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rip off & scams

I received a letter in the mail saying as promised, we're giving you $40 in cash-back gas rebates just for signing up for value plussm. Log on to well when trying to sign onto the website no such website existed, when I called them on the phone the lady said you will be receiving your $40 in cash-back gas rebate in 7-10 business days never received it and that was 2-3 months ago. I never wanted a membership with these people and they sent me an e-mail saying "welcome to your membership", I immediately called them and told them off and told them I did not want anything they had to offer. Then, I immediately cancelled my credit card so they wouldn't have the chance to take my hard earned money. These people are major ripoffs! They should be fined, prosecuted, and shut down permantly.

Thank you,


S. Mock

bad business practices

After nearly 1 year in the program, Provell, Inc. canceled my membership before honoring the rebates offered under the program. The cancelation occured because I requested to update my account information because the cc on file would expire in the near future. I called the 800 telephone number provided and asked to update my account information and gave the reason for my request. I explained to the rep that I did not want to cancel my membership, only to update the account info so I could continue with the program. Unbeknowst to me the rep at the 800 number canceled my membership but did not tell me. I learned after e-mailing the membership services website that my account was canceled. I've tried unsuccessfully via e-mails and letter to get the account reinstated but have not heard anything. In addition, I had submitted receipts for reimbursements under the program prior to the reps cancelation and they have not sent the rebate.

I feel like I've been ripped off!!


I received vitamins from this company on a trial basis, for the cost of shipping and handling. The next month I received the vitamins, I sent them back with cancel on the box. I tried to contact the maker, but was unable to find the URL.
I have been getting charges on my credit card since. I had to contact my credit card service to have them stop payment, I have no product, but they have 19.95, x 3 at least. The credit card company has temp. given me a credit till they can investigate. Do NOT do any business with these people.
They are crooks.

  • Al
    Alanna Eckert Apr 02, 2009

    I reviewed my Discovercard statement yesterday, 4/1/09 and saw an unauthorized charge for $19.95 by Pro*Value Plus Monthly. When I called the company and asked them what their company was they said it was a membership for products and would not tell me how or when I gave them my credit card number. They said they would cancel the membership and refund my money. Later, I mentioned this to a colleague in New York and she told me that she looked at her Visa statement and saw the same charge and could not figure out what it was for.

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  • Pr
    praveen_reddy Aug 30, 2010

    I never authorized this company to charge my credit card for $21.95 but they have been charging since 8/25/10. I happened to check my statement this month and found that it's been going on for long time. Please cancel all the charges and reimburse all the charges immediatly.

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  • Pr
    praveen_reddy Aug 30, 2010

    I never authorized this company to charge my credit card for $21.95 but they have been charging since 8/25/09. I happened to check my statement this month and found that it's been going on for long time. Please cancel all the charges and reimburse all the charges immediatly.

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My X boyfriend put my bank accounts online, and ordered a few things, using my checking account. Papile ordered Adult Entertainment from VALUE-V Plus. How can I find out what else he took out of my Bank accounts? Thank You, Kathy Maier [protected]

fradulent charges against credit card

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Unauthorized charges to bank account

I recently made purchases online and shortly after had some bogus charges to my account. I filed complaints at /link removed/ and at on 11/2/08

Beware of the following transactions of unauthorized charges similar to these:

10/31/08 PURCHASE 10-30-08 WC *VALUE PLUS-V [protected] MN 640424 $ -19.95
10/31/08 PURCHASE 10-30-08 WC *FUNSOURCE MNTHLY-V [protected] MN 643141 $ -19.95
10/27/08 FEE IS64 VISA INT'L EXCHG RATE FEE 102108 $ -0.64

Fradulent Charge

I saw a TV ad endorsed by a Vet to reduce pain to your dog/cat while cutting the nails(Peticure Petite). I ordered the item via online. I was than charged an unaurthorized additional charge by Value Plus-V in the amount of $16.95. I have opened a Fraud Complaint against Value Plus-V with my bank. Further, I have filed a Complaint with the State Attorney General of Texas against Peticure Petite and the Attorney General of the Corporate location of Peticure in Walled Lake, Michigan [protected] as a result of their sharing personel information that resulted in the Fradulent Unauthorized charge.

  • Ba
    BadAngel Oct 17, 2008

    i was charged the samething and i ordered the samething...i had 2 charges on my card tho one from this one and one from WC*ESSNTLS HOME-V so watch it when u order form the net. i am also doing the samething she/he is doing.i will never ordered anything off the net again unless i use my paypal. for those of who don't have the 1800 number for these places the number i have for the charges is 18004751942. i have also complaned about this company to my card holder

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i got the message of no website for called the [protected] and was closed so they gave me the website for i filled out a form with the subscriber number and my information and stopped them from billing me..i will follow up and make sure i am not billed by any companies and if i am i will file a complaint with the arizona state attorney generals office...try the website and see if you can get results, getting ripped off makes me furious.

