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1. Howell, NJ
Phone: (877) 693-0015

2. Wixom, MI
PO Box 1022 (ATERSO01), Wixom , MI48393

3.Las Vegas, NV
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4. Santa Clarita, CA
16654 Soledad Canyon Rd # 168, Santa Clarita, CA 91387-3217

5. Hauppauge, NY
PO Box 6030, Hauppauge, NY 11788

Complaints & Reviews

Unprofessional behavior

Just a quick note concerning ER Solutions AKA ConvergentUSA. I was asked by a friend of mine to post her...

Sprint Telephone Bill

I Already Received a Letter from ERSolutions, Inc, Date 11/16/2011, CREDITOR : Sprint, Client Account #...


Today I received an alleged collection settlement offer letter from ER Solutions, Inc.. They say that I owe the creditor: Cri Purchasing Corp $337.14 and that the settlement offer is for 50% of this amount $168.57 and must be paid to them within 14 days. The letter looks pretty legit and they provide a return envelope as well.
There are a couple fallacies though.
1) There are 3 different addresses printed on the letter. One is: ATERSO01, PO Box 1022, Wixom, MI 48393. The 2nd is: ER Solutions, Inc., 10750 Hammerly Blvd #200, Houston, TX 77043. The 3rd is: T-[protected]-T50, E R Solutions, Inc., PO Box 9004, Renton, WA 98057.
2) I just recently within the past couple of weeks received and printed out my credit reports from ALL 3 of the credit reporting agencies, which I do usually 1-2 times a year, to make sure the information is accurate on them and to make sure that identity theft has not occurred. Guess what? THERE IS NO SUCH CREDITOR, NOR THIS CREDIT CHARGE AMOUNT, LISTED ON ANY OF MY 3 CREDIT REPORTS. I thought as much because I have never heard of Cri Purchasing Corp in my life. Not to mention that I just finished paying off the last little debt that was still on my credit reports.
3) The phone number listed is printed right next to the name a supposed representative of the company, a Jennifer Peden (may or not be her actual name), and that number is [protected]
THIS IS A TOTAL SCAM!!! I AM REPORTING THEM TO THE FTC AND TO THE FEDS!!! My advice is to get recent copies of your credit reports so you can double check this alleged credit charge before even considering actually paying anything.

  • Ca
    Careful.. Scam alert Jan 10, 2012

    I recently received a letter stating that "healthcare associates incorp" were collecting a balance from me on behalf of  Gw university hospital. I've never been to this hospital let alone live there.

    So I called the number listed because one they used my madian name and this seemed fishy. The lady I spoke to said to send all my info to her and the address that was listed. The address listed is out of wixom. I googled the address and numerous posts from others saying this is a fraudulent scam etc. They listed different companies. Some were even medical names. There are two different address on this statement.

    The letter looks real but the back side of the statement isn't like normal statements.  

    The return address was
    Po box1022
    Wixom mi

    The other was
    " the Gw university hospital"
    Po box 31001
    Pasadena ca

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  • To
    TortugaRachel Jan 25, 2012

    My husband received a similar letter today from Convergent on behalf of Cri Purchasing Corp and I called Convergent but got disconnected before anyone would answer any questions. I called back and found out Cri was trying to collect on a debt I had that I payed off 10 years ago. It was just a letter, no back side, no nothing, and I know I never received anything from Cri, this is the first time I've heard of them. My husband and I recently got copies of our credit reports and that old debt isn't even on there anymore, let alone this Cri place.

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  • Mr
    MrSocaliber Feb 05, 2012

    From my limited research, this maybe collections on behalf the now defunct financial institution Washington Mutual Bank.

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  • Pu
    pussyriot Oct 17, 2012

    When I received this letter from Cri Purchasing Corp, I knew right away it was horseradish. The best I can do for this "company" is give them an enema.

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  • Mn
    mnrcrazy808 Oct 29, 2012

    My fiance just received one of these letters as well and it has three different addresses and he has very few debts all of which he knows about and is paying off. These people are scam artists and should receive some form of punishment for theory actions.

