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these are un authorized charges and the states attorney general is going to prosecute

these charges are unauthorized and I have contacted the states attorney general. A lawsuit with many other unhappy people is being generated. you better refund my money or i will proceed.

  • Jo
    john nelson Apr 03, 2008

    does anyone have a phone number to call these people or what can i do ...john

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  • Ju
    JUAN Apr 09, 2008

    I just got charged $19.95 yesterday I never made any purchase by this company.

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  • De
    Debi Apr 30, 2008

    Even going to my bank and putting a stop on these people, they are still able to get withdrawals. They don't answer the phone number the have provided 800-717-7476. How do I get this company's information to place a lawsuit? Who do I go to file? I am very angry and frustrated and want this company to answer for what they have done along wth paying all person(s) back their money with interest.

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  • Ri
    ricky May 02, 2008

    I have just noticed two charges from this company. There was an 800 number that was listed for the company on my bank account, and that number was 1-800-475-1942. I called the number and all it said was "thank you for calling member services". Member services for what? I am about to go to my bank and see if we can get this sorted out. I just thought I would provide the number for everybody else, hopefully it will be of use to you guys.

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  • Li
    Liz Sep 16, 2008

    I got charched $1.99 a small amount but without my authorization from this company Wc*Homeplay-v and the telephone number is the same as BudgetSavers 1-800-475-1942, I cancelled a membership with them, but they negated that charge from Homeplay-v. How to get rid off this unauthorized charge?

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  • An
    Andre Ward Sep 24, 2008

    I just checked my bank account where I have a debit card and found $40 in unauthorized charges on my account. It's 10:00PM and when I called one company "Homeplay" they told me that my membership was cancelled and they would refund my money. The problem I'm having is that I never spoke to anyone at this company and never gave them my debit card number or anything!! They STOLE this money out of my account...period. If I was to go to the bank and help myself to their till, do we all think I might go to jail?? So who do we contact to put these people in jail. It's apparent they've been doing this for awhile and the law isn't doing anything about it. Imagine how much money these ### have made off the working American. I swear...if I knew who these people were and where they were, I'd be showing up at their front doors. Now I have to cancel my card in the morning and file a dispute with the bank, I'm sure they're going to love me when I show up all pissed off because of these people. But seriously...does anyone out there know who we can contact to do something about this? This is illegal and has to be stopped. NOW. Please someone who actually has knowledge in this field, email me. I have a lot of time on my hands right now to cause problems and I can't think of anything better to cause a problem for.

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  • Ma
    Mary B Nov 26, 2008

    I am pissed! I just looked at my account and ther are two charges on there from this place. One is for $19.95 and the other is $16.95, both unauthorized! Has anyone been able to get their money back? Please advise...

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  • Pj
    PJ Dec 02, 2008

    Hey i called this number here 1-800-475-1972 and they stated they would refund the money for both the budget savers and homeplay...all you gotta do is call and cancel and they shouldnt have a problem reufnding the money at which case they do then get with your bank and file fraud charges against them...ALL in all this whole thing is a ###ing may not remember but someone called and asked you to enter your birthday 3 times in your phone this gave them the authorization they say to charge your card even tho they never told you they would charge your card..bottom line is check your bank statements and check them often when you see ### you dont know about then figure it out...But ya call that number and give whoever answeres a ###in earful.

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  • Pj
    PJ Dec 02, 2008

    Sorry that number was 1-800-475-1942 not 1972

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Want canceled and refunded charges

They have been charging me $16.95 un-authroized from my bank account for 4 months. one charge on my account...

Harassing phone calls!

I received phone calls at home stating that I will be sent a $25 gift certificate for Walmart. They ask for address verification and stated my address. Then stated that I would also get a $200.oo gift certificate to one of their other affiliated stores such as Walmart, Target, etc. I then needed to verify that I had used my credit card Number such and such to purchase a book a couple of days ago. They knew my credit card #. When I said I didn't call the transaction they hung up on me.

I was called about 30 min later from same place asking same questions! Can these calls not be stopped and my personal information removed from their data bases...


I was charged $149.99 on 1/16/08 on my Master Card for a membership promising valuable coupons for groceries, Gasoline, car rentals, roadside services and other benefits. I received their material in the mail yesterday, 1/29/08. I logged into their web site today 1/30/08 and a message came that this is a scam.