  • Jo
    Jonathan Baker Jul 18, 2008

    Apparently you are automatically signed up for a "trial membership" if you make a purchase.
    I have made at least six calls asking for an email confirming my cancellation and every time I am assured that I'll get the email within 48 hours. Of course it never happens. Tha cancellation confirmation number I was given on the phone doesn't allow me to access my account to confirm that it is cancelled.
    The people on the phone never know why "you haven't been sent a confirming email" but "I'll take care of it right now"


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  • Jo
    Josh Tennison Aug 22, 2008

    I ddid not sign up for any gift cards I order perfect path grass seed and eifferent these are on the website and I elected none but it seems that this company gets the last 4 digits from the order your are requesting...and enroll you for stuff your did not agree to...this is horrible...scam scams scams cannot order anything that is advertised on tv

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  • Do
    Dottie Hollis Nov 20, 2008

    I, too, have been trying to get a refund for an unawthorized payment of $19.95 from this company. I first spoke with a lady named Jordan who assured me that this would be refunded. After a month and no refund, I called 800-475-1942 again, and spoke with Crystal. She showed that my bank had been sent a refund the day after I called. The bank has not received anything. I don't know how this company was able to take this money without my approval. I do not use coupons, so i would not have ordered them. Please warn anyone you know of the danger. I plan to seek legal action if I do not see a refund soon.

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My Visa/debit card was just charged $16.95 from WCValue Plus-V. I knew I hadn't used it for that, I had only made 2 online purchases with companies I wasn't familiar with, I received my products, but 1 of those 2 companies must have given out my card info. I told my bank that there are other complaints online, so they said I should file a fraud complaint with them, & cancel my card, which I will be doing, & I will never make another online purchase with my credit card again.


I have just received a welcome letter for ValuePlus Online.
I have no idea who they are, but they gave me a membership
number. They say I subscribed with #[protected].
Please help me discontinue this company. I am not interested,
and did not subscribe to their company.
Sincerely, Jo Beaudry
687 BareBridge dr.
Burnsville, NC 28714

  • So
    Soxx7 Sep 12, 2011

    I have had no complaints up until now. The service has been good. I have received everything they have promised me. All that I have had to do is go onto their website. Print out the forms and mail it with payment proofs to the address provided. They then, within 8 to 10 weeks, have provided me with a refund check or gift cards depending what I requested. The charge was always a deduction of $19.95 from my credit card but I received over $30 back every month. Yes, I would profit. What is puzzling me is that I didn't get charged this past month and I have never missed a payment. Also, I can't seem to view any of the offers when I logged on with my password. I am puzzled and don't have anyway of contacting them. I don't know what happened and want to continue with my service. Overall, it has been a good service.

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membership number

I cancelled my order about a month ago and called back to confirm the cancellation. I was supposed to receive an email confirmation as well as my membership number. I want my membership number sent to me thru email: [protected] I want to receive my gift cards and you haven't given me all the paperwork I need. I need the member number. I also want to review your product when I am not in a hurry. You gave me no time before I was getting billed or before I could even see the possibilites. Please follow up with my member number by email. Thank you.

Unauthorized charges

I discovered this company had taken 3 monthy payments from my bank account for $16.95 each. When I called the...

Unauthorized use of visa card

I was charged $16.95 for WC *VALUE PLUS and $16.95 for WC *VALUE PLUS this week. I don't know what...

Charges on my credit card

Charges have been showing up on my master card bill since January 2008, I have just discovered. My credit...

Address and cant stop this better not bill me

I was never able to go online and log in so I need to make a complaint since they took my money and I will have to change my credit card acct now so they don't take my money... funny how there is this site... bogus companies like this should be fined and shut down...

  • Ni
    nicole maio Oct 13, 2009

    no i got an address from a friend, i can't say how she got it but it should be a good address and number:
    president/CEO: George S. Richards
    provell/value plus
    11100 wayzata blvd. suite 680
    hopkins, mn 55305
    ph#: 952-258-2000
    hope this helps!!!

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  • De
    desaunders Oct 23, 2009

    they billed me over month ago and i haven't received anything they told me has been sent in the mail. i signed up because they offered a gas card and i was planning on moving across state. they've never sent me and since then have changed me a few more additional charges without seeing any coupons in the mail which they claim to have sent.

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  • Fd
    fdsfdaddsdsasad Jun 16, 2011


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  • Er
    ernie vanduyn Sep 11, 2018

    charge on bank account unauthorized

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  • Do
    Donna Levesque Nov 19, 2018

    I also received the letter and there is no website available. Who are these people. I want to cancel the payments that start on 8-18-16 but cant seem to get a hold of anyone.

