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discount charges services???

I have been defrauded of unauthorized Membership Service/Value Plus charges for 8 months. I overlooked the...

gift card

I was told a gift card in the amount if $25 will be sent to me in 5-7 business days on 10/15/10. Was given a reference #[protected] and claim # [protected] but when I called back on 12/11/19 to let them know gift wasn't received as of yet the phone number [protected] was disconnected. I was also given a 2nd phone number of [protected] but rep. told they have nothing to do with Value Plus gift card pass. I paid $4.95 for shipping of gift card I never received.

savings program

They promise a 50.00 Walmart gift card for trying out their product for 30 days, after 30 days they auto charge your credit card.
When I got the packet I looked it over and was definitely not something I was interested in.
I called and cancelled any kind of subscription they may of had on me. That was not a problem but when I called back to get the free Walmart card the had promised I got a big run around and did not see them giving that away even though they advertise this.

I never authorized nor even had knowledge of this company until the charges to my bank account appeared.

This last week a charge to my bank debt card appeared. It took me until know to figure out just what this charge was for. I don't even use a computer of my own and certainly don't purchase online. I want to know how this company got my bank debt card number and successfully started charging my bank account. I'm calling the [protected] number and see if I can get this shut down/unsubscribe from something I never subscribed to.

unauthorized charging of my bank account

Shortly after making an online purchase of Copper Chef XL Air Fryer in June of 2017, I started having charge...

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Sem value plus membership unauthorised deduction of $24.5 monthly

Sem value plus
Attn: customer service,
P. o. box 5265, hopkins, mn [protected].

Dear sir/madam,
I visited the usa on holiday from 21st nov 2014 until 29th dec 2014. during this time I made several purchases by mastercard credit card no. xxxx in the name of kenneth ellison. to my alarm I now belatedly notice that an amount of around €20+ ($24.95) has been deducted monthly from my account between the dates of 5th jan 2015 and 24th april 2017 a total of €676.47 (see attached) under the name of sem value plus with a phone no of [protected].
On researching the internet I find that many other people have been placed in this position having never given authority for payments to be deducted
I have no idea what this deduction is for and have certainly never authorised payment. I am requesting an immediate refund otherwise I will need to advise my lawyers to instigate proceedings against you.
I will be telephoning you and emailing to ensure you receive this letter, reimburse me and stop all further payments.

Yours sincerely

K m ellison

Unauthorized charges

I noticed a charge for 24.95$ and have not ordered anything for that amount. This was a saturday morning and was unable to use the 1-800 number to gather any further information. I would much rather reverse charges at this time and re order if needed, but will not continue without knowing who and what i am dealing with.

Debit card wd sem* value plus [protected] mnus

Unauthorized debit

In the world of scammers, *Mon ValuePlus, has truly sunk to an all time low. Just recently, Friday, Nov. 25...

Scam - unauthorized credit card charges

Wow. The internet is just loaded on this business and their scamming. My sister on my joint account had ordered a "TV Key" from a television ad. She ended up returning it (unopened) and this business decided that she signed up for their "membership" account and has been charging $24.95 for the last 5 months. I just called that number and talked to Lloyd, who says he cancelled the account "effective immediately" and says they are mailing a form out that needs to be filled out and returned and then they will credit the $124.75 that they fraudulently took out of my account monthly. I had more questions (demands) so he says he's transferring me to a supervisor. What a surprise... my call just went back to the switchboard that initially answered and wanted me to wait again. I'm contacting my bank now as back-up. How do these scam artists get away with this crap?! I'd like to punch them all in the nose!

Bad Trustworthy Business

I bought the WonderCore Smart & was promised a $50 Walmart Card which after 6 antagonizing months of mailing this back & that back, I knew eventually they would say: "we already mailed it's & guess what??? That's exactly what happened & I NEVER RECEIVED IT. With all these complaints someone needs to investigate & should shut them down!!

Unauthorized charges

I was charged 24.95 on my bank account. No idea who or what this company is. I contacted them they said they would cancel my membership, which I didn't know I even had, and they would refund my money, that it should be back in my account in 3/5 days. I told them I had already contacted the fraud department at my bank. No explanation of what services I had supposedly signed up for. I always check any charges made on my account.

Fraudulent Charges

My credit card was charged $24.95 beginning on February 27, 2015 by SEM Value Plus and again on March 30, 2015. I checked with my bank and they were able to see the complaint pages on SEM Value Plus, and that this was indeed a disreputable company with numerous complaints. My bank is issuing paperwork signed by me which will stop SEM Value Plus from taking additional funds from my credit card. It will take up to 10 days to refund the 2 disputed charges and have monies put back into my account. I know how you all feel, but just contact your bank and have them pull up the name "SEM Value Plus" complaint page. It does no good whatsoever to call SEM Value Plus. If your bank is as good as mine they will help you stop these withdrawals each month and hopefully stop SEM Value Plus from doing this to others.

