive Nachricht von Ihnen um den Namen Porsche nicht in einem schlechten Licht darstellen zu lassen. Sie können mich auch gerne persönlich kontaktieren um die Situation zu erklären. +[protected]

          Mit Freundlichen Grüssen

          Frank Brauer

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            Dec 05, 2019

            Porsche — porsche “cayenne s” 2020 model

            I trust you are well. I ordered PORSHE "Cayenne S" 2020 model from your dealer in Saudi Arabia...

            Porschecar repair [protected] model

            My new 992 has been in repair now at Porsche Johannesburg, South Africa, for over a month . Porsche apparently cannot supply some parts for the shock system and as it's a new car Porsche apparently do not have a part number - or something to this effect . No one can give me answers as to when I will receive my car and Porsche's communication takes 2/3 days per e mail . The car is sold on false pretenses as I would never have purchased this vehicle should I have known they do but have parts for it !

            car repair [protected] model
            car repair [protected] model
            car repair [protected] model
            car repair [protected] model

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              Nov 05, 2019

              Porsche USA and Porsche Downtown LA — purchase contract

              I posted following complaint a month ago and I have not got any reply from you. Dear Simon Kuhnimhof, Vice...

              Oct 08, 2019

              Porsche — lack of response

              Our Porsche has been at a dealership for nearly 2 weeks due to a malfunction. The dealership was unable to...

              Oct 07, 2019

              Porsche — unlawful business practice

              To or Dear Simon Kuhnimhof, Vice President Customer Experience or an Executive Officer who is in charge of...

              Sep 28, 2019

              Porsche — 911 turbo s 2011

              Was dealing with Jon Wasserman at Brahman Porsche for weeks. We finally agreed on everything and was coming...

              Porscheporsche cayenne s 2018

              I have a brand new cayenne s 2018
              Chassis num WP1ZZZ9YZJDA61943
              I ship my Porsche from Dubai to lebanon to spend my vacation with family
              During driving appear chassis system failure on dashboard I park my car and I call Porsche center lebanon on 8 August 2019 and till now no answer about the parts
              I pay a lot of penalties because keeping the car in lebanon

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                Aug 16, 2019

                Porsche — service porsche desenzano italy

                My Macan suddenly had a problem with the gear the rear gear did not work. I took the car to Porsche in...

                Porschebrake change service in porsche morocco


                I wish to make a complaint and a claim for reimbursement following a poorly made repair in Morocco for my porsche panamera registered in Morocco at number 91119-H-1 and with the following chassis number:
                Do you handle this type of claim?
                It is a problem of overheated brake following sporty driving, but instead of changing the 4 discs and pads front and back, the experts in Casablanca have considered relevant to change the discs/pads front only, operation that I redid 3 times (every 2 months and 2000 € each time).
                After this, It was only once at Porsche Marbella that the correct diagnosis was made and the change of the 4 disks / pads was done which solved the serious and dangerous braking issue that I had.
                Thank you

                NB: invoices available on https://1drv.ms/f/s!Ah7DebHbPpRdhOVtPqMupl8bZUbnZQ

                Best regards
                Fouad moudian

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                  Porschetransfer box needs replacement in porsche cayenne

                  I own a Porshe Cayanne bought in 2013 in Oman from the dealer Sata LLC. I have driven mere 71, 000 since then. Recently, the dealer told be me to replace the Transfer Box of the car as it was not working well. The transfer of gears on taking off is not smooth enough. They told me it will cost US 3, 000 after discount. On detailed search on net, I realized that Transfer Box issue seems to be a perennial problem with Porshe Cayannes manufactured in year 2012-14. There were quite a few complaints on the net. Clearly appears to be a manufacturing defect.

                  Given the information available on the net and that I have just done 71k kms to encounter this, it's unfair that I have to spend 3k US to fix a problem which clearly appears to be a very common issue with this model manufactured during that period.

                  I would really appreciate if this issue is taken up from your end and necessary arrangements are made to replace this. I understand that the warranty of my car has recently expired for which am ready to bear part of the cost but not the full cost of 3k US as its unfair on me.

                  My vehicle Chasis no. is WP1ZZZ92ZDLA11372

                  Looking forward to hear from you positively on this.

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                    Porchecatastrophic failure steering hydraulics while driving-vw

                    I am contacting you on behalf of a friend, Premium customer of VW has both recently ( 6 months ago) a brand new and top of the line "Taureg R Line" from the dealership in Varna, Bulgaria.
                    Now he is on vacation in Greece and the car steering has stalled while driving ( which is a life-threatening catastrophic failure, but he managed to safely stop the car thanks to the fact that he is with strong hands. If it was his wife...the situation could be much worse) and all-electric systems have faults.
                    As far as I know, for the time being, the car was repatriated to a dealership near Lefkada, Greece, where he was told that there is a "Hydraulic Steering Pump Failure" and the part needs to be replaced but it can take more than 1-2 weeks, he has called to Porche Mobility, but he is not very "impressed" by their customer service, reaction, and assistance, so that's why he called me for support. Although he contacted the dealership and Porche mobility Nobody called him back to check if he needs something or whatever. My friend doesn't feel confident anymore driving the vehicle and is extremely disappointed with how Porche/VW customers are treated.

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                      Porscheporsche macan faulty transfer box

                      I own a Porsche Macan with only 24500 on the odometer .

                      I felt a juddering whilst starting off from stop to low gear exhilaration. The Porsche garage in Malta said it's the transfer box and quoted me 3000 euro plus labor costs to change the transfer box.

                      I have asked them to look into it as with so little mileage on a quality car something like this should not happen .