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  • Sh
    Shiva Dalisa Oct 11, 2014

    I just received a letter and immediate went to check my credit report. Of course the name of either Convergent or Cri is NOT on there and neither is the amount that they are claiming I owe. If it IS for Washington Mutual Bank then that debt of mine is from the early 90's and I doubt that I would be owing that anymore. Besides I think I put that debt on my Bankruptcy back in 2000.
    Total Scam. I'm NOT paying it.

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fraudulantly billing me for an account that is not mine or associated with my name or address jennifer peden...

False Claims of Debt Owed.

Feel free to call me with any complaints. My name is Torey Ferguslip. I will tell you your debt is a lot...

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fraudulent debt aquisition

To whom anyone who has received a letter of debt collection from this company: I have to bring to the...

Collections Fraud

ANYONE INTERESTED IN FILING A CLASS ACTION SUIT? Please post on this website or reply if possible It seem...

How Do These People Legally Send Letters, Do they get paid to be STUPID!!!!

I received a letter stating that the records of Paypal, Inc. show that I am past due in the amount of...

Unethical/Illegal practices

About 3 months ago I got a little over my head in my finances, and I was forced to overdraw my checking account for an emergency. I was in the red $300 Max, probably much less. I received a letter from BOA (the bank I overdrew from) stating that They are closing my account, and that they will send me my remaining balance if there is one, or I need to pay the balance due, if there is any. The letter did not state amounts, and did not specify a date the payment was due. So, now, 3 months later, I get a call from ER Solutions. I explain that I am a full time student, and only work on Saturday and Sunday...blah blah blah, explaining my situation. This lady Jacelyn, then asks me if my Mother LEAVES HER CREDIT CARDS OR CHECKBOOKS AROUND. I say why would you ask that? Oh, WELL IF YOU CAN FIND ONE OF THOSE TWO THINGS, THIS ISSUE CAN BE RESOLVED RIGHT NOW!!!

Wow...is that not both unethical and ILLEGAL?>???

Scam and cheating

I had a death in the family and in an emergency pulled out more than i had in my checking account. I knew I...

Harassment by Emily Walsh

I received a call from Emily Walsh (real name unknown) - Extension 2582, of ER Solutions at work regarding a bill in collections. I didn't immediately recognize the telephone number she referred to but after a while realized that it must be a number that I released to my sister last year some time. This is my complaint:
1. Emily Walsh was adamant that the debt was incurred by me. I called the company to whom the debt was owed and discovered that this debt was not tied to me at all but that my telephone number was listed as an additional contact phone number.
2. I answered all of Emily's questions honestly and asked her to call me back the next day allowing me time to contact my sister and the company to whom the debt was owed. As I gathered the information, I called Emily back as I had promised. Emily, rather than offer up proof of her position continuously insulted both my sister and I. Granted, we do act like dumb bunnies on occasion however my request for supporting documentation and proof of responsibility for this debt are not unreasonable requests.
3. Emily's response was nothing more than insults and threats.

It's tragic but I believe Emily to be ethically, emotionally and intellectually challenged . I suppose debt collector is a proper choice for her.

Good luck to you Emily in your career of choice. It is an admired and respected position which requires immense tact and skill. I wonder if you are one of their best and how they must compensate you for all of your good work. Your parents must be so proud.

Fraudulent settlement

I don´t know who this people are or what they are trying to do, but I do know this, I do not owe...

Fake settlement offer

PO Box6030 Hauppauge, NY11788-0154

Ccreditor: CRI Purchasing corp
client act#[protected]
ERS Acct T-[protected]-T50
Total Blance: $378.72
Settlement in full offer: $189.36

Ben Hamilton [protected]

No clue as to what this is? Plz advise smb!

  • Ba
    Barbara Edmonds Apr 15, 2009

    I've been getting harassing calls from ERS Solutions, on a daily basis for a bill that of 300.00t that they say that I owe BOA. First of all this account with BOA was closed because of insufficient funds after I lost my job due to me being diagnosed with arithritis on the spine and could no longer work in the healthcare field as a CNA(certified nurse assistant). I told ERS that I would make a payment when I received some on a particular day, but they insisted that I use a friend or family member checking acct. information to setup a post-dated payment through their financial institution, at other times they have yelled at me saying that I should sell blood to get the money, and just being darn right rude, and making comments to me that by not using someone else's banking information to settle my debt is refusing to pay it off. B. in Wheaton Illinois.