  • Je
    Jere Smith Apr 22, 2011

    Again, I got billed for something I didn't authorize---three months worth, in fact. I don't make much money so this is an outrage.

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  • Ol
    Oliver Pinto Feb 28, 2012
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I ordered Orgreenic cookware and they connected me to this site and the rest
    I do not know and they are just charging me every month on my credit card.
    I told my bank to cancel the card, which they hace done but the billing continues.
    Please advice me what should I do.
    Oliver Pinto

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  • Li
    Linda Kay B Aug 22, 2016

    I try to check my Disciver Card Statement at least every other month I saw charges over a few months for Semi'Value Plus. I didn't even know what it was. I called the company and was told when you order on line sometimes these items are ordered too??? It is some kind of discount membership. I told them I would never order such a thing and they said they would cancel my membership and send me a form for a refund. The form arrived and it says "In response to your request for a refund, we have confirmed that your purchase of Value Plus was made either by you or an authorized used of the card ending in ... ... Therefore, based on our enrollment recoprds, you are not eligible for a refund., Julie, supervisor ID#91046 just spoke to me and said to check the box on the letter and send it back so they do further investigation. I'm sending a copy of the letter to Discover Card also. We are over 70 and on a fixed income, don't purchase much any more, and would never pay $24.95 a month for "discounts."

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some how this company obtained my credit card information and preceded to collect $24.95 from my account for a great number of months before I could stop it I filed a complaint with visa but the max that they would refund was three month. I would like to sue but live on a fix income and can not afford. If some one can help please inform [protected]

Resolved unauthorized charges

I have been being charged by the WC MonValue for $24.95 since 05/2012 until the present each month...I want to end the charges...I did not authorize them. Linda Chamberlain 18 Ridgeway Avenue Blairstown, NJ [protected]

  • Ga
    Garden Groom Jan 28, 2012

    Since 8-26-2011 I have been getting deduction of $24.95 per month & I haven't signed up for any thing, except to purchase a Garden groom of TV ad. The lady on the phone kept asking me for a magazine subscription & I said NOWAY. If this is them I want a return of these funds.

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  • Ha
    hallahan garden groom Jun 28, 2013
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    we did not receive a book on how to do anything with garden groom please send book how to work and attach everything

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  • Mi
    Mildred Olivera Sep 17, 2016

    I have not sign with them for any fast delivery. I want them to stop pulling money from my account. Please help me. You can contact me at: [email protected]

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  • Mi
    Mildred Olivera Nov 14, 2018

    I have a $24.95 deduction from my checking account. I want to stop this. I had never sign for expedite deliveries. They need to stop this.

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Resolved Fraudulent charges

I made a purchase on December 17, 2013 from SNAPZ software for a tool to be used as an aide for a journeyman electrician exam. On that day I agreed to pay $139.00 for the software and $1.95 for the processing fee. Within the last couple of months I couldn't help but wonder what this DRI Value plus monthly was each time I saw $24.95 being pulled from my account. After questioning my husband about it, I googled the name and to no surprise it brought up pages about SCAM, & FRAUDULENT CHARGES that have been made to other people as well as myself. I have already spoken to a representative, and even the supervisor and her id number is 91134 Name; Sandra. I have been told that as of today the charges have been stopped. But I am wanting to get reimbursed for the total dollar amount that has been taken from me which is $85.80. I will provide pictures of each time my account was debited. And for your information I never received any email showing that I signed up for this. NONE. 12/17- $139.00, 12/17- $1.95, 12/19- $10.95, 1/22- $24.95, 2/19- $24.95, 3/20- $24.95

If you have any further questions. Contact me at [protected] or [protected]
Aaron and Audryanna Cameron

Fraudulent charges
Fraudulent charges
Fraudulent charges
Fraudulent charges
Fraudulent charges

  • Ch
    Chase credit card Mar 07, 2011
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    This is on my credit card several times a month...I did NOT give my permission for this to be used...Take it off or go to better business beareu...Sharon Willis

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  • Bu
    Buersmeyer Sep 09, 2011

    NAME Joseph Buersmeyer
    11341 W. 71st Place
    Arvada, CO 80004-1343

    PLEASE remove my name from your billing. I do not want to continue getting charges fro your firm.