Thank you for the opportunity to report this scam.

  • Tr
    Trimall Stephenson Feb 06, 2008

    I have had the same problem as everyone else, it seems to me the scam is to get as many dollars from people as they can for nothing at all! Think, it adds up to a large amount after so many people have been scammed! Besides their counting on people not getting upset about a few dollars, but i'm mad about the whole thing!

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  • Ky
    Kyra Johnson Feb 10, 2008

    The same thing happen to me. This is terrible and How do we find out who these people are. You can't access the site at all, this need to be reported to the attorney General.

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How to get your money back & get this &company& back!

This company fraudulently took money from my account, and thankfully I noticed it immediately. I specifically told the salesman "no." The way to get your money back is to write a letter to the company notifying them of your complaint, your desire to cancel & demand your money back - send it certified mail. Send it to the company responsible for WC Value Plus:

1100 Wayzata Blvd
Suite 680
Minneapolis, MN 55305

Also send a copy of the letter to the Better Business Bureau of Minnesota & North Dakota [protected]). Their address is:

2706 Gannon Rd
Saint Paul, MN 55116

The director of consumer affairs at Provell/WC Value Plus is Michael J. Murphy. He will probably send a letter back saying that you placed an order & provided "electronic signature authorization" (which is a lie), but they will refund your money.

You can also send a copy of your complaint to the Federal Trade Commission at:$.startup

The FTC cannot get your money back, so it is still important to send letters to Provell & the BBB. But the FTC needs to be notified about these fraudulent business practices.

  • Sh
    shannon Apr 07, 2008

    This company is very difficult to cancel with! They will tell you your "accounts" have been cancelled but they keep charging your bank account the fees (sometimes under more than one company name-Explore USA is another to look for)

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  • Da
    Dara Lynn Dec 01, 2008

    I completely agree with the well thought out and clear advisement provided. I had to cancel my credit card for the SECOND time to get these people off my charge account. I purchase everything online and I am not sure which website is selling my credit card information. I wish I could file a law suit against that website owner. I did file a complaint with the FTC today and I called Value Plus 800.475.1942. They are sending me a form to complete to get my money refunded.

    I also contacted this law firm for advisement on how to file suit for their fraudulent activity and all the time and aggravation it has caused me since this law firm has successfully taken them to court previously. This Provell company has a long history of this type of practice against the consumer.

    Mansfield, Tanick & Cohen, P.A.
    Attorneys at Law
    1700 U.S. Bank Plaza South
    220 South Sixth Street
    Minneapolis, MN 55402

    The excerpt below is taken/quoted from their website:

    "Violation of Club Contracts Act, Home Solicitation Sales Act and Deceptive Trade Practices claims against telemarketer: Machalek, et al. v. Damark International, Inc., MC 00-11950 (Hennepin County District Court, State of Minnesota) This lawsuit alleged that Damark, now known as Provell, violated various consumer protection statutes in its telemarketing practices and sale of membership clubs. This matter was resolved on favorable terms to class members."

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  • St
    Steve Solorio Aug 22, 2018

    I know this is an old post, but here it is 2018 and they are still doing it. Mine showed up as wc*grocery coupons MN. I wish the first person could elaborate on the "I specifically told the salesman "no." . Were you actually buying something you wanted and the rep was trying to push other product and services on you? I suspect that happened to my wife while ordering a hair product. She remembers the rep pushing other offers all of which my wife declined. The wc* charges began March 2017 same time as when she first ordered the hair product. I requested a copy of March 2017 credit card statement and hoping that the hair product was the only phone order placed at that time and that would really narrow it down to who helped this scam company to her credit card info. If that is the case, I plan on going after that well known hair product company. I did call the hair product company and they confirmed that March 2017 was when she first placed her order, but they denied that their phone reps try to sell other offers and they would forward my inquiry to the correct dept...never heard back from them.