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ER Solution's constant harassment and invasion of my privacy!

*This forwarded message was sent to the Human Resources Department at ER Solutions in Renton, WA (see below...

Extremely rude collection practices!

I had a U.S. Cellular account go into collections. I knew it would ultimately go to collections, which is fine, I had some bad customer service with U.S. Cellular after years of contracts with them, which I deemed unfair. But that's another story. ER Solutions is now making attempts to collect this debt. This started in early December. I have had about 80% extremely rude collections people call me, but today's really topped it off.

Some girl (forgot her name, but without being politically incorrect, let's just say a girl of Mexican heritage, and judging by the dialog, from the inner city), calls me at work today and before I can even say one word, launches into a spiel about how she has 2 kids and no boyfriend or husband and a job, and how she could pay a debt with no problem. She called me "ridiculous" and tried to further demean me after I told her I would be paying $25 towards the debt today, which I believe she called "worthless." I wasn't able to understand some of the other comments she was attempting to make. After telling me numerous times that she was "sick of your excuses" (which is funny, cuz this is the first time I've spoken to this particular person), she hung up on me.

I've explained to every person I've talked with that all of my money is currently being paid to hospitals, doctor's, and specialists, to keep my son (who was born 3 months pre-mature) alive. Which the absolute truth.

I know I can't do much about this. I have called and spoke with a manager at ER Solutions, but he seemed to just be humoring me by listening to my complaint (which was only that the above mentioned girl was extremely rude, and please don't have her call me anymore).

I googled the company and the 2nd and 3rd search results were these complaint boards, so I thought I would post my experience.


  • Do
    Donna M Feb 17, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Same experience with this company. Rude man repeatedly called me at work. Demeaning and obnoxious. Said I was in denial about my credit situation. Supervisor was unconcerned with his phone manners. When I did pay the debt, it was not reported to credit bureaus for ayear. When I wantedd to add a line to my phone service, the same debt came back. It took a month to get a confirmation letter from ERS. By that time I had already repaid the bill to Cingular,so I could get a phone for my Father.

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  • Ru
    Russ Jul 30, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    My experience with ERS has to do with a college dept. I couldn't make a payment on it and talked to the accounts manager at the college about how I had to pay for my clutch to be rebuilt. I offered to take in the receipt for the work done from the mechanic shop and she said no need to because I called and spoke with her instead of just skipping it. I also offered to make a double payment the following month because I was recieving enough work to do so. She said that would be great.

    Well, 7 days later I get a very rude phone call from an ERS rep and he was supposedly the head of the College Loans department of ERS Collections. He flat out told me if I don't pay off my bill to them (ERS) by that day that my $375.71 left on my bill would become a total of $1500.00 and that they would put a judgement on me to be able to take it out of my paychecks. He didn't even give me a chance to answer that yes this is Russell.

    I told him to go ahead and try it that I am self employed (the truth) and un liscensed because in my state, I don't have to be if I make under a certain amount in one quarter; Yes, I pay my taxes.

    Then he got even more beligerent with me when I asked him for a certified mailed copy of there harassment policies. By Federal Law they have to provide you with a certified copy if asked. If they do not provide one then you can counter sue. Well, he hung up on me and then called me back and told me if I wanted a certified copy then I would have to pay off my bill and hung up on me again.

    After googling ERS Collections, I went to there website and the head of that department isn't even a male. It is a female. So, I am thinking about calling back and asking her for a certified copy of there policies regarding people who owe and asking her why I haven't even recieved a letter from them letting me know that my account has been referred to them. Yes, no letter just a phone call out of the blue.

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Illegal practices

I owe money to Key Bank because of some high fees that I was charged. I set up a payment for $50.00 and said...

Annoying phone calls!

I get a phone calls everyday and they never leave a message... No one has the right to ask for personal...

[protected] - calling without any reason!

ER Solutions [protected]) has called me demanding my social number and will not tell me why they are...

Badgering and threats!

"Ethical - An unblemished regulatory compliance record." Just because your regulatory compliance record i...

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