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i am huber in il. 62012

Resolved Unauthorized Charges

On June 16th the account was activated, they say it takes 24 hours to process. I called on June 17th before the 24hours and canceled the servies for PULSE MONTH and VALUE PLUS. On June 18th they charged 2-$1.00 to my debit AFTER I had canceled. This in turn caused my account to be overdrawn by $70. I called them and they read the script "not protocol for our company to refund other than what we charged on the card." I then asked to speak with a supervisor, her name was Grace. She then read off the script and said to call the bank and she did offer to refund the $2. I called the bank, they informed me that it wasnt' their mistake and that the company is responsible for it because I did cancel and the bank said to keep hounding them. Of course I called back the [protected] and spoke with Favash(ms). He repeated the same script, but gave me the Consumer Affair address. I hung up called again, spoke to Kim same thing said. I hung up called again talked to Shannon, she reworded her script. The bottom line is I canceled within 24hours of proccessing and they "processed" anyway. Now I'm $70 in the hole for thier mistake and I want them to refund that money to me. And I will keep calling and send letters to anyone and everyone I have to to get it back!



The subscriber # assigned to me is: [protected] in an unsolicated bulk mail letter which welcomed me to Value Plus.
Please cancel my account.
I called the [protected] number listed in the letter on 6/16/09 at @ 7:50 PST and spoke to a Shannon - who said she cancelled my order, which she claims I placed on the internet. I do not recall ever placing such an order.
DO NOT CHARGE ANYTHING TO CREDIT CARD ENDING IN: ...6358. I do not know how you obtained my credit card number and that concerns me.
DO NOT charge my credit card account for any fees - that means the $1.95 trial fee nor any $19.95 monthly amount after the trial period.

Cancel my account immediately.
Again, cancel this account and any charges associated with this company. I do not wish to ever use this service. The annual cost is $240/year! {$19.95/month} + $1.95.
If you would like a copy of the letter, let know.

Resolved no values/ rip off

Nothing leads to this web site . Only complaints listed several times on this web site. They are charging my bank account $19.95 a month and I get nothing in return. No gift cards or promos like they promised. I think
it's a scam like all the comments posted about it and I want them to stop charging me for services I don't get!
I also would like to have all the money they've collected from me RETURNED to my bank account !!! They also say 30 day FREE TRIAL but by the time you get the letter or info in the mail, they've already charged you !
Julie Garrett

Resolved promised $50.00 gift card

I ordered a juicer from Jack Lalain and its great. But while I was ordering the girk ask me if I wanted to join Value Plus and I would get a $50.00 gift card just for joining in the free 30 day trial period and after 30 days I would be charged 19.95 per month membership fee and could cancel at any time, but still receive my gift card. I just needed to log on to their website and sign up and that was fine. Then in order to get your gift card you had to go to another site which doesn't seem to exist. Frustrated from Arizona

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Resolved FRAUD

WC * VALUE PLUS has been debiting my bank account MONTHLY with UNAUTHORIZED CHARGES of $19.95. The first charge on 10/27/08 mysteriously started right after I made an on-line purchased through PEDIPAWS.COM on 10/06/08. Since then they have debited my account 7 times each around the 26th, 27th of the month.

Resolved Credit fraud

When i checked my credit card statement to make the monthly payment i found a charge form a unknown company...

Resolved monthly withdraws 19.95

I was checking my credit card statement and saw a 19.95 charge to " Pro*Value Plus Monthly" on my card. with a phone number [protected] MN following. I checke back in my statement summary and I find I have been charged this since April of 2008... For a year now I've been charged for -- I have no idea !. I called the 800 number and got things cancelled and in requesting a refund I was told they would send me a form in the mail to complete. 7-10 days. I contacted my credit card company and they said in ordering online or on the phone that this must have been attached to the purchase I made..unknowningly to me... The only purchase I made that is not my normal gas etc. was 1 month earlier I bought some CD's from Time Life and promply canceled that membership. Time Life people said it was "possible" but did not know.. Buyer Beware !! I lost $ 240.00 - shame on me for not looking closer at my statements.. In checking the internet ALOT of people are getting sscammed by this samr company.. PASS IT ON !!



need to cancel within 30 days

While ordering a TimeLife set of cd's over the phone (talking to a live person), I was also offered a 25.00 Walmart giftcardt if I would look over Value Plus, a coupon savings etc, company. I had 30 days to look at their mailing and cancel if I choose to. Well, I haven't yet received any information from them and am unable to contact them with the phone number given to me, in order to cancel. I did not receive any gift certificates, and wish to cancel. One of my phone calls to them netted me a website to use if I wanted to cancel - " I am unable to access this also. Can YOu Help Me?? Or can you point me into the right direction of whom to contact? Because I used my credit card with TimeLife, I am afraid that ValuePlus will charge my credit card for their services that I am trying to cancel.
Thank you for any info you can give me.
Toni Thomas
6931 Hansen Rd Spruce, MI 48762 - email - [protected]

  • Mi
    MikeKimble Feb 07, 2017

    The number to cancel is 800-475-1942. It does indeed work, I have called it several times and every time I am greeted with, "Would you like to cancel your membership?" Not yet, but I likely will. I'm still searching for a review that says someone actually got their gift card and/or promised rebate.