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Unauthorized debit card charges

HCPGold and WC Value Plus both have been charging mt debit account without my permission or for any services i have not ordered anything from either of theses companies but yet i am being charged. THIS NEEDS TO BE RESOLVED 49.95 A MONTH (HCP ) 19,95 A MONTH ( WC VALUE PLUS )

  • Ro
    Rosalie Navarrette Mar 06, 2008

    Oh my God!! I know exactly how you feel! Two days ago, I had just re-loaded my empty Mastercard/Debit account with $100.00 to pay some bills easier online. I swear, not 2 minutes later, there were two charges:
    800-475-1942 ,MN
    Terminal: 55432868 -$24.95

    800-475-1942 ,MN
    Terminal: 55432868 -$ 24.95

    I wanted to CRY!! How is it so easy for credit card accounts to just be charged on with unrecognized names and without any authorization by the cardholder? My Mastercard company did reluctantly (because it's a Debit card) take both of the charges off my account yesterday after calling them. GUESS WHAT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT? Yes, the charges were again added back to my card by the same company, as if to say HA HA. I wish we could do something more about this fraudulent activity. But, I think there is more of a hassle trying to get the charges taken off, then it was for them to be charged in the first place!!

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  • Th
    Theresa Mar 31, 2008

    If you have ever ordered anything from an advertisement from the TV then they probably ask you a series of questions and one of them probably pertained to a one month free trial. For the one month free trial you get a $25.00 gift card just for trying it, but you have to remember to cancel it before 30 days are up. If you don't then they charge your account. That is how I got stuck with it. They ask you too many questions to can't and try to trick you into saying yes when you should say no, and no when you should say yes. Great marketing scam!!

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  • Ta
    Taresa Alvarado May 08, 2008

    Wc value plus-v charged my credit card under someone else name. Then when i tried to call to get it back they keep hanging up on me.

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Unauthorized billing

I was called sometime after 3pm on a Sunday by a woman that refused to answer my questions. She said I had to be transferred to a 3rd party "authorization center". I stayed on the line, because she told me she has my credit card; she provided the last 4 digits. She knew my name and my address. She said it was a courtesy call, but she also said I would be "charged a dollar". She said that the dollar charge was an "introduction" to coupons, and that I would also receive a complimentary $40.00 coupon for free gas. Again, she refused to answer any questions probing for details.

When I got to the "authorization center", they refused, flat out, to answer my questions. The only answer I did get was that this was for Value Plus Online. ( ) When I tried to ask questions, they refused to answer. Instead, they tried to get personal information out of me. When I probed for why they were doing this, I was called an "idiot" for not wanting $40.00 of free gas, and an "imbecile" for asking the questions I asked. The "supervisor" that was helping me literally yelled at me when I told him I do not want their gas, or their coupons, or the $1.00 charge. He slammed the phone down. The number they called from does not take inbound calls. The website does not provide contact information. Since it is not possible for me to determine with 100% accuracy whether they are a scam or a legitimate company, I will not make any assertions or accusations. However, my experience was unpleasant in the extreme, and disconcerting. I found myself calling my credit card company to order a new card. (The "supervisor" said I had already "agreed" to charges...even though I did nothing of the sort.)

  • Ro
    Rosalie Navarrette Mar 06, 2008

    Oh my God!! I know exactly how you feel! Two days ago, I had just re-loaded my empty Mastercard/Debit account with $100.00 to pay some bills easier online. I swear, not 2 minutes later, there were two charges:
    800-475-1942 ,MN
    Terminal: 55432868 -$24.95

    800-475-1942 ,MN
    Terminal: 55432868 -$ 24.95

    I wanted to CRY!! How is it so easy for credit card accounts to just be charged on with unrecognized names and without any authorization by the cardholder? My Mastercard company did reluctantly (because it's a Debit card) take both of the charges off my account yesterday after calling them. GUESS WHAT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT? Yes, the charges were again added back to my card by the same company, as if to say HA HA. I wish we could do something more about this fraudulent activity. But, I think there is more of a hassle trying to get the charges taken off, then it was for them to be charged in the first place!!

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No web site for rebate

Company charged me a fee to try this package on deals I was suppose to receive a 40 dollar gas card for 30 day trial period and when I got the letter it told me to log onto this web site for a 40 dollar gas rebate and when I did it brought me to your site and then when I tried to sign on at there regular site with the subscriber id they gave me it said that that id was not valid. They are a scam and a rip off they charged my credit card only a dollar but if they do that a million times that adds up.

