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Since getting a new mobile number last year, one that apparently had been owned by someone else who purchased from a pharmacy calling itself "US Pharmacy", I have gotten phone calls almost every day trying to sell me medicine.
The numbers are blocked so I cannot trace them, they will not give me any means to contact them. I have asked to speak to managers, to have their address, website, etc. They won't give it. Every time I explain that I am on National Do Not Call Registry and they are breaking the law - they say they will remove the number from their list and hang up. But then the next day they call again!
I want to track this company down and destroy their ability to bother people, just as they have bothered me every day for the last year - how do I do that?
I am determined to expose their obnoxious and illegal sales tactics, how do I do that?


  • M
    M Aug 27, 2008

    They must be stopped. File a complaint with the FTC, FDA, DEA and whoever else you can think of. This is a common issue. If you google pharmacy 800notes you will see many people are seeing this issue. Perhaps showing some of these complaints to your Senator and/or Congressman will help as well.

    There should be some way to make overseas call centers honor our do not call lists or at least our laws. Even if they cannot arrest them they could seize there funds from the credit card processing companies or something.

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  • No
    notgonna getit Sep 18, 2008

    I am also getting these calls, but no as frequently. Next time, im going to take them up on their offer to the point just before giving my credit card info.. maybe i can get some info on who the hell they are. im going to mail them a bag of sh*t

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  • Ba
    bari Nov 03, 2008

    They call me EVERY DAY TOO! Always asking for "Robert." We have to figure out where they're calling from and report them. Once you ask to be put on the "do not call list, " it's illegal if they continue to call - which of course they do.

    I get phone calls from numbers like "1211" and that's it. Bizarre

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  • Tj
    tj Nov 20, 2008

    I get them constantly and they just started out of the blue. I have had this number for years. when I told them to stop calling me they would change the i.d. to restricted and I still complained and now their i.d. shows up on my phone as 911-12. Which is ridiculous. It has been over a year and there is no way to make them stop calling and this is phone harrassment and I am also on the National Do Not Call List.

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  • La
    Larry Nov 27, 2008

    I've tried everything to make these people stop calling. I even told them I was dead and they still call. These phone calls are coming from Frontier Pharmacies in Weston Florida. They assured me the calls would stop. That didn't work.
    If anyone can make them stop please let me know.

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  • Mu
    mud Feb 27, 2009

    lol, ive been getting the calls as well. 1st started as a 3 digit number like "203". Now its showing up as "860-319-8240". I'm actually enjoying myself messing around with them. I even was
    about to give them a fake credit card number but they dont accept mastercard!!! lol.. too funny. But I think its funny, I've asked for their info as well. which they responded with "once you give
    me your 16digit credit card number, we will call you back with our information". lol must think i'm an idiot- BUT! if anyone does go threw and order from them, let me know if they send you anything.
    this could be a gold mine!!

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  • Sk
    skl Apr 09, 2009

    I also get calls from them a couple of times a week. Every time they call I ask them to please take my name off their list and hang up. If you say anything else to them, you end up getting into an argument with them. Someone should be able to do something about it. They are illegally selling prescription drugs.

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  • Ti
    Tim Bowman Apr 18, 2009

    They do not give up. I ignore the calls, and they continually call back. I ask to be removed, and they say they will do so, but do not. Some are profane and abusive. Most have foreign accents. They use multiple company names, and either won't give a location, or claim to be in Miami. The best solution I found is to call multiple times from a different number that they can't see or use. This will at least give them a dose of their own medicine (pun intended). Otherwise, if you see one of their numbers, which are usually 866 numbers, ignore the call.

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  • Ta
    Tam Ogle Jul 24, 2009

    This company calls me up to 7 times a day.