                      I sent two emails to Porsche in Malta and have had no reply whatsoever.

                      I have also written 3 emails to Porsche in Germany explaining what has happened. Surprisingly they have not send me any sort of reply. Is this good service ??

                      It is obvious that it is a known fault as there are many complaints on the internet about the same issue.

                      I've owned BMW's before and never had such bad service .

                      Is there any one that can handle this complaint ?

                      M Cassar Torreggiani

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                        • Updated by Michael C T · Aug 23, 2019

                          Is is now over 1 month that I complained about a faulty transfer box on my Macan . Obviously a manufacturing fault as I have only 24500 km on the odometer.

                          Several emails to Porsche Germany and Malta including the person in charge of Macan's in Germany ( Mr Ben Weinberger ) and still no response . No response at all from Porsche in Malta and mainly automated replies from Porsche in Germany .

                          I've very very surprised with the lack of communication from supposedly a reputable company.

                          Research shows the transfer box is a common fault on the Macan and Porsche do not seem to care . As well as in my interest to get the problem resolved by Porsche, Porsche themselves should at least show some concern about this fault.

                          I have no option but to involve ECC involved

                          Michael Cassar Torreggiani
                          [email protected]

                        Porsche2019 gt3rs hood issue

                        I own a 2019 GT3RS. The painted carbon fiber hood has a shadowing issue which was determined by a regional service rep to be a manufacturing issue. Porsche Germany sent a primed hood for replacement but didn't mention it must be paint matched. This process of painting a hood to "match" my car will devalue the vehicle. I asked as a solution to provide me with the less expensive exposed unpainted carbon hood to make this right so that my vehicle won't have to be painted. The unpainted hood sold by Suncoast Porsche retails for less than the primed hood sent from Porsche Germany which will require paint matching. Please help resolve this as I'm hitting a road block. If Porsche cannot make this manufacturing issue right without devaluing my vehicle, I will gladly sell it back to them.

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                          Porscheporsche panamera hybrid

                          Dear Sirs,

                          I have been a Porsche client for many years, having bought my first car in 2001, a 996 Carrera 2 cabrio. In 2014, I bought a Panamera diesel and another Panamera diesel in 2015, exchanging this latter car to buy a Panamera 4 hybrid sport Turismo in July 2018, a car which is the subject of this letter. I bought this car at the Porsche showroom in Leiria, Portugal, brand new. On 11 May this year, when driving on the motorway, the car entered into safety mode. It was towed to Porsche in Leiria, and to date it is still being repaired. The date is now 11 June and the attempts at fixing this problem have all been unsuccessful, as can be seen in the e-mail from the engineer in charge of after-sales service which was sent to me, and which is attached to this e-mail.
                          This situation has left me extremely angry for several reasons: the fact that I have not been provided with a replacement car of the same level; the fact that Porsche Leiria is unable to give me a forecast of when my car will be ready, and in fact they don't even know what the problem is or the respective solution. I am paying a considerable sum of money for a car which I cannot use. It is unbelievable that Porsche did not immediately send a technician to see what is wrong. I consider that in this respect, the service has been of a very low level. A carof the level and cost of a Porsche Panamera, should as a minimum, have excellent service, with due attention and care for the client, and this has not happened. I am exceptionally disappointed with Porsche and there is still the uncertainty that my car will be properly repaired. We are talking here about a new car, bought from a registered representative. I would like you to tell me what I am supposed to think when a Porsche, which cost €135, 000, breaks down after 11 months; when nobody can give me a proper answer with respect to the problem; when there is no forecast date for the repair; when, even if it is repaired, I will have no guarantee that the same problem will not reoccur. I would like Porsche to give me a clear and fast reply, which I assumed would naturally be the case, given the good name your company has. However, none of this has happened.
                          I am extremely upset with this situation. I would be very grateful if you could look into this matter immediately and provide me with a real answer with regard to when I can expect my car back and provide assurance that this problem won't happen again.
                          Yours sincerely,

                          Francisco Carrilho de Vilhena

                          -I Attach the mail that Leiria's Engineer, mr Milton Ribeiro has sent me:

                          As per our conversation, I am sending the information made on the Porsche Panamera:

                          05/13/2019 - Opening the repair order of the vehicle. The Diagnostic Protocol was performed and a PRMS (Porsche Retail Mangement System) (Platform for communication with GDP / PAG) was launched.
                          05/16/2019 - GDP / PAG responds to request measurements on the electric motor.
                          05/17/2019 - The respective measurements and the new Diagnostic Protocol
                          20/05/2019 - PIB / PAG request more measurements of the phases of the electric motor. They were made and sent on the same day
                          21/05/2019 - PIB / PAG request the replacement of the electric motor. This electric motor was ordered in Urgent.
                          05/27/2019 - Electric motor arrives at the CP Leiria.
                          05/28/2019 - CP Leiria informs the GDP / PAG that the vehicle will not start.
                          05/29/2019 - GDP / PAG indicates to try to charge the AT battery. If it is not possible to carry out this charging the PIB / PAG requests the replacement of the AT battery unit. That same day was requested via Urgent, which is expected to be delivered on 06/09/2019.

                          To formalize the complaint you must send an email to the following address: [protected]@porscheiberica.es

                          Any additional questions, please

                          best regards
                          Milton Ribeiro
                          Service After Sales Coordinator | Porsche Certified After Sales Consultant
                          Movicortes Park | 2404-006 Azoia | Leiria

                          +[protected] | +[protected] | milton.[protected]@porscheleiria.com
                          www.porsche-leiria.com | Facebook | Instagram
                          Know here the CENTER PORSCHE LEIRIA

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