  • Be
    Becky Hutchinson Dec 15, 2007

    I had the same thing happen when I tired to get the gas rebates no such website. I also was charged a $1.00 for a 30 trial to look over there info and didn't recieve anything. They finally sent one piece of paper with a few websites to look at then charged my credit card $19.95 10 days later no were near a 30 day free trial. I tried calling the number to cancel they were closed but had a message with a website if you want to cancel the membership. It was not a suprise that the website has errors you can input your info but it goes nowhere it shows error everytime you try it! also my husband has never been verified to use my card and they called his cell phone and had my credit card info and was able to charge it to my acct that way!!!

    Please be careful Value plus is a scam!

    Sevierville, Tn.

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  • St
    steven courtaway Dec 19, 2007

    We have all got to stick together to put this company rip-off out of business.

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Phone numbers to call for cancellation!

I noticed that the amount of $14.95 has been taken out of my personal bank account since August 13, 2007. ...

Deductions from checking account

Called and cancelled what ever they were selling, but they still deduct after telling them to stop Phone...

Got credit card number illegally

I also had the same problem with these companys (wc value plus, hcpgold, todays escapes) you have to report what happened to consumer rights wc value plus. Todays escapes and hcpgold (healthcare privileges) get access to your card number illegally even though they may tell you that merchants share personal information, that is true but they cannot share card numbers only names address and phone number... so u need to call this number to make a complain (if there are enough complaints to these people they will investigate and take legal action against them) [protected] their website is ... u should also cancel these subscriptions the number for wc value plus is [protected]... please make complains to this phone line cause they say they get the card numbers legally and that if they were doing something illegal they would be out of business. So please make the complain against them.

Credit Card Scam

I have tried to cancel my 30 trial membership for a few days now. Each time that I have attempted, I have been told the business was closed (via an answering machine), and to access the website at (that also is non existing).

I have been charged monthly membership fees in which I think is extremely unfair that folks would take advantage of people.

Aside from the Wal-Mart gift cards and gas cards , that I was promised (and never received) , the $1000 worth of coupons ( I hope they sent them to the wrong address and someone else is using them because I never received those either.
I would say this:

I hope that you are sleeping well at night because in the end, you and your evil ways will have to answer to someone much larger than myself and the 100's or 1000's of others you have wronged.

  • Vi
    Vicki Grote Nov 17, 2007

    Today, I was charged $19.95... for what?? I never subscribed to this site much less gave them credit card information. HOW CAN WE STOP THESE THIEVES??!

    Question: is Value Plus WC and Value Plus Online the same company/people? And, two days ago I was charged $14.95 from 24ProtectPlus. Again, I ordered nothing. Is this company also theirs? Any help in stopping additional charged and hopefully recouping what they have also charged. HELP??

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  • Ke
    Kerri Williams Dec 12, 2007

    I too have not received anything and am going to contact the better business bureau about not receiving the gas cards or anything else promised. What a scam! Any information you have would be greatly appreciated. I have phone numbers which you can never reach anyone on but need addresses.

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Today, I was attempted to be scammed by Quality Resources/Value Plus organization. The phone number i...

Fraudulently billed my credit card!

Value Plus is a Discount service out of MN that various online and phone order products offer as a free trial...

Unauthorized electronic signature!

NO SUCH WEBSITE and I DID NOT authorize anyone to enroll me. I, in-fact, have always said NO and then I get this letter with my "Subscriber Number" and my electronic signature, and authorization to charge $19.95 every month after the trail period to my credit card with my last 4 numbers I DID NOT provide to them. I called them and canceled this and I'm suppose to receive a confirmation email, We'll see. I've been out of state for two months and came home to this. I have NEVER done trial offers and this way seems it should be unlawful!!!

Fraud & cheating!

I received a phone call one morning on my cell phone, and I was already running late to work so I accepted the offer for valueplus for a 30 day trial period, for 10.95. I was to receive 40 dollars in gas vouchers and 1000 dollars in grocery coupons. when I finally received the letter in the mail there were no coupons for grocery or gas, just a letter stating to go to their website to claim your vouchers, when i tried to access the website it didn't exist it brought me to a page for online scams. I called the 800 number and spoke to a representative and canceled my membership but she told me i had already been charged 19.95 for a months subscription, and that she would send the gas coupons in the mail!! so I now paid 31.oo to receive 40 dollars in gas, Hmmm, and I am sure i wont receive the gas vouchers, after reading several other complaints for the same offer and noone has received their gas vouchers, something needs to be done!! I will be calling my bank and complaining about this ridiculous scam, and the bank only has to try to access the website and they will see its a fraud!!!