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  • Ka
    katlovelace Aug 27, 2009

    LOL, I have been getting these calls for about 3 years. I was also told they would remove my name from their list, of course they didn't. One caller even told me he could remove my name from the call list for a $75.00 fee!!! Every day I receive 10 or more of these calls, with around 25 or more calls on Mondays. Today a Julie Faulkner, number 9186956027 was calling me...for the third time. It was a foreign man on the line, when I answered, he claimed to be Julie!! Of course they ALL argue with you. I have stopped filling out the forms on the DNC website - it was taking up too much time. They also will not leave message on machine, just keep calling until you answer. I had my phone service set up to not accept calls from blocked or private numbers. They just get around that by putting fake names and/or numbers. Even the 0 or 1206 number will go through. I have a medical condition that is aggravated by stress so this is actually physically hurting me. I have also told the callers that the person they are calling has died or passed away, they just ask if anyone else in the house is taking medication!!! I had a new twist added today. I was told that the medication that I had purchased had been stopped by the FBI. They wanted to verify my address and credit card information so they could issue me a refund !! Will this hell ever stop? I have to admit, I have considered giving them a "fake" credit card number...but didn't want to take a chance of causing someone else problems if the fake number did belong to someone. I would like to know how they got my number in the first place.

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  • Mi
    Mike2009 Sep 18, 2009

    I too am getting daily calls. I am on the DNC registry. Now they curse at us like a prank caller. I hate them and wish I could hurt them in some way

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  • An
    Anne Doe Oct 01, 2009

    I am getting their calls constantly too. They ask for Kyle. I have told them to stop calling. I've threatened them. I've even blown a whistle in the phone. I've called them back and told them to leave me alone. They just hang up. Their number is 1-866-490-3308.

    There must be some way to stop them. I'm on the DNC list, but it does no good.

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  • Ro
    roofgooroo Nov 10, 2009

    let's all get together and hurt them. Let's get air horns or loud whistles and every time they call, blast em! I don't know if they will stop, but at least it will give us a chuckle or two!

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  • Sl
    Slednfl Nov 24, 2009

    We too are getting daily calls from this company, US Pharmacy. We are also on a do not call list, have informed them of such, and are still getting anoying calls. We have asked them not to call, threatened a harrassment suit, but they still lie and say they were asked to call by someone from our home. How can we stop them; perhaps a class action law suit??? Let's ban together and stop them, bankrupt them!

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  • Sl
    slmkasjam Nov 30, 2009

    There has got to be a way to stop these calls!! Since setting-up my new home phone number I have gotten them constantly for the past two years, asking for a "Robin." I ask to speak to management, and advise them that I am on the Do Not Call list, but they don't care, and say they won't call me again.. and of course they do!!! I don't waste my money on caller I.D. I am sick and tired of it!! Please, if someone finds a solution to end these calls, please please let the rest of us know!!!

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  • Jo
    John Doe today Dec 12, 2009

    Heres what they pay there people

    here is there mother site

    here is there email

    [email protected]

    Good Luck

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  • Bi
    BigMike1 Mar 25, 2010

    These companies operate overseas and because of it they aren't concerned with American laws since we have no agreements with their companies concerning these matters. Why should a thief care about your personal telephone problems when the thief doesn't care about stealing from you. They must be getting a lot of money from some people since they keep calling and get nothing from me or friends who they call. I tried to keep one on the phone as long as possible, but they are well experienced and hang up, too, when they think they are getting scammed. Strange people to me. I couldn't make money by stealing it from someone, but then again, that's just me, not some Filipino sounding girl with the name of Julie who can't make money in a legitimate way.

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  • Ja
    Jay M Mar 30, 2010

    They used to use a bunch of different numbers that I stored as a group in my phone and assigned (No Ring) to them.
    But, now they are using a number that comes up as Not Available. They call every day repeatedly until I answer.
    If I do not answer, they keep retrying until I do. When I do answer, I tell them to stop calling, and they abruply hang up.
    I have starting swearing at them, and telling them off. At least it makes me feel a little better.
    I have complained to the FCC, and the FCC sent me a letter aknoledging the complaint. But, it continues on.