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Unauthorized withdrawall from my CC account

I noticed an unauthorized withdrawall from my Check Card in the amount of $16.95.
After a little research I found an phone number: [protected] MN. I also found the name of this outfit, "".

When I entered this into my search engine it led me to some "Gambling Games" in England.

I repeated the process a second time and this time I got, "DAMARK® The Great Deal Company!"

Who can I contact to help me rectify this illeagal withdrawal from my bank?

don't knnow who they are

I have no idea who they are, if I had more detail of who they are, I might be able to know if I ordered from them.
They wc*vacationpassport have taken $19.95 out of my checking 6/07/2008 and 7/07/2008. wc*valueplus-v has taken $19.95 out of my checking on 6/20/2008.
Can you please send me a detailed discription of these companies or do you know that they are credit frauds.
If thay are credit fraud please remove them and are you able to get my money back.
Please send me any information I made need or what the next steps are that I should take.
Thank you
Alexander G. Martinez

  • Mi
    Michelle White Jul 16, 2008

    I agree with the person above, they took money from my account and told me that i was to recieve something in the mail from them, and i have yet to do that. So what should i do? How can i get my money back? Are they on a list of scams and fraud?

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  • Wi
    William (Bill) Weathers Aug 10, 2008

    I also concur with the above indivuals, Value Plus-V has charged my card 6 times for $16.95 and I have been calling the 800-474-1942 MIN number over and over and they have told me each time that they would stop billing my account. I have continued to pay to avoid a counter suit against me. But I have paid off a huge credit card debt and I want to close the card account but I need this resolved first. Thank you with all sincerity for someone who will help me.
    Bill Weathers

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  • He
    herman Nov 15, 2008

    ValuePlus, You stole $19.99 from my acct. without authorization and I want my money back in my acct.on 11/17/2008, I have already filed a fraud complaint with my bank for them to contact the US ATtorney and file fraud charges against You, I don't know how you got my number but I will find out and anyone connected withyou in this scam will be charged too.

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  • Co
    Colbrez May 11, 2009

    I agree with Herman call your bank about this issue I'm doing the same thing as they billed me twice vacation passport and value plus $16.95. I called they said I became a member with something I purchased online around 4/10/09 after going back to that date I did however make a purchase, but wasn't made aware these additional purchases the consumer rep said I wont be billed anymore even gave me confirmation numbers, still to be on the safe side I'm calling the bank to make them aware of my situation. If the bank cannot help then i'll have to change my account to avoid any additional charges.

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  • Ka
    katie1 Jan 06, 2010

    the same thing has been happening to me for awhile. PLEASE HELP

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unauthorized charges to my bank

This matter is unknown to me as to how I qualified to become a member or when or where I applied for an application to become a memeber and give consent to have funds withdrawn from my account in the amount $16.95 monthly. I noticed it on my statement right after I purchased the portabook for my computer
Which took some time to even show up on my account more that thirty days. As of the present I am now in for two payments. There should be some law for such fraudulent practices. I say once again that I under no circumstance do I willing know of allowing these charges. Please advise me as to what steps to take to recover my funds.
Michael harrell

  • An
    anonymous Jul 24, 2008

    i work for provell and i can assure you whether you were aware of the membership or not it's legal. i don't place the orders so don't yell at me, by the way. I'm one of the people who cancel those memberships and credit refunds back so if anything i'm working against those marketing practices. basically, if you order something over the internet, or the phone (with a telemarketer) or through direct mail, there's always the fine print, which states that you will be signed up for these memberships on a trial based period (14-30 days) and when it expires you will be charged monthly. DO NOT BUY FROM A TELEMARKETER OR OVER THE INTERNET UNLESS THROUGH PAYPAL OR EBAY. the disclosures and fine print are what you need to review before accepting ANYTHING. also, it is NOT only provell who uses this, even something as simple as downloading ringtones to your phone will do something similar. I went to do that myself a few nights ago, but stopped myself and made sure i read the fine print first before doing so, and sure enough the fine print said a one year subscription monthly membership would be given to me at a fee. POINT: MAKE SURE YOU KNOW WHAT YOU'RE READING WHEN MAKING A PURCHASE UNLESS VIA A STORE IN PERSON. it's not provell who sells this to you, it's the vendor for the item you purchased who signs you up in conjunction.

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Unauthorized monthly charge from Value Plus Monthly

I reviewed my credit card statement for the last two months and saw monthly charges of approximately fifteen...

Unauthorized charges!

Receiving unauthorized monthly charges to my credit card from Value Plus for $19.95. I did not authorize...

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