Value City Furniturewarranty and delivery

R Nov 07, 2019

I would give 0 stars if I could...Long story short, I am being penalized for having to use the extended warranty by paying to have it delivered because the warranty company wouldn't actually fix the problem. Nobody can help because "it's company policy" and I have to pay for delivery. It was "helpfully" explained that I signed the receipt that clearly stated this. A. That's not what I was told when I bought this warranty and B. It is NOT clear. I used to shop here all the time, and I will never do so again. It's $105. I feel confident that they can make this right, but just refuse to do so. It's a small enough amount that it actually just feels petty.

EDIT: The team that responded to my review and suggested I email them so that they could look into the issue further decided to do nothing to correct the issue by giving me a refund, but told me they were sorry I received incorrect information about the warranty but would uphold the store's decision NOT to give me my money back. They may as well have not bothered. DEFINITELY never shopping here again.

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