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  • Bu
    Buddy Bud Mar 31, 2010

    Exact same experience as Jay M here.

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  • Ai
    airahead55 Mar 31, 2010

    After months of not answering their calls when I recognize the number, they have quit for the time being. Most cell phone and land line companies have a block call feature that you can add their number(s) too.

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  • Mi
    mikeyhatesuspharmacy Apr 09, 2010

    these people are the worst would love to gt the manager alone i would beat him to no end. so i pretended like i wanted to do buiness with them and aske for an address and phone number. they would not give me an address but i did get a phone number which is 401-903-4736. i called that number and a woman answered i asked if this is us pharmacy and she said yes. i then asked for the address again and was put on hold. a supposed manager was put on the line and said that they sell leather products then hung up on me. i will continue to try and get theses people and if anyone has any help please let me know. i wo

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  • Bl
    blonderedhead May 03, 2010

    I told them about a million times that I don't purchase these products and to take me off the list. It's a joke every time they call. When I answer, I make up a graphic story about how my boyfriend doesn't need Celias at all. I ask them if they have shrinking products. Or, sometimes I just tell them I'm in a happy lesbian relationship, so I have no need.

    Really, there is no point in screaming at them or telling them to take you off the list. When I make the mistake of answering any Blocked call, I have some fun with the person on the other end and hang up. It is so infuriating that they keep calling AND that they won't me take off their list. But, I figure those few time I answer, I'm helping the developing world :)

    I suggest getting a call blocker if you have a smart cell phone. If you have a blackberry or iphone, just look in the app store. I know Verizon can't block any calls on your wireless phone if it's an unknown number so don't even try.

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  • Va
    vap420 May 25, 2010


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  • De
    DesignWonk May 27, 2010

    I've been getting this BS for over two years now. Every once in a while they'll stop for long periods of time, and then it will start up again. Definitely overseas, definitely an autodialer. One thing I don't get though, is if I were running a scam and I had people who were FURIOUS at me and were willing to pursue the authorities, I wouldn't keep calling them. I'd move on to a new target. I totally don't understand why they're unwilling to remove us from the list.

    I've been given lots of different numbers. For a while they used some routing system that generated all sorts of different numbers, but in the last two days it returned, with number blocked.

    They're definitely overseas and outsourced. I was given a NJ address last time. Don't know if address information is remotely helpful, but they're hard to track down. Perhaps someone should see if we can get website information and do a DOS attack:

    Or we could purchase a computer driven autodialer, and spam their number. I'm happy to resort to nearly any means to stop these people, since our tactics would only serve to highlight their unscrupulous nature.

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  • De
    DesignWonk May 27, 2010

    Please, everyone, register your complaint here:

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  • De
    DesignWonk May 27, 2010

    And here's the FDA complaint site, if you can get them to divulge a web address:

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  • Pi
    Pissed Yankee Jun 08, 2010

    They have been calling me for a month everyday I actually had this number show up multiple times and it traces to sacramento, CA. 19163950000

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  • Da
    Dana P Jun 15, 2010

    I have been getting calls from "US Online Pharmacy" at least 6 times a day - 7 days a week. Always a middle eastern person - automatic dialer - They get on the phone and say they have me in the records for purchasing pain medications and have a deal for me - 180 pills of some type of pain medication for $284.oo. When I tell them I need to call them from a landline, they either hang up, ask me to give them another number or give me a fake number. When I called one of the fake numbers (239)573-2424 - a lady answered who said yes indeed they are an online pharmacy but no the one that is calling me. She stated that they have called the FBI, the FCC and no one can do anything about this. One of the threads stated it correctly - it does not matter if you are on the Do Not Call list or not - this is another country that will not be held accountable for their actions. I tried to have the unknown numbers blocked on my phone with verizon - but because I have a blackberry - it wont work so I have to suffer getting these calls everyday. I ignore them but they keep coming. I have asked them to remove my number but they will not

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  • Ge
    georgiagrandma Jun 28, 2010

    I get these calls sometimes three or four times a day. They change their caller ID number often, so it's hard to keep them blocked. I am so sick of them!!! I have added my number to the "do not call" list. It wasn't worth the time it took to do it. They still call. I threaten them. I tell them the person they want is dead. Nothing works. All the callers have foreign accents, sound like India or Pakistan accents. I just got one, and I decided to Google and see if anyone else is complaining. I was not surprised at the amount of complaints--expected more!