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Resolved Vlaue Plus

two charges in my credit card, January and February, 2009
VALUE PLUS MONTHLY [protected] $19.95 02/28/2009

Charge: $19.95
Reference #:[protected] MEMBERSHIP

Merchant Number: [protected]
Merchant Address: SUITE 680

  • Fr
    Francis Sellers Nov 13, 2009

    After I made the order for kymsro body shaper the laidy made me a offer to sign up for this valueplsonline by ording 3 books for trial and I would receave a guft card for $50 and one for $25 they should have came be fore the body shapers that I may look them over to decied on keeping them or not. Now this was to be a 30 day trail with a gift card just for signing up I have yet to receave ant thing. So I am talking to Elizabeth Collins the Director of Marketing before you draw any thing from my acount I need to see the two gift cards and what kind of books I will be receaving.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter.
    Francis Sellers

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Resolved taken money out of my account no product

i tried to order point n paint in january. after filling out my order and using debit card info, a pop up from the same site said click here for $10 rebate. of course i clicked on it, up came another site and said i will be charged $19.95 per month for i havent a clue what, so i didnt finish but wrote phone number down, i called the place which was value plus, lady said call back in 72 hours to get it removed, i said no i am asking now to remove it. if i wait 72 hours i will be forced to pay it, she said no. i had no money taken out of my account i figured it was over., lo and behold on feb 9/2009 out comes $19.95 from my checking account. i notified bank and called bank. bank said i authorized it so i have to call them to remove it, well i cannot get them to remove it. i have been frauded

Resolved We are not fraud!

Ok, so this is not a complaint. This is coming from someone who, believe it or not, works for Membership Services. I answer calls everyday and hear complaints like all of yours. While some complaints are legitimate, some of you have actually agreed to these memberships by either accepting an offer for gas rebates or a gift card of some sort. You have to physically enter your information before you can even be signed up. For those of you who got signed up on an outbound call where you were promised $40 in gas rebates, how that company obtains your cc information, I am not sure . I wish that I could tell you but I can't. But their name is quality resources. You can look them up on line. Did you also know that to claim your gift card and gas rebates if you can't access the website, you can call our 1-800 number and we will send you out the appropriate forms for them. But believe me when I say, yelling and cussing at us is not going to make things any easier or better. The calmer you are, the smoother the call will go and the quicker you can get your issue resolved, whether it's a refund or cancellation, etc. Trust me, I have been taken by companies before and I can completely understand. But at the same time, I know yelling and cussing at them is not going to resolve my problem. The website for the gas rebates and gift cards do work. I have accessed the websites myself and our 1-800 does work. Unfortunately, there are many different call centers that answer these calls and I can't speak for their reps and how their customer service is but I know if you speak to someone in Charleston, SC, you will receive first class customer service and I give you my word. If you need any assistance, please give us a call, and my reps will be more than happy to assist you but here are some things to keep in mind. Your membership was initiated by a purchase over the tv, phone, or internet of some sort. If you have been charged more than twice, you will have to fill out a refund request form. No one in our call centers have the authority to refund more than two charges over the phone. It has to be requested by filling out the form. Not even a supervisor has that authority. Also, we can not and will not refund overdraft or overage fees. We did not charge you those fees so there fore we cannot refund them. Not even a supervisor. It would be like buying something at Walmart and trying to return it at Kmart. It will not work. So please be nice and we will be more than happy to fulfill your request. Yelling will not expedite the matter. Thanks for listening and hearing it from the other sides point of view.

  • Br
    bridgett doe Jul 11, 2010

    Thank you for explaining this. I use to take calls but don't anymore and its hard to explain this to the customer when all they want to do is cuss and scream at you.

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Resolved Awful company

I was trying to figure out what Travel Values Plus was and how it got on my credit card and how to stop. Came across this website and read other people's problems not only finding how but trouble canceling. My story may help.

I discovered the 'sign-up' came from another company I order from (don't know if I can name it here). At the end of the order they offer '$10.00 off your next order' but by clicking on that you are agreeing to something else. In my case TVP. My own fault for not reading all the info. This company sometimes sends what looks like a $10.00 'good customer' check. But again by signing you are also signing up for something else but you need to read the fine print. I like the products from the company so am deciding if I stop using them on principal or continue to be careful.