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  • Go
    goof39612 Mar 30, 2012

    there has been a reaccuring monthly charge on my credit card that i did not authorize

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Customer Service

I had trouble a few months back with their website. I had spoke with them about the use of credit cards. They stated they would begin accepting American. Express soon. This became an option on their website, but when I attempted to use an AMEX card it wouldn't accept it.. After numerous phone calls and emails it was determined that they would in fact not accept these cards even though the website claimed to. I went several weeks being unable to order. Finally I was able to order, using a different type of card. I logged in and a notice appeared stating I had not redeemed my welcome gift, after several months of this I clicked to accept it. Finally 6 months after submitting the form I was given, but not receiving anything else I email them. I was informed that I wasn't eligible for this. I explained I felt this was offered to compensation for my time and their lack of customer service, a retention incentive. Well they didn't feel the same and cancelled my membership with no explanation. Finally after several more emails I was given a reason... "Poor customer service". with this I must agree, it's been a nightmare, they charge my credit card and 10 or more days later they process my order. I will talk bad about them every chance I get and all those I recommended them to I will go back and explain what a mistake that was.

  • Li
    Linda Trempe Sep 04, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I also just noticed an unauthorized charge from this Value-Plus V on my debit card while checking my account online. My bank provided an 800 # under the description. When I called the # the first rep said I was being charged for "membership services" but could not tell me for what or even what the company was much less explain to me how they got my card #. I was irate telling him I hadn't ordered a thing and demanded to speak to a supervisor who basically denied having any record of my name/zip code in their files and couldn't refund my money as there was no customer history of me. I immediately called my bank, and found they'd charged me not just this once but for 3 months in a row. Now I've had to cancel my card and wait for a new one as well as fill out dispute papers with my bank. How do these crooks get our card #'s and how do they get away with this outrageous crap!!!???

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  • Ju
    Julie Summers Dec 24, 2017
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    Ordering any product from infomercials is extremely risky because of who these companies hire to take their calls. Any number that is called from the tv to order a product or get information is being answered by another company. Credit card information is sold and personal information is sold to a data bank company and as you know, promises are not kept. Every "additional offer, " which is "Free Rewards Plus, " "Magazines, " etc, the company taking the calls for all infomercials benefits financially with these scams. Anyone who have elderly people in their families need to warn them about buying products on infomercials or even calling numbers from the tv, in order to protect them because that is who these companies prey on.

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Money being withdrawn from my credit card

I recently went through my credit card, due to missing money and unauthorized charges. I didn't notice...

Resolved Tried to cancel membership

I contacted SEM Value Plus to cancel my membership. Was told it was cancelled only to have a another charge on my credit card. I called them again, talked to someone else and was assured it was cancelled and the charges would be credited. Next bill showed late balance due with late fees - disputed this only to have my credit card company say they were unable to help me and would re-bill me for the amount. Called SEM, they say I don't owe anything...Eye.yi..yi!!! Next step, call the credit card company. I feel like I am on a merry-go-round and it does not stop.

unauthorized charge

I inadvertently clicked the wrong button and got duped into subscribing to a service I did not want. A few minutes later, I cancelled the service, and then called them to make sure of the cancellation went through. They still charged my credit card. I have since cancelled twice more. And they make it very hard to cancel right away. In my opinion, they are duping consumers.
Thank You

  • El
    elizabeth ware Jun 10, 2008
    This comment was posted by
    a verified customer
    Verified customer

    I don't want anything else to do with this company ever again. I just want my money back from them! Beware people!

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  • Te
    Terrace Jul 19, 2009

    upon going over my credit card account activity ... it appeared that there was an unauthorized withdrawal from value plus in the amount of 19.95...I do intend on proceeding with legal mean's if money is not returned.

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  • Ca
    Californ Cal Girl Jan 28, 2010

    Recieved a charge for 25.00 on 1/25/10. However, I have never heard of this complany. I called the phone number only to have the person that answered the phone tell me they have not idea what the charge was for, but that is was authorized by me back in Nov 2009. They could not offer any other info but the website which doesn exist. I did locate this websit showing this is a scam.

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Resolved unauthorized charges on my credit card

This company started unauthorized charging my credit card for a year and a half. Shame on me for not checking on this sooner. They sent me a form letter that said I didn't qualify for a refund. They offered no service, I've never received a call from them or any correspondence. I did NOT, at any time, authorize a charge on my credit card. I think they got my number when I ordered something off of my TV because after they took my order, they transferred me to this awful company that tried to sell me a trip. I told them to leave me alone because they kept calling. I think this is probably how they got my credit card. No more TV orders for me and I vow to check EVERY charge on my credit card the day the statement comes.