    Today, I told her I would like to renew a prescription. When she asked what the medication was, I told her "Ramitupyourass" 10, 000mg. and hung up.

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  • Tr
    try this .. Jul 10, 2010

    This is how i made them stop calling me .. read below:

    I have been getting calls from (916) 395-0000 a number in California. At some point i said i agree to buy your meds but i need to call you first, or i will not give you my credit card number .. they gave me this number (509) 683-7150 which is located in Washington. They said they are located in Washington and gave me a fake name to ask for (Alex Johnson was the guy with the heavy Indian accent!). I called there and i recorded the phone call. A female with an Asian accent answered. With questions i asked i made her admit that they are selling prescription medication to customers in the US without having their prescriptions, when i asked her if she know that this is illegal she gave the phone to some other guy. When i asked him, he said that yes, he does have my prescription. When i asked who is my prescribing doctor, he hang up. I called back (LOL) and told them that i have been recording the phone calls, he asked for what purpose, and i said for the purpose of proving that they are running an illegal operation with US customers and that FOX news as well as the FDA and the attorney general will hear about this as well. They actually stopped calling me after this!

    I am planning to send these calls with a note to the FDA (not sure what they will do) but for sure i am sending them to FOX news, i think that their reporters will have a blast with this one!! It is a problem, they bluntly ask for your credit card number, and they do sell drugs .. it makes a good story.
    I suggest you do the same : )

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  • Ha
    Harassed in Texas Jul 14, 2010

    Same song, millionth verse. It is really upsetting.

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  • Mi
    MickiB Aug 18, 2010

    Can we get an attorney and start a class action suit for mental distress and impairment?

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  • Tw
    twbpc Aug 26, 2010

    I have received 13 calls the past 6 days of which 3 of them have come after 9:00 PM. I have been getting these calls for years and they are driving me crazy. I have called the guy every name in the book and he just hangs up and calls back. I will personally make a trip to their office if anyone has the address. As far as a lawsuit, count me in!

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  • Ab
    Ablinkin Sep 02, 2010

    I got a new phone cell number about a year ago. Turned out that some woman had ordered from these [censor] in the past. I've actually talked to them a few times nicely. Sometimes the calls will quit for a few weeks then start up again.

    They seem to be coming from a company called CanyonRX which is based in Las Vegas. The owner of their website ( I believe) is Canyon Gate Marketing, 7720 W Sahara Ave Suite 106, Las Vegas NV 89117. Their "phone number" that is shown on the domain registration is 800-304-1538.

    I have collected several phone numbers that they use. I do have a phone capable of blocking calls immediately without bothering me with a ring or voice mail. Every one of these numbers are loaded into the phone. If nothing else store their number and set the ringtone to "silent". They still can leave voicemail though so it isn't a perfect solution.

    Known numbers and ID's that I have are:

    801-739-75442 (Yep it is correct!)
    206-561-4512 (of course this forum!)

    I would load every one of these into your call blockers. If anybody gets more numbers please add to this list on this forum. I've been on the do not call list for quite a while. It doesn't stop these guys. If you do talk them do not say "please remove me from you list". You want to tell them "I wish to be added to your do not call list". They have to hear that phrase to add you, otherwise others that have been dragged into court have said "well the customer wanted me to remove them from the do not call list!"..

    They also be SUED for $500 for EACH infraction of the do not call registry. Several infractions can take place on each sales call. There are several stories on the web, but I found this website had the best information.

    Last but not least each number needs to be reported to the national do not call registry website.