To cancel, I went to website and entered my email. Since I never used it I clicked on Forgot Password. They then emailed me a password which allowed me to get on their site. I found how to cancel and did so. Explanation that cancellation would be on next billing cycle and a few attempts to change my mind. I didn't. Never bothered with credit card company as I had, inadvertently, signed up for it.

Lessons learned, read the fine print and if it seems too good to be true maybe it is!!!

Resolved Scam Artist Refund Website

I just found out myself about these charges on my account. They had been coming out for five months at a charge of $24.95, but not just from one source but from two of them. One is this value plus and the other is funsource. I called the number and actually got somewhere hope this will help you as well. I was given a web site address so that I could print off my own refund request. ( I also kept the representative on the line until i made sure it was not a hoax.) Here is the web address you need to scroll down to the FAQ section pull it up, and down at the bottom next to the last question is the request to print form. I hope that this is helpfull to you.

  • Pa
    Paul J. Diemer Jul 28, 2009

    I went to the web site, brought up the FAQ page but they no longer show the option of printing out your own refund form. They have promised to send me one within 6 to 8 days. We shall see.

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Resolved charges to our account not authorize

Please credit our account back for 24.95 that was charged on 2/1/09. You also charged us 1.95 on 1/26/09. Your company is not legal and are not treating people right. Make sure you stop it now on our account and email us that the credit has been put thru. Hopefully, you do not want the Better
Business Bureau and the Police Department after you.Subscriber # [protected]
Preston Bryant
2524 Courthouse Rd.
Heathsville, Virginia 22473
Please let us hear from you immediately

  • Da
    Dawn Barger Aug 17, 2009

    I have had money taken out of my bank account and didn't sign up for any of their services! but I have a Subscriber number with them and didn't authorize them to do anything !!! I never even heard of them! I seen the charges on my statement and called the 1-800 number to ask who and what they were and they tried to give me the third degree about it was for privacy reasons they can't give out that kind of information and I told them that they had better since they are taking money out of my account and I knew nothing about it!! they then directed me to their website to look around to see if it was anything I would like to stay signed up for?!?!?!?!!?! I went to the site and "NO" there was nothing there I would have signed up for not even for free gas card, I called them back told them to cancel my "membership, subscription, or whatever they want to call it and that I will be watching my account closely to make sure NO further moneys come out ".

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Resolved empty promise - scam

I received a letter with a subscriber number informing me that this was my # to log on to receive my $50.00 in gift cards. I remember ordering product from Body Control and this offer was made to me at that time. This is a total scam! If you receive one of these call the number IMMEDIATELY and cancel because after 7 days you will start to be billed for it's subscription. These people need to be put out of business and prosecuted for FRAUD.

Resolved unauthorized withdrawls from my checking account

WC value has been taking $16.95 out of my bank account for the last 3 months. I never ordered anything from them
nor do I even know what they sell. These withdrawls have never been authorized by me! I tried contacting them through the number on my bank statement but they just kept me on the line; [protected]) I want my money
refunded immediately and would like to file a complaint of fraud against them. with all the complaints I just read about them I'm wondering if there are any law suits against them.

Resolved Unauthorized billing

This company took money from my credit card fraudulently for $16.95. It occurred after I visited a site that they are involved with; where I had purchased some items for my sister's wedding. I never agreed to any purchased or memberships. I was told by my bank not to call them when I discovered by googling that they had been in trouble with the attorney general of Minnesota for this before. My credit card was canceled, I called and filed a police report with the PA state police, and reported it to the Federal trade commissions of PA and Washington, D.C. as well as the Securities and exchange commission.

I did this because this company may have only taken a small amount from me, but they have been Allegedly scamming people since 2001 and nobody seems to care. It is the principle of the whole thing. They are a huge company and are in business with some very very well known businesses to help with marketing and advertising. They even have a identity theft company, isn't that a hoot.

Anyway, I have done hours of research on this company and the state trooper who spoke with them on my behalf was told I purchased a membership for food and entertainment and received paperwork and a $25 Walmart gift card. All of this was false. If I had gotten a gift card; being disabled, I would have definitely used it.( How funny, this can be easily checked.) When I spoke with the same gentleman, he said I purchased an 'As seen on TV' item and refused to tell me exactly what it was I bought, but had all my important information; demographics, e-mail address, credit card numbers, etc.

I do fear retaliation by this company, but after all the reporting I have done I think they would be not too smart to try that in my opinion. I feel badly for those people who are older or don't speak English well who have also been taken. If you Google the name Provell, Inc. you will even find an article from a former employee who says that Value Plus-V is a' fake company' and that is the name that appeared on my bank account with a different 1-800 number. I hope this helps somebody so that others don't get ripped off as well.

charged my account; never signed up for anything from them

I noticed an unfamiliar charge of $19.95 to my bank account for "WC *VALUE PLUS-V [protected] MN ". I called...