  • Sh
    Shawn Epps Dec 04, 2007

    Thank you all for this website and all those who made comments about valueplusonline. I just was called by valueplusonline. And they sounded a little pushy so I asked them where could I look them up online to find out more about there company. When I asked they gave me the website. After I started searching I couldn't find it but I did find you all. He tried to say that everything on here was a lie and that you all made this stuff up. Yeah Okay I though to myself. What really gave it away for him was the multitude of individuals who left comments. If it had of just been one or two I would of probably thought more aobut it. Thank you for saving me from a headache. Continue to do what you all do and I will also do the same. I wish you could of heard him stuttering as I read off to him your comments. LOL One for the good guys. My only complaint will be they lie and they were real rude to me on the phone and would not allow me to get off with hanging up in there face after I tried to let them down nicely. They basically demand a reason for me not accepting there offer. The way the got my infromation is from ordering a book from one of those infomercials about a erbal book that was supposed to be free and you only pay shipping and handle. I still have not been charged the shipment of the two books. Needless to say I am going to cancel my order and post the name of the company that gave them my information as soon as I find out who they are.

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Scam checks!

I called The TOBI at [protected] and they told me that I would receive a $25 gift card I got a letter in the...

Internet Marketing scam

WC Value Plus (owned by DAMARK) is ripping lots of people off every month by placing unfamiliar charges on...

Do not let this company scam you!

I can't contact this company to stop this and the only reason I figured this out is because it made my...

Beware of this scam!

Anyone who has been harassed either by phone or signed up for this without consent, cancel your membership as soon as you can. This company sounds as if they are located in a basement somewhere when you call (you can hear other "customer service representatives" in the background) and they scam you into a recurring transaction of $16.95/mo. When you call, be sure to demand for a cancellation confirmation number (they will insist you wait for the confirmation e-mail that never gets sent), then watch your credit card statements carefully for any transactions that seem suspicious.

Also, a good thing to do (I have Bank of America) is call the customer service # for your credit card. Have them fill out a report with the date you canceled the Value Plus account and the confirmation number you (hopefully) obtained from them. While some credit card companies and banks can't stop the actual transaction, they will at least have written proof that you did cancel your Value Plus account and then fighting any future charges if they happen to slip through the cracks will be far easier. Value Plus rarely, if ever, issues refunds for what money they have scammed from you. Good luck and watch out!

  • Vi
    Vicky Bair Jun 16, 2007

    I recently ordered something I saw on TV - so I dealt the # to place order abt 6/6/07. After I placed it - they wouldn't stop offering me stuff to try on a trial basis and this ValuePlusOnline was one - and I said yes. It gave a 30 day trial period.

    Just received the letter to day on it. Went to websites to get $25 gift card. It is a form to request another form which will take 8 10 wks to get to you - which I think after you filled out that form will take another 8-10 weeks to get to you. So thats a 5 month total. - also they give a $5 gas rebate for each month and that takes 6 -8 wks to get back to you with a check. Then they have the grocery coupons - which you mail them a form and the send the code back to you in about 8-10 wks (no extra money required).

    Seems to be a lot of form mailing and waiting for additional info or product. On the website is some deals if they're legit - $25 gift cards from Target, Walmart and some other stores - you pay $20 for it - no shipping or handling. - So it might be a SCAM - didn't see a BBB emblem on their site - Did see a veri sign for ordering those gift cards but that's not a secure sign of trust either.

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  • Ja
    jay collins Jul 03, 2007

    Ok, so beware of this scam, i do not know how they got my bank card info, and could confirm it when i asked questions about it, so i agreed to get this nice deal with a free gas card, ok no gas card, no nothing, so i called my bank and just had them cancel my bank card and i am getting a new one issued. Luckily i only had the charge of $1.00 on my account, and this did not get out of hand. Please beware of this scam and others like it, because this one charge also came with another charge from AP9TODAYSESCAPES on my account too!

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  • Ja
    Jacob Roginsky Oct 24, 2008

    i too have been scammed by WC Value Plus. What ###!

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