    (note this is a post that I made on another website, but though the info would be good here as these are obviously the same outfit.)

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  • Sp
    SpreadJoy Sep 08, 2010

    We started having fun with them. One time we Another day, we said, "Oh, yes, thank you", put the phone down and continued cooking etc. Then we started doing the following and the calls stopped. Almost disappointing. TRULY JUST KIDDING! We were so angry before we started playing with them. It started to be fun, having fun with them though. They were such a great laugh for about a week. Seriously they were calling every other day, talking to our young daughter even. So here's what we started doing. Every time they say hello, I say hello. It starts off with, "Hello""Hello"Do you want some----" Hello""Hello, we are call...""Hello" They say things like, "What is going on? I say, "Hello. Hello.Is anyone there" They say, "Something is wrong." I say, " Hello" Take a deep breath and have fun.

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  • Ve
    VeryIrritated_1 Sep 17, 2010

    We have been having fun with them as well, tell them you hope the children’s teeth fall out or something to that effect and they really get riled up, the last guy from today was hysterical “YOU MOTH FU??ER, FU?? YOU MOTHER, MOTHER FU?? YOU!!!” Kind of amusing…

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  • Jr
    jrw7ee Sep 21, 2010

    You can call them at 1-800-710-2138. They claim to be in Napa Valley, WA. Not a lot of help I know but fun to call them for a change.

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  • Na
    Natalie Quinlan Oct 08, 2010

    There are two law firms whom have successfully sued for violation of privacy (see names and contact info below). I wonder if we can get a class action lawsuit together and sue the pharmacy companies who keep harassing us! I'm constantly receiving e-mails (3-6 per day) with the sender as someone not even employed by the pharmacy! I've jumped on the pharmacy website and have asked SEVERAL times over to stop contacting me! The lawyers (listed below) were able to obtain a settlement for $1.05 million. If anyone is interested to start a class action lawsuit for violation of privacy, please e-mail me at [email protected]

    Mark A. Griffin
    Amy Williams-Derry
    1201 Third Avenue, Suite 3200
    Seattle, Washington 98101

    Richard L. Kellner
    644 South Figueroa Street
    Los Angeles, California 90017
    [email protected]

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  • Da
    Dave Mitchell Oct 28, 2010

    They get real pissed if you tell them to go kiss a cow. Report them to the INS! In gave them a false credit card and they keep trying to "run it" and complain I should tell my banker to honor a credit charge charge drafted by "curry" so I presume this is a Mumbai mob gig now using a phone number of 347 230 8312. I love stroking them wasting their nickel! Oh yes do their tax returns. I think they have an office a block away from Central Park. There is probably not one legal in the bunch. Tell them Kevin Peterson told you they were a fraudulent gang. Let's see if they fight among themselves. I never met a "Ray Allen" who spoke Hindi, but it is nice to tell them their mother was "unclean" and threw them in garbage dumps when a baby. Huzzah We have a DNC law & registry that they violate, I love stroking them. Could not happen to a better bunch of guineas. Making them wish they were back in Old Bombay. What's the "N" word in Hindi ?

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  • St
    Stop_USPharmacy_Harassment Nov 04, 2010

    I filed a complaint today as suggested by DesignWonk above at

    I have only just started receiving these calls but each time I looked up the number online (different number each time because I have blocked them as they come in) I see the same complaints and that it's the US Pharmacy scam operation. The number I have had call me so far are:

    307-455-3977 Larry Eshelman on caller ID
    724-728-5350 Leslie A. Yard on caller ID
    561-306-2005 Florida Call on caller ID
    619-781-8912 Chula Vista, CA on caller ID

    I have had my land line for 19 years. It has been unpublished/unlisted since day one. I have never received harassing calls until now. Granted, I have only received 4 calls but from what I have read, this is only the beginning and this won't stop. My call block service only allows 12 numbers so I hope they give up on me after a few more attempts.

    Please everyone file complaints with the FCC and any other government entity that